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The bully boss Episode 53

Lucas hold my cheeks gently and his cold hand rested on my burning cheeks. His eyes filled with worry as he ask “does it hurt?”
At first I wanted to believe what’s I was thinking. I wanted to hug the Lucas I know and cry really hard pouring my heart to him…….
“Why are you crying?” He asked. I move my face away from him.
“Nothing…..why are you here?” I asked as I wipe my tears away.
“Amanda……” he paused and walk back. “You don’t look fine. You should…..”
“I asked why you’re here?” I asked
“You kicked my balls last time what do you expect?…..”
“You’re here for revenge?” I laughed forcefully still trying to hold my shaking heart
“Looks like karma already got you…..” he smiled
“You should leave…..I don’t have time to play with you Lucas…..” I said
“Then at least tell me who hurt you’re…..even though I don’t like you….I still feel like no body have the right to hurt you except me…..” his words was so rude and irritating.
“Please leave my office……”
“I’m not moving an itch till you tell me. Since I can’t have my revenge on you, at least I should have it on the bastard or bitch who dare to hurt you…..”
“Why do you care?!” I yelled as my tears pour out again
“I don’t care….”
“Then leave….”
“Why won’t you tell me?”
“Tell me…..”
“You really want to know? What will you do?” I asked
“You’ll have to find out if only you tell me…..” he said.
“Are you trying to mock me? Tell me it wasn’t you who ask your uncle to do this time?!!!” I yelled
“What? Mind your words! You won’t talk to my uncle as you want?! I’ll do worse than that on your face…..” he yelled.
“So please leave…..” I said calmly.
“Crazy bitch!” He said and left with his hands on his pocket.
I broke down in tears. I push my table in annoyance. I wanted to hurt myself…..Sometimes you feel pains in your heart and the only way to stop that pain is by causing physical pain to yourself.
“Give up on him…..” Jeremy said. That wasn’t the words I was expecting to hear from him.
“What?!” I said
“Yes Amanda…’s enough!…..” Erica added
“Anda……look at yourself. You look……” she paused “miserable…..just let go of Lucas….”Quinn said.
“How can you guys say something like that?”
“He’s killing you….”
“Then I’m willing to die!!!!” I yelled
“Amanda you have to stop! Are you even using your brains?! Lucas is my brother so I tell you leave him! Please! There are thousands of guys out there!” Jeremy yelled.
“That’s right!” I heard from behind. It was dad and mom with Jo behind them.
“Come on! Dad….” I called and he looked away “mom….” she lowered her head. I looked at Jo and he said
“I’m sorry Amanda…..this is for the best…”
“No… all can’t do this to me. This is the part where I needed you more…..please… all know how much I love him! Lucas never gave up on my in the past, Why should I?”
“Amanda my dear……” I looked and saw Mrs Harrison.
“Mom….” I walked to her.
“I want you to be happy……what Lucas is turning into nobody knows…..please……”
Hearing this I walk away from her.
“I can’t believe all of you. Fine! I don’t need any of you. I changed Lucas before and I’ll do it again! Even if I have to die…..I’ll be same thing as leaving him. You don’t know how I feel when I’m with him!…….I’ll bring Lucas back and I’ll never give up!” I said and left.
“Amanda…….!!” Quinn followed me.
“Don’t follow me! I don’t want to hurt anyone!”
When I got home. I was going crazy. But I won’t give up. Till my last breath. The way he looks at me today gave me hope and I’m sure his uncle was up to something.
First I decided to make a plan. He took Lucas treatment too personal. I’ll check to see if Lucas is taking the right treatment for amnesia. I didn’t sleep all through the night. I did research on various hospitals and things to know about amnesia patients.
The next morning I went to the airport and flew to India.
Lucas came really early to work. The product sample will be presented today.
Everyone was busy in the meeting room. Lucas sat still and waited for Amanda. He kept checking his watch. He felt the weird way everyone was staring at him and when he look up they’ll look away. “Her workers are as crazy as her…” he whispered to himself “Where is she?!”
The meeting started.
“Stop! Amanda is not here yet. Why are you starting the meeting?” Lucas asked
“Oh….sir…..Miss Amanda will not be present today…..”
“Why?” He frown
“She didn’t tell us….it was due to personal reasons……”
“Oh……” he felt slightly disappointed…..he had wanted to tease her a little.
The meeting ended and Lucas told the manager to wait behind.
“I felt everyone giving me a dirty look….why is that?” He asked and the man shivered “you know you shouldn’t lie to me……”
“Yes…..I’ll….I’ll………you…..” He brought out his phone with shivering hands and played the video for Lucas of how his uncle harassed Amanda……
Lucas went to see him uncle he was angry.
“Lucas…..I wasn’t expecting you…..”
“How dare you hit my woman!!!!” Lucas yelled
“Hit your woman?! Lucas don’t tell me you’re referring to Amanda?”
“Yes she mine!……” Lucas yelled. Herod shivered. He was afraid Lucas was starting to remember somethings
“You know you shouldn’t be this angry. Fine I’ll explain but first come take your drugs…..” he said but Lucas stood still “don’t be stubborn! I care about your health. Scold me later but your drugs first…..”
Lucas agreed and took the drugs. Herod gave Lucas a sit.
“Amanda is not your woman. She’s just trying to take everything from you and get it all for herself…….I was so angry I lost control….I’m sorry…..”
The drugs were so effective as Lucas sigh “it’s okay……but don’t let it happen again! I want to be the one to bring her down to my feet….”
“That’s my boy”
It was a whole day flight to India. I didn’t take anything with me expect my personal card and passport.
I lodge a hotel and refreshed up. It was 4pm. I drove to the hospital Lucas was before. I was so tired yet I couldn’t bring myself to rest.
I saw a nurse whom I know. She was the one always encouraging me when Lucas was still unconscious.
I told her everything and she felt my pains instantly.
“I’m here to see the doctor who treated Lucas”
“I find it strange too Amanda when your fiancé woke up and left the hospital, doctor Rehman left too. He now own a very big hospital here in India. He’s now rich!”
“Herod must have paid him well……I don’t know what to do…..”
“I’ll help you Amanda……I’ll take a day off work today and tomorrow, let’s meet up. I’ll take you to the hospital…….”
“Thank you…..”
That night Quinn, Jeremy and Erica came to Amanda’s house. They knocked and knock but she didn’t open.
They were standing outside shouting Amanda’s name to open up when Lucas car drove into the villa.
Lucas frown when he saw everyone outside. He step down from his car and walked towards them.
“Why are you here?!” Jeremy asked with a harsh voice
“What are you doing here?” Lucas asked back but his voice was calm.
“Lucas don’t you have a conscience…….? How much pain must you give Amanda…..”
“Shut up Quinn it’s none of your business!” Lucas yelled.
“It’s all of our business! You said you don’t love her, then leave her alone! After what your uncle did to her…….!!!!!” Erica paused
“Don’t you dare mention Uncle Herod!” Lucas yelled
“Get back to your senses Lucas!!!!!!” Jeremy yelled and showed him the video again……Lucas has seen this video before……suddenly he knew something was wrong. He did see this video at work and want to ask his uncle why he did that but then he gave him a drug…..he suddenly forget about everything!
“I……..” he didn’t know what to do…….Uncle Herod was really using him. What if……what if all he told him about Amanda was all a lie……
Lucas felt pains in his head as he end up collapsing on the ground.
Erica knew the password to Amanda’s house. She quickly opened the door as they carried Lucas in.
I couldn’t sleep throughout the night… was 4am in the morning I woke up and dress up. I left my hotel room on my way to ******** hospital…… I couldn’t wait anymore.
I hired a taxi driver. The man was generous. He even followed me up to the hospital. He said it’s too early for a young woman like me to go about.
We entered the elevator to the top floor……
Luckily I recognize the man he was standing with some other men. I rushed to him.
“Excuse me sir……” I said and he turned to look at me. The shook on his face shows he recognized me fully.
He took me to his office.
“How’s your fiancé……?” He asked
“That’s why I’m here…..”
“Oh….” he sip his water “what about him?”
“That what I’m here to ask you! How much did he pay you to do what he asked you to do?” I asked and his lips where shaking. “You know how miserable I felt when he was down on that bed, only for him to wake up and not remember me?……”
“I…..I don’t understand you……,,”
“We could do this the easy way or the hard way. I knew Herod must have paid you a lot. Let’s help each other… don’t want to go to jail do you?!” I said and he quickly went on his knees……
“Please I don’t want to go to jail…..I have a family……I have kids……”
“So you didn’t thought of that when you choose to destroy my life!!!!!” I yelled
“I didn’t do much……I just supply him drugs……”
“What’s the drugs for?”
“For him to forget and never get his memories back. The drug is so effective that it can make one forget what happened yesterday…….”
“We can both help each other……”
“I’ll do anything you ask……please……”
Lucas had a long dream but when he woke up he couldn’t remember. But he knew it had to do with a girl but he tried hard to remember but he couldn’t.
“You’re up?!” He heard. That was when he notice Amanda’s picture hanging on the wall. He was in Amanda’s house.
“Are you okay?” Quinn asked
“Where’s Amanda? I have to see her…..” Lucas said.
“We can’t find her…..she left her phone, her credit card….everything…..she didn’t even take any of her clothes……”
“Why are you even looking for her?” Erica asked
“I don’t know……” Lucas answered sincerely.
“We have to find Amanda it was all our fault…” Quinn said
“Why? What happened to her?” Lucas asked
“We told her to give up on you…..because you don’t seem to love her, you only caused her pains…..she told us she’ll never give up on you…..she left us…..”
“Give up on me?” Lucas asked


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