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The bully boss Episode 7 & 8

Jo watched Lucas, this is the first time he had ever seen him being to a bar party and not order for girls. He kept on drinking.
“Are you okay?” Jo asked
“She’s playing h@rd to get isn’t she?” He said
“Amanda of course!!!!! Who else am I referring to!!!!!” He yelled angrily.
“She doesn’t like your personality….” Jo stopped talking immediately Lucas glared at him.
“Last time she kicked my balls….today she punched my jaw…what’s wrong with her?”He asked but jo was silent. “Jo….why ain’t you saying anything?”
“If I say something now you’d glare at me again…” Jo said
“Go on…it’s better than not saying anything!” Lucas said
“Ok fine…you want me to say something? Then just leave her alone….”
“I can’t….it’s like my mind is trapped by her” Lucas said
“Ok just answer these questions….do you think about her a lot?”
“Well…yes…I already told you she’s trapped in my mind” he answered and took a sip from his beer
“Do you miss her when you don’t see her?” Jo asked
“Where is all this questions leading to?” Lucas was paranoid
“Fine then I’ll stop….it’s like you don’t need my help” Jo said
“Ok…ok fine….I don’t know but….yes….I think I do” Lucas took a big sip again
“Do you feel like some s£nsation on your chest…like whenever she’s around you?” He asked and Lucas remembered how his heart softened when he saw her red swollen l!ps
“Yes…..I do” he answered
“Do you find unnecessary excuses just to be with her and spend time with her?”
“Yes….why are you asking all these questions?” Lucas frowned
“If you keep thinking about her,you just miss her for no reason,feel some sweet s£nsation in your chest whenever she’s around you, find excuses to keep her around you longer, even love the way she piss you off and make you mad…..then….”
“Then what?” Lucas was so curious to know
“You promise not to kill me if I say it?” Jo asked
“I won’t” Lucas said
“Ok then Lucas Harrison….you’re in love man!” Jo said and quickly ran off. Lucas was still in daze.
‘In love??? That’s the most useless word he had ever heard. How can he be in love with that… naive girl….he just want to fv¢k her that all….nothing more nothing less…jo is crazy….maybe he should go see his psychiatrist tomorrow…..’ Lucas thought and drank really h@rd that night.
Jo drive Lucas home. As Lucas lean on to him into the house, someone walk towards them. Jo flinched as he saw Mr Harrison.
“So you’re still living this useless life of yours Lucas!!!!!” He roared.
Lucas was drunk but he was still himself….the bastard kind of a son he had always been. He removed his hands from Jo’s shoulders and smirked at his father.
“Am drunk father and my head is spinning…..don’t force me to open my mouth in this state…am sure you don’t like hearing my trash” Lucas replied. His father walk to him and slapped him h@rd.
“Haaaa…..stop both of you!!!” Mrs Harrison ran in between them.
“You good for nothing….you’re a disgrace to my family to my life” he roared
“Am a disgrace???? You made me like this!!!!! You turned me into this….it’s all your fault!!!! You think I enjoy the life am leaving? You think I love being like this???? The only thing I love is that as I leave the life you made for me it torments you day and night…..I wonder how you’re still alive!”
“Do not speak to your father in that manner!!!” Mrs Harrison yelled
“I don’t have a son like him” mr Harrison said
“And I don’t have a father like you….so please….stay away from my life…’ve ruined it already…what more can you do!” Lucas yelled and hold unto Jo “Lead me inside please…” he said softly
Mrs Harrison glared at her husband “do you have to do this all the time!!!!” She yelled.
She went to the kitchen and got a bowl of water…she got a towel and went to Lucas room.
She heard him telling Jo to get out and let him be along. While Jo was leaving he met Mrs Harrison on the way and bow to her before her left.
She entered the room and w€t the towel…..she cleaned his hands first. Lucas opened his heavy eyes which was in tears
“It’s your fault too….you sacrificed me….” he could only whisper before he p@ss out.
Mrs Harrison couldn’t help but cry as she remembered when Lucas was just 3 years old.
“Mom I hate going with daddy please don’t let him take when when he’ll be leaving tonight….please mommy” he cried as he cling unto her.
“If you don’t go with him who else do you want him to take with him? Your older brothers????” She yelled
“Mom…daddy do bad things….I hate seeing the things he……”
“Shut up and bare it….what do you know!!!!!” She yelled.
Amanda ran into the hospital and with Jeremy behind her.
She saw some men dragging her step mother while the others were trying to pull Nora’s bed.
“Stop what do you think you’re doing?” I yelled
“Amanda….Amanda…” she cried
“Stay back!!!….” Jeremy stopped
“And who do you think you are!!!” The man yelled
“Mom whats going on?” I asked
“This is my elders daughter…..Tell your Boss I’ll s£nd her as a payment for what my husband owe tomorrow…” she said and I was confused…..’ s£nt as a payment?’
The men seem to smile “I’ll tell my boss…..he’ll love this more than his money” they walk away
“What’s the meaning of that?” I asked
“Amanda….your father got scammed and the money for Nora’s treatment is gonna….he owes his boss too….so what do you expect me to do? Let them have my child?!!!” She have showed her true self.
“So instead you traded me….?” I smiled but then burst into laughter. Jeremy stood there confused. He quickly grab his phone and started calling Lucas….he called and called and called but he wasn’t picking up.
“How could you!!!!!!” I yelled
“What!!!!” She yelled back “you want Nora to die or go with them?” She said.
“So this is what you want? To sell me off?” I asked just then Father walked in.
“Mr Bernardo….accepted the offer….now all we have to do is get you ready tomorrow….it’s just one night….it’ll be over before you know it..please dear” He was about to touch my shoulders but I moved away.
I laughed like a psychopath. “Really??? So…..” my throat was heavy. I was short of words.
Jeremy knee he had no time to waste so he ran off to look for a solution.
“Fine….I’ll do it…it’s just one night anyway “ I said. They were both surprised that I agreed.
I walk towards the corridor and called Jo. He picked up in one go.
“Amanda…are you okay?” He asked
“Sir….I need your help….can I get my four months salary now? Please….my kid sister needs the surgery and I promise I’ll work for four months and I won’t run away I swears….please” I said
“Hmm….this is a big task you’re asking….it can’t be done but since you’re Jeremy’s friend….I’ll agree” he said
“Oh thank you Mr Jo….God bless you” I said
“It’s okay…”
“And one more favor please….” I asked
“What is it?” He asked
“I need a day off tomorrow….and….maybe next…just two days….I have to be with my sister….” I lied
“It’s okay Jo….don’t worry….make sure you’re back in two days okay” he said
“Ok good night mr Jo” I said.
I look at the night sky. It was beautiful.
“Don’t cry Amanda…you’re strong…you can do anything…you’re not weak….you’ll be great tomorrow and all these will be part of your past…’s just one night…..aaarrrgggghh you fool!!!! Why are you so soft hearted!!!! Why do you even agree!!!!!!” I yelled to myself.
Before the next morning Jo transferred the money to me. I deposited everything to my stepmother.
“Amanda….” she tried to be caring again
“Please don’t!!!! From now on…just act like I don’t excite…like am invisible….just as father does…..” I said
“Thank you” She said and I smirk at her.
“May you perish with your gratitude” I cursed and left the hospital.
The next day I woke up pretty late. After I freshen up, I went downstairs only to meet two men at our door.
Father wake up to me. He handed me a box.
“These are what he wanted you to wear when coming….I bought them” he said and I almost laugh out like crazy. This is a father who had never once buy me Christmas clothes or birth clothes….ever since mom left….he had never bought me anything. But now he bought me a cloth that I’ll wear to sell my body…my pride…..
I collected the box….I turned back to my room when he said
“You’ve never been useful in this family….maybe this is a chance to provoke yourself “ hesaid and my heart s√¢k in anger. I walk into my room, shut the door and slam the box on the floor.
I got dressed and walk out of the house. I look at my phone as Jeremy kept calling.
“You can’t bring your phone along!” The man said as he drag my phone from me.
“Don’t worry Amanda…they won’t hurt you” Dad said. I didn’t look at him as I climb into the car.
I crush the cat sit with my long f!ng£rs. Trying to get myself together and not freak out. I was scared. So scared.
Jeremy rushed into the house.
“Jer…..” She dash p@ss her mother….he rushed upstairs to Lucas room. Lucas was still asleep on his bed.
“Lucas…..Lucas!!!!” Jeremy yelled as he drag the blanket off Lucas.
Lucas was not the type that sleep that deep even though he was drunk last night. He opened his eyes and look at Jeremy.
“Lucas…’s Amanda…..” upon hearing the name Amanda Lucas body jerk up on its own and before he new it his mouth moved “what about her?!!!” Jeremy was silent “fv¢king answer me Jeremy!!!!”
“She’s been offered by her parent to Bernardo….her dad owes him money…something like now…now he wants to use Amanda to pay!! Please bro you have to help her….”
Lucas stood up immediately and heard to his bathroom. He took a quick shower and rush back out.
“Call Jo….tell him to get down here right now!” He said to Jeremy.
Jo was already nearby when he received the call. So he got there almost immediately.
“Amanda called yesterday asking for her four months salary….”
“Yes she used that to pay for her sister’s hospital bills” Jeremy replied. “If only dad didn’t freeze my acct I would have been able to help her…”
Meanwhile Lucas was calm all through the way. Jo look over to him…. he couldn’t read what was on his mind. He knows Lucas never liked Bernardo, even though Bernardo is afraid of him. They are both strong rivals.
“What do you plan to do Sir?” Jo asked
“Yes bro…”
“Am gonna Kill any jerk who dare touch her if I get there…I don’t give a fv¢k who it is!” He roared surprisingly
The car stopped at some kind of a villa. I came down from the car and look around. It was a mini hotel, almost like a villa.
“Where are we?” I asked
“Shut up and get inside!” The man push my @ss. I provoked, turn around and punch his jaw.
“Don’t you dare touch me again!” I yelled forgetting I hold no ground in here.
“You bitch!!!!” About to hit me but I move back and his hand hit thin air.
“Enough!!!! Mr Bernardo want her inside” another man said
“It’s your lucky day bitch!!! But I swear when my boss is done with you? am gonna take you for another round!” He said
“In your dreams!!!” I rolled my eyes and walk into the house on my own.
They lead me to the Bernardo.
I was surprised to see the elderly man, even older than father. His eyes moved all over my body, I felt n@k£d already.
“Arlington know just how much it worth” his disgusting voice said. Finally I’ve found someone as disgusting as Lucas..’wait but why am I suddenly comparing him to Lucas in this case?’
“Come here teddy” he said but I glared at him.
“My name is Amanda and I want to make it clear to you sir….”
“She’s rude….I love her already” he said
“You want my body right? Fine let’s make it quick…am disgusted by you already” I said
“Disgusted? Ahh that’s a hash word to use for someone like me. You see girl? Your father owes me lot of money and one s£× won’t be enough to clear the bills….seeing the way I like you…I plan on making you mine forever “ he smiled
“What??!!!!” I yelled
“You’re mine now Amanda….with they way your figure stands and everything….I don’t think I’ll ever get tire of your pvzzy….am sure it’s as attractive as your face and body” he said
So I wasn’t only gonna sleep with him for one night but for all the days of my life??? With an old tug him?
“But….but that wasn’t the deal!!!” I yelled
“Who cares….am Bernardo….I don’t give a fv¢k!!! Take her to my room….am already wanting with just looking at her!” He said. His man drag me into a room.
Some lady’s walked in….they were so aggressive as they strip my clothes off me….and gave me a pink robe and a pink hair bank.
“The boss love pink….seeing he asked us to wear this expensive robe on you….he must really like you” one of the women said.
The locked me inside the room and left. I was still p@nting heavily…..this wasn’t what I planned and how I planned….!!!
The room had no window….just a door which the maids have locked.
‘So this is it….it would have been better to sleep with Lucas than that old tug!!!’ I began to cry.
Bernardo man ran to him just when he was about to go play with his new teddy.
“Who did you say is here?”
“Harrison Lucas boss!” The man exclaimed
“What…why is he here!!!!…..quickly…..put everything together….” Bernardo said.
Lucas matching into the hotel….no one dare stop him. He saw Bernardo rush out with a robe on.
“Mr Harrison…what do I own this unexpected vi….” he didn’t complete his words as a punch landed on his jaw with another kick on his chest.
Bernard men didn’t dare move. They have faced Lucas before and they know what he’s capable of….and they didn’t want another taste of it.
“Where is she?!!!!” Lucas yelled
“She….sh….she??? Who???….” Bernardo asked
“Oh….it’s like your memory is bad, why don’t I amend them for you huh!!!!!” Lucas grab his robe about to punch Bernardo
“She’s in my room….I haven’t touched her yet….I swear……you know me…..I won’t dare to….I swear I didn’t know she was your woman….am sorry am sorry….” Bernardo pleaded.
“Where is the room!?” Lucas asked and Bernardo men quickly pointed and gave Lucas the keys. “Settle whatever her family owns him Jo” Lucas added and walk towards the room.
I was inside when I heard the door being unlocked. I shivered more as my legs failed me. The memories when I was raped filled my head. Back then mom just left and dad gets drunk every time he comes home. I was frustrated by the smell of cigarettes and alcohol at midnight. I was unable to sleep…I was 10 there about, so I ran out of the house.
The sky was beautiful and so I look up like every kid should do.
“Hey little girl?!!!” I heard a voice….I turned back with so much fear. I know how much evil the world is…mom always told me about it. So I took haste running home. I screamed and yelled my dads name….crying as the man catches up with me just in front of my house….he torn my clothes and raped me.
Remembering this, I felt so weak…. this was a memory I promise myself I would try h@rd to forget. While he raped me he covered my mouth. I was in so much pain…at that young age.
I remembered sneaking back into my room with my legs covered with blood. I was scared, no one to confront me….no one to treat me or take care of me. I wipe myself in my bathroom. I remembered stealing dads money when he was in his bathroom and used the money to go to the clinic. The nurse was so good. She felt so much pity….within the weeks I had an infection too…she treated me…she wanted to report to the police but I begged her not to. She asked why and I told her because I was too embarr@ssed….and I want the secret to died…. I remembered how she suddenly left too…I ask around and was told she got married and flew abroad. I cried so much that day. I remembered signing up to learn martial art so that I can be able to fight and defend myself…..
While all these memories filled my head….a hand grab my shoulders…I flinched fear then I heard the name “Mandy….it’s me……”


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