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The bully boss Episode 41 & 42

I wondered if I was dreaming at first. I moved back abit. I hold my cheeks and pinch them. “Ouch it hurts!” I murmured
“Amanda this is real……Please accept my heart…..and Marry me…..” he said
“Ask me again……” I almost yelled
He cleared his throat as he asked for the second time “Amanda Nelson will you marry me?”
“YES!!!!!!! YES I WILL!!!!! Now put the ring on me fast!!!!” I yelled. Lucas giggled as others bursted into laughter. The cold ring slide into my f!ng£rs and I immediately raise my hand and admire it. The ring wasn’t fancy at all it was plan but the silver still sparkles and I love it. I hugged Lucas.
“I love you so much Amanda” he said and tightened the hug. Then it occurred to me.
“You stupid bastard!!!!!!” I cursed loudly. Lucas knows what’s next he quickly carried her on his shoulders and rush inside
“We’ll be inside…..don’t don’t worry about us!” He said
“LET ME GO YOU PRICK!!!!” I yelled.
He quickly lock the door and drop me down.
“You dare not to show up at my graduation and birthday party!!!!!” I yelled
“I’m sorry Amanda…..”
“And you didn’t text me?!!!!!! You!!!!!!!!!!!………” he klzzed me. “Stop it!” I yelled and push me away. I was really angry so angry at him.
“Mandy…..that’s why I made up for it but engaging you….” he said
“Lucas you’re not doing anything right! So you engaged me so I wouldn’t get angry for you ditching me on my birthday and graduation?” I asked
“Well kinda but… doesn’t matter….”
“Doesn’t matter?…..are you serious right now?” I asked
“Mandy I was busy……..”
“Too busy to at least s£nd a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me? Or wish me well?” I asked “you didn’t even show me off on you WhatsApp status or you could say was………”
“Ok I’m sorry but I already patch things up” he said. I was vexed he didn’t even know anything I drag the ring off my f!ng£rs and slam in on his palms.
“Amanda!…….” he hold my hand. He sigh “I’m sorry……” he added “I just made all this up so… won’t be too mad at me…you’re right….I was…..I was at a strippers party……”
“You what!!!!!!” I yelled.
“I promise I’d never lie to you……I would have been able to come to your party but……I…..”
“Don’t tell me you sleep with them?” I asked
“I…..I did but……I swear it was just few minutes I was inside her than I remembered you then I…..I pulled away and left……”
I was speechless. He’s old habits where coming back. But suddenly he burst into laughter.
“Is it funny?” I yelled
“Look at you……” he mocked. His hands touched my cheeks and wipe my tears away. I didn’t even notice I was crying. “I was just pulling your legs my dear fiancée…..” he said and put the ring on me once more.
“Why would you do that?” I yelled.
Lucas calm me down. I was lying on his chest while his hand cuddled my hair.
“I risked not coming for you party so I can prepare all this. I wanted to propose to you then but it was public and it’ll draw too much attention……I know you like a simple life….that’s what I want to give to you…..” he said and I lift my body. I stare in his eyes
“How did I end up with a guy like you?” I said
“Ain’t you the luckiest?” He smiled
“I feel blessed……” I said and peck his l!ps. He immature me over.
“How many times do I have to teach you how to klzz? Guess you’ve forgotten your lesson…..let me remind you…..” he smiled as he move close to me. He brush his l!ps on mine. His tongue traced my l!ps and sl!pped into my mouth. My hands hugged his neck and push in closer to me. It’s been long since we’ve klzzed like this….
The klzz was really rough but I could tell he was careful not to hurt my l!ps.
(Knock on the door….) “Lucas are you in there” it was Felix.
Lucas moved the klzz to collarbone. He klzzed, s√¢ked and suddenly bit the spot…..
“Lucas!!!” I yelled knowing what he had done I quickly push him away. With a dirty smirk on his face he walk out to meet Felix. I rushed to the mirror and that devil left a hickey. It was so revealing, he had done this on purpose.
Lucas followed Felix outside and they went to the garden.
There stood Xavier.
“Why is he here?!” Lucas yelled at Felix.
“Listen to him first Lucas….calm down!” Felix said
“I know I shouldn’t be here. I’m sorry Lucas! I’ve come to know the truth. My sister told me everything…….”
“What difference does it makes?” Lucas yelled
“I came to warn you…… De Marco released Bernardo from jail….”
“What?!!!!!! How?!!!!”
“Listen to me that not what matters……De Marco is coming for your life and he’ll do that just to take Amanda from you…..” he said and Lucas burst into laughter.
“Are you joking right now?”
“I’m serious Lucas he’s planning to kill you….be careful…….” Xavier paused as he sighted someone standing a little far from them. It was Amanda Lucas trace his gaze and saw Amanda was outside.
“You should leave……”
“Lucas I don’t want you to get hurt….just leave Amanda for De Marco he’s too dangerous….even if he fears you, he’s more capable than you because he has nothing to lose but you do……”
“Shut up and leave!!!” Lucas yelled
“Lucas…..!!!!!!!” Amanda called from afar…..
“If you leave her he’ll have her, if you’re dead he’ll have her………”
“Listen to me!” Xavier shivered as he heard that voice of Lucas “if it was De Marco who s£nt you….go tell that pumpkin heard that he’ll never have my woman and I’ll bring him down now get lost!!!!!!”
“LUCAS??!!!!!!……” Mandy called again.
Lucas turned back and walk up to her…..he’s face was sour as he tried to smile.
“Let’s go back inside” he said. I tried to look back at Felix and Xavier
“Isn’t that Xavier Why is he here?” I asked
“Forget about him. Your parents must be waiting for us…..”
“Let’s just go in Mandy….” he drag me along.
Lucas didn’t take Xavier’s warning to heart. He just swipe it away.
Lucas went home and the next day he returned to work. Everything was fine. He was so busy. He had many files, do¢vments and meets lining up for him.
Jo walked in and handed him a file
“What’s this?”
“Take a look….” Jo said
Lucas opened the files and after a time he smiled
“Looks like I now fully own De Marco’s company in Paris…..”
“Yes congratulations sir…….”
“Thank you Jo…..” Lucas was so excited.
He finished his work in no time. He can’t wait to tell Amanda. After he got out of the office he called Amanda.
“Hello……” her lazy voice sounded
Lucas couldn’t help but giggled “why’s your voice like this?”
“Nothing your call woke me up…..what’s up?” I asked
“I’m coming to pick you get your lazy @ss up….”
“But it’s late….” I whine
“Mandy it’s just 7pm……and I’m coming to pick my fiancée for a date…..I really want to spoil you this time”
“Hmmmm……alyight……” I yawned
At 8o’clock at the dot Lucas car drove into the company.
“Lucas welcome…..what do we owe this visit son?” Nelson asked
“Oh I’m here to take Amanda….we’re going on a date….” Lucas said
“Amanda?….hahaha” mom laughed “does she know you’re coming?”
“Yes I called her beforehand….why?” Lucas frown with a nervous smile.
“She’s fast asleep in her room…..I just checked on her” Lucas couldn’t believe his ears.
“Oh…..that girl!!!! Uhmmm can I spend a night here?…..tomorrow I’d like to take her to my house….”
“Yes yes sure….we won’t disturb you guys…..go on” Nelson said and Merit smiled.
Lucas walked towards Amanda’s room.
“That’s why I told you the girls needed a separate room….thank God you listened” Merit said to her husband.
“Yeah yeah you’re right…….”
Lucas saw her sleeping position it was so unhealthy. Her neck was almost bent to her back. Her mouth was wide open……his eyes went to her chest…..he see her body clearly from her nightwear.
“This girl!!!!!……” he gr0@n.
He took off his clothes and shoes…..he was left with his boxers as he lye beside her.
He stare at her smooth face “how can she sleep with the light on?” He ask himself
The next morning I woke up lazily. I was washing my face in the bathroom when I remembered Lucas call. I opened my mouth wide…..I quick ran to my room with my w€t face I grab my phone and called him, something funny happened his phone was ringing on my bed…..
“Oh I must be crazy…..Hahaha……” I mocked myself. I called again and his phone started ringing……I ended the call and my photo displayed on his screen.
“Did he come here last night?….was he angry?….. oh he must be…..that’s why he forgot his phone!!! Stupid sleep!!!!…..what do I do now?……”
“You can start by turning around….” I heard from behind……it was Lucas voice…..
I turned to look at him…….he had a cup of coffee on his hands…..
“You’re not mad?” I asked
“Just drink your coffee first….” he said. His face was plain I couldn’t read his emotions.
“I’m sorry baby……” I said and he just look at me and signal me to drink my coffee. Did he put poison in it? My thought made me laugh.
I sip the coffee and my eyes lightened. “Wow this is good……” I said and drink it all in one go.
“You like it?” He asked and I nodded “good… let’s talk” he said and I got goosebumps
“I’m so sorry Lucas I was tired! I did want to go on a date with you so badly but then…..then I said let me sleep for just 5minutes and bam!!!! It’s already morning……see…..see…..I tried calling you……but……”
“It’s okay we won’t go on a date anymore…….I was free yesterday and I felt bad that ever since we were dating I haven’t taken you out much…’re still young and yet engaged but too bad……you were being sleeping beauty……”
“Can’t we go today?”
“No…..I’m busy……” he said and I felt sad
“Oh…..ok……” I tried to hide my sad face and smiled. But he kept looking at me.
“Why is your face so awkward?” He asked
“No it’s not……you should go to work…..” I said
“Ahhh speaking of work……I now own two companies in Paris……”
“Really?!!!!!! Wow that’s big news…..”
“Yes it is……I should get going…..” he said and I poured my face.
“Let me go with you…..”
“No you stay at home…..”
“Lucas I’ve graduated from school, like others I should be working not staying at home…..I don’t like it…..look my cheeks are getting big…..I’m getting fat”
“Oh no you can’t get fat…’ll be ugly” he said
“Really? You won’t like me anymore if I’m fat?” I asked
“No……ahhhh ……” Lucas said as he looked at the sad Amanda with a worried face.
“You’re mean! I’m your fiancée…’re suppose to love me which ever way I am” I said
“Well if I was a cripple will you still love me?” Lucas asked
“Well yeah so far you d!¢k is still working…..” I said and Lucas burst into laughter. True I didn’t know how that came out of my mouth.
“My d!¢k huh?” He teased.
He suddenly moved close to me and captured my l!ps. He bent down, his l!ps against my cheek, brushing it lightly—and still that light touch s£nt shivers through my nerves, shivers that made my whole body tremble. “If you want me to stop, tell me now,” he whispered. When she still said nothing, he brushed his mouth against the hollow of my temple. “Or now.” He traced the line of her cheekbone. “Or now.” His l!ps were against mine.
But I had reached up and pulled him down to me, and the rest of his words were lost against my mouth. He klzzed me gently, carefully, but it wasn’t gentleness I wanted, not now, not after all this time, and I knotted my fists in his shirt, pulling him h@rder against me. He gr0@ned softly, low in his throat, and then his arms circled me, gathering me against him, and rolled over on the bed, tangled together, still klzzing.
A knock on the door bring me back to reality and pushed Lucas away.
“You two lovebirds come down for breakfast…..” mom said.
I quickly stand up and rush out leaving Lucas on the bed. What is wrong with me!!!!!!!!
Felix wedding was really shocking to me. I look at the invitation.
“Are you serious?” I asked
“I told you before…….I have a fiancée…..she’s studying medicine in abroad”
“Oh…..and the wedding is this week end? Why so sudden?!!…..”
“Why are you jealous? You wanted to marry me?” He asked
“Yes…..” I said
“I can take a second wife I don’t mind” he joked and I burst into laughter.
“It’s a small wedding……nothing much….”
“Oh by the way I got a house….”
“Huh?” Felix frown
“I said I got a house…..I moved out of my parents house… all I need is a job”
“Amanda……” Felix face look worried
“If you act like this I wonder how Lucas’s gonna act…..I don’t want to leech anymore….”
“Who said anything about being a leech?” Flex asked
“Of course you know what I mean!” I said and he smiled
“Make sure you tell Lucas….that guy is obsessed with you….so don’t keep things from him…”
“You should be telling him this…..not me….I’m too faithful you know?”
“You? Faithful? Both you and Lucas are same….” he said.
“Well I’m still young….and……I need to enjoy my life too you know but Lucas is so possessive…..I even had to wear a ring….at 23…’s not fair right?” I said
“Poor thing…..”
Things has been going well……until one night. Just so you know Lucas had no idea that I live on my own now. I don’t plan on telling him yet. I can see how busy he is.
I woke up p@nting heavily. I quickly turn my lights on. I touch my cheeks and my eyes…..I was crying. I was crying in the dream but I don’t know why…..I don’t seem to remember……my heartache…..I tried to remember the dream but I couldn’t. I grab my phone and called Lucas.
It was ringing……but then it occurred to me. I look at the time. It was 2 am. He must be sleeping by now. I shouldn’t disturb him. Just as I was about to end the call he picked up.
“Baby…..” his voice was hoarse and s£×….shows that he was asleep.
“Am sorry…..I….I was about to end the call…”
“No…no….no… it’s okay….are you okay?” His voice shows he was really tired
“No…..I mean yes I’m,…I’m fine…..just……” before you know he had concert the call to a video call. I quickly wipe my face.
He was resting on his bed with his bare chest.
“Wow you’re s£×y….” I tried to change the topic so he won’t worry too much.
“Just what?……what’s wrong?” He asked….his eyes were red and his face was down.
“Just about it Lucas……”
“If you don’t tell me I’ll take my car and drive to your house now…..” he said….I thought he was exaggerating but he stood up and went to get his clothes
“Lucas what are you doing?”
“I’m coming to get you to tell me what’s wrong….”
“Ok ok stop I’ll tell you….” I said
“Better start talking….” he sat on his bed.
“I…..I just had a dream……it felt so weird and I can’t remember but I know it’s got something to do with you….. my heart felt extremely sad when I woke up and even got tears on my face.” I said
“Who’s the motherfv¢ker that made you cry in your dreams? Tell me! Mandy you should be dreaming about me… know you can even dream of me having s£× with you……”
“You’re so shameless……” I laughed “I’m serious……”
“I’m serious too……you got a handsome fiancé like me and you still cry in your dreams?” He said. Lucas was doing all this to make her feel better.
“Lucas I don’t want anything to happen to you…..if anything happens to you I’ll kill myself…..” I was serious I just get this feeling that something was not right.
“Of course you’d kill yourself. I won’t bare to be a ghost and see you with another man….” he joked again……..but it wasn’t funny and it hurts me that he’s not taking what I’m saying serious.
“I’m serious Lucas……I saw Xavier in our engagement night…….what if he’s trying to hurt you…….”
“Amanda……in this world only one person can hurt me and that is you… don’t want to see my get hurt right?” He asked and I nodded wiping my tears “then stop crying…’s hurting me so badly……” he said and I tried to stop crying but it won’t stop… even grew worse and worse.
Lucas was out of control…….
“I’m coming over to you……” he said
“Don’t come……please……it’s late and it could be dangerous and I’m not home” I said
“You’re not home? You’re crying all by yourself? That’s it Mandy……I’m coming…..tell me! Where are you?”
“No……” I said.
Amanda ended the call. Lucas was even more worried.
“Stubborn girl!” He walk left and right in his room. He called his ally Nora…..he called and called and called……she must be fast asleep but she was his only hope.
After what takes like forever Nora answered with a lazy voice “elow!!!……………w..”
“Nora I thought you were my ally how can you not tell me Amanda is not home?!!”
“Uo…..z…..diz……?” She yawn immediately after
“It’s me Lucas…..Lucas…..!!!!!”
“Where is Amanda?” Lucas asked
“I’m not supposed to tell you that” she said
“Byebye…..” she ended the call and turn off her phone.
I couldn’t sleep so I ordered pizza online… door bell and I rushed towards the door.
“That was early” I said to myself. I opened the door and saw ………LUCAS!!!!!! He looks exhausted and angry.
“LUCAS………!!!!!” I was shocked…. He force his way in and immediately he yelled
“What’s wrong Amanda? What’s all this?!!!! Last night you called me and told me not to worry, tell me if it were you would you be less worried? And now I have to find out you don’t leave with your parents anymore……..”
“I’m sorry Lucas… did you find me?”
“If that what’s important now? My head is about to explode right now because of you!” He said and I was quiet “you can say you’re sorry you’re sorry……”
“I didn’t want to tell you yet because I wanted it to be a surprise…..”
“Yes I’m quite surprised ain’t I?” He asked
“I’m sorry……”
“Just…….just get me water to drink first….” he said and walk his way to the living room to get a sit.
I got him a gl@ss of water and he finished everything in one go. He was sweating heavily.
“Are you okay?” I asked
“I should be asking you that….” he said. I reached and touch his head. He was burning up.
“You’re sick Lucas……”
“I feel fine….now……” he swallowed h@rd. “Aaahhh my head hurts…” he murmured and rested on the chair.
“Lucas let’s go to my bed okay…..” I said seeing he was dozing off on the chair. Just now he was yelling and taking charge but look how sick he is.
He lye on the bed. I took off his jacket and his shoes.
“Aaahhh I’m so cold” he whispered. He’s such a baby when he’s sick.
I wipe his body and his weak eyes kept looking at me.
“What? You should rest” I said
“I want you…..” he said weakly but his deep voice was heavy.
“WHAT?” I played dumb
He raise himself up. “Mandy this……I want this…..I want you so bad…….I know you want me too…..I’m sincere now….I swear I’m asking for your permission if you don’t want then I can still wait till…..”
“Just rest Lucas…’re sick…..try get some sleep….I’ll go buy you some drugs……” I said and his eyes close in disappointment as he lye back down. I walk out of the room.
When I return he was fast asleep. His body was still burning up and he was sweating. He has to take some drugs.
“Lucas…..wake up……” I said and he frown refusing to open his eyes. “Your drugs are here”
“I don’t want it…..” he whine and turn over.
“Don’t be like that….if you refuse then I’ll have to take you to the hospital…..come on sit up” I said and drag him up. He rested his back on a pillow. “Does your head still hurts?” I asked
“Yes a little but somewhere else hurts more” he said with his hoarse voice.
“Where?…..” I asked worriedly
“My heart…..” he said with a weak smile “it hurts… keeps hurting when my head tells it you don’t trust me that much” he said
“I have this pain relief drugs and some other drugs to regulate your body temperature….”
“I don’t want drugs…. I want you….” he pouted and whine.
Ignoring his cuteness I opened the drugs “here….” I point it to his mouth……
“I don’t want…..” he said and hit the drugs away from my hands
“LUCAS!!!!!” I yelled. His phone started ringing, he reach out for it and picked the call
“Jo……..yes I’m good…..the contract?….”
Don’t tell me he’s trying to work when he’s sick!!! I drag the phone from him.
“Jo, Lucas is sick right now and he can’t work….bye” I ended the call and turn it off. “Now back to your drugs…” I put it in his mouth but he spit it out…..
“I don’t want it…..” he was too stubborn…..
“Lucas please take this drugs…..please….”
“No…..” he said and lye down.
I just wipe his body and watch him sleep. I moved the blanket off his body an wipe down to his stomach. His eyes open
“Are you hungry?” I asked and he shook his head.
“Can you cuddle me?” He asked
Without saying anything I took the drugs in my hands.
“Take this first……I’ll cuddle you….” I said and he smiled
“Fine you wine…..” he raised himself a little and I put the drugs in his mouth……I put the gl@ss of water in his mouth. “Aaarrrghhh it’s so bitter!” He lye down and straight out his hands.
“I need to wipe you……”
“You said you’ll cuddle me if I take the drugs” he whined
“I was joking…..”
“Oh come on!!!!!!” He pouted with his broken voice.
“Alright…..” I climbed the bed and entered the hot sheets. “It’s so hot….”
Lucas rested on me and his face buried on my neck. “You smell so gwood…….” he said
“Just sleep okay…..” I said he’s body was so hot. I was so worried about him.
❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️18+ readers 🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞
Lucas really wanted Amanda and he won’t be able to control himself. He at least wanted to tease her or try to turn her on to see if she’ll give in to him. Even since that night at the lake house he hasn’t been able to get her off his mind. He has had s£× with so many girls but none has ever mad him crazy like Amanda.
Lucas started with a soft klzz on her neck.
“Lucas I told you to rest…..” I said as I felt his hot l!ps on the side of my neck.
But Lucas, instead of stopping, he went to klzzing to s√¢king. I joint at his actions. “Lucas……..” my voice suddenly sounded like a m0@n.
Hearing this Lucas summoned courage and climbed her properly using his hands to open her legs. He didn’t stop s√¢king her neck
“Lucas…..I….I said…..Uhmm…..stop……” ok I admit now I was m0@ning, my eyes were shut.
Lucas bite the spot he had klzzed and left a hickey.
The bite s£nd pain and pleasure to my spine. Lucas look at her face and smiled it was working. He haven’t even klzzed her l!ps he was already h@rd and wanting. He rubbed his h@rdness on her. I opened my eyes and our gaze met. I turned my head away from him. I thought, I don’t have to do this. I can stop right now. I can straighten up and walk out. But I didn’t. I couldn’t… body wasn’t listen. Lucas saw she was uncomfortable
“Hush” he said and he klzzed my eyelids, then my l!ps. And the klzz continued on past the point where he usually broke off. Then, slowly, he pulled away. He seem to take something and he was klzzing me again, and sl!pping the shorty nightgown over my head. His strong and gentle hands began to stroke me, his hands, his l!ps, his tongue.
Gentle. Not frightening. Knowing what he was doing. I felt my n!pp!es rise, and it startled me.
“Shhh” Lucas whispered. “Shhh, it’s all right, don’t worry, just relax and listen to your body”
He was slow, rhythmic, gentle, moving down my body, down …
He shouldn’t be doing this….he’s sick and exhausted……. I wanted to stop him again but I paralyzed immediately I felt his mouth on my v@gln@. Lucas used his skilled tongue to tease my cl!ts. I bit my l!ps. Lucas knows well she was suppressing herself not to m0@n. He fastened the paste of his tongue in her v@gln@ finding her most s£nsitive part…….. he could hear her soft m0@n…. find it amusing she was still holding on…… still teasing her entry with his tongue he drive his two middle f!ng£r inside her.
I felt an extreme outburst and cried out in pleasure.
Hearing that Lucas fastened his paste driving his f!ng£rs into her until she reached her climax.
Lucas moved up and smiled. He reached to her l!ps and klzzed her.
I could taste myself on him. His tongue found mine and teased them. I wonder if he was even sick but his body was still burning.
I was turn on again by his klzz…… I have to admit it wasn’t like the other night. This time it was different. When our n@k£d body joined it felt crazy……I hold his back and push him to me, my f!ng£r dig into his back.
He moved slowly planting klzzes on my neck and my collarbone. The fact that he only m0@n my name out of his mouth drives me crazy…. everything about him drives me crazy.
(The door bell ringed)
It must be the pizza I ordered for. But nah I don’t care.
“I love you Amanda……I love you so much…..” he said
“I love you too…..I love you much more……”
Lucas lye on top of me he was fast asleep and I guess he was exhausted. His weight was all on me. I got use to it soon. I took his phone and turned it on. I quickly silent it before it starts ringing. It was unlocked. I went to his camera and took photos of us. He was so cute the way he was sleeping.
Every girl has this attitude of checking her mans social media secretly. I first of went to his WhatsApp and saw of course countless of unread messages……about a thousand from Mariam…..mostly girls. There was nothing to be suspicious of until I saw a message from an unsaved ‘Lucas he’s coming for your life……I swear you have to believe me’
Fear filled my heart I remembered the dream I had which I couldn’t recall.
‘Who are you?’ I asked he viewed the message and replied immediately
‘Lucas it’s me Xavier…..please you have to listen to me if possible let go of Amanda….’
‘What’s going on? Who wants Lucas life? I’m I a treat to him?’ I asked
‘Amanda? Is that you? Please Lucas life is at stake if he stays with you……, they’re planning to kill him’
‘Who?……’I suddenly felt so uneasy
“Amanda…..what are you doing?” I heard Lucas gr0@n.
‘De Marco…..he’ll do anything to hurt Lucas and get you……’
Lucas frown as Amanda wasn’t paying attention to him. His eyes cut the message and grab the phone from her hands.
He saw the fear and confusion in her eyes. Everything was going so well who the hell is Xavier to ruin everything.
“Amanda…….it’s nothing but an empty threat believe me”
“Gosh I should have killed him that day…..”
“Kill Who?” I asked
“Nobody…..look nothing is going to happen to me……De Marco and Xavier can go to hell… don’t listen to them okay…..right now it’s just you and me okay?” He said and I nodded.
I touch his body and it was back to normal.
“I’m fine now……”
“I should go get my pizza”
“No… pizza I’ll cook for you” He said and took the used ¢0nd0m and toss it on the bin
Two months has p@ssed already. Lucas invited me to his family’s get together.
I meant Quinnthere too and it was fun. Lucas didn’t even had time for me. He left me with Quinn. I felt out of everything. Quinn soon left with some girls…..maybe her cousins.
I was all alone on the table.
I saw a man standing close to Mrs Harrison and they hugged my heart suddenly began to raise. I suddenly wanted to escape…..I tried to calm myself but I couldn’t. Then my eyes cut his tattooed wrist. Memories from the night I was rape filled my head.
I walked to a girl…..”Excuse me but who….who is that man over there?” I asked
“Oh that man close to Mr Harrison?”
“Yes please”
“That’s Herod Mr Harrison’s brother…….”
What did I just hear? The man who raped me when I was 10 was….was Lucas uncle?!!!!
I couldn’t breath…..I felt pains before I knew it I started running away…….. all this time, the memories I’ve been trying to run from is the memories I’ve been creating


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