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The bully boss Episode 40

De Marco frown at Bernardo.
“Don’t hurt the girl. I need Lucas to go down!”
“Sure…..I’ll make sure Lucas go down…..”
“It’s like you don’t understand me. I want you to kill Lucas…..”
“What!!!!!!!…..” Bernardo was surprised
“Why? You can’t get the job done?”
“Well…yes….but…..I can’t do it in a rush…….”
“I’ll back off and leave the job to you…..but I’m not a patient man…..” Marco said
“Trust me on this one”
Four months later it was my graduation day. I can’t believe I was graduating and the funniest thing is that it’s same day as my birthday.
During this four months everything was back to normal Lucas went back to his family.
I’ve called Lucas two days earlier he was in England and has promised to be here as early as possible now he isn’t here. The party will start soon. I called him again.
“Where are you? We’re starting soon!”
“Babe I’m still in England I don’t think I can make it….”
“What??!!! You told me you’ll be here!” I said feeling so disappointed.
“I’m so sorry honey…..look…..I can make up when I get back okay?….” Lucas said but she didn’t answer “Mandy……”
“Forget it!” I said and ended the call.
“Was that Lucas? Is he coming?” Quinn asked but with my looks on my face she knew Lucas won’t be able to make it.
I look over at Jeremy and Erica, Quinn got her fiancé here too. I look at my phone which was ringing again. I turn it off out of anger.
We all matched to our sits. They started calling names. One by one they match to give their speech and receive their certificates. It was my turn. I walked to the stage and collected my certificate. I stood before the microphone and smiled.
“Firstly I’d love to thank God for everything he has done. For giving me a perfect family. It’s all I ever wanted. I want to say a big thank you for You’ll Mr Arlington, Mr White, dad and mom…my two little sisters Erica and Nora. I want to thank my friends……” I paused as I burst into tears “Katie……Wherever you are Kate….I love you and I’m thankful to you because I learnt a lot from you…I hope you Rest In Peace. Jeremy….” I forced a smile “Thank you bro….for always being there for me. Quinn……you never left me alone….thank you….thank you to all the lectures and the school authorities. Once again Thank you!” I ended my speech and walk down the stage.
After the certification presentation the real party will be head at Seven Stars Hotel hall.
“Happy birthday and graduation day my dearest” dad said waving a key in his hand. I frown. He took my hand and place the keys. It looks like a car key.
“A car!!!!!! Where is is where!!!!” I look around in excitement. There were so many car parked outside I didn’t know which was which.
“Push the button to know…” dad said. I immediately did as I was told and a Range Rover Sport 2020 modern beep its light.
I scream!!!! “I love it…….!!!!!!!” I rushed towards the car with so much excitement.
While I was admiring my car. I heard Erica yelled too…..we both got same cars…..
I opened the car and saw two box in it. Written FROM MOM.
I opened the box and it has a GIVENCHY handbag. “Wow!!!!!!! Thanks mom…..”
“GIVENCHY!!!!!!!!!!” I heard Erica yelled.
Dad wouldn’t let us drive our new cars to the party. He asked the guards to drive the cars home while we all use his Limousine to the party.
As we drove towards the party I turned my phone on. There were so many messages from Lucas. He kept apologizing and promised to make it up to me.
“I guess you work is more important than me….!” I replied. Immediately he viewed the message and called me. I bounced his call and block his number from calling me.
He typed back. “I’m sorry… know you’re the most important thing in my life……I just couldn’t make it….I can’t make any excuses I know you’re mad at me…..”
I didn’t reply him. I put my phone aside. I can’t believe he’s not here after all the promises he made. He should have told me before he won’t be able to make it Why now? I already had my hopes up.
I still felt like it was a prank until the party was over and we were home did I know that Lucas seriously didn’t show up. He didn’t even send me a happy birthday or graduation message…..
The next day Erica has a date with Jeremy she left home early. Dad left for a presidential meeting! Nora went for her home lessons. I had to follow mom to her jewelry shop.
I was tempted to turn my phone on but I forced myself nothing. I’ll kill Lucas for this I swear!
I even should up on his birthday while we where not dating now we’re dating he couldn’t even show up in mine!
“Have you heard from Lucas?” Mom asked
“Why didn’t he call you?”
“I don’t know. I switch off my phone” I said
“Why?… must be mad at him” mom smiled “when you’ll see him you won’t be able to be mad at him anymore….”
“Yes I will! I won’t even see him!” I said
“We’ll see……” mom smiled and left. “Oh…..can you watch the shop for me today. Just in case the workers needs me…..I have to go home to rest….”
“Alright mom!” She left.
I sat at her comfy chair. “Everyone is busy today and it’s all because of Lucas!!!!!! LUCAS!!!!” I yelled. I just wanted to put all the blame on him even though he wasn’t guilty or the reason why I’m here!
I felt someone tapping my shoulders. I opened my eyes “Lucas……?”
“Ma’am it’s time to close the shop” the male voice said and I rub my eyes. I notice I have fallen asleep and I was still at mom’s shop.
“Oh…….yes……thank you I’ll get my things” I said and he left. I picked my phone and turn it on. Behold there was no message from Lucas.
“This boy!!!!! You want to play hard while you’re the victim? Ok…..let’s do it!!!!” I said.
Mom’s driver was already waiting for me outside. He opened the door for me and I hope it.
Lucas was online but he still wasn’t chatting me. He even updated his status ‘A beautiful day’. I got vexed!
“You must be having fun in England while I’m here arrrghhh……” I look at the driver he was a young guy. “Stop the car!” I said
“But Ma’am I was instructed to bring you straight home……”
I sat at the front sit and began to take selfie with him. He was cooperative.
I uploaded the picture online with ‘Beautiful day indeed’
He was the first to view my status and I smiled waiting for him to nag and act jealous but he didn’t say anything……
“What?!!! He won’t say anything?” I yelled. “Tsk!!!! This is not fair!”
I go home and slam the door. I walk inside.
Inside the house was dark. “What’s going on?” I frown. I walk to the switch and tried to on the light, instead there were crystal lights on the floor. It was in a straight line. I wonder what was going on. I walked on the light until it became rose petals.
“Dad?………what’s going on?……. Erica?……” I brought my phone and turn on the flashlight. Immediately I did…..all the light turn on. I close my eyes because of the brightness.
Then I opened my eyes and saw Lucas walking towards me. He was on plain suit but he look extremely handsome.
Immediately he got close to me I wanted to yell at him but then he went on one knee and said “Amanda Nelson Will You Marry Me?”…………..


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