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The bully boss Episode 51 & 52

Jeremy and Jo didn’t want to miss the show so they of course went to work early.
“I can’t wait to see Lucas face…..Amanda is gonna tear him apart!” Jeremy mocked
“Me too…..I bet Lucas will give up first…” Jo said
“Amanda May be strong but not enough for Lucas….I bet she’ll give up first….”
“Is that a bet?” Jo asked and Jeremy nodded.
“Oh look Amanda is here…..” Jeremy pointed.
“Oh My eyes!!!!!!! Lucas is going to Hell!!! If he sees Amanda like this….” Jo paused and swallowed h@rd
“He’s going to die!!!!!”
If didn’t forget to dress really s£×y. I purposely wore tight clothes showing off my curves. The dress was short revealing my long slender legs.
I walk towards Jo and Jeremy with a smile.
“Jo you’re a married man and Jeremy you’re my sisters boyfriend….and mind you my eyes are up here I don’t know what you two are looking at!” I asked
“Uhmm yes….I should emm……”
“Get going… the way… why are you two here? What about your company?” I asked
“We came to cheer you up and back you up” Jeremy said
“More like you came to watch the show?” I asked with a smile and they nodded. Jeremy’s eyes were fixed on my chest. Of course I know what he was looking at.
I attended the staffs meeting and all eyes were on me. We were waiting for Lucas to show up before we start. But once it was 10am I personally started the meeting.
We were half way gone when Lucas showed up.
“Did I tell you that the meeting shouldn’t hold until I arrive!!!” He yelled.
“Miss **** please continue with your pres£ntation….” I said.
“Who dare start the meeting without me?!!!” Lucas yelled facing Jo and Jeremy
“I did!!!” I yelled “look here Mr. We have a time fixed for the meeting and you showed up late….you should be apologizing not yelling!”
“Who do you think you are?! This is my company!” Lucas yelled
“So it is mine!!!!” I slam my hands on the table and stood up.
Lucas expression changed immediately he saw what his eyes were looking for.
“If you have nothing else to say please sit down let’s continue this meeting or get lost!” I yelled
Herod yelled “Are you out of your……” But Lucas raised his hands and shut him up. Lucas sat down and Herod sat beside him. Lucas fixed his eyes on Amanda. She dare embarr@ss him in front of his workers! Fine she wants to play? But what does she mean she owes half of my company?!!! …..Lucas glared at Jo who kept smiling with Jeremy.
The meeting ended. Everyone began to walk outside.
“Wait behind Amanda! We have something to talk about……”
“I’m very sure you know the way to my office…..I’ll be waiting if you have anything to say” I replied coldly and walk p@ss him. Lucas fixed his eyes on her butt. Damn. No wonder he fell for her before. Her body was so perfect it was giving him different s£nsations.
“Lucas you have to focus!” Herod said
“Don’t worry…..I know what to do uncle! I won’t fall for her again I promise!” Lucas said.
Lucas got to Amanda’s office but couldn’t find her…… he didn’t want to wait he had pride. He walked back to his office only to see Amanda sitting on his chair with her legs crossed on his table.
Lucas look around and saw boxes. His stuffs where inside.
“What’s the meaning of this?!” He yelled
“What’s the meaning of what?” I asked
“Amanda don’t get on my nerves this is my office…..”
“Well it’s mine now!” I said.
He walked to me and grab my hands. Because my legs were on the table I lost balance and fell on the floor dragging Lucas with me.
His face fall right to my chest. He raised his head and look at me.
“Get off me!” I yelled
“I don’t want to! If you wear something like this in front of me,you should know what would happen” he smirk and pinned my hands above my head.
“Lucas do anything stupid and I’ll scream!” I yelled.
He placed both my hands together and hold them with one hand. His other hand grab my mouth and covered them. My eyes wide open as he used his kneel to spread my legs open.
“This would teach you a lesson never to stand up to me!” He said. I tried to struggle but he hold me down. He rub his h@rdness on me.
My heart was pounding this was not what I was expecting. His l!ps moved round as he teased my br£@sts.
He smirk again as I watch him with my wide eyes. “I can fv¢k you here and now if I want…..but not yet…..” he smiled. He released my mouth and I wanted to scream.
“Scream!!! Go on…..let everyone know what we are doing……go on……it won’t look good when they see me on top of you like this…..”
“I can feel your body raising up for me….”
“So what?”
“You want me…..”
“I don’t!” I said and he rested his weight on me. His head was so close to mine as stare at me.
“You do……” he said. I can’t let him win but my body was failing me. My breath was already heavy.
“Lu…..Lucas….” my voice failed me as my shout became a soft m0@n.
“There you go……” he smiled. He stick out his tongue and moved it round my l!ps. He lowered his head and klzzed me slowly. Immediately I react back but he pulled away.
“You love me don’t you?” He asked with a smile
“I do….of course I love you Lucas…..I just want you to come back to me…..” I said as tears filled my eyes. His free hand rub my thigh.
“But you disobeyed me today… I have to punish you……” he said and rub his h@rdness on my again. My eyes closed shut. I bite my lower l!ps. “You should be a good girl! My good girl don’t you think?” He asked and I didn’t answer him. He moved his hands from my thigh and drive them into my br£@st. If found my h@rd n!pp!e and pinched them. “Uhmmmm…….” I hold myself back.
“I said! Don’t you think?” He asked again
“No…..!” I said p@nting heavily.
“You’re being a bad girl…..I’ll make you a good girl…..” he said and drag my dress down. With one hand he drag my bra off. My br£@st were exposed.
“Lucas don’t…..don’t do this……” fv¢k my stupid voice!!!!!!
Lucas took one of my br£@st into his mouth and s√¢k h@rd, biting it gently.
“Arrhhh…..yes….I said yes…..” I said but he s√¢k h@rder. I was about to die of excitement. He finally stopped and left me p@nting.
“Are you a good girl or a bad girl?” He asked as he deep his thumb in and out of my mouth. I was silent. “You’re playing h@rd ain’t you…’ll be my good girl whenever I want and my bad girl whenever I want….”
“Why are you doing this?! You don’t even love me! I’m the only one dying of this feelings here!” I yelled.
He didn’t say anything. He smiled and klzzed my l!ps in a rough and tense way.
The klzz grew hotter I didn’t even know when he let go of my hands and my hands were tangled round his neck.
He stopped again. “You want me Don’t you?” He asked. I hold my l!ps from saying yes but my head was foolishly nodding.
“That’s my girl…..but not now…..why don’t you try to impress daddy and not make daddy angry…..” after saying that he stood up and adjusted his clothes. I lay on the floor helpless. He knows my weakness……but how?….. Something was off. Sometimes not right.
I don’t think Lucas remember me!
I called Jo immediately Lucas left. I ask him to meet me up tonight by 9pm.
I was there early. Soon Jo arrived.
“I don’t think Lucas remember me…” I said
“What do you mean Amanda?” He asked with a confused face.
“Jo…..I don’t know how to explain this to you….but I have a feeling…..”
“Amanda….Lucas remember everyone……we just have to fix him….”
“Jo I know what I’m saying…….!”
“What do you insist we do?”
“I think that uncle of his is involved……”
“Herod? He’s a snake. I suspected that too but…..he’s too careful with whatever he’s doing…” Jo said “he takes Lucas treatment too seriously and personal” Jo added
“Do you think……” I paused
“It can’t be…….”
“Jo you said it yourself! Herod is a snake…..he can be hurting Lucas…..”
“Amanda we shouldn’t jump into conclusions and don’t do anything stupid okay? Herod is not someone you can mess with. Leave it to me. Just dance to his music…..”
“Please all I want is for you to bring Lucas back to me…” I said
“I’ll see what I can do…..first I’ll check Lucas treatment……but promise me you won’t do anything stupid”
“I won’t…..”
Lucas wasn’t willing to give up the office and neither do I. I swear I won’t fall for his dirty tricks this time.
“Look at my horny ex girlfriend……” he said but I ignored him. “Looks like we’ll be sharing this office. I don’t mind…..hope we can tolerate each other? You should know well….I’m a s£× Add!¢t…..I’ll be having a three some today…..if you want….”
“I’m working Lucas….while you enjoy yourself please leave me alone!” I said
“I’m just saying….because after yesterday I’m very sure you want to have s£× with me….” he smirk. I stood up and walk to him. I landed a dirty slap on his face.
“Watch your mouth! And mind you I’d never give you room to play with my feelings for you again…..behave or you won’t be able to use that d!¢k of yours today!” I said and returned to my desk.
“You stupid bitch!” He cursed.
“That’s it! I’ve had enough with you!” I yelled. I walk back to him and with all my strength I raise my knee and hit him were the sun doesn’t shine.
“AAAAAAHHHHH………!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Lucas scream so loud as he fell on the floor rolling side to side with his hands buried on his d!¢k. His handsome face was red with his eyes shut.
Lucas sat in front of me. He had ice placed on his d!¢k. It was so funny I couldn’t help but laugh.
“Enjoying This right?” He asked. His voice was sour and filled with anger
“I warned you! It’s just a little pay back for messing with me yesterday!”
“Little? You call this little?! Woman you almost broke my d!¢k!!!!!” He yelled
“But I didn’t! Lucky you. But I promise! Next time I will…” I said with a scary face.
“Try me I’ll tear you pvzzy open!!!!!” He yelled
“I don’t want to play games with you Lucas…..! But if you insist! Why not… love you game but I love the player!” I said
“We’ll see whose the boss!”
Herod walked into his bathroom and took a quick shower. He was still on his towels when his phone rang.
“Uncle I want to bury that bitch alive!” He yelled
“Calm down…..what happened?”
“She…..she crushed my d!¢k with her knee! I’m in so much pain!!!!” He yelled
“She did what?! That girl needs to be disciplined! See? I warned you….she’s trying to take over….”
“I’ve tried uncle! I can’t get rid of her!” Lucas yelled.
“She’s the one thing blocking your way Lucas……Leave it to me! I’ll handle her….”
“Please do Uncle….I can’t stand her anymore!” Lucas yelled.
Herod made a call.
“Tell Amanda I want to see her! Now!”
The news got to me and I yawned
“If he wants to see me he knows where to find me” I replied to the guy.
“You’re daring!” The guy said
“I’m more!”
The guy left and report to Herod What Amanda said.
“She said what?!”
“If you want to see her, you know where to meet her….”
“Fine then! I’ll go meet her if that’s what she wants……let’s go!”
“Well done everyone. Tomorrow let’s continue our project” I said as our meeting ended. “Jessica please help me with the files. I’m heading to my car”
As I got close to my car Herod car stopped in front of me.
“Amanda…..” he called with a gentle voice
“Herod I heard you wanted to see me” I composed myself.
“Herod… dare call me by my name?!” He yelled and immediately slapped me. I wasn’t expecting this as I fell h@rd on the floor. I felt dizzy as my ears spine “You’re just a worthless bitch who I have raped! I’ve done it before and I won’t be afraid to do it again! Now let me warn you… time I can’t to see you make sure you show up! And know that your life is in my hands! Killing you won’t be a problem to me…..Now I want you to stay away from Lucas……” he grab my jaw and squeeze it. I whine in pains “You hear me? Next time I show up……it won’t be only a slap!”
Herod clean his hands before stepping into his car and drove off.
Immediately he left Jessica came out of hiding “Ma are you okay?…….your face…..”
“It’s okay…..just help me back into the office…..”
Jessica showed me her phone. She videoed everything. The CCTV at the parking lot cut the scene too. All my staffs were pres£nt in my office. My cheeks were swollen and bruised.
“He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing… dare he hit you?!”
“Everyone calm down. You’ll should go home. Let’s meet tomorrow…..”
“Just do as I say. I’ll be fine…..” I said but they refused.
“Ma this is too much! We won’t leave you!” They were stubborn.
They all escorted me home and made sure I was safe before they left.
While I lye on my bed I played the video of how Herod har@ssed me. This won’t get him anywhere. I couldn’t help but feel depressed and hurt. I cried in silence. I don’t even know what to do.
The next day at work I used my hair to cover my right cheek.
“We’ll be rounding up the project today. You’ve all done a good job….” I said
The door opened and Lucas walked in. Everyone stood up to greet him well of course I wouldn’t.
“Hope I wasn’t late….” he said with a smiled. I turned my face away. I didn’t want him to see….he’ll eventually mock or feel proud about the fact that his beloved uncle did it.
As the meeting goes on he won’t get his eyes off me. The meeting ended and I walked to my office. I sat down and sigh.
“I just have to be strong…..I’ll be fine….” I said to myself holding back my tears. I was hurting…..I needed someone to be here for me cause I felt I was alone. Everyone was busy now. It wasn’t like before. Then I remembered Katie……I missed her…..if she was alive I’m very sure we’ll be together.
I was in deep thought. I didn’t even know when Lucas walked in.
Lucas walked in and saw her crying…..she didn’t even noticed him. He was here for his revenge but seeing her like this for some reason ache his heart. He watched her for a while and walk closer.
Suddenly she moved her hair away and he saw her cheeks. Lucas couldn’t control the amount of anger growing in him. He doesn’t understand himself either.
He walked up to her and gentle hold her jaw up
“Tell me who did this?!!! Who dare to hurt you? Tell me!!!!”He yelled


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