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The bully boss Episode 3 & 4

Manager Jo immediately called Jeremy to inform him.
“You don’t sound worried why? Your brother could possibly sleep with her” he said
“Hahaha am actually happy….Well Anda is not that type of a girl….she’s gonna kick my brothers @ss if he tries anything stupid….. I’ve always wanted to hock them up because they fit perfectly” he said
“What do you mean Jeremy?” Jo asked
“Don’t worry you’ll see it all yourself…enjoy the show” Jeremy ended the call “yes!!!!….” he yelled
“What’s that?” Katie asked
“Amanda got a job to work as my brothers secretary” he said
“What!!! I thought she was supposed to work as an intern?” Katie asked
“Dunno….guess fate is at work….I’ll so much love it if Amanda becomes my sister in law” he smiled but Katie frown
“Oh….ok” she only replied.
I got home I was really confused. A secretary….with salary instead of an intern? I could only go down on my kneels and pray to thank God. It’s all him.
“Lord Jesus Christ it’s me again, I don’t want to talk about my problems today or ask for anything….I just want to say Thank You. Thank You for everything. Thank You for your provision, your protection, thank you for my Family….Thank you.. And I love you Lord. Amen”
Just as I lay on the bed, Jeremy called.
“What’s up? What am I hearing?” He asked he sound excited
“What else… a secretary….your brothers secretary” I said
“Cool…..awesome “
“Why are you so excited about this?” I asked
“Nothing….Nothing….just have fun byebye” he ended the call.
“Sis?” Nora entered my room and lay beside me.
“How was it?” She asked
“Good” I answered
“Can I sleep here tonight….?” She asked
“No” I answered
“Even if…am still going to sleep here” she insists and I smiled.
Today I followed Nora and mother to the hospital for treatment.
“Be happy Nora… Soon you’ll be fine and healthy” the doctor said
“Am really excited” she replied.
“Your surgery is soon so I’ll suggest you stay hospitalized until your surgery….” the doctor said and she pouted
“Don’t worry Nora I’ll come visit you when am free okay?” I said
“When I save lots of money let’s go to Paris and shop lots of fashionable clothes okay?” I said and she smiled.
Monday flew in so quickly. I wore a read dress which is a little above my knees and flat shoes. My hair was tied ponytail but the edges was messy.
I went to the company early to collect my ID card as a working staff and other important stuffs. I met the other girl. She was on black trouser and white shirt. I thought she was at my height but na she was on night heels. I pray she doesn’t fall because am definitely gonna laugh.
“Hi am…..”
“I know you” oh she was rude.
I didn’t answer her anymore or I’d smash my f!ng£rs on her makeup face. I sat beside her in my desk. She had long arranged and decorated her desk…I wondered if she slept here.
Manager Jo walked in Betty stood up and greeted him. While me I was still sitting down.
“Good morning Betty”
“Good morning Amanda” he greeted first
“Good morning Jo” I answered and smiled
“How was your night?” He asked
“Dunno I was asleep” I answered and he bursted into laughter “who give that as an answer…you’re one funny girl Amanda”
“When are we starting to work sir?”Betty cut in oh I hate her already
“Soon…the boss will soon be here….when he’s here I’ll take both of you to his office where you can both introduce yourselves and I’ll tell you what to do next” he said
“Ok sir” Betty said
“Cool” I replied.
Jo left. “You know you’re rude right?” She said
I looked up at her then look around and went down to my phone again
“Are you deaf am talking to you!” She said and hit my shoulder.
“Hey bitch listen…..I don’t like looking for trouble but when it comes looking for me I won’t hesitate to let it in….Please…am crazy…am a psycho @ss bitch…if you don’t want a vessel to be broken on your head, stay away from me” I replied. She seems to be scared and her behavior softened
“I mean….I was just saying…..well…..” she stopped talking and sat down.
Not long after Jo came out of the office. Betty and I were surprised….we did see Jo leave but we never saw him come into the office.
“The Boss is in his office….let’s go” he added but the tow ladies where still in daze “don’t worry you’ll know when you start working properly” he added.
We walked into the office. His legs were hanged on his desk. He had a cigarette on his mouth. He was wearing a robe exposing his chest, his hair was messy. He looked extremely handsome and s£×y but…… immediately I saw him I hated him. I don’t know why but my spirit seems to feel disgust.
“Introduce yourselves…” Jo said
“Am Betty Mike and am a graduate from ******** University, a PhD holder and I’ve worked with ****** company before in Switzerland. Am 25 years old” she said
“I’m Amanda…..I….”
“Good Betty….I like your outfit too” he said
“As I was saying S……… before you cut in. I don’t have an experience as a secretary and still in school and I’ll be working with you for four months please enjoy my services” I said and the boss was surprised. Now Jo knows why Jeremy said they were both perfect match.
“Did you just cut me shut?” He asked
“With all due respect sir you cut me shut first” I answered. He smiled.
“Betty…..Jo…you two leave….” he said.
“Sir…..” Jo knew what Lucas must be intending to do so he tried to stop him
“I said leave” Lucas added.
“I’ll be fine Jo don’t worry” I @ssured him.
‘This girl got gust…don’t she?’ Lucas thought.
Jo and Betty left.
“You said you’ll serve me well and you don’t have an experience” he said as he stoop up and walk to me. I moved backwards but he came closer until my back hit his sofa. His hands drag me and my back hit the wall. He pinned my hands above my head and used his other hand to hold my waist.
“You smell good” he added as his nose sniff my neck.
“Get off me you dog!!!” I yelled and raise my knee. It landed straight to his balls. Immediately he released me and fell on the sofa as he gr0@n in pains…his hands holding his d!¢k.
I ran out of his office leaving him in his agony
“fv¢king bitch!!!!!” Lucas cursed
(Perfect match)
Jo saw Amanda ran out of the office. He heard Lucas gr0@n. He quickly entered the office and lock the door.
“Ice……Jo give me ice!!!” He yelled his hands were holding his d!¢k as he roll on the sofa…soon he fall on the floor.
Jo rushed to get him ice. Immediately Lucas lowered his trousers and applied ice to ease his pains. “fv¢king bitch!!!” He cursed under his breath. Jo didn’t need an explanation, he already know what is going on. He could only suppress his laughter.
Lucas look up. His face was red and so was his eyes. He look at Jo “You’re amazed right?”
“No sir….w…what should I do? Do you want me to fire her?” He asked
“No….no it’ll be too easy….am going to destroy her little by little till she have no other choice than to fall right into my hands” he said
On my way home I called Jeremy.
“Hi boss” he said
“Is your brother psych?” I yelled
“Uhmm kinda” he replied
“He tried to seduce me in his office” I yelled
“Wow…and then what happened?” He asked
“I kicked him in his balls….i hope he doesn’t fire me, and if he don’t that means he’s planning a revenge” I said but Jeremy was laughing too h@rd.
“You kicked him on the ball!!!!! Hahahaha….I should see his face”
“Is it funny?” I asked
“Yes absolutely….So what’s your plan?” He asked
“I don’t want trouble….I’ll just tell him am your girlfriend next time he try’s” I said and Jeremy disagreed “shut up….am telling him am your girlfriend take it or leave him” I ended the call.
I was heading home but then I remembered Nora was at the hospital…. I changed direction and head to the hospital.
Lucas got home early. Everyone was surprised it was unlike him to come home this early. Mrs Harrison dragged Jo “what’s wrong?” Already Lucas have warned Jo not to tell anyone because it was too humiliating.
“Nothing madam….if you don’t mind I’d like to go now” Jo immediately escaped the question.
Jeremy sighted Jo and catch up with him
“She kicked him on his balls didn’t she?” He asked
“How did you…..”
“She’s my friend remember? I told you they were perfect match….enjoy the show Mr Jo…Hahahaha” Jeremy was excited.
Inside his room. Lucas did some research about Amanda. A sweet smile escaped from his l!ps
NAME: Amanda Arlington
AGE: 21 years
LITTLE SISTER NAMED: Nora Arlington, age 13, suffering from leukemia.
He read all bout Amanda. Some part he laughed really h@rd. She was fun.
Then he saw a picture of her in her Facebook account. She smiled brightly. She was still young back then.
“Pretty witch!” He cursed.
Lucas was still in pains as he crew into his blanket and fell asleep.
In his dream. He saw her but not as harsh as she was in real person. She was on bikini. She was hot. Her flat tummy and perfect curve made him h@rd already. Her tiny l!ps crushed on him as her hips moved up and down his h@rdness. They were on the beach. He rolled her over and klzzed her h@rder than he had ever klzzed any other girl. He scent was intoxicating. He pinned her closer to his body…..
“Sir?…..Mr Lucas??” He heard a voice which brought him out of his merriments.
Lucas opened his eyes. It was Jo “you have to wake up sir… it’s time” he added.
Lucas took a deep breath. He looked down to his p@nts and met he ¢vm….”fv¢k!!!! Stupid dream!!!” He cursed. But there was feeling he was having….he didn’t want to let go even though it was just a dream. He do dream about having s£× a lot but this time it was different….. Suddenly his chest sweetened. Maybe it’s because he just want to fv¢k her that’s why or maybe her figure is too tempting. He relaxed for some time to gain his real self before he stood up to take a shower.
Lucas normally take his private door to his office but today he decided to follow the main entrance. When he came in his eyes immediately shift to Amanda, she was still in her messy ponytail but this time it was even messier, she had the same clothes she wear yesterday on but she was still so pretty and fv¢king s£×y.
Betty eyes moved up and saw the boss, she hit Amanda. We both stood up.
“Good morning Sir” Betty said
“Sir good morning” I said.
Lucas snuffed, she was so shameless after what she did to him yesterday….she still dare to look at him straight in the eyes and say ‘Sir good morning’, her voice was even harsh and felt disgust.
“You….” he said
“It’s Amanda” I corrected and he smirked and rolled his eyes
“Come to my office now” he said and I followed him behind.
I stood in front of his table as Jo talked to him…..I was still standing.
They both sat down talking business. Jo look over to me and was apologetic. I smiled @ssuring him I was fine. I took off my shoes and stood barefoot. After what takes like forever he told Jo to leave. Immediately Jo shut the door he turned to me. His eyes first met her barefoot. The first thought that came into his head was licking her feet so it tickles her and make her more aroused. They feet was so s£×y and small.
His eyes trace her long legs to her knees where her gown started. The image in his head grew wide as he imagined those long legs hanging in the air for him. And then his eyes moved up to her hips. He couldn’t bare and moved up to her again and trap her on the wall. His hands immediately grab her hips and squeezed them. He left out a gentle m0@n.
“You can’t be doing this to me…if Jeremy find out he’ll be made….Am Jeremy’s girlfriend!” I said and he immediately withdraw….thank God it worked or else he would have received another kick on his balls
“You’re what??!!!!” He yelled “why didn’t you say that earlier?” He added
I formed and extremely innocent face “Well that’s because you….I thought Jeremy will tell you”
“Get out!!!” He said and I ran out of his office.
After shutting the door behind me I jumped up “yes yes yes!!!!!! Fool!!!!” I whispered


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