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The bully boss Episode 35

After taking a shower I lye on my bed. My chest felt so much pain and emptiness. I couldn’t stop myself from crying. If only Felix listen to my plans. I tried h@rd not to feel depressed but it wasn’t working. I crush my hands on my sheets.
Suddenly I felt someone hug my from behind. The hug was tight and didn’t want to let go.
“I know you’re going through a lot…please don’t face this alone…..let me fight with you….” Erica said with a hoarse voice. Was she crying with me?.
“Erica…..?” My voice was even worse. I loos£n the hug and turn to face her.
“Please don’t push me away please let me stick with you…..cause that’s what sisters do right? They….they stick together and…….” I hugged her and broke in tears.
“Thank you…..” I whispered
“No thank you for accepting you……I love you so much Amanda…” she said
“Hey bitch I’m straight….I don’t like girls I like boys….” I said and we both burst into laughter. I couldn’t say same to her. I’m still trying to adjust to this family stuff……and I miss Nora.
Erica was supposed to go and call Amanda for dinner but she was taking too long so Nelson decided to go see what his girls were up to.
He got to the door and knock but there was no answer. He was forced to open the door. What he saw almost brought tears to his eyes. He called Merit to come with her camera. Merit came with her camera and she broke into tears as she saw both girls hugging each other tightly as they fall asleep.
They took as much pictures as possible and left not wanting to disturb them.
Lucas eyes were blood shots!!! Jo could bare to look at him. Lucas was working with his laptop. Jo brought men in to clear his room. There were too much broken gl@sses on the floor. He only hope Lucas didn’t hurt himself.
“Jo….” Lucas called
“I’ll make life miserable for her…..” he said
“Who Amanda?”
“Don’t ever say her name again…..EVER!….. she broke me to pieces…..and one by one with my pieces will I tear her up…leaving her flesh with everlasting scars…..or no….she’ll never heal from me!!!! I’ll torment her!!!!” Lucas said.
“Prepare for my meeting with De Marco…..” he said.
Xavier met with De Marco.
“Your aim is to bring Lucas down….so is mine….I’ll help you” Xavier said and De Marco smiled
“But you’re his friend, why help me?” He asked
“Do you want my help or not?” Xavier asked
“I do….as a matter of fact… but I already know his weak point….it’s that Secretary of his…Amanda is her name”
“Amanda? She’s not his secretary, she’s his girlfriend……and you’re right but what’s confusing me is that they broke up already because of me…..” Xavier said
“But I can still help you…..I’ll get close with Amanda…..even though they broke up, Lucas still love her more than life! I can tell….!”
“Good…..I’ll leave her to you….I know you understand what I mean by leaving her to you? She’s quite catching. Don’t touch the hair…..I’ve always want her ever since I saw her… me make her forget about Lucas….I need to be the one in her heart” De Marco said
“What?!!!….You….you too love Amanda?” Xavier asked
“Don’t tell me you have feelings for her too?”
“No I don’t!!! I mean you and Lucas… love with Amanda…..this is…..I don’t know….”
“You don’t have to know. And like I said…..Amanda is mine and make sure she is….”
“I will only if you agree to your other end of the bargain….” Xavier added
“Sure…..I’m a man of my word!”
I woke up and saw Erica staring at me.
“You’re awake….” she almost yelled
“Good morning…”’I said
“Good morning sister…..hehehe….you woke up a bit late….I’ve already freshen up……I’ll leave you to freshen up. Everyone is waiting for you before we eat Breakfast…..” Erica said
“Then I better hurry…..” I said
Few minutes later I came down to the dining room with Erica. My eyes met Merit and she was the first to look away…. this made me know the guilt she felt.
“Good morning….” Erica and I said almost same time
“Good morning daughters….hope you slept well?” Mr Nelson asked, I only nodded as Erica answered
“Mom….good morning….” Erica hugged Merit and gave her a peck.
“How was your night my sunshine?” She asked
“It was fine and yours?”
“Peaceful…..” Merit replied.
I didn’t say anything and started eating. I only took two spoon full and I wasn’t comfortable so I lost my appetite.
“I personally made this food for you Amanda….I remembered you use to like green beans on your rice and you loved chicken soup too” Merit said and this pierce my heart. She was wrong.
I smiled and raise my face. I forced myself to take that spoon full because I actually hated green beans and hated chicken soup more because of its smell….it makes my stomach dizzy.
“Actually you’re wrong. You seem to forget, I hate beans and chicken soup makes my stomach weak and dizzy….”’I said
“What?…..uhmmm…..I’m sorry” she said
“You don’t have to be….I’ll excuse myself….” I stood up
“Then what’s your favorite food? Let mom make it for you” she said
I reply with a fake smile. “I don’t have a favorite food…..but I like ice cream. You can cook whatsoever but I don’t like beans or chicken soup” I said trying to suppress myself
“Ok give me time I’ll go back into the kitchen and make you something…..”
“Don’t bother….I’m going out….I’ll eat there….” I said
“I prepared a driver and……”
“Please don’t… I said yesterday I’m still getting use to all this….until I’m comfortable I can’t disclose my identity to anyone that I’m your daughter…..please understand. I’ll be on my way”
“Amanda can I come with you?” Erica asked
“No…maybe some other time” I said
“You’ll be back right?” She asked
“Of course I’ll be back…..”
I took a taxi to Mr White.
Felix was home. Nora ran to me.
“Anda…..where have you been?!!!” She yelled
“Don’t tell at your elder sister….” I said
“You left your younger sister… I won’t let you leave I’ll go with you everywhere even if it’s hell….” she said
“I can’t leave without you……if you’re living I’m living with you. I saw what Felix did to you last night” Nora broke into tears and face Felix “if you don’t understand her then don’t judge her. I’m the only one who understands her” she yelled and she was right. “Do you know the pains she’s facing but still choose to hide them and never show them off? She like to hide her worse and show her best. She’s…..” Nora vice cracked “I’m coming with you Amanda….”
“Nora I can’t take you with me….”
“Why? Because I’m not your biological sister?!” She yelled
“No……listen to me…..”
“No I’m going with you!” She said. She was stubborn.
“Okay let me talk to Felix and Mr white” I said and she walk into go get her things.
“Mr White. Like you’ve said. I’ve gone to live with my parents. But I still want to thank you…..” I went on my knees and broke into tears “Thank you for…..for taking us in even though…….you……..” it hurts me that they pushed me away. “Thank you…..thank you so very much!”
“Get up Amanda….” he tried to raise me up.
“No…..” I turned to Felix “Thank you for everything. I can’t even count how much you’ve done for me and how much I love you and I’m grateful. It felt so nice to have someone by my side for the first time in my life. I felt family that can fight and protect me. I know you’re angry at me for what I did…..and I’m sorry I disappointed you…..but…..I’m happy with the memories I had with both of you. You’ll forever be my family…….” Nora was holding her bag as she watch me in tears. I stood up, wipe my tears and straight my hands to Nora “let’s go” she ran to me like she was so happy. I look back at Felix he look away and walk back inside.
We got into a taxi.
“Nora why do you choose to come with me?”
“Because I’m attached to you… a glue….” she said just like Erica said said “You and Erica are similar…..” I said
“Who is Erica?” She asked
“You’ll know her soon” I said.
I directed the taxi to Mr Nelson’s house while me and Nora went to see Quinn. There we went Jeremy.
“Anda…..” he yelled and came to hug me.
He knew all about my plans and told me about Lucas condition. It break my heart but it was for his own good.
“He’s not being talking to anyone lately only Jo but it’s about work. He eat well, sleep well but he just overwork himself and don’t talk to anyone…. he’s birthday is just three days away. Mom is planning big……Amanda you’ll be there right?”
“Yes I’ll try to come…..” I said.
“Aarrrrr I miss the us together like this….” Jeremy said
“Come here…” I said asking for a hug. He was about to hug me when I grab his neck and he gr0@n in pain.
“Aaahhhh Amanda…..Amanda please……it hurts it hurts!!!” He whined. Quinn and Nora where laughing
“Oh really?!!! After avoiding me for weeks now you think I’ll just let it slide…..I’ll break your neck today!!!!” I said but he managed to push me away. I grab a pillow and he too grab one. We started hitting each other and laughing. Nora and Quinn joined in too.
After our little madness I told them about Mr Nelson and Merit.
“If I were you I’d make same decision…..I trust you Amanda and I trust that they really love you a lot” Jeremy said
“I agree…..!” Quinn added
“Don’t worry guys I’ll be there with her….I’ll protect her” Nora said
“Please do Nora…..”
“We should be on our way….it’s getting late” I said. They saw me off and Nora and I walk down the street.
We got to an accessory store and I felt the argue of doing something crazy. So…..I went in and sold my phone. If I should move on I should let go of so many things.
I sometimes wondered if I was even dating in the past. We didn’t even take any pictures…..didn’t go out on a date……did do anything……just fight and settle up…..and……
“Amanda… out!!!!” Was all I heard after my body dropped on the floor.
My blurry vision saw Nora crying and holding me…..then I don’t know what happened.
I just sold my phone Nora didn’t know what to do or who to call at the hospital…..the only number she had was that of Felix but she was mad at him.
“Can’t you call your parents?” The nurse asked
“I don’t have their number…..”
“What? You have to find a way to reach them….she had a broken rib and need to be operated on”
Nora burst into tears…..”what do I do?!!!” She had no choice but to call Felix.
Felix was with Lucas. They were drinking and talking nothing more than business when he saw Nora calling. He took his phone and picked the call.
“Hello Nora….?”
“Felix…..Felix……I don’t know what to do they said she needs to have an operation…..”
“Calm down Nora what are you taking about? Who should have an operation?” He asked
“Amanda…..Amanda got into a serious accident…….help us please…..”
“What???? Amanda got into a serious accident??!!!!” He yelled and Lucas was the first to stand up “what hospital are you in?!!! Okay…..I’m on my way….” Felix said.
“Let’s go!!” Lucas said.
In no time they got to the hospital and quickly pay for the surgery.
Amanda was moved into the operation room.
Felix and Lucas said Nora crying.
Felix walked to her “Nora….” immediately he called Nora stood up and jump into his hands.
“It’s okay…..tell me what happened?
“We were walking on the street…..I didn’t know what she was thinking….she…she jumped walked into a busy road……a car crushed her…..” she cried.
A nurse rushed out and Lucas grab he hand “hows she?…..”
“She’s doing fine sir….if you’ll excuse me….” she said and rush to her destination. Lucas didn’t sit down he kept walking here and there. Even though Felix argue him to have a sit but he refused.
About two hours later. The operation was done and the doctor came out.
“How is she?…….”
The doctor smiled “don’t panic too much sir…..she’s fine….it’s nothing serious. She didn’t actually hurt her born it just shift….but it’s fine now….she was lucky the driver matched his breaks before he hit her……I’ll like her family to come with me to sign these papers……” the doctor said
“I’ll call her family over to do that…..”
Hearing she was okay….Lucas left. He didn’t even look at her…..he just left……
Felix called the minister
“Hello Felix…”
“Good evening Mr Nelson….”
“Good evening son….are you calling to tell us Amanda is with you?” He asked
“Yes….she’s with me but…..”
“But what?…..”
“She got into an accident and she’s at ********** Hospital….”
“What!!!! An accident!!!!! I’m on my way!” He said.
“Dad what happened?……” Erica asked
“Your sister got into an accident! I should go….”
“No I’m coming with you…..”
“What happened to Amanda?!!!” Merit came in.The family of three head to the hospital.
Lucas got home and crashed on his bed.
“I never should have gone there!!! What where you thinking Lucas!!!!” He scold himself. “She’s nothing to me anymore……nothing!!! Whether she’s dead or alive? I don’t care anymore!”
I woke up and found Nelson, Merit, Erica and Nora.
“Oh please…..!” I said why are they all here.
“Are you okay?” Merit asked
“Yeah I’m fine…..”
“That’s it! I’m not letting you leave home without a personal driver and an in planter guard!” Mr Nelson said
“It was just an accident…..nothing serious….I’ve been through worse….” I said
“Amanda you have a family now….you have a father, a mother…and…and two lovely sisters….we love you and you’re important to us…..” Mr Nelson said. The fact that he counted Nora among the family made me smile.
“But why are you all here?” I asked
“What do you think? No body wanted to go home” Erica said.
The next day I was discharged but was still on pain killer drugs.
Erica went to school and brought me feed back. Mr Nelson walked into my room with his hands place backwards.
“Baby told me you sold your phone….” that was what he calls Nora his baby…even Merit too.
“Yes….I did….” I smiled
“Here…..your new phone with all your new personal information registered on it” he said and my eyes cut the Samsung Galaxy s20 screen fold written on it. My eyes wide open. I took the box and unwrapped it.
“Thank you…..” I said
“You’re welcome daughter….”
“Dadddy!!!! I want that too” Erica whined
“Shut up…..I just got you iPhone 11 pro max last week…..”
“So what! Amanda….let’s exchange hummm?” She asked
“No way!” I laughed
“Look… your ID and contacts….” he said and I open the fold. It was saved at Nelson Amanda….with numbers such as beloved daddy, dearest mom… twin sis and baby sis saved on it…….. my heavy heart melted.
“Thank you……..beloved dad” I said and he look shocked. I jump up and hugged him.
“Ahhh careful…’ll hurt yourself!” He said
“Thank you so much dad” I added
“Aahhh this is too much!!! Father and daughter love is burning my eyes….I’m going to meet mom!!!!” Erica said and left.
“Dad can I ask for one favor?” I asked and he nodded “I want to attend Lucas birthday party….” I said
“Oh…..that…..but your rib….”
“It’s fine if I have my pain killers” I said
“Ok but be careful okay….your mother and I have a dinner party with Mr President that same day so we won’t be opportune to go… you and your sisters can go….” he said and I smiled.
It was Lucas birthday before leaving dad gave me a credit card with my name on it and gave a credit card to Nora too
“Spend wisely…..if you spend too much for no reason? I’m blocking you cards” he said and we agreed.
Erica took us shopping…..
There we met three set of girls. They look like trouble makers. Our driver drop us off as three bodyguards guard us through the mall.
“I can’t believe you’re Harrison Lucas date tonight…..” I heard one of the girl said I turned and look over to them.
“My father is the president so I can have anything I want……and if it’s Lucas? Of course I can” she said
“Sasha I’m so jealous of you”
I joined Nora and Erica. We started laughing and shopping when someone tap my shoulders.
I turned and it was the Sasha.
I saw Erica rolled her eyes.
“It’s must be Lucas ex girl…right? Oh and Erica too….”
“You know these girls?” I asked Erica and her face fell flat
“Let’s just go…..” Erica said.
“Yes….run away bitch!” One of the girl said
“Mind your language whores….I won’t take it from you if you dare insult my sister again!” I said
“Sister? Who is is the stupid girl? Do you know who I am?” Sasha asked
“Oh? Sorry…..I don’t know you….” I said
The Sasha pushed my shoulders “get lost….”
“Or what?!” I asked
She raised her hand to slap me but I hold her hands in the air.
“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked and crushed her hands in the air. She cried in pains. Her bodyguard pulled out there guns and so did our bodyguards pulled there guns.
“Let go of me this instant!” She cried “you two!!! Don’t just stand there!!! Do something!!!!!” She cried but her too friends where too afraid to act.
“Sasha….or what ever your name is? You’ve messed with the wrong family!” I said and push her. She fell h@rd to the ground.
“I’ll get back to you!!!” She cried and they left.
“Aaaahhhhhh OMG!!!! They just left right?” One of the guard said
“No one had ever dare to face her….miss Amanda she’s the president’s daughter…”
“So what?!! She asked for it first….and go collect the CCTV footage…..Incase she wants to liar about what happened” I said
“Thank you Amanda….she had always been a bully to me” Erica said
“Not anymore” I said
“They’re lucky Amanda is not too fine…..else? They won’t have been able to walk out of here” Nora said.
We went in group. Me, My sisters, Quinn and Jeremy.
Something was off between Jeremy and Erica but I didn’t pay too much attention.
We got to the hotel and it was filled up with lots of reporters. The hotel displays on a big screen, happy birthday Lucas Harrison….
The hall was filled up but Jeremy reserves a sit for everyone of us. I saw Lucas in hands with the soul called Sasha.
The party started but I wasn’t paying attention to any of it.
Lucas wanted to make Amanda jealous. He knew she’d come. At first he klzzed fiercely and smiled at her then he look over to Amanda but she wasn’t even looking at him. She had her face buried to her phone and she kept smiling.
“Lucas I have something to report to you…..” Sasha said and report everything to Lucas. He acted like he was mad but to him this was a good way to torture Amanda. He called a waitress and as her to go pour a drink at Amanda’s dress.
“Make sure the drinks w€t her and ruin her dress” he said
“But sir….”
“If I were you, I’d be on my way now” Lucas said and the girl rushed to get the drinks. She filled her train with red champaign and waited for a while. Soon everyone was asked to stand up to make a toast to Lucas…..everyone stood up…..
I held my gl@ss up but still buried my face on my phone. This phone was really interesting and I’m glad it was keeping me distracted. They made the toast but I can’t drink because of my condition so I drop my gl@ss. As I turn to take my sit, I pumped into a gl@ss full of red wine and it pour all over me….even my hair.
This drew so many attention
“Oh my….I’m so sorry Miss…..” the girl because to wipe my dress. I look up at Lucas and saw the smirk on his face with Sasha giggling beside him.
“It’s okay… was my fault….I wasn’t looking we’re I was going…..sorry….” I apologized. The girl felt bad. If it was other girls they’d have bounced on her. “It’s okay….it’s just a dress…..”
“Oh my God!!!! You dress is ruined! Your hair too” Erica said.
“It’s fine Erica….why don’t you guys enjoy the show…..I’ll go with her to wipe my dress” I said. I turned to the girl “can you lead me to a hotel suite?”
“Yes….please this way” she said.
I quickly look at my phone and sigh in relief that nothing happened to it.
The took me to a room and I smiled at her.
“Your dress is ruined….” she said
“Yes…..I’ll just have to sleep here tonight….” I smiled
“I was told to do it… was on purpose….I’m sorry” she said
“It’s okay….I know…..”
“But I can help you get back to the party…..” she said
“You can help me?”
“Yes…..I have a dress in my closet. It’s not so expensive….I made it myself…..but it’ll fit your shape…..I’ll go get it….” she ran off before I could answer her.
I took a shower and immediately I came out I saw the girl with a white pencil gown. She kept begging me to put it on. I agreed. It was long but was torn from one side. Exposing one of my long legs. My back was fully exposed down to my waist. At the front my chest were barely covered all my shaped were exposed.
She sat me down and pack my hair into a pony tail. She did my edges.
“You’re ready….” she said. I look at the mirror and I didn’t believe it. “This is meeeeeee!!!…..”
“You better go and get on their nerves…..” she said
“Thank you….” I said
“No……thank you…” she said.
I walked into the party and first peeped to see everyone. Everywhere was calm and they all focused on Sasha as she gave her speech.
“Nice…..let’s ruined this Amanda…..” I said to myself……
I walked slowly into the party at first the reporters cut sight of me and immediately they drew all attention to me.
They started taking photos.
Then people began to murmured
“Isn’t that the girl who got drinks spilt on her?”
“Oh my God! She’s so beautiful…..”
Lucas look and saw Amanda…..her body were exposed and he saw other men drooling for her. He felt so angry.
I went to my sit.
“Oh my God!!!!!!” What!!!!! What is this?!!!” Jeremy asked
“Amanda you’re this hot?!!!!! Wow!!!!”
I was just laughing at their comments.
Lucas had his eyes on her.
“Lucas what do we do?….look at….”
“Shut up and leave my sight!” Lucas said and walk away from her.
Nora and I were left at the table as Erica and Jeremy excuse themselves and Quinn went with her fiancé.
A guy sat in front of me.
“Hello beautiful….” he said
“Hi….” I said
“My name is Pascal….”
“Nice to meet you Pascal” I said
“Well….you didn’t tell me your name?”
“Why should I?” I asked
“Look I’m the President’s son….and how about you hook up with me tonight?”
“Oh then you’re the brother to that spoilt brat over there” I pointed at Sasha
“Excuse me?!!” He frown
“If you don’t mind can you leave…..I don’t like talking to strangers….” I said.
“Look it’s Felix!!!” Nora off.
“Excuse me!” The guy said
“Can you please leave me alone?” I asked. I grab my bags and walked towards Nora and Felix.
“Good evening Felix…” I said and he smiled
“Nora look it’s Felix girlfriend….isn’t she pretty?” Nora said
“Hello I’m Amanda…” I said
“I’m Cherish…Felix told me all about you….it’s nice meeting you here” she said
“How’s Mr White doing?” I asked Felix
“He’s fine and he wants you two to come visit someday. He missed you. And how’s your health?” He asked
“I’m getting better….” I added.
“You can stop by tomorrow right?” He asked
“Yes….I’ll be there tomorrow…..and Felix….thank you for for helping me….I’m grateful “ I said and he smiled
“If you’re thankful then give me your new contact so I can reach you….” he said and I pout
“You’re not angry with me anymore?” I asked
“Nope….come here” he said and I hugged him.
“I want a hug too!!!” Nora said
Lucas plan failed and he still wanted to torment Amanda more………….


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