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The bully boss Episode 49 & 50

Jo didn’t disclose anything to Amanda.
He ended the call immediately and reported to Mrs Harrison.
“I don’t think this will hold her for long…’s Lucas we are talking about here….she’ll do everything to find him”
“Jo Amanda May be smart but she’s not strong….”
“Strong? You really don’t know her. She’s just like Lucas… was Lucas who has been shielding her. Now he’s weak….I @ssure you Amanda will spread her wings. I can tell you she’s worse than Lucas….”
I kept calling Jo but he had turn off his line. Then my instinct told me to go find Xavier. I grab my car keys and went to the lobby. I saw the guards rushing in with Quinn behind them.
Immediately Quinn saw the looks on Amanda’s face immediately she shivered and suddenly wanted to hide.
“Ma…….Amanda…….” but she glared at her. Quinn have never seen her like this before….it was scary. She quickly move out of the way.
I got into my car.
“If this is true I swear to God, whoever did this to Lucas…’ve just dug your own grave!”
Xavier was in panic in his house. He made a tight security. He had s£nt his sister back to abroad.
I stopped my car at the front of the gate. There were guards outside.
“You can’t go in…..Mr Xavier’s order” the guard said
“Tell him Amanda is here…..” I said.
The guard hold up his jacket and whispered.
“All clear…..let her in……”
I drove my car inside and met Xavier outside waiting for me.
“Amanda……..” he walked to me and I landed a slap on his face. I did use a lot of strength as he fall to one side.
“I’m sorry…..”
“I didn’t come here to hear your apology……”I bend down and look right into his eyes. Xavier felt this familiar aura……just like that of Lucas.
Xavier didn’t dare to stand up. He just sat on the floor…..he felt the floor was his place when he stood on the same ground with her.
“I just have one question……. Who did it?” I asked
“TELL ME!!!!” I yelled
“De……..De Marco…….De….”
“De Marco……Hahaha……he dare…….take me to him…..”
“Amanda you can’t…..he’s scary……he wants you…..going to him will only make it w…..”
“I won’t repeat myself…..I’ll be waiting in my car…”
Xavier chew his f!ng£rs as his f!ng£rs in fear.
We drove into a big estate.
De Marco was smoking as his whores ride on him…….. When he got the news about Amanda he smiled but quickly adjusted himself.
The beauty walk into his house. He wasn’t expecting to ever see her here. Behind her was Xavier.
“Amanda…..what do I own this visit?” De Marco asked as he walked towards me. The guards who had escorted us in had a gun and he was standing beside me. I drag the gun from his waist and pointed it at De Marco.
Everyone was shocked but De Marco was more shocked. His mouth was wide open. But later he burst into laughter.
“Did you do that to Lucas?” I asked and his smile disappeared
“Yes…… so what?” He walked closer.
“Why?…..” I asked
“He took what’s mine. My company! My fame!! And mostly….” he was much closer to me and my gun point to his chest. His hands rubbed my face “You Amanda……you were met to be mine…..” He said and I smiled.
“I can kill you here and now De Marco…..but…..” I smiled “I won’t. Instead. I’ll watch you suffer. Bit by bit until you beg for death to come take you…..”
De Marco didn’t take it as a threat instead it felt so real in his ears.
I moved back and shot the air twice before I throw the gun on the flow. “Mark my words!!!!”
Inasmuch as I want to see Lucas. I still wanted revenge. They messed with the one I love. I needed to do something but I was scared if I had the right. I called Lucas lawyer.
I was surprised when he told me that he had my name on all Lucas properties and companies followed by Jeremy.
“So… lucas is not here you have every right to take charge…”
It was a very big war and I had to work for it. I saw how stressful it was to keep all companies going around the world.
Jeremy and I took it upon ourselves. Desmond and Ronald Lucas brothers were one of our rivals.
I heard a private meeting with all of De Marcos sponsors and shareholders. I was able to win their favor and trust. Together we work in secret, drowning De Marco.
De Marco slam his hands on the table.
“What is wrong with all you fools!!!! This company is mine so I tell you all what to do!!! Now tell me what rubbish is this?!” He yelled
“It shows you’re no longer the owner of this company…..we all sold our shares to someone. And with that I’m sure your share is no match for…..” one of the men said
“Please come in…….”
De Marco eyes almost fall off his socket. He could believe what he was seeing.
“Put some respondents you mention my name. I’m the boss now!” I said and he smirk…..
“If you do this…..I’ll just have to put you in your place like I did to your little boyfriend Lucas…..” he said
“So you admit you did that to Lucas?” I asked
“Of course I did! I planned it all……the accident? I personally instructed them to drive the bullet into his brains…….” De Marco said. Thinking he’ll make Amanda cry or sad by saying hurtful words but unknown to him the Police were outside and hearing everything.
“Bravo…..” I began to clap. “You can come drag this bastard to jail!!!!!” I yelled.
“What? You bitch…..” De Marco bounce on me and began to choke me.
The cops tried to drag De Marco away but it was too late as Amanda already lost consciousness.
I opened my eyes and frown.
“Amanda….” I heard Jeremy called
“What happened? De Marco…..?”
“He’s in jail right now……” Jeremy said “you need to rest. These p@ss few months are really tough for you. I didn’t know what I’d do without you….”
“Now everything is done….I want to see Lucas…..” I said with tears in my eyes. One month have turned to five months…..”Jeremy……”
“Calm down Amanda…..look around……we are in India…’ve been out for three days straight and just in the room opposite……you’ll see Lucas…..” Immediately he said that, I joined off my bed but my weak legs filled me as I landed h@rd on the floor.
“Careful…….” Jeremy said as Amanda rip the drip off her hands.
He tried to @ssist me but I push him away and staggered outside.
As I open the door I saw Lucas. He was lying lifelessly on the bed with lots of stuff place on his head, his chest and body. I rush and grab his hands as I cried really h@rd.
“You bastard!!!!!! You said one month…..but it’s already five months!!!!! You lie!!!!! Why did you do this to me? Why??!!!!! Lucas please wake up and look at me. I miss you so much…..I’m so sorry……” I cried.
“Amanda……” Jo couldn’t help but called. The emotion was too much. While he was busy taking care of Lucas. She have worked her @ss out for Lucas.
Amanda just sit there with her head buried on Lucas arms. Everyone watch her but no one knew what to do. For hours Amanda was the moving. The doctors came to check on Lucas and frown. “He haven’t improved for the past five months. If we must continue……’ll all end up bad…….” I heard the doctor said and I raise my head with my bloodshot eyes.
“Say That again and I’ll choke you with your tie!!!” I yelled. I saw the doctor move back a bit. “You’re going to treat him. Till he gets better!!!! If anything should happen to him. I will not only shut this entire hospital I see true it that all the doctors get jobless for the rest of their lives!!!!!” I said it and I meant it
“Miss we are trying our possible best”
“Well your possible best is not enough so work h@rder……..I’m not someone you should dare with!”
I stayed strong everyday forcing myself to eat and drink. I came to Lucas room and find out he was gone.
“Where’s Lucas?” I asked the nurse.
“He had an arrest…..he’s been moved to the operating room”
“Don’t worry…..he won’t have an operation the doctors just want to scan his body…..don’t worry” she said.
After awhile Lucas was returned backed to his room.
I hold his hands and started talking to him. Even though he wasn’t answering me I had a feeling he could hear me.
Months turned into a year.
“Happy new year Lucas…..” I said as tears filled my eyes. By now we would have been married even planning about our kids….. It hurts so much.
Erica walked in and saw Amanda crying.
“Amanda……” she called. I quickly cleaned my eyes and forced a smile as I look up. I saw everyone here. Dad, mom, Mrs Harrison, Jeremy….etc.
“You all are here?” I asked
“Yes…..let’s celebrate together……” dad said. I look behind and saw Lucas Uncle Herod. I look away and smiled at Mrs Harrison as she hugged me.
Herod walked to Lucas and hold his shoulders. “Am sorry…..I should have protected you. You can get through this Lucas….” he looked back and saw Amanda “you have lots of people who love you waiting for you… come on…..fight this Lucas. I told you before. If you can fight my father your grandfather…..then you can fight through anything……” Immediately he said that Lucas eyes wide open. “His eyes opened!!!!!”
I heard, everyone turned and saw Lucas eyes opened. I rushed to him. “Lucas….can you….can you see me? Can you hear me?” I asked but he turned his face away to his uncle.
“Uncle…..” he called.
The doctors told us to give Lucas space. We all stood from afar watching. I couldn’t help but cry. It was tears of joy. I waited for a whole year but it seems like forever.
“You can all go in now and see him…..”
“Doctor is he okay now?” Mrs Harrison asked
“He’s Fine now but still under recovering. Mind you, you might see a lot of changes in him. He may not be the same person you once know…” Immediately I heard that I shivered. I remembered my dreams.
“D….doctor is….is it possible that he….he might forget someone?” I asked
“Yes…..very possible…..he might not even remember must of his past……with his case. I’d suggest you start a new with him if he seems not to remember the past”
My happiness died immediately. I walk backwards……what if he doesn’t remember me.
Everyone walked in and surrounded Lucas…..
“Who is this?” The doctor asked pointing at Mrs Harrison
“My mom… kid brother Jeremy……my cousin Quinn, Jo…..” he paused and smiled “Uncle Herod……Erica…..Mrs Nelson….I’m glad you all are here” he said.
“Lucas…’re missing someone…..” Quinn said
“Who?” Lucas frown as Quinn pointed towards me. “Who is she?” He asked and my heart dropped dead as I froze.
“Lucas you’re kidding right?…..Amanda don’t just stand there come closer so he’ll see you clearly……” Mom said and Erica drag me forward I was too stiff to walk.
“I…….I don’t know her…..” he said with a frown.
“What? Stop the jokes Lucas. You can’t tease her…..” Mrs Harrison said
“But mom I’m saying the truth I don’t know her…..” he said. I broke in tears. I looked straight at him as he stare back at me. Everyone was confused.
“Doctor…..!!” Quinn yelled
“Amanda Nelson……” lucas said with a smile on his face “you miss my teasing don’t you? Come here…..” he said.
“Lucas that joke was too expensive…….!!!!” Jeremy yelled.
I sat on the bed and hugged Lucas tight. I couldn’t say anything but cry. I cried so h@rd.
Lucas was alone with his uncle and Jo. Everyone flew back home cause Lucas insisted that his treatment continues at home.
“It’s strange……” Lucas said.
“What’s strange?” Jo asked.
“I don’t seem to remember everything but the worse part is…..I don’t feel anything for Amanda……”
“What?!!” Jo yelled
“Like when she hugged me……I just…..I just hate her……”
“It must be because you were in coma for too long…..”
“No Jo I know what I’m saying……I don’t want her anymore……”
“Lucas do you know what you’re saying? This is Amanda we are talking about here. The girl you’ll die for……”
“I remember everything about Amanda okay……I almost got married to someone like her?…….hell No……..”
“Jo……enough!” Herod said
“Don’t you dare join this topic!!!” Jo yelled at Herod
“Jo are you out of your mind? Don’t you talk to my uncle in such Manner!!!!”
“Lucas have you forgotten what happened already? What he did to Amanda?”
“So what? He raped her so what. The fact that she was raped makes me hate her more…..was I crazy back then?!”
“So what do you plane to do with her?” Herod asked
“I’ll just play with her some more before tossing her away…….”
While Lucas recovered at home, Jeremy and I handled the company. Jeremy did most of the international trades recently because I had to stay with Lucas. I just ended my meetings and my schedule wasn’t much until tomorrow. I drove to see Lucas.
“Lucas you can’t say that!”
“I cant help it Jo! I said I’ve fallen out of love! I don’t love her anymore…..”
“You can’t do this Amanda…..she have suffered too much because of you……just bare you’ll love her again trust me…..”
“Love her again? That words makes me want to throw up. Just three months remaining before I’ll stand my ground and when I do?…..the first thing is to break up with her…..”
“LUCAS….!!!!” Jo yelled.
“Miss you’re here…..go inside the door is opened….” a maid who saw Amanda standing still beside Lucas door yelled.
Jo walked towards the door and saw Amanda……
“Amanda……..” he called softly.
“I hear wrong right?” I asked
“All you’ve heard is truth……I’m not in love with you anymore now that you’ve heard I’ll just make thing straight. I’m breaking up with you…..” he said
“I don’t just like seeing you. I mean what was I thinking?!!!! I almost got married to someone who was raped!!!!!! A raped victim….!!!” He mocked
“Lucas this is too much…..maybe it’s because of the accident……you just need to rest more and recovered……”
“No!!!!! Before the accident I was sick and blinded but all thanks to the accident my eyes were opened……..”
“Lucas I can never give you on you….on us…!!!”
“Us?……” He mocked as he laughed h@rd.
“There is nothing like us…..there is only me….now don’t let the past me fool you…. I’ve made myself and my thoughts clear to you…..” Lucas said.
“So what now? You expect me to leave you?” I asked
“Obviously……” he answered
“Sorry…..but I would never give up on you. I won’t give up on you and I’d never forget……I’ll keep showing up until you take me back…..” I used the same words he said to me last year when I broke up with him.
“You’ll have no other choice…….” he smiled.
News flashed. Lucas broke up with Amanda. Everyone couldn’t believe it. Just like I said. I won’t give up. I kept showing up in his house.
“Seriously you’re wasting your time….. don’t you know…..”
“I don’t know anything Lucas. All I know is that I love you and I know you love me too…”
“Really?” He asked and I nodded “I don’t like seeing you….”
“Well too bad, cause I plan on showing up every single day. We can even meet at work”
“What do you mean we can also meet at work?” He frown.
“Don’t you remember? Jeremy and I are handling your company. I’m the acting manager……”
Lucas grab his phone and called Jo. “s£nd me my lawyer!”
Lucas couldn’t believe his eyes. Did he just single everything he has under his name and Amanda’s name? Only few companies had Jeremy’s name but all had Amanda’s name on it.
“You stupid lawyer!!!! How the hell did this happen?!” He yelled
“But sir… told me to……”
“Told you to what?! Now what do I do because I don’t want her anymore!”
“There’s nothing to be done. If you two part way half of everything you have go to her….”
“No way we are not even married!” Lucas yelled
“Sir you may have forgotten……when you were told it wasn’t possible you lied to the magistrate that you two were already married. So…..”
“fv¢k this!!!!!……But it’s all fake!… something!!!!” He yelled at Jo.
“What do you expect me to do? Marry her for you?” Jo asked but Lucas on the other hand took it seriously and turned to the lawyer.
“Is it possible?”
“Lucas!!!!” I yelled
“Shut your mouth…….!” Lucas yelled at me.
“I don’t care what you do…..I’ll never break up with you…..!” I said and fold my hands.
“Fine! Then I’ll make you!”
Now the bully boss is back. Lucas could have gone back to his previous company but he left it to Jo and went to the company Amanda was operating.
“The President is here!” Someone burst into my office and yelled.
“The president? Lucas?” I asked to make sure.
Why was he here?….. I rush outside and met him in our seals department.
“Impressive……” he said.
“Lucas……” I rush to him “we weren’t expecting you…..”
“Is that how you address your boss!!!” Herod yelled. Herod was beside him.
“Lucas what’s going on?” I asked
“Are you deaf? Address me by my name one more time and you’ll lose your job!” Lucas said and I was silent.
“I’m sorry sir…..”
“Boss….” Herod corrected and I glared at him.
“I’m sorry boss…..”
“Escort me to your office….” Lucas said.
We got to my office and Lucas took my sit by the desk.
“Hmmm…..not bad……you can use the office next door….” he said.
“But……” I paused. He wasn’t the same Lucas…..but he’s still a bully boss. “I’ll pack my stuffs…..”
I began to pack my do¢vments into a box.
“Nice @ss…..” Lucas said. He’s still as naughty as ever. I didn’t mind him.
“I’m done….I’ll be in the next office. Call me if you need anything……” I said
“Of course…..” he answered.
I was done arranging my new office. I took a sit and began to review some files. It’s like I’m back to square one but this time I’m the one chasing Lucas to love me. I grab my laptop and search. ‘How to make a guy fall in love with you again…..’
I saw many options but not satisfied me. What kills me most is the fact that his uncle Herod is with him.
I received a call.
“Come to my office….” it was Lucas. I stood up immediately and rush into his office only to see two girls. One was sitting on his laps while the other m@ssage his n@k£d shoulders.
“What’s the meaning of this?” I asked
“What?….” he smiled “h@rder baby…..”
“This is a company not a hotel! If you want to do this please use a hotel!” I yelled
“Mind your voice Amanda… far as I know I’m still the boss and this is my company….if you don’t like what you’re seeing? You can as well quit. It’s not that h@rd you know… just have to write a letter……”
“I’ll never quit and if you’re doing this to push me away it’s not working!” I lied. It was breaking me into pieces surely it was killing me.
“Take a sit…..I want to discuss something with you……” he said.
I obeyed him and watch his nons£nse with the girls.
The next day I called Jo and reported to him.
“What!!!! Amanda you don’t have to obey him… as much he’s the boss, you’re also the boss. Your name was signed as part of the owner of all his company. He has no right. In fact he can’t fire you…..if he bully’s you, bully him too…’re a boss!”
I pack my stuffs back to my office and put Lucas stuffs in the box. I relax on my chair and cross my legs on the table.
Seriously if Lucas dare me I’ll slap him right in his face. He’s like a little child who needs lots of scolding and whipping.
Lucas walked into his office and met Amanda on his sit.
“What’s the meaning of this?!” He yelled
“What’s the meaning of what?” I asked with a soft and comfortable voice.
“Amanda before I…..”
“Shut up Lucas…..You have no right to talk to me in that manner…..” I said
“What?!!!!….. Amanda…….don’t dare me!!!! In fact you’re fired!!!!” He yelled
“Too bad Lucas you can’t fire me. Remember I own everything you own……!” I said.
“AMANDA!!!!!!!” He yelled with so much anger in his voice. His face was scary. I don’t mind. Even if he stops loving me I won’t back down. I’m ready to dig it with him till he learn to accept me. I won’t go easy on him.


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