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The bully boss Episode 54 & 55

Herod went to see De Marco in jail.
“Look who’s here….”
“After you betrayed me you have the guts to show your face to me?!”
“Calm down Marco the plan is still intact and by the way you were the one who couldn’t kill Lucas!”
“Well I’ll take credit for that but you weren’t able to kill him at the hospital too…..!”
“Marco…..I couldn’t because I found out he had already signed his properties with Jeremy and Amanda’s name! But don’t worry…..I still have a plan but that bitch won’t just stay away!”
“Herod…..if you want this plan to work you’ll have to kill Amanda first!”
“I know… won’t be easy….”
“Easy? Let me out and give me two days! I’ll kill that bitch and bury her fv¢king body in the mountains!” De Marco said
“New week I’ll find a way to get you out! Don’t make any stupid mistakes this time. End her for good and I’ll take care of Lucas….and Jeremy too…..”
The next day I was still at the hospital when Herod called the doctor. After the conversation he said “he’s planning to kill your fiancé for sure…..”
“What did he say?”
“He asked me to make five dosage drug into one…’ll damage his brain gradually for like a month, later on he’ll die of heart attack……”
“You won’t do that! Instead, make the real drugs Lucas was supposed to take in the first place. You’re a doctor, the life of my fiancé and I are in your hands…..”
“I won’t let you down” he said and bow to me.
“Don’t worry about your family. I’ll protect you and your family……I have to return now or he’ll be suspicious…..”
“Don’t worry! I know what to do…..”
Lucas sat at Amanda’s office.
“Why I’m I even here! It’s not like I miss her or anything…..yes I just want to get my revenge on her…..and the worse……” the door open and Lucas turned back in anger “I thought I said no one should come in……”
“Well it’s my office…..why can’t I came in….” I said. Lucas couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw Amanda……even though she looks stressed out and extremely tired…..she look beautiful……and he missed her company.
“Where have you been?!” He asked
“It’s personal……” I said and sat on the sofa…..
“Tell me…..”
“Why do you want to know? So you can call me a bitch again? I swear when your memories comes back I’ll punch you in your jaw….!”
“What memories?” He asked and I rolled my eyes
“Lucas….as you can see I’m tired….”
“Tell me…..where have you been for three days?” He asked
“Why should I tell you? What? Where you worried?!” I asked
“No Why should I be?! I wished you never came back…..I was happy! I had peace of mind too…..”
“Ok I’m glad to know…..if you don’t leave the office I’ll leave for you……”
“I’m not leav……” he didn’t complete his words as I stood up and grab my back. I walk out of the office and went to the other office.
When I got there I landed on the sofa and fell asleep almost immediately. I was so tired.
Lucas was bored. He walked to the office she just entered and saw her at the sofa. She was breathing softy.
“She fell asleep? I guess she was tired….” he smiled as he gaze at her small face. He kept looking and looking. He started feeling pains in his head.
“You dirty bastard!!!… prick!!!! How dare you miss my birthday and graduation….!!!!” Those words echo in his ears as unfamiliar images appeared on his head that soon became familiar.
“You won’t love me anymore if I’m fat? That’s unfair… should love me whichever way I am…..”
“Will you still love me if I’m a cripple?”
“Yes so far your duck is still working……”
Lucas was in so much pains but he forced himself to remember.
“I want to ask for a selfish request…..Amanda Nelson…..will you marry me?……”
the pain was too much as Lucas scream out…..
I opened my eyes and saw Lucas on the floor…..his nose and ears where bleeding. This frightened me. I rush to hold him.
He looked straight at me……. “I wish I can remember more……” he whispered before he collapsed.
I didn’t make a scene. I called Rehman. The doctor in India and told him what happened.
“He’s forcing himself to regain his memories and that’s not good for him. You must stop him……I’ve s£nt you some drugs name… get them and give it to him once he’s awake……”
I tested the drugs to Jo with Lucas phone and told him to get the drugs right away and bring them to the office.
I lay Lucas on the sofa. I held his hands and stare at him. I didn’t care about me now, all I want is for Lucas to be fine.
Soon Jo arrived with the drugs and we had to wait for Lucas to wake up.
“Amanda what happened?” He asked
“Don’t worry I’ll tell you when I’m sure…..”
“Are you okay? You’re sweating….” jo said
“I’m fine….it’s just sweat….” I said. Jo walked towards me and touched my forehead.
“Jesus Christ! Amanda you’re burning up! You’re having a fever!” He yelled
“I said I’m fine Jo……” I said
Lucas gr0@n. “Lucas….you’re awake!” I yelled.
He took the drugs and sat up.
“Don’t try h@rd to remember anything anymore…..” I said
“Don’t try so h@rd lucas…’ll end up hurting yourself and I don’t want that…..but for now…..don’t take any drugs your uncle gives to you…..pretend like you take the drugs but make sure he doesn’t know you don’t take it….. Lucas I know you love your uncle but…..”
“I suspected him too…’s okay….I’ll do as you say…….what’s funny is that I knew I remembered something but I can’t remember anymore…..” he said
“It’s okay…..don’t try so h@rd. Instead of your uncle drugs, take this and be careful…..”
It was another long day for me. I went home and met I had a lot of projects I haven’t attended to. I started to check them up. I managed to sleep for 2 hours or so before my alarm started ringing.
I quickly got dressed. I hope Lucas was okay because nowadays I can only see him at work.
When I got to my office I began to feel nausea. I rushed to the restroom and started vomiting…..nothing came out! Then I remembered I haven’t eaten anything, I don’t even know how long. I have a meeting 5 minutes to go. I managed to stand up and went to the meeting room there I saw Lucas.
“You’re late…..” he said with a smile and I was relief to see he was fine. “Are you okay?” He asked and I nodded but he frown.
The meeting when on and on and I could feel like my body was dropping… least that was all I could remember.
Lucas saw Amanda’s body dropping from the chair. He rushed and cut her in time.
“Amanda!!!! Amanda!!!!” He yelled. Her body was burning up.
She was rushed to the company’s intensive care unit.
The doctors check on her and place her on drip.
“She’s dehydrated….. she overworked herself in anyway her body couldn’t carry… made her body weak resulting to high fever. Let her rest she’ll be fine…..”
“It’s all because of me” Lucas murmured to himself “and yet I don’t remember or feeling anything…….”
Lucas stared at Amanda’s face. He hold her hands and just couldn’t bring himself to look away.
“I really want to remember…..” Lucas hugged her stomach and cried. His heart ache so much seeing her like this….even though he doesn’t remember, his body and heart remembers her. He couldn’t hide the fact that when he touch her he feels certain s£nsations in his heart.
Jo rushed in and saw Amanda he sigh in relief.
“What happened?” He asked Lucas.
“The doctor said she was stressed….nothing more. She just need to rest” Lucas replied
“Jo tell me…..tell me everything…..please….how did I meet her? Tell me everything….” Lucas cut in.
Jo sat down and smiled sadly. He started talking and Lucas paid full attention. When Lucas heard how they always fight he couldn’t help but laugh. Even though he was crying bitterly he still smile and laughed. Jo told him how many times he had hurt her but she always forgives him.
Then finally Jo told him about De Marco and Herod. He told him how Amanda stood up for him while he was still in coma and but De Marco in jail.
When Lucas heard of Herod he broke down and cried he cried so h@rd that Amanda was disturbed.
I heard the whining voice and I frown. It was like someone was crying beside me. I forced myself up and saw Lucas and Jo.
Jo seem to notice Amanda was awake. “Amanda….!!” He called.
Lucas heard this and he quickly turned to me. His eyes were red and his cheeks soaked with tears. “Mandy…..” his voice was sore.
“I’m fine….why are you crying?” I asked
“Mandy……” he called again. Then it occurred to me. He was calling me Mandy….does he remember anything? Then I looked at him. He was weeping so bad. He took my hands and place them on his cheeks. I looked at Jo.
“What’s wrong with him?” I asked. Jo just turn away as tears drop down his eyes too.
Lucas suddenly hugged me and buried his head on my neck.
“Did the doctor day I was going to die?” I could only @ssume. I heard Lucas chuckled. Lucas was holding unto me tight. I really don’t understand.
“Uhmm…..” Jo cleared his throat “I’ll excuse myself…..” Jo left.
Soon Lucas raise his head from my shoulders and his face was so close to mine. His face was now calm and he had a small smile on his l!ps. I looked at his red and weak eyes. I didn’t know what to do next…..I don’t know if this was one of his so called revenge so I looked away.
Lucas felt hurt when she looked away. He raised his hands and tried to make her look at him.
“Mandy…..It may be impossible to remember all the beautiful memories we had together but….can we make a new memory?” He asked. I didn’t know what to say, his face itch close and close. I moved by head back but he still kept coming until I was lying down again.
“I want to love you again…..” he whispered
“Lucas don’t play with me……” I said
“Do I look like someone who’s playing?…..” he asked, Well I don’t know. I don’t know him anymore. He’s no longer the Lucas I know. I turn my face away again. I heard him sigh. As I felt his l!ps on my forehead.
“I’ll leave you to rest….” he said.
It was a new week. I returned to work and found out that Lucas has gone back to his company. There was nothing much to do, my schedule shows that I have a meeting in Greece. It was so sudden. The meeting was scheduled as early as 7am.
I went to the airport by 2pm.
De Marco was out of jail. He had this dirty look of revenge in his eyes. Even though Herod wants him to kill Amanda, he didn’t want to waste such beauty. No matter how much he hates her, he still can’t get her beauty off his mind.
I flew to Greece. I lodge in a hotel. I freshen up and took my phone. I saw messages from Quinn and Erica. Recently I haven’t had time for anyone just Lucas. I miss Nora and my family. I saw Nora was online on WhatsApp so I video call her. She answered and I saw her fat cheeks.
“Nora what’s that?!” I asked and she burst into laughter
“What? I’m mad at you!” She yelled
“I know I know…..but you’re fat!” I said
“Hehehe… is spoiling me a lot…..”
Nora and I talked and talked. I was happy she was doing well even without me. I was thankful to my parents. Even though I was tired and exhausted I still gave my time to Nora.
The next morning I woke up by 4 and got ready for the meeting. My secretary s£nt me the location.
I took a taxi and showed him the address.
Greece was a beautiful place.
He stopped beside the lake.
“We are here….” he said and I frown.
“This is the address….look over there….” he pointed towards the sign board. I came down from the taxi confused. Why should a meeting be heard by the lake. I saw a house closed to the lake. It was big. I called my secretary.
“Are you sure you s£nt me the right address?” I asked
“Yes Ma’am…..”
“But it’s so quiet here….”
“Just go inside ma’am….”
I walked into the house…Well the door was open so I walked it.
“Hello?…..anyone here?” I called.
“You’re here…..” I heard. Wait isn’t that Lucas voice? I turned around and it was him.
“Why….why are here?….” I frown. He was on shorts and a plain T-shirt.
“Well…..” he walked to me “I planned this….”
“There is no meeting…..I planned this so you’d come here….” he said.
“I’m leaving…..” I turned to leave.
“I know you planed our honeymoon in Greece……” he yelled and I stopped. “I just want to spend this time with you……”
I turned back in tears “I’m telling you Lucas don’t play with me. You don’t even remember and you said you don’t love me anymore…..”
“Even if I don’t remember I still love you. I lied to you because Herod as me to. He told me lies about you. Now I want you back and I’m gonna make he suffer for what’s he have done! All I want now is you…..back into my arms…..let’s just stay here and forget everything for some time….let’s forget the world! Just you and me…..” Lucas said. My heart was pounding I was scared but even at that I saw the Lucas I wanted to see for the first time after a year and some months. He slowly walked towards me till he was itches away.
“I’ve fallen in love with you again…..and I’ll fall again and again and again if I have to. I lost my memories…..I still came to love you…..even if I had to die…..I’ll love you…..” he said
Those where the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard in my life.
“I love you too Lucas….I……I…….Love you……I ……” he shut me up with a klzz. His hands slide to my waist and drew me closer. I lift my hands and hook them round his neck as he lift me to his height. I klzzed him with all my mighty I didn’t want to stop and neither did he.
I didn’t know when we got to the bedroom. I didn’t care. All I know is that I felt my body already on the bed with Lucas on top of me still klzzing me. I was losing breath then I push him away slowly. He moved his l!ps away from mine but his head was still resting on me as we both catch our breath. He stare into my eyes like I was the most valuable thing to him. He moved his l!ps and peck mine. He drew the klzz down to my neck as s√¢k the spot he klzzed. He trace his l!ps to my chest and klzzed my chest. I was still on my clothes he drive his hands inside my skirt as he cut my underwear…..he drag it down immediately.
“Lucas…….” I stopped him.
“What?….you….you don’t want to?….” He asked and slowly move away from me. “I’m sorry…..I was in a bit of a rush…..I wanted to take things slow…..I’m sorry……”
“It’s okay…’s just…..”
“I know you don’t trust me…..” he cut in
“No it’s not Lucas……I want this…..” I said and he lock gaze with me.
“But you told me to stop….”
“I never did! I just wanted you not to rush I’m not a slut……” I said. I’m sure he understood what I was saying before his face fell flat.
“I’m sorry……I…..”
“It’s okay……” I said shyly and close my legs.
The room was quiet and awkward.
“Are you hungry?” I asked
“Me too….what would you like to eat?” I ask
“You……” he said. He was still naughty I couldn’t help but laugh. “What? I’m being honest….”
“You haven’t changed……” I said and he smiled. He climbed back to the bed and rested his head on my chest.
“Lucas?….” I called and he raise his head looking at me I summoned courage and klzzed him but it was just a peck. I was too shy. I saw the surprise on his face. Lucas moved up and reach for her face. He klzzed her l!ps and s√¢k them, he used his skill tongue to open her mouth and slide into her mouth. He was gentle and slow this time.
He was careful so she shouldn’t reject him again. While he klzzed her with p@ssion ye pulled away and removed his T-shirt.e Immediately captured my l!ps again my hands explore his half n@k£d body.
He was already £r£¢t and I could feel it. I missed his body, every itch of it…..let’s say I was overdosed with my own hand I wanted to take my dress off but he stopped me. He said with his heavy breath “allow me…..”. He slowly moved my gown up to my stomach and paused as he bent down and klzzed my belly button. He used his tongue to trace down to my abdomen…..he slowly drag the gown upward as he klzzed my stomach. He finally removed the gown and toss it away.
He kneel as he stare at my body….I was burning up with pleasure, I want him….I miss his body. I reached out and drag down his p@nts.
Lucas was surprised by her sudden action. Seeing how much she wanted him and he wanted her, he waste no time as he drag his shirt off.
He came close as he klzzed me. As he klzz me, he trace his hands down to me v@gln@. He felt her w€tness. Without another thought he drive into her as she left out a soft m0@n. She was so tight and warm, Lucas couldn’t help but m0@n out “Mandy……”. Lucas moved faster. The way she m0@n and call his name made him go crazy and drown in pleasure. It was like he couldn’t get enough of her as they both reached their climax.
Lucas fell on Amanda’s body….all his weight resting on her. He was still inside her. Both catching their breath.
“You love me right?” I asked
Lucas heard her… was like she still have doubts……he raised his head and look at her. He was hurt by her question.
Lucas just look at me….he wasn’t saying anything. He rested on me again but this time he pressed his body on me more.
“You feel that?” He asked
“My heartbeat…..” he replied…..
“We just had s£× of course your heart beats would be loud……I asked if you truly love me…..?”
“Words will not be enough to express how much I love you……I love you so much Amanda……” he said as he locked gaze me with. I smiled
“I love you too…..” I said as I drag his face to mine and klzzed his l!ps p@ssionately.
That was a mistake I felt his £r£¢ting inside of me…..I stopped klzzing him.
With my eyes popped out I asked “What’s that?……you’re h@rd again…..”. He smiled as he was already moving his waist gently.
“I can’t get enough of you…..just one more….”
“No…..Lucas I’m tired…..” I said…..but he took one of my br£@st into his mouth and s√¢k on it. I felt certain s£nsation as my body joint. Giving him the reaction he wants.
After another round I pushed him away before he kills me. He has strong stamina… just won’t finish…… after like an hour, I was already sleeping when I felt something poking my back……then Lucas hugged me from behind…….
“What………” I said with a sore voice.
“Just one more…..”
“One more what?! No way…..I’m too tired….go masturbate till you’re dried up and out of stamina…..” I said
“Mandy……” his hands slide into my thigh as it forced it way to my v@gln@….
“Lucas…….” I whine. I was already exhausted
“Just one more…..I promise…..please….” he said as he moved his hands on my v@gln@ and place small klzzes on my back.
“Just one!!!” I said
“Yes……!!!!” He said and Immediately turn me over……. “your body is so perfect……” we went for another round……
I was so exhausted that I slept like a baby in Lucas arms. Lucas woke up when he heard his phone vibrating on the table….he gently stood up from the bed and went to look at his phone. It was Herod. He didn’t want to pick up the call he turned to leave but then he saw a red light pointing at Amanda’s forehead. It looks like a gun light. He immediately picked the call.
“You like what you see? That’s what happens when you lie to me and don’t listen to me……”
“Uncle…..!” Lucas wasn’t loud. He didn’t want to wake Amanda up.
“Lucas… should know that you’re the one putting her into trouble…..I told you to leave her but you won’t listen… I have to kill her……”
“No…..uncle please……I’ll do anything you ask…..please uncle don’t hurt her……” Lucas felt helpless
“Tsk tsk tsk……see how weak she have made you become Lucas……”
“Please…..I’ll do anything……”
“Fine….but this is your last chance. Break up with her finally and make sure she believes you this time and doesn’t come running to you…..if you still want to see her live…..”
“I know what to do…..please…..” Lucas cried
“Good….see you tomorrow… little nephew…..” he ended the call.
Lucas didn’t know what to do…..he saw the light gone….. he walked to the bed and looked at Amanda’s face. He couldn’t help as he burst into tears. He can never run away from his uncle even if he tries….. Lucas tried bitterly. After hours of crying Lucas made up his mind he’d rather hurt Amanda than lose her…..
The next day I woke up with a gr0@ning stomach. I was hungry…..I touched the other side of the bed it was empty and cold, that means Lucas left a long time ago. I wanted to go take a shower when it occurred to me. We had an unprotected s£× last night…… just where I stood in daze Lucas walked in and handed me a drug.
“You’re back? Good morning…..” I smiled
“Take these drugs……..” he said….his voice was so harsh…
I collected the drugs “What’s it for?” I asked.
“I don’t want you getting pregnant……” he said
“Oh……” I opened the drugs, about to take it but suddenly paused “there’s nothing wrong with me getting pregnant…..I thought you said we should start a new world, just you and me….with our child… far we love each other we’ll be fine…..” I smiled.
Lucas snuffed “love? Love you say?” He asked and then burst into laughter. “Wait don’t tell me you believe those stupid words I said to you yesterday just so I can get in your legs…..” he said and I frown.
“Luca what do you mean?” I asked
“Amanda… don’t seem to get it. What we had was a one night stand…..why are so so easy to fool?!” He yelled
“What?…..” the drug fall off my hands. “No….that’s not true……I know you love me and……”
“You’re such a fool…..I made sure to use you well last night….” he smiled. “At last You’re Nothing But A Slut!” He said the words out loud.
The waked towards the door “then keep fooling me……keep using me. If being your slut is the only way I can be with you then fine……please Lucas…..if you do this to me I won’t be able to hold on anymore please…..” I cried. He stopped and turn back to me. He received his call with a smile “Uncle I’m done with her……yes you were right…….Hahaha…..I’m on my way to see you…..”
“Lucas…..” I rush after him and grab his hands but with force he push me away. I fell h@rd on the ground as Lucas kept walking.
“Please don’t leave me Lucas please……please……just keep fooling me…..” I crawled and hold his legs but he kicked me away then walk to me and landed a dirty slap on my face.
“Are you drag or what?!!!! I told you!!!! It was just a one night stand!!!!!!”
Who wants to kill Herod? I have his address 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪


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