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The bully boss Episode 36 & 37

We all have that one evil lecturer who calls for classes at weekends and ruin your plans.
That’s right. I had to call Felix and tell him that I’ll come very late. Nora left early.
“I can’t believe he’s calling for an immediate class….is he mad!!?” Erica yelled
“No….he must be stupid….aahhh I’m so tired I want to rest!” I whine
“I don’t like this!”
“Erica what do you think….if we drive ourselves to school?”
“I don’t know…dad won’t like that”
“Don’t worry….he won’t even know….I’ll tell the guys not to tell him” I said
“They’re loyal dogs to father….” she said
“Which ever way, I’m driving myself to school….you can go with them if you like” I said to Erica but she grab my hand
“No way! I’m going with you!” She said. It wasn’t easy to persuade the guards but I did end up winning.
Erica choose to drive to school and I agreed to drive back.
It was fun.
After the class. I was packing my stuffs when our project supervisor walked in and announced to us that our scores has been released.
We all rushed to the notice board to view our scores.
“Wow….I’m on 1 class!!!” Erica said
“Me too….I guess all our team made it to first class” Rye was excited
“But…..why can’t I find my name” I said confusingly.
“True….Amanda Name is not here….!” Rye said.
We looked down…even to third class and those that failed my name didn’t appear.
“I don’t understand…” I whispered
I went to the lectures office and frown when he saw me.
“Can I help you young lady?” He asked
“Yes….well….I’m a student offering your course”
“Go straight to the point as you can see I’m busy” he said
“Ok….well…I can’t find my name on the board. My team name appeared and all were in first class but I can’t find mine” I said
“Well if you can’t find yours that means you didn’t perform in the project….”
“What?!! No way I was even the…..”
“Young lady…..if that’s the case go bring the person who signed your project. I didn’t find your project here….so you didn’t take my project…”
“Leave….I’ve already told you what I want to” He said barely shouting.
I walk out with a sad face.
“What happened? What did he say?” Erica asked
“He said I never partake in the project and if I want to get my scores I should bring the person who signed our project….Xavier” I said
“What?…..” Rye yelled “I’ll go talk to him….or let’s all go talk to him”
We all walked inside.
“Sir…she partake…..”
“Who told you to come in? I gave her a chance to go find the person she claimed to sign her project….if I hear another word from any of you I’ll record her scores empty and she’ll have to sit for another year to write the course” he yelled
“Let’s just go…” I said
We all sat at a restaurant.
“What do we do now?” Rye asked “I haven’t been able to contact Xavier ever since our project was over”
“It’s okay Rye.. I’ll fix this….Erica let’s go….” I said.
We got in the car and I was driving.
“How will you fix this?” Erica asked
“I don’t know. I can’t go back to Xavier no mater what! I know this is all a set up….”
“So you’d rather fail?!!! Amanda!!!”
“Erica it’s okay…..”
“Let’s ask dad for help….dad can fix this….I’m calling dad…” Erica picked up Her phone.
“No don’t!!!!” I yelled and drag her phone
“Give it back!!!!” Erica yelled
“Erica I’m driving…..” I said and put the phone away but Erica kept dragging with me until I lose control and the car smashed another car parked beside the road!.
We sat on the chair as dad was yelling and scolding us.
“How did you two take a car and drove yourselves to school!!!!! Didn’t I make it clear that you shouldn’t drive!!!!! Do you two even have a driver license?!!!! And the worse of all you got into an accident thankfully you were not hurt!!!! What if something happened to you?!!!!!”
“Dad it was Amanda’s fault!!!!!” Erica yelled
“Don’t blame anyone here!!!!” Dad yelled back at Erica
“Why?!!! Because you love her more than me?!!! You’re yelling at me and not her!!!! Ever since she have being in this house I felt so inferior!!! What I’m I!!!!!” Erica yelled and ran upstairs.
“Erica!!!!…..Erica!!!…..” both parents ran after her.
I hold myself I stood up and went to my room.
I lock myself in and lye on my bed. I sigh “don’t cry Amanda… were expecting this from the very start….” my phone ring! Without looking I just picked the call and place it on my ears “Hello?!!….”
“Hello Amanda….it’s Xavier…..”
“Go to hell….” I said slowly and ended the call and switch my phone off. “This is worse than I can imagine”
The next morning I just lock myself inside my room. I really don’t want to see anyone.
Nora knocked on my door “Anda….open up!!! You didn’t show up yesterday why?!! We waited for you at Mr Whites”……”Amanda are you in there?”
“Yeah Nora…” I opened the door and she came in.
“Holy shit Amanda you look like a zombie!” She said and I locked the door
“Yeah….I couldn’t sleep much last night….so how was it?” I asked
“Are you okay? Did something happened while I was away?” She asked
“Am fine….so how was Mr White place…..”
“Well it was fun….we actually waited for you but you didn’t come….Oh and Lucas was there too…..Anda when will you two be back together? I know he came there because of you….but the thing is…..he brought a girl named Mariam. Everything wasn’t so clear and…..”
“Nora…..just imagine this. You have many old but fancy toys which you love. You love them so much and you’ll never let go of them. Then suddenly you see a new toy….and for you to get that new toy you have to let go of your old ones….will you do it?”
“No way!!! I’ll just stick with my old toys I mean I still love them” she answered
“Good… you get home but you can’t forget about that new toy. You kept thinking about it even thought you don’t like this that much you just want it to be yours….that fact that you’ll see it with someone else but not you makes you angry…..but you still can’t let go of your old toys…”
“That’s greediness….”She said
I smiled “so let’s say mom bought you the toy on her way back home. You were so happy and you didn’t want your old toys to get jealous so you hid the new toy. Now your old toys didn’t know you have a new toy but your new toy knows very well of your old toys… do you think you new toy will feel?”
“Sad….I guess…..and will not trust me because I hid it from my other toys” she said. She was so smart.
“Good….now….this new toy of yours has special abilities….it made you happy….you didn’t know if you love it or not….but this toy loved you with all its heart….”
“Amanda…you’re crying…..” Nora said
“I’m fine….” I wipe my face “so as I was saying….even knowing it can’t trust you…this toy gave you its greatest treasure…..but….you….to you it was all you bet you made with your old toys to get your new toy greatest treasure…..”
“That’s cruel!!….”
“The toy was hurt….really hurt….the toy wanted to teach him a lesson so he’ll never in his life try to hurt something that choose to trust him ever again….”
“You and Lucas…” she said. I told you she was smart.
“Yes….” I answered
“So you’re not going to date him anymore?!! Ahah you two look good together…..”
“I miss him….” I said
“He misses you more….I’m sure…” Nora said
“No matter how happy I am I still feel empty without him. I just can’t let go…..Even if he doesn’t come back to me…..I’ll know I fixed him and he’ll be happy…”.
Nora do love Amanda but too bad she’s now Lucas alley. Unknown to Amanda that Nora was on a phone call with Lucas while she was saying all these so Lucas heard everything she said.
“Do you now believe he loves you?” Nora asked
“I know he loves me but he’s not sure himself… with the way things are, I think he doesn’t care anymore. It’s just I’m so unlucky….my bad luck have returned. I need to start going to church….” I said and Nora laughed
“Yeah you should. When last did you pray?”
“Only God knows” I said and we both burst into laughter
“Oh…..I should be on my way now or I’ll be late for school” Nora said and ran off immediately she left I went to lock my door.
I brought out my text book and began to study.
Erica has come back to her senses and so did her parents. She felt so bad for what she said last night. How will she face Amanda now…..
“We all left her and ran after you last night….she must be hurt” Nelson said.
The maid came back “Sir….her room is locked and she said she’s not hungry”
“We haven’t eaten anything except from yesterday’s breakfast…..she should be hungry….or she’s just mad…..” Erica said
“I’ll go talk to her….” Nelson stood up and walk upstairs
With a headset on my head I played Hillsong music and it help calm me down and focus on reading. The volume was low so I heard when there was a knock on my door.
“I already told you I’m not hungry…please I’m trying to study here” I said
“Amanda it’s me…..can you open the door? Let’s talk?” He asked
“I’m studying…..please…’re distracting me” I said and went back to my book.
Nelson came downstairs
“She refused to come?” Merit ask
“She even refused to open the door for me” Nelson said
Erica ran upstairs.
A bang on my door
“Amanda….Anda I’m sorry for what I said yesterday……I wasn’t myself…..please open the door” Erica said
I was fed up. I stood up from my bed and get dressed as fast as possible.
I grab my bag and my school stuffs in it. I walk towards the door and open the door.
Erica was still there.
“Erica…..please……I just don’t want to hear anything….” I said and walk downstairs I felt her following me.
I came downstairs and met Nelson and Merit
“I’m going to the school library to read….I’m getting to much distraction here” I said
“Let me go get dressed and go with you….” Erica said
“Please….I don’t want to cause bad influence to you… should go your way and I’ll go mine” I said. Her eye immediately went teary.
“Amanda……when you come back let’s all sit down as one family and talk about this…” Nelson said
“You all should act nice now or feel guilty about last night……I’m already used to being abandoned…’s nothing new….” I said
“Let the driver take you……”
“And I wish to do what I like and what I want! You can make discussions for your beloved daughter there but this girl, me?, I belong to myself…..and Erica I was not trying to share your parent with you they are all yours…..”
“AMANDA!!!!” Nelson yelled “last night I came home to see that you two had an accident….what do you expect me to do? Be happy?!!!” He yelled
“No……I never asked if that……thank you! And like I said I can take care of myself!” I said
“I can’t let you take care of yourself as far I’m alive. I’m your father!”
“Then earn it!!!! Don’t just say it! Prove it and earn it!!!” I said and walk out of the house.
Lucas was still in daze after he hear what Amanda said. His chest felt so heavy. He finally burst into tears and smashed the table with his punch, hurting himself.
“You fool!!!!” He cursed himself.
Jo was outside his office when he heard the sound. He rushed back in and saw Lucas crying. He was resting on the wall with on hand covering his face and the other holding his waist.
“I love Amanda…..I love her so much!!!!” Was What he kept saying as he finally sat on the floor and place his hands on his head.
“You fool….now you know what you feel for her…..”Jo said.
Everything was back to square one. I tried hard to avoid my parents so that Erica won’t have the wrong idea anymore. I still avoid her.
We were at the dining table.
“Nora how’s the food? I prepared your favorite today” Merit said
“Yes mom it’s yummy…..oh Amanda look!!!” She showed me her ID card. “My surname is now Nelson…..even is school and everywhere….”
“That’s good Nora…” I replied
“Why don’t we go do ours today?” Nelson said
“I don’t want to….”
“Amanda!!!…..” Erica yelled “I’m sick and tired of this behavior of yours okay. We messed up and we apologized……you’re part of the family too….why won’t you bare dads surname?!”
I dropped my spoon on the table. This Erica is getting on my nerves “seriously Erica what do you want from me?!!!!” I yelled “Say one more rubbish and I swear I’ll smash this food on your face!” I roared.
“Amanda….”Nora whispered. She knew this side and Amanda. It was scary and she does anything she says she’ll do.
“I said you’re our family that’s not rubbish and….” I picked the food and was about to throw t at her but Nora was fast to move my food away.
“Both of you stop!!!!!” Nelson yelled
“No….I’ll just leave. I don’t want her getting the wrong idea that I’m taking her parents away from her!” I said and was about to wake away but Nelson grab my hands and drag me back to my sit.
“Calm down both of you!!!!!……Erica I’m disappointed in you, and as for you Amanda I’m disappointed in you too. You’re the elders child in this house…..” he sigh and look at Merit. “My drugs go get them….” he said with a low voice. Merit rush upstairs and brought his drugs.
We all sat in silence.
“Amanda as your parents we messed up that night. Erica you should know that we love all of you equally…..”
“I know dad I didn’t know what got into me that night….I’m sorry… me tell Amanda to forgive me please…..the fact that she’s still mad at me makes me mad even more”
“Amanda…you’ve heard your sister….now listen……you’re my flesh and my blood. Though things didn’t work at well in the past. But now you’re here with me….”
“I let go of the past dad but you guys are making me feel like I made the wrong choice”
“You let go of the past but you’re still living the same life. Look around you Amanda… have a wealthy father who can get you anything you could ever dream of…..from today you won’t have to refuse anything from me” he said “this month end we all are going on a family trip…’s a must and from today Erica…you and Amanda will share the same room until you get use to each other. You can get in each other skin, even kill each other…..until you learn how to live with each other” he said “come on honey let’s go….baby come on”
I glared at Erica and she lowered her face.
“You’re scared of me?” I asked and burst into laughter
“I’m really sorry Amanda…..” she said
“Worse have happened to me… better be the one to move to my room. I hate that pink room of yours” I said.
The news was released……that I was the minister daughter. When I got to school all eyes were on me. Me and Erica walked towards our class.
“So they are sisters? They don’t look alike…..” blah blah.
We got to class and took our sit. I saw Rye walked in. I stood up and rush to him.
“Hi Rye….I wanted to collect Xavier’s number from you….” I said
“Yes sure…..” Rye gave me the number
“Thank you”
After class I tried to call him but it wasn’t reachable.
“Amanda are you sure we shouldn’t tell dad?” Erica asked
“No…..I have a plan. I want to make things clear with him”
Lucas wasn’t pleased with what he heard his father saying.
“Honey….they just broke up I’m very sure they’ll be back together…..” Mrs Harrison said
“Back together? We had a deal! If they break up Lucas will have to marry Mariam or Sasha…” Mr Harrison said.
“Father! I’m sick and tired of you telling me what to do! This is my life. I won’t sit back and watch you ruin it just as grandfather did!” Lucas yelled and his father slapped him.
“Honey!!!!!” Mrs Harrison yelled
“Then get out of this family! Everything you have is owned by my father and me! You dare not talk trash anymore!”
“I should’ve left a long time ago!” Lucas said and went inside his room. He took some few clothes took his MasterCard, he took some other items and walk out of his room.
He saw his mother waiting for him outside.
“Mom….don’t worry I’m 26 now….I can take care of myself” Lucas said
“Your father, he….he blocked your cards and he’s serious about what he said….where will you go? Here take my card…you can stay at my house in……”
“Mom…..don’t worry… me” Lucas said
“I do….I’ll speak with your father…don’t worry….I’ll say one or two to him. Okay….?”
“Okay mom….I’ll keep in touch with you….” Lucas said and got into his car.
“I love you mom….” Lucas said and zoom off.
Lucas called Felix and told him what happened. He didn’t want to stay in an hotel so he asked if he can come stay with Felix and Felix agreed.
Lucas drove into Felix compound and park his car. He took his lodge and walked towards the door. He ring the door bell.
Felix opened the door in no time and collected the bag from Lucas.
“Welcome bro…..”
“Thanks for letting me come here….”
“No problem……”
“Lucas!!…..” Nora said and ran to hug him. “What are you doing here?”
Lucas was taken aback he looked at Felix
“She’s here?…..”
“Yes….they are spending the weekend here….” Felix said
“Why didn’t you tell me?!!…”
“It’s a good opportunity for you two to make up. It’s Friday night….you still have Saturday and Sunday…..and…..”
“Dinner is rea……..” I saw Lucas and I was shocked…the glass I was holding fell off my hands and smashed on the floor.
Lucas rushed towards Amanda and left her away from the glass.
“I’m sorry if I frightened you” Lucas said “are you okay?” He hold my hand and began to observe it.
“I’m fine…” I snap back and move my hands away. “Dinner is ready….I’ll clean the mess up….” I said
“No let me do it you might hurt yourself….” Lucas said
“It’s okay I’ll handle it…..” one of Mr White maid said.
Lucas looked at the food in front of him and smiled. He had always known she wasn’t a good cook.
He took a spoon full into his mouth and couldn’t help but smile again at the horrible taste of the food. But he couldn’t stop himself from still eating it. He missed everything about her.
Felix put the food in his mouth and immediately spat it out!!!!!
“Amanda!!! What is this?!!” He yelled
“I told you I can’t cook but you kept forcing me…so it’s food! Go on and eat!” I said.
Felix look at Lucas….he was eating the food with a smile on his face. “Lucas…what are you doing?”
“What? The food taste just fine” he said
“Be serious okay?…..this is poison” Felix said
Mr White just walked in and took his sit
“Wow….I’m starving….” he said and took a spoon full into his mouth and immediately is face squeezed as he spat it on the floor!
“Right? Right?!!! This is horrible!!!! Or Lucas maybe your side is sweet let me taste it!” Felix said
“Who the hell made this food?!!!!” Mr White yelled
We end up ordering dinner online.
I was cleaning the dining room when Lucas joined me.
“Hi….” he said
“Hi..” I replied
I took the plates to the dish and began to wash them.
“I missed you….a lot…..” he said from behind….I wanted to say something but he said “don’t say anything…..just hear me out. You were right all these while. Now I’ve come to know my true feelings for you. I love you and I can’t see my future without you…..I swear to you. You know me and understand me more than anyone… know my biggest secret, you my future…..because you’re my future. I love you…..”
I turned around and we was walking upstairs. I just stare at his back till he disappeared
The next morning I woke up late. I quickly brush my tooth and take a quick shower. I rush out.
“Nora….? Nora?….. Felix….?” Ni one answered me. “Did they go somewhere without me?” I murmured.
“Hi…..” I heard from behind. I turned and saw Lucas. He was only on singlets and a pair of boxers, he was sweating really hard. His muscular body drew my attention….. “Amanda…. I said are you hungry?” I snap back to reality.
“You….you said?…..”
“I asked if you’re hungry….I was waiting for you to wake up so we can eat together….”
“Oh….where is Nora and Felix?” I asked
“They went to the beach. They didn’t want to disturb you so I wait behind so I can bring you….” he said “sorry about the sweat I was just exercising….I’ll just take a quick shower then we can eat together…..wait for me….just 10 minutes….” he said and rush inside.
“Why is he wearing so light?!!! Ahhhh I got goosebumps…….” I whispered and walk down to the dining table. I took my phone and saw many missed calls from dad mom and Erica.
I quickly called Erica “what’s up? I saw your missed call”
“Yeah dad wanted to hear from you this morning…..Dadit’s Amanda….” Erica yelled
“Hello Amanda….”
“Good morning dad….sorry I missed your calls”
“It’s fine. How was your night?…..”
“It was fine….”
“Hmm……you’ll be home tomorrow right?”
“Good….someone would be meeting you and Erica….so be home before 6 okay?”
“Yes sir….”
“Bye love”
“Byebye dad….”
“Amanda…..come home before 6”
“Why? Is something wrong?” I asked
“I have a bad feeling about this…..” she said
“Ok…I’ll be home by 2 that’s good?”
“Great….bye have fun….”
“Sorry I kept you waiting…..” Lucas rushed and took a sit. “I prepared something for you….you use to like my cooking”
He served me the food and took a sit opposite me.
“Why are you behaving like this?” I asked
“Like how?” He looked at me with his eyes showing nothing but innocence.
“You know….different….you’re not the Lucas I used to know….you approach me with Hi….and… it’s not like you” I said and he smiled
“I want to take things slow with you…..I want to start something new with you….” he said
“Amanda….the food is getting cold….” Lucas wouldn’t let her say any word because he’s afraid she’ll decline.
“I just want to say you should be yourself….even if you have to don’t have to change who you real are. You never know….” I said
“I’ll be good for you…..that’s what I want….just you….I’d lose everything if I have to.. just to get you to be mine again…..” he said. We lock gaze. I just looked at him, I didn’t want to look away.
Suddenly my phone rang I looked and it was an unidentified number.
“Seniorita…..good to hear from you again….”
“Who are you?” I asked and Lucas looked at me and frown
“Oh sorry I didn’t introduce myself….it’s me… De Marco….”
“De……” I quickly shut my mouth but Lucas was the smart one he grab my phone from my ears
“What do you want?!!!!!!” Lucas roared
“Lucas….what do you think I want…I heard you broke up with her….I’m here for a shot”
“Shut up De Marco! I swear if I see you close to her I’ll…..”
“What?!!! Kill me?…..”
“Don’t ever call her again EVER!!!” Lucas yelled and ended the call. I saw anger on his face but he turned his back at me. I could see his hefty shoulders moving up and down like he’s trying to calm down.
He final turn to me and handed the phone over to me.
“I’m sorry…..I’ll make sure he doesn’t call you ever again…..” he said
“Why are you so angry about it?”
“Because……he likes you…..” Lucas said and I saw him crush his fist together
“Amanda you have to be careful…..De Marco he’s not a good person…..makesure you tell me if you tries to get in touch with you again….”
“Why should I tell you?” I asked. I was doing it on purpose
“Because….He knows you’re my only weakness……he will try to use you to torment me….” he said
“Oh…..I’m full….thanks for the food” I said
“Promise me Amanda that you’ll tell me whenever he tries to get in touch with you….please….at least you’ll call or text me. I promise I won’t disturb you if I have you number again….I just want to make sure you’re safe” he said.
“Ok……” I gave him my number and we drove to the beach.
He was on a pair of boxers and a T-shirt fully penetrating and exposing his broad chest. He dare wear something like to so other girls would see? Fine then….I started to take off my clothes too.
“What….what are you doing?” He asked
“What does it look like?” I asked
“Why are you taking your clothes off…..”
“What? Ain’t we going to the beach…. I’m wearing bikini….” I said.
“Oh….Uhmm….that’s just underwear’s….” he said
“Yeah I know….I’m single I should try to get some boys attention at the beach….I have a perfect body” I said
“I’m here…..I’ve want your attention….those other boys are nothing compare to me!” He said
“Oh really….well we’ll see….”
We got to the beach and Lucas won’t stop following me….and the worse of it all no guy dare approach me.
“Why are you following me around?” I asked
“I’m not following you around it just happened that you’re also going my way…..”
“Oh if that’s the case then I’m going to the restroom…..the LADY’S RESTROOM…..” I said and he cleared his throat
“Oh what a coincidence I want to use the restroom too….” he said and walk ahead.
I stayed at the restroom for some time.
“Oh did you see that handsome dude standing outside?”
“Yes yes…..damn I’d die to have a night with him….”
“I’ve slept with him once….”
“Yes that’s Lucas Harrison and he’s the best sex partner I’ve ever had….aahhh it’s been a year I can’t seem to forget that night”
“Bitch I want to have a night with him too….link me with him…..”
“Sure but you’ll pay me…..he doesn’t sleep with a girl twice… used it’s done….if not I’d have let him fuck me all my life…..”
I heard the girls conversation.
“Let’s go….I’ll introduce you to him….”
I followed them behind and hide on the door. Lucas was waiting for me outside the restroom was he out of his mind?
The girl walked to him and they began to talk. It was taking longer than expected. Soon I saw her touched Lucas shoulders but Lucas face sour and push her hands away with a roar “don’t ever touch me with your filthy hands!!! Get lost!!”
I walked out and Lucas rush after me.
“You should go have fun with those girl….looks like you’ve even slept with one of them in the past….”
“Am sorry……”
“Why are you apologizing?….”
“Uhmm…. excuse me…” I heard from behind. I turned to see a familiar face but I don’t know where I know him.
“Jack…..” he said with a smile
“Jack?…. Nora’s cousin?…”
“That’s me…” he smiled.
“Oh My God hi…..!!!!!” I said and hugged him.
“What’s up… look…..” He eyes me from head to toe and took his bottom lip into his mouth. “God Amanda you’re making me hard…” Jack was know for his stupid words I rolled my eyes and Lucas crack his throat. His burning gaze send shiver to Jack immediately Jack’s eyes came in contact with his. But Jack was not the kind of guy to back off.
“Anda want to dance?” He asked
“Yeah sure….” I answered and Jack smirk at Lucas while I looked at Lucas and saw his burning gaze. Jack hold my hands and we walk away but suddenly I felt someone grab my hands from behind.
“I’m sorry Amanda but I can’t hold you…” Lucas said and gave Jack a punch on his face. Jack fell down but immediately stood up and returned the punch o Lucas. Lucas only staggered back a little but didn’t fall down. Jack spared Lucas.
I felt a hand on my shoulders pull me back. I look back and it was Felix….
“Felix stop them!!!!” I yelled
“You caused it why should I be the one to stop it….?” He asked smiling
“Please…..Jack is gonna Kill Lucas!!!!” I yelled
“Just because Lucas allow me beat him doesn’t mean he’s powerless it’s just that he respected me…now seat back and enjoy the scene you cause!” He said
I turn around and saw Lucas punching Jack. I was shocked…Jack turned him over but somehow Lucas still got the upper hand and started Punching Jacks face.
“Stop them!!!!!” I yelled at Felix
“He’s gonna Kill Jack!!!”
“Seriously Amanda which side are you in?!!!”
In no time crowd rounded them.
Lucas look back and saw the shock on Amanda’s face. He didn’t want her to know this side of her. Be stood up and run away.
I rushed to Jack…. “Jack I’m so sorry….I…..”
“Get lost!” He said and stood up but he fall down almost immediately. His friends came and carried him away.
I drove home with Felix who wouldn’t stop laughing
“What’s so funny?!!!” I yelled in anger
“Now you know how much he loves you….he’ll kill for you!” He said “aaahhhh that dude is really really deep in love with you….what portion did you give him?”
“Stop Felix it’s not funny….” I said
“Alright alright…..”
“I’m not proud with what he did! Why would he dare punch Jack! What’s his problem!!!!?” I yelled and Felix bursted into laughter again
“I just told you his problem is love” he said.
I got home and head straight to my room to pack my stuffs.
“Mandy… love” I heard Nora called me the name Lucas normally call me and I glared at her.
“Don’t add your own!”
“What? Felix told me Lucas beat the hell out of Jack…..I never liked Jack. He deserves every bit of it!”
“What! Arrggg I’m living!!!!” I said.
Nora ran out of Amanda’s room and rushed to Lucas.
“Amanda is leaving!!!” She yelled
“What?!!! Why?!!” Lucas asked
“She’s angry about Jack…..” Nora said. Lucas felt nervous instantly. He stood up and went to wait downstairs….
I walked downstairs and saw Lucas. He looked at me and forced a smile.
“Mandy…..” he called and immediately I felt butterflies in my tummy….fuck You stupid butterflies I’m supposed to be angry. “I know you’re mad at me…..But I couldn’t control myself or see the fact that another man was holding you or touching you….even with just thinking about it it’s killing me”
“Oh but other girls can touch you?” I asked
“That…..I….I wanted to talk to them quietly to leave but they kept demanding….I’m sorry….I’ll never happen again…..”
“Who cares…..!” I said and walk pass him but he rush in front of me and block my way. Then I saw his bruised face.
“You don’t have to leave……I’llsleep outside if you don’t want to see me….” he said
“I’m not leaving because of you….I’m leaving because my dad called…..” I lied
“That’s a big lie Mandy….I can tell when you’re lying” he said
“Whatever……” I said.
“Mandy…….” he yelled I turned back to him and frown “I LOVE YOU…..!!!!” He said and my stupid mouth opened to say I love you too but thank God my head corrected them before I could complete it “i……I don’t care” I said.
When I got home Erica drag me into our room.
“WHAT!!!!!!!” I yelled after hearing what Erica told me “A BLIND DATE?!!!!!! NO WAY…..WHERE IS DAD!!!!! DAD!!!!!!”
I rushed downstairs Erica tagged along
“Amanda…’re back dear…..”
“Dad what I’m I hearing? A blind date!!! No way!!!” I yelled
“Both of you are single and you must go on a blind date….”
“Who said we are single? Anda and I have boyfriends…… right Anda?” Erica said
“Well yes….!!”
“Good then….why don’t you two bring your boyfriends tomorrow……if I see them then I won’t set you up on a blind date” dad said
“Deal!!!” Erica yelled and drag my hands along.
We got to the room
“Rica what do we do?” I asked
“Well Jeremy and I just started dating so he’ll come for me….”
“What?!!! What about me?!!!” I yelled
“You can ask Lucas…..”
“Lucas who?!!!! No way!!!!!!”



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