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The bully boss Episode 31 & 32

Lucas was in Qatar he left a week ago after Amanda slapped him. He made sure to plant too bodyguards to watch her while he was away and to always report her moves to him.
He just received a call this morning that she went home with that Rye guy. They went in group.
Lucas was standing by the window. He had a cup of coffee on his hands. He was on casual but he was still handsome.
Jo walked in and saw Lucas in daze.
“You don’t look so well….” He asked
Lucas sign and turn around. “How did the meeting go?”
“It went well. They are willing to partnership with us” he said and Lucas nodded and turn back to the window. “How about Amanda?” Jo added
“Jo….?” Lucas called “will she ever forgive me?” He turned to Jo with an extremely sad face. “I can’t even forgive myself for what I did to her… can I even be forgiven?”
“Lucas…’re not giving up are you?” Jo asked as Lucas wipe the corner of his eyes.
“I won’t give up….even if I have to chase her till I die….I won’t give up” Lucas said.
“Am glade you feel that way Lucas. She can forgive you Lucas….” Jo said and Lucas face lightened “but….”
“But what?…..” Lucas asked as his face fell again.
“She can’t trust you again……” immediately he said that real tears fell from Lucas eyes. Jo was shocked. This was the first time he was seeing Lucas crying. Wiping like a child. He didn’t know what to do.
He walked inside the room with a smile
“Hello guys….My name is Xavier…nice to meet you all….”
“Oh my….he’s handsome….” I heard Erica said.
Seriously!!! Why is all these happening to me?!.
“Oh Amanda?……you’re in this group?” He said and I nodded. “That’s good”.
Xavier gave us an orientation. He was funny well I don’t know because others kept laughing… mind was far away. I was ashamed, I just wanted to leave this place. Soon he was about to leave. He started giving everyone hand shakes. He got to my turn….I hesitate but took his hand. He smiled “Can I see you outside for a while?” He look at me and I nodded. I didn’t want to talk to him nor have anything to do with him but for the sake of the group.
“I am sorry….” he said the moment I got outside z
“I was the one who texted you to come to the location that day…..I just wanted you to see what Lucas was doing and to know he’s not a good person…..”
“Ok….thank you…” I said
“I didn’t want him to hurt you but I was too late. He did same thing to my sister and abandon her…..” he said
“Look sir……I don’t care about you issue with Lucas….please don’t put me involve….I already ended things with him and I have nothing to do with him now…..” I turn to leave when he said
“Don’t you want to know about his past?…..”
I turned back at him “please sir…..I respect you not as his friend but as a mentor to my group…..please maintain that respect and let me be…..” I said and walk back into the room. Xavier smiled “no wonder he fell in love with you…..such a savage girl…..we’ll see….” he whispered to himself.
The man Lucas placed to watch Amanda saw this and called Lucas and informed him about Xavier.
“That Bastard!!!!! He’s making a move and I know where it’s leading…..keep an eye on my woman…..I’ll be home by tomorrow…..” Lucas said
“What’s wrong?” Jo asked
“It’s Xavier….he’s getting close to Amanda….”
“That’s not good…..that means we’ll have to leave right now….” Jo said
“Yes….we don’t have much time…..Xavier is a beast!”
The next day we came to Ryes house. We waited for Xavier but he didn’t show up. Rye called him. After speaking on the phone he jumped up in excitement.
“What….what happened?” The other boys asked
“He asked us to get a taxi and come to his house…..!!!!”
“Wow that’s nice….” Erica said.
“Guys I have a bad feeling about this” I said
“Come on…..I know Xavier since I was a kid. His parents and mine are good friends. Don’t worry what could possibly happen? We will all be together….” Rye said
“It’s okay Amanda….I’ll be there too” Erica said. I agreed to go. The needed me there because I’ll be repres£nting the team.
We took a Taxi and Rye said he knows the location.
We got to the mansion. It was awesome.
Xavier welcome us.
We started the tutor. After some time his maid serve us juice.
We took a break and Xavier asked to see me in private. I followed him outside.
“So you and Lucas broke up?” He asked and I nodded “I’m sorry….I never wanted that to happen…..with that fact that you have a painful memory of your rape…”
“Excuse me?!….” I almost yelled
“Don’t be too vexed. Lucas poured out everything to us….the night at his villa in Paris…the night at his bathroom…..everything….”
“Stop please…..I’ll go back inside….”
“I wont do that if I were you….” he said and I paused. “Lucas did worse to my sister….so don’t play like you’ve been shattered. He slept with my sister and made a s£× tape with it. He ruined my sister’s life…..she had to leave this country because of that…..”
“What? Lucas did that?” I was surprised
“He’s a Devil… should avoid him….with my help am very sure you can get over him…..I’m very sure you still love him” he said
“Thank you very much Mr Xavier…..I don’t need your help. They say the devil you know is better than you angel you don’t know…. I’ll get over Lucas myself…..” I said as I turn around to leave again but he said
“What if you don’t forget about him?” He asked
“Then I guess I’ll have to die with the feelings…..” I said.
“Amanda….you know nothing… you even know Lucas p@ssed? The things he did? People he hurt and condemn? You’re too good for him…..come to me…..”
“Xavier where is this leading to?” I yelled
“You know very well were its leading to…..I want to get my revenge on Lucas and only you can help me….”
“Help you?…..I don’t have anything to do with your issues with Lucas….please don’t add me to it….”
“What you don’t notice Amanda is that you’re already in the game…….” he smiled as he look at his gate….countless of cars drove in “aaahhh perfect timing…..I know he’ll be here…..” Xavier said. I turned to look what he was talking about and saw Lucas coming out of his car……………
Lucas walked straight at Xavier and punched his face
“Thought I told you to stay away from her…..”
“Lucas stop….what’s wrong with you?!!!” I yelled. It ended up with big fight. Both guys punching each other until Jo and some guys separated them.
“You bastard! You ruined my sister’s life! You think you’ll get away with it!!! Huh!!!!” Xavier yelled.
“Scroll you and your sister!!!! You have the problem with me then fix it with me don’t you dare bring Amanda to this!!!!” Lucas yelled. I was confused and scared….they were both acting like animals….. the noise drew the others attention inside the house.
“She’s your only weakness Lucas… hear that Amanda…you’re his weakness….” he mocked.
Lucas push the men away that were holding him. With force He suddenly grab my wrist and drag me away.
“Let me go…” I said but he just push me fiercely into the car. The driver wanted to get inside the car but Lucas just shove him away.
Jo told the men to get the kids home.
“Xavier why are you doing this? I know how much you love your sister but you’re taking this too far. Amanda is innocent”
“Innocent?? Ha!!! Jo… sister was innocent when that animal sleeper with her and made a p®rn video out of it!!!!” Xavier yelled
“Ohhhh I can see your sister still haven’t told you the truth…..” Jo said
“What do you mean by my sister haven’t told me the truth?” Xavier asked
“I should be on my way…..extend my greetings to your sister and tell her I’m highly disappointed….” Jo said.
Lucas was driving really fast. I had my heart in my mouth.
“You’re going too fast slow down!!” I yelled he still wasn’t saying anything. “Lucas I said slow down!!!!….. in fact stop the car I want to get out!!!!” He wasn’t listening he kept driving and even add more speed. “Lucas if you want to kill yourself drop me off. I don’t want to die with you!!!” I yelled.
He drove to the lake. I didn’t want to be here. I can’t believe I use to like a place like this….now it only had bad memories for me…..
“I don’t want to be here!” I yelled “WHY AIN’T YOU LISTENING!!!!!!” I tried to open the door but it was locked. “I SAID I DONT WANT TO HE HERE!!!!!”
Lucas wasn’t saying anything he finally opened the door. I rushed out trying to get away from this place.
Lucas was fast enough to grab me.
“Let me go!!!!!” I cried. He suddenly lift me up in his shoulders. I yelled, screamed, whined and struggled.
He took me into the house and back to the bedroom. He landed me on the bed and walk out of the room. I ran to open the door but he have locked me inside.
“Lucas!!!! Let me out!!! What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?………..”
Lucas lean by the door. He could hear her screaming and banging at the door. “I’m sorry Amanda….I just don’t know what to do……” Lucas whispered to himself.
I tried every means to get out of the room but I can’t. I even end up hurting my hand. I looked at the bed with the memories of that night. I wish timed could be reversed…..I’d never had slept with him. It’s worse then being raped. “I hate you Lucas….!!!!” I whispered and then yelled “I hate you so much!!!!!!!!”
Lucas never left the door. We waited till it was calm. He opened the door and the first thing he saw was a figure lying on the cold floor. He walked to her and cover her with a sheet. He saw her injured hand and his heart felt shattered. He got a first aid kit and clean the injury as gently as he could. He bandaged her wounds.
His hands were caressing her hair when she woke up.
“Don’t touch me!!!” I pushed him away.
“Mandy…..” his voice were lonely and stressed
“I said don’t call me that…..I’m leaving…..” I said
“No Amanda please….I…..”
“You want? Why…? Did you bring me here to mock me? I know okay…..I asked you to sleep with me……fine I agree I’m now one of your sluts…..all I ask is for you too just leave me alone!” I yelled
“Mandy……I can’t……I really love you I…..I….just let me explain please…..” he said
“You know what? I use to like this place, but now it’s my biggest place of regret and I hate it here!” I yelled. I saw the big shock in his eyes. I turn around and started walking towards the door when I heard a big sound like something fell. I didn’t want to look back so I forced myself out of the room only to get close to the exits door I found myself running back into the room. I found Lucas on the floor. It was him who fell down. He was unconscious.
“Lucas…..!!!! Lucas!!!……”
I didn’t know where he kept our phones…..I thought of going to call the securities but I didn’t see them on post earlier.
I tried to raise him up but he was too heavy…..his weight is just too much! I had to drag him outside. I raised him and push him into the car.
I got inside the driver sit and start the engine.
“I told you! If you want to die don’t get me involved!!!!” I cried.
The hospital was far away and I wasn’t a fast driver I admit. But hopefully I got to the hospital and the rushed him to the emergency world.
“What’s wrong with him doctor…..he just collapsed” I explained.
“We are still trying to find out….who are you to him?” He asked
“Nobody……just…..give me a phone I’ll call his family……” I said and the doctor nodded.
Who would I even call? I don’t have anybody’s numbers in my memory.
I went back to the doctor “I don’t have any of his family’s number but… do know the Harrison?” I asked
“Of course who doesn’t know the Harrison” he asked
“Good….that guy is Lucas Harrison……” I said
“What?!!!! You don’t mean it!” He said
“You can browse it if you want……if I were you I’d treat him well….am sure you’ll be able to contact his family” I said.
The doctor rushed back inside.
I can’t believe Lucas was transferred into a VIP room. It’s really nice to have rich families.
“I’ve called his family they’ll be here soon….you can leave” the doctor said.
“Will He be fine?” I asked
The doctor cleared his throat “I’ll have to say that to his family when they come…’re not his family I can’t risk exposing the health status of one of the Harrison’s son” he said
“I’ll suggest you leave” he said. I look at Lucas who was still lying on the bed. I nodded at the doctor and left.
I got home and collected some money from Mr White to pay the taxi.
I meant Erica and her mom there. Erica ran to me.
“Amanda……you’re here….” she yelled
“Yeah….why are you here with you mother?” I asked
“Oh…..we…..” I know that would shut her up.
“I’ll go inside now” I said.
“Amanda!!!!” Mr White yelled
“Dad I’m tired…..I want to go inside and rest” I said. I was really stressed. I want to go inside my room and bury my face on the pillow to cry out my heart.
“You’re not going into that house until you show some respect to your mother!” He yelled.
“Dad I’m tired….”
“If you don’t want to them get out of my house! She’s your mother!”
“I DONT HAVE A MOTHER!!!!” I yelled
“How dare you say that? You should be lucky to have one…..everybody makes mistakes Amanda!!!!” He yelled
“So you won’t let me in?” I asked softly.
“No!….until you…..” I didn’t wait for him to finish his words I turned back and started walking away. “If you leave now don’t bother coming back…”
“No…..” Merit wanted to say but Mr White walked angrily into the house.
Merit and Erica ran after me.
“Amanda my dear wait…..” she hold my hand. I felt so much disgust with her touching me but I just pause “I know I did wrong….I messed up…..please let me make it right….I was young and foolish back then…..I regret what I did….” she said and I smiled
“It’s funny……I was 10 back then! 10 years old!!!! I became an Adult at 10!!!!….” Wrica got angry
“Amanda stop playing the victim every time!!!!” She yelled “you weren’t the only one affected everyone was okay. Why do you only think about yourself! You’re so selfish and rude I never knew my mother! She died when I was born!”Erica yelled
“What?…….selfish? Rude? Playing victim?….let me clear things with you Erica….. You never knew you mother but you have a loving father who was rich and gave you all the love you could ever asked for… never lack a thing you even got a mother! But me? I never once felt like I was loved. I grew up with parents who fight and argue every time…..She get me ready for school every morning and shove me away to my neighbors to take me to school. She never once picked me up! There was a time I came home myself…..I don’t remember my age but I was really young. I came home and met them fighting again……. but I loved her….. I do……she was my everything……even though she wasn’t there for me she still tells me about the danger of the world. Then on my 10th birthday…..she disappeared! She left! The man who claimed to be my father abandoned me! He put the blame on me for the reason she left. I WAS 10!!!!!! And what? Why shouldn’t I play the victim?….. she knew the kind of man she left her child with even though she still knew he wasn’t the biological father of her child. I had a deep wound that refused to heal. It only healed when I learn to forget everything…..but the scars will always remain. So I beg you…..leave me alone!!!!! ALL OF YOU!” I yelled.
Erica began to feel bad for all her criticism. She had really been through a lot.
“Mother!!!! How could you!!!!” Erica yelled at Merit.


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