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The bully boss Episode 5 & 6

I don’t really know what I was doing as a secretary because Jo does everything. Betty and I are getting along well. Lucas has not been calling me to his office and I enjoyed my stay but just for a while.
A girl on heels walked towards the door. Her leather skirt….should I even call it a skirt because it was too short, her p@nts were showing. I mean I do like short clothes too but hers was too much.
Her red l!ps moved round and round because she was chewing gum.
“Where do you think you’re going?” I asked and she paused
“Oops sorry sweetheart…” she chewed her gum again and walk towards me. “Is boss around?” She asked
“What if he’s around?” I answered. She smiled
“Just call him…let him know TY is here” she said. Betty did the calling.
“He said you should escort her in Amanda” she said
“What!!!! No way!!! Why me?” I asked and Betty made a Dunno sign.
“Are we going?” She asked
“Sure!!!!” I said and walk towards the door. She followed behind me.
I lead her in.
“Hi boss…” she giggled and walked to him. But his eyes were fixed on me.
“I’ll be on my way!” I said
“Stop right there!!!!” He yelled
“When are we starting boss???” The girl sat on his laps and began to rock him “you know am already honey and w€t for you….aahhh…..”
I look back at him but his face got angry.
“I want to teach a little liar a lesson!!!” He said.
‘Little liar??? What does he mean?’ I wondered
He push the girl to his desk as his gl@ss title fell on the ground and shattered.
‘What is he trying to do?’ I was confused but then he stripe the girls p@nt off and unzip his p@nts and brought d!¢k out….before I could turn my face away my eyes have already saw them.
I wanted to move again “dare to move out then you lose your job!” He said. Who cares…I wanted to leave but then I remembered the promise I made to Nora. I hold myself but I wasn’t the type that keep promises….I walk out of the office with anger.
Lucas was surprised. Immediately he loses interest in s£×. He push the girl aside and said “Get lost” the girl was confused at first but she quickly amend her unders….adjust her skirt and held out.
“Amanda!!!!!” Lucas was angry. No girl has ever rejected him, treat him like trash and gave him a kick on his d!¢k!!!…. it annoys him more that he can’t have her.
I went back to my sit. There is no way he can fire me. It wasn’t him who employed me. It’s his mother. Am stubborn I know.
Betty was curious what happened inside the office but she didn’t dare ask. Amanda look so angry.
I grab my phone and called Jeremy right there on my desk.
Jeremy was playing his video game when he saw Anda appeared on his phone.
“Uh oh….no way am picking that up she’s gonna Kill me” he said
He remembered telling Lucas that he wasn’t Amanda’s boyfriend.
The call didn’t stop so Jeremy quickly switch his phone off.
He went and use the maids phone to call Katie.
“Am died!!!!” He yelled
“What happen Jeremy are you in some trouble? Anda called me just now she’s looking for you like hell….she said she’s gonna Kill you” Katie said. Jeremy put his f!ng£rs on his mouth.
Shortly after Lucas came home and went threat to Jeremy.
“Bro…hehehe you….you’re back…..oh you look angry too” he rub his head.
“That friend of yours….she’s getting on my nerves….can you believe I fired her but she refused to leave????!!!! Ha……!!!!”
“She’s just like you…..” Jeremy murmured to himself
“What did you say?”
“Nothing bro…..what did she do this time?” Jeremy asked
“Forget it!!!” Lucas walked away angrily.
“Good for you ….she’s gonna Kill me when she sees me!!!” Jeremy whined.
Jo brought the news to Mrs Harrison.
“So what do you think?” She asked
“I don’t know but it’s like she’s a match for him” Jo answered
“Let’s just watch some more. All I need is someone to fix his head…this s£× of a thing is killing him….” she said
“I’ll always keep an eye on them” Jo said
“I just pray she’s the one” she murmured.
“Mr Harrison will be back tomorrow….” Jo said
“Yes….that’s a very big problem for Lucas….if he finds out Lucas is still a s£× Add!¢t????…..” she stopped talking
Mr Arlington looked at the files in his hands. He had been scammed. He used his company’s money and the money for Nora’s treatment to pay for the project. Now he got to the company and met everything was fake.
Nora’s treatment is just next week. He didn’t know what to do. His cellphone was ringing. It was his boss Bernard calling.
“Arlington where are you!!!! What the hell did you do!!!” He yelled
“Sir…..sir I was….was scammed and…and the money….!”
“You better find a way to pay me back my money or else I’ll end you!!!” He yelled
“Sir….mr Bernard…..Mr……!!!!” He ended the call. Then another call entered his phone. It was his wife.
He get hold of himself and picked the call.
“Honey…Nora’s condition has gotten worse…her surgery has been rescheduled this Saturday….the doctors said we should pay today” she said but the other end of the phone was silent. “Hello honey??? Are you there??”
“The money is gone….” he said
“What??!!!! What….what do you mean??!!!” She yelled
“I don’t know I invested the money on a project…but I was scammed and now…..”
“If this is a joke better stop it and bring the money for Nora’s treatment today!!!!” She yelled in tears and ended the called.
Lucas just finished satisfying himself as the paid the girl off. But he still can’t get his mind off Amanda. Was she a witch or something? How can she be stuck in his head like this!.
(A knock on the door)
The door opened almost immediately after the knock it was the witch.
“Yesterday I summited the profile project of the director…he called me to come collect it back and returned it to him if you’re done reviewing it” I said
“How much do you want??? I’ll give it to you…anything you want….just let me have you for one night” he said. Lucas was surprised at himself too he had never begged a girl for s£× before…infact they are the ones who beg him to sleep with them.
“I am not for sale and am not a hoe” I replied “now can I get the file or should I come back later?” I asked but he smirk.
“You hate me don’t you?” He asked
“A lot” I answered
“Why?” He asked
“I don’t know and I don’t care to know” I was so rude to him and I feel like slapping his handsome face over and over again. His personality was so disgusting.
He stood up and walk close to me. He drag my waist to his body and pinned my hands.
I was about to raise my knee to give him a kick on his balls again but he quickly lift me up in one swift and carry me on his broad shoulders.
“Let me go!!!! Put me down!!!!” I yelled
He carried me into a room and landed me on a bed.
Immediately his legs pin mine as he climb on top of me.
“What are you trying to do!!!!” I yelled
“Don’t overreact I won’t force you to have s£× with me. Am not a rapist” he said.
“I swear if I break free am going to break your d!¢k!!!” I yelled and he laughed.
“With pleasure…” he respond “this sharp mouth of yours…” he said and caress them with his thumb. His other hands were still pinning my hands upwards. He bring his face close to mine but I turned my head away. He hold my jaw and moved my head to face him again. His l!ps crushed mine. I felt so much disgust that I began to struggle but then he bite my lower l!ps h@rd and I gr0@n in pains.
Hearing her soft voice gr0@ned in pains his heart suddenly softened and he stopped biting her l!ps. He looked at her l!ps which was now red and swollen. He almost swore to himself that he’ll never klzz her too fierce again but then suddenly she spat on his face.
“You trash!! How dare you klzz me!!!” I yelled I couldn’t do anything I couldn’t moved my body so I can slap him or punch him on his face….with the anger burning in me I spat on his face again.
“You!!!!!!” His voice sound angry as he grab my jaw and press a more fierce klzz to my l!ps. This time he released my hands as both of his hands cup my jaw and press his face h@rder to mine. My hands punched his back…my f!ng£rs drive through his flesh…my struggling hands tried to push his shoulders away but it wasn’t working and I didn’t stop. But soon I was out of breath…but he never stopped klzzing my painful l!ps
“Stopp…!!!!…uhhmmmmm….uhmmmm….” I said but he never stopped. Just when he wanted to stop he bite my l!ps again even h@rder than before. He released and and his breath was heavy….he was even sweating. I suddenly felt his h@rdness. Fear grip me…. I was stiff…my hands couldn’t even struggle.
I heard his gr0@n and m0@n.
“fv¢k!!!!” He cursed “I’ll surely get you Mandy…maybe not today but definitely someday….you’ll be mine!” He said and rise from my body.
Immediately my body was back to normal as I spring up and punch his jaw.
“Ahhhh!!!” I yelled as my wrist hurt.
“Damnnn!!!!” Lucas yelled as he hold his jaw.
I used the opportunity to run out of the room. I meet jo at the door. He saw me running out of the room.
Jo was confused at first. That’s Lucas special room here in his office. He only take girls to the other room. He had never allowed any girl into that room.
Jo walked into the room and saw Lucas sitting on the bed. His hands were on his jaw.
“Sir…..what happened?” He asked “you don’t allow any girl in here”
“She’s not just any girl….Am going to make her my girl….and when am done with her….” he smirk and stood up.
“Your father will soon by back….”
“Let’s go to a bar today…I want to get drunk!” He said avoid what Jo said.
I got home and I brushed my mouth more than 10 times….I felt so disgusted by what happened…I even puked several times.
Who knows if he s√¢ked those hoes v!rg!nia with his mouth?!!!! Aaahhhhh I started vomiting again. That’s it!!!!! Am done…..I’ll resign tomorrow and I’ll make sure I find Jeremy today and kill him.
It was about 8pm. I dress up. I know Jeremy would be at Katie’s today.
I entered the compound and heard Jeremy’s laugh. I grab a wood. I sneak into the house.
Jeremy was laughing so h@rd at Katie’s make up when suddenly something hit on his head. He jumped in pains and saw me…
“Aaaaahhhhhh…..!!!!!” He yelled and ran off. I followed him.
“Anda…!!!!” Katie yelled After us.
But she couldn’t keep up. She could only turn back.
Jeremy and I run through town like mad people.
Soon he got tired and I catch up with him.
Immediately I grab his head under my arms and squeezed his neck
“Aaahhhh Amanda am sorry….Amanda let me explain please…..aaaaahhhhhh” he cried
“Shut up… know what your stupid brother did to me…..he dare klzzed me…….and…..” my phone started ringing….it was my stepmother.
“Shhhh….and if you dare run I’ll kill you” I said and Jeremy nodded.
“Amanda….they want to take Nora…you have to come here……your father used all the money….now they are here for Nora!!!!” I couldn’t understand what she was saying. But I know it doesn’t sound good………………….


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