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The bully boss Episode 27 & 28

The Minister look at his wife. She look worried.
“What happened? Where you able to meet her?”
“Nelson…… remembered the girl who said she lost her appetite at the Harrison’s birthday party?….” she asked
“No….am not sure….what about her….?”
“Mom I remember what about her?” Erica said
“She’s……she’s Amanda….”
“What!!!!” they both yelled.
“I don’t think Arlington was saying the truth……I don’t know what to do….how could I not have recognized her!!! Am her mother!!!!” Merit cried
“Mom…..” Erica consoled her step mother.
24 years ago
Merit and Nelson were really in love. But Nelson’s family wasn’t in support of the relationship. The two young couples were drunk in love Merit end up getting pregnant without knowing. Few days after she found out she was pregnant, Nelson announce his engagement with Erica’s mother.
She was heartbroken……She then ended up with Arlington. Arlington accepted her and her child.
Nelson and his wife welcomed their new daughters two months after Merit gave birth but she dead during child birth.
11years later Merit ran away from home leaving Amanda who was 10years old with Arlington and started a new life. She planned to come back for Amanda but then she and Nelson reunited. They got married and were happy. She didn’t think too much about Amanda because there was Erica.
12years later Nelson found out he had a daughter with her….he was so mad at her and this almost lead to a divorce but thanks to Erica they didn’t divorce but argue to find Amanda and bring her home.
First of all Katie’s father was arrest. I was burning inside. I wasn’t satisfy. I wanted to kill him myself.
“Mandy….” Lucas called but I wasn’t ready yet.
On the other hand Jeremy has his killer instinct on.
“We have to keep an eye on these two” the inspector said to Felix as he pointed at me and Jeremy.
“Amanda…..Jeremy….we have to let the law handle this…..”
“The law?!!!! What law?!!!!! Huh…….” Jeremy yelled
“That bastard deserve to die!!!!” I yelled in tears
“Yes…..Mandy am very sure he’ll be s£ntenced to death….by the law…..” Lucas said and tried to touch me but I push his hands away
“Stay away from me…..what difference do you make from him? You sleep around with girl destroying their lives!!!!” I yelled.
“AMANDA!!!!” Felix yelled but Lucas stopped him. He understand Amanda was trying to put her frustration on something and he didn’t mind taking it all.
“Amanda…..” Lucas said calmly. I was out of my mind and I blame myself for everything…..
“Just leave me alone….” I said and Lucas felt his heart shattered. He wanted to be there for her but she’s pushing him away…..
“Just Go!!!!” I yelled.
Lucas nodded and walk outside.
The inspector walked to Lucas and Felix.
“The court demand the murderer be brought to the court immediately…..”
“What? So soon?” Felix asked
“When the news got to the Attorneys they were angry and wanted justice immediately…..”
“Lucas go get Jeremy, I’ll get Amanda…..” Felix said and Lucas nodded.
We got to the court and I was held as a witness so was Jeremy.
The case was going on and I was quiet I just look at everything and felt frustrated.
“Why won’t I do what I wanted with her and her mother? Ha Hahaha …..that bitch!!!! She dare record me…..I felt so bad when I heard she killed herself…..I wanted to be the one who kill her with my own hand!!!” He said “what are you going to do? Kill me? Go on….Hahaha…..Kill me!”
“I’ll stand in justice……and Mr you’ll wish you were dead…..oh you’ll beg for death to come take you but it won’t come….. I s£ntence him to life in torment…..!!!!” The magistrate said and hit his hammer.
“What does that mean?” I heard Jeremy asked
“This punishment has not be used in a long time…’s worse than death itself…..first he’ll be drugged by LSD and he’ll start to hallucinate…..these hallucinations will hunt him down……” Felix said.
Lucas look over at Amanda…..she look broken.
“Mandy are you okay?” He asked but she didn’t answer.
I was quite satisfied by the punishment but it still hurts me like hell…..
Lucas arranged a proper funeral for Katie and her mom. He even moved their bodies and buried them in a quiet place.
I looked at the grave i knew I had to let go.
“I’ll alway love you Katie… well… one will hurt you up there….you’ll be happy with your mom….I love you”
While we were at the car I notice I haven’t spoken to Lucas for days….. even though I push him away he was still there.
“Am sorry…..” I said
“What? You want something? Water?” He suddenly asked
“No….Lucas I said I am sorry…..and thank you…..what would I have done without you “ I said
“I understand Amanda….it’s okay…..I missed you…” he said and I smiled
“Me too…..” I hugged him and he hold me tight
A week later school resumed. I wasn’t use to the new changes…..I got to admit am still not over Katie’s death. I know it was h@rd for Jeremy too. Quinn, Jeremy and I all hang out together…..we tried our best to stick along.
“Did you complete your sale stock @ssignment?” Jeremy asked
“No….” Quinn said
“What!!!” They both yelled
“How?” Jeremy asked
“Well….easy! I just gave it to Lucas…..he’s a businessman he did it for me” I said
“Not fair!!!!” Quinn said
“That was the same Lucas I asked for his help but he told me he was busy…..” Jeremy said
“Forget it…..let us see…..let me copy” Quinn said and I handed over my file to her.
“I’ll be right back…..” I said
“Where are you going?” Jeremy asked
“To the restroom….I wanna pee on myself….” I said and he chuckled.
On my way from the bathroom I saw Merit…..with a girl beside her. I didn’t know why they were here and I don’t care.
I went back to Jeremy and Quinn.
“I can’t manipulate an answer with this….it’s too h@rd… did Lucas do it?” Quinn asked
“Am confused…” Jeremy added.
“Wait let me call him…..” Quinn said.
I just sat down looking at them. Quinn called and called but Lucas wasn’t picking up……
“He won’t pick my calls…..Amanda give me your phone….” she said
“Why?” I asked
“Just give it to me…..”
Quinn called Lucas with my phone, Lucas picked the call almost immediately.
Lucas was in a meeting when Quinn kept calling……he’s phone was in silent mode but he could see who is calling. Then the name appeared Amanda…..he paused the meeting and picked the call.
“It’s me Quinn….”
“Why are you with Amanda’s phone?” Lucas asked “is she okay?”
“Yes she’s fine….” Quinn pushed the phone to me and whispered “tell him to help us too.
“Babe you okay?” My heart skip two beats when he called me that.
“You voice is shaking….you sure you’re okay? You want me to come over to pick you up?”
“No it’s not that either….”
“Then what tell me” he said
“Well….Quinn and Jeremy can’t figure out the @ssignment too….Can….can you help them?” I asked and I heard him sigh.
“I’ll get back to you….” he said
“Are you busy?” I asked
“Yes…just a small meeting….”
“Oh am sorry to bother you…” I said and I heard him sigh again
“It’s okay babe…..I love you….” he said and ended the call.
All eyes where on the boss…..everyone was confused.
“What did he say?”
“He said he’ll get back to me….he’s in a meeting……let’s go….cl@sses starts by 10 minutes time” I said
“I can’t believe Lucas is my brother….” Jeremy said
“And I can’t believe he’s my cousin….” Wuinn added
“And I cant believe he’s my boyfriend….” I said and we all burst into laughter
The cl@ss was boring…..I kept on yawning and wiping my tears…..I felt so sleepy. I didn’t know when I doze off…..seeing I crashed Jeremy and Quinn joined me…..
we were all sleeping……the cl@ss ended but we didn’t know.
Lucas was at the school gate. He was resting on his car and kept calling Amanda’s phone….it kept ringing but she wasn’t answering… did that if Quinn and Jeremy.
“Oh my God!!!! Isn’t that Lucas??!!!!”
“The Harrison’s???? Oh God yes yes!!!! He’s so handsome……”
“Let’s go to him….”
“I won’t dare!!!!”
Lucas look at the girls and decided to ask
“Excuse me…” his deep voice set the girls on fire “please when does the Business administration cl@sses end?”
“W….hat!??….oh….that’s….that’s my major… ended 40 minutes ago……uhmmm…….” she wanted to say more but her tongue stock him her throat.
Jeremy opened his eyes and frown…the cl@ss was empty…..”ahhh fv¢k!!!!”
“Quinn!!!! Anda!!!!” He yelled
Jeremy yawn as he look at his phone 7missed calls from Lucas. Quinn wanted to look at the time and her eyes caught ten missed calls from Lucas.
“Oh….the cl@ss ended…..I want to rest more….” I said
“Amanda….Amanda check your phone….” Jeremy said
“What?” I lolled at my phone and met 35 missed calls all from Lucas. “What’s with him?” I said
“Oh no …..he said he’s outside the gate….waiting…..let’s go…..” Quinn read his text message.
“Am too tired let me Rest first…..” I said but Quinn drag my hands.
When we got to the gate I saw so many girls round Lucas….
Lucas look up and saw the three of them standing by the gate. He sigh again… guess the saying was right “A bad guy will surely end up falling in love with a girl who will kill him” he murmured to himself.
I walked to Lucas and he opened the door for me. He look angry I could tell because he refused to look at my face.
Jeremy and Quinn sat at the back of the car.
He reversed the car and drove off. I was already use to his rough driving.
“How long have you been waiting?” I asked
“How long do you think?” His voice was hoarse and sound angry.
“Sorry…..we fell asleep in the cl@ss….” I said
“Good…..” he replied.
“Are you mad?” I asked
“Am driving Amanda!” He said
“You know you shouldn’t b mad okay! First of all you never told us you were coming…..”
“So that made you all so dumb to fall asleep in the cl@ssroom?!” He asked
“Yes…..we have every right to sleep anywhere…..” I said
“Haaa…..I’ve spoilt you too much! No one dare talk to me like this…. you should be apologizing” he said
“I did but you were so pompous to hear it” I said
“Ok ok am sorry…..” Lucas apologized.
Jeremy and Quinn couldn’t believe their ears…..Amanda was at fault and Lucas was apologizing
“Am not accepting….” I said
“Come on what’ll do anything you want…..” he said
“Really? Then do Jeremy and Quinn’s homework too” I said
“Anything my princess wants….” he said and I smiled.
We got to Lucas house and he started lecturing us. He was so s£×y the way he teach …… I was in daze I let my imagination ruin my mind as I remembered the night at the bathroom……
“So if this scale is blue that it’s what Amanda?” Lucas asked. Quinn and Jeremy look at Amanda…..she had her hands on her cheeks staring at Lucas and smiling sheepishly.
“Amanda?….” Lucas called again and her smile widen Jeremy hit her hands.
I was shocked and quickly realized where I was.
“What?” I asked Jeremy and he pointed at Lucas. I look over at Lucas and he was folding his hands on his broad chest.
“Amanda??…. Are you paying attention?” Lucas asked
“Yes I am….” I said
“Good….so answer the question……” he said
“W….what question?”
“The one I just asked you……thought you were paying attention?” He asked again
“Why?” He asked
“Nothing…..” I said…..that stupid imagination is now making me horny.
Quinn and Jeremy were busy working on their home work. Lucas went to his room. I was bored.
I started browsing on Facebook. Nora texted me.
“Manda…. you have to come home….dad asked me to call you” she said
“Why? Is everything okay?” I asked
“Yeah….he said you should come right away….”
“Ok tell him I’ll be on my way…..” I said.
“I have to go home…..” I said
“Why did something happened?” Jeremy asked
“No no…..Nora said dad wants me home…. I’ll just see what he have to say then I’ll come back….I’ll be spending my week here” I said and Quinn made a funny sound and Jeremy followed “Hahaha I have to go….tell Lucas I’ll be back…..if I don’t make it today I’ll come tomorrow……”
Half way home it began to rain. “Aaahhh am not sure if I’ll be able to go back to Lucas….” I said to myself then my mind brought a dirty thought. ‘It’s a good weather for romance….’ I flushed. I couldn’t help but smile. My mind was becoming more naughtier.
The taxi dropped me home and I ran inside. The rain w€t me of course.
I saw Felix at the living room …. he was holding an umbrella and a towel.
“Why didn’t you call me that you were here? Why get into the rain?” He said and threw the towels at me and I laughed
“Sorry bro…..where’s dad?” I asked and Felix face turn plan….
“Why don’t you go inside and change first?” He said and I nodded.
I changed quickly….I wonder what was going on.
I rushed back to the living room and Felix was still there waiting for me.
“Let’s go….” he hold my hands and led me towards the visitors room.
I saw them again…..the woman, her daughter and the minister and Mr Arlington
“Dad what’s going on?” I said
“Well dear…..”
“I wasn’t talking to you mr!!!” I yelled When Arlington was about to reply. I turned to mr white “dad…?” I called with a soft voice.
“Amanda…..calm down honey….look over there…..” he pointed at Merit “you know who that woman is?”
“No….!” I said without looking “and I don’t care to know who she is….”
“Amanda……” Merit called
“Oh….she knows my name too…..” I said finally looking at her.
“It’s me….am your mother…..” she said in tears
“Mother??…..Hahaha….” I laughed “Are you drunk?” I asked
“Amanda sit down and listen” mr white said and I look at Felix who drag me to a chair. “She’s right she’s your mother…..and…..that man over there is your biological father……”
Lucas was done with his meeting. He went to the living room and found it empty. “Maybe they are inside the room” he murmured and went to the biggest room in the house which of course now belong to Quinn.
He met only Jeremy and Quinn working on their @ssignment. He frown
“Lucas I don’t seem to understand this blue line……”
“Where is Amanda?” Lucas asked ignoring Jeremy’s question.
“Oh she went home….Her dad told her to come immediately….” Jeremy said. Lucas look at the window it was raining heavily.
“Did she just left?”
“No it’s been long now….”
“Why didn’t she tell me?” Lucas frown deeper
“Dunno…..” Jeremy said.
Lucas tried calling Amanda but she wasn’t picking up. He called and called “is she sleeping already?” He wondered and decided to call Felix. After calling twice he received an SMS ‘Busy….Amanda is fine….she’s home….’
Lucas sigh……he went back to his room and lye down. He kept rolling and rolling…..he seemed troubled
“Ahhhh I can’t believe you Lucas!!!” He said to himself and stand up “She’ll find it romantic when I come looking for her….girl like stuffs like this…..” he wore his jacket and took his car keys.
Quinn came to the living room to grab her bag when she saw Lucas walking towards the door with an umbrella.
“Where are you going? It’s raining?” She asked
“I’m a boy in love…..I can’t control my argue to see her….” he smiled
“Who Amanda? Who just left?…..she said she’ll be here tomorrow……” Quinn tried to convince Lucas
“Sorry Quinn… heart won’t survive this night if I stay…..”
“You’re crazy!!!!!” Quinn laughed as Lucas left the house.
“Where is Lucas going?” Jeremy walked in and asked
“He’s a boy in love….” Quinn mocked and walk upstairs
“Tell me…..tell me what happened….tell me……”
I looked at Merit…..she was just as I remembered her except now look better than before.
“Amanda…..I’m sorry…..I….I was still young….I was scared….I thought…..I would come back for you but…..”
“What is she even saying??!!!” I made a disgusting face.
“Amanda my child listen….” the minister tried to speak
“Who is your child?…..are you that old not to see your daughter standing next to you?” I asked rudely
“Amanda….be nice” Mr white said
“To who? THEM???!!!” I yelled
“They are your parent and most especially….THAT IS YOUR MOTHER!!!!” Mr White yelled at me.
“Uh….oh…..” Nora knows what was coming….
“Mother??….Hahaha…..ok… what if she is my mother? She abandoned me first….”
“Amanda I never abandoned you…..”
“Shut up!!!!!” I yelled at her “I was 10 years old when you left me for a man who doesn’t care… you know what I p@ss through?” I yelled….I wasn’t crying…..I was disgusted and angry
“I can understand your pains…..” Merit said
“When I say shut up…just shut it!!! Understand my pain? So tell me….how? How can you understand…….Where you raped at 10 years old like me?” I asked and saw the shock in everyone’s eyes except Nora. “Yes…..M…O…T..H…E…R…..” I purposely stretched the word mother
“Amanda what do you mean by that rubbish stop lying….I took good care of you when your mother left” Arlington said and I laughed like a evil witch.
“Who even let this bastard in here? Took care of me?….. Well now am beginning to understand why……why you never cared….nor look me in the face….why you treated me like I was invincible….. You went far to marry your lover even though she was with another mans child….tsk tsk tsk…..such a big fool you are… she left you….Hahaha…’re still fooling around to see if she’ll look back at you?”
“Amanda stop!!” I heard the girl yelled “Don’t talk to mother and father like that!”
“Oh….wow….it talks… talks so well….” I mocked her. I look at Merit in the eyes.
“Amanda….forgive me….am… sorry….” she cried
“Forgive you? Sorry woman….I’ve already accepted the fact that my mother died eleven years ago when she left me!” I said
“Amanda….” Felix yelled “Are you crazy? What have gotten into you?!”
“Am disappointed in you Amanda…..just so you know…..I’ve already sign with the lawyers that they are you biological parents…..” Mr white said.
I smiled “What kind of a mother leaves her 10years old daughter with a drunkard father?…. You know….” I faced Merit “when you left I was miserable….” I turned to Arlington “tell her….oh you didn’t tell her?….” I faced Merit again “I was raped right in front of our house….I cried and screamed for my parents…..I called for the dad who was drunk and lying on the sofa and called for the mother who abandoned me but….Hahaha…..nothing….. And you have the guts to tell me that you understand my pains?!!!! I remembered I was paralyzed in my room…..I kept crying dad dad dad….!!!! He didn’t care…..I fought my pains and wash myself……I dragged my injured body to the clinic….I WAS TEN!!!!!!” I yelled “I was treated out of good Will….they had pity on me!!!! Some drugs I was told to buy I told dad but he didn’t care!!! I thought I was invisible!!! Wait!!!” I walk into my room. I made sure I was fast enough and returned with some files….I threw them at Merit “ there…..those are my rape report!…… just accept that back then I died while I was raped… your daughter is dead!!!!…..And will continue to hate you forever!!!” I yelled and walk towards the door.
I didn’t care if it was raining I just wanted to get away…..away from everything.
“Anda!!!” Felix yelled and run after me.
I opened the door and about about to run my by body hit a figure….I was about to fall but it pulled my back and hold me still…..the scent…..that scent…..Lucas?….. immediately all my emotions I was holding back malfunctioned…… I looked up at his face.
“Get me out of here…..please…..!!!!” I said not wanting any of them to see am weak. Lucas look up at Felix who just came outside.
Without wasting time Lucas carried Amanda into the rain and rushed to his car. He got in and drove off.
Me White and Merit rushed outside
“Where did she go?” He asked
“Lucas took her….She’s safe…..” Felix replied.
Lucas look at Amanda. She had her eyes close……
When she’s down like this he has only one place he’ll take her to cheer her up…even though he had no idea what happened.
Lucas taped my hands after a long ride. I knew he had stopped the car.
“We are here…..” he said and opened the door. I followed suit and look around. “The lake is at the other side……I have a small house over here….we could sleep here tonight……and oh this place is top secret even Jo doesn’t know about it” he dragged my hand
We went into the small gl@ss house.
“Beautiful right?” He asked and I nodded
“Do you have houses all over the world?”
“Kind of” he smiled
“How many?” I asked
“Uhmmm can’t count…..”
“Aaahhh what a show off….” I said
Lucas walked closer to me and hold my chin. “Don’t worry….they’ll never find you here….I promise…..” Lucas said. Even though he does know what she was running from, he was willing to protect her.
I moved closer and hugged him breathing in his mint scent. Immediately tears began to fall from my face and I cried out loud. Lucas wrap his hands around me.
“It’s okay……it’s alright…..I am here….so everything is fine now…….”
We went into the room and Lucas lye in the bed while I nestled in his body. His hands kept patting my back like a little child as I was crying.
I didn’t know when but I just stopped crying…..Lucas hands were now rubbing my back up and down. Maybe he was tied of patting. But my mind took his rob way too far. Now I can swear that I was horny. Dirty thoughts started hitting my mind…..thoughts that am even so ashamed to share with you reader 🙈🙈🙈.
Now it’s no more what I was feeling it’s now what am wanting…… i swear I tried to control myself but I couldn’t……I pretended to move my body more until I was halfway on top of his body. I bite my l!ps……his hands kept rubbing my back…..I even wished it would get down to my butt and squeeze them just like he did last time. I moved my chest a little purposely rubbed my br£@st on his chest.
Lucas on the other hand did not know what was happening…….
I moved my knee and rested it on his thigh. He wasn’t h@rd…..disappointed filled my mind…..but I was excited he doesn’t know what I was doing yet……
“It’s….it’s hot in here….” I said yes it really was and I was happy it was.
“Oh…..I’ll go turn on the AC….” Lucas wanted to stand up…..
“No….just….just turn off the lights…..let’s just take our clothes off….I don’t like AC….” I lied. Lucas wasn’t overthinking……he just nodded and turned off the light. The room was so dark and it turned me on even more. I took off my shirt. I moved away from Lucas in the dark and drop my clothes on the floor. I did this on purpose…… I climb back to the bed.
“Where are you?” I asked
“Oh here….” Lucas said. I moved my hands and feel his chest…..then I nestled on him again…..immediately his hands started rubbing my back again and I get outbursting feeling.
Lucas felt her moving her body…..he thought she was uncomfortable or she wanted something
“Are you okay? You want anything?” He asked
“No… am fine…” I said.
“Sure? Or are you uncomfortable?”
“No… fine….I just…..”
“Just what?” Lucas asked
I was too embarr@ssed to say I was horny and I wanted to sleep with him. I already felt like one of his whores.
Lucas couldn’t handle her silence he went and turn on the lights.
“Oh fv¢k!!!” I cursed quietly
“What is it?” He asked
“Nothing……” I lowered my head….how can I tell him am horny?!!!!
Seeing the way she lowered her head Lucas thought he must have made her angry
“Did I make you angry? Am sorry”
“No…’s not you….it’s me….”
“What about you?”
“I………I’m…..orny……..” I said silently
“What did you say?” Lucas asked he didn’t hear her….
“Nothing……I’ll just go to sleep…..”I said and lye down.
Lucas came to think about it again….
He pulled her up “Mandy talk to me….”
I shyly look away. “What is it?….”
I look at his worried eyes…..”aarrrhhhh it’s so h@rd to say….” I said
“Ok why don’t you write it down….”
“No it’s h@rd too….” I said
“Then tell me….is it money? Do you want money?” He asked and I glared at him “then what?!!!”
My eyes met his chest again ‘let me just die!!!’ I cursed.
I hold his face and klzzed him.
Lucas was surprised by the sudden klzz.
He didn’t react back he stopped her
“Mandy you know if you do this then I’ll be horny…”
“What?……I don’t get you….” he said
“I…..I want you…..” I forced it out of my mouth.
Lucas find her cute so all this while what she wanted to tell him with that she was horny.
“Ok… about we……”
“I want you to…….have….I mean… sure about this……I don’t want to be the rape girl anymore…..I don’t you leave girl once you’ve slept with them….”
“WHAT??!!!…..You think I’ll leave you? Like I’ll ever leave you if even I sleep with you?”
“…” I was quiet.
“I won’t…..I swear…..I love you and you changed me. You’re not like other girls…’re special…..” he said
“Are you sure about this Amanda?” Lucas asked and I nodded. “I’ll be back….”
He came back with something on his hands.
“What’s that?” I asked and he laughed
“Aaahh ahhh I know now I know….” I stopped him.
Lucas took off his boxers Andy eyes wide open
“What are you doing?” I asked
“What do you think?” He asked
“T….turn off the lights…..aaahhh you’re so shameless…..!!!” I yelled
“No…..I want to watch you.
Lucas opened her bra slowly, twisting each button with his thumb and third f!ng£r, then running his f!ng£r along her br£@stbone. When her bra finally fell open, he studied her, then caressed her br£@sts. He licked her n!pp!es, then moved his l!ps slowly down her stomach, and Amanda couldn’t have cared less with what he was doing…Lucas removed her underwear, and klzzing her just above her p√b!c bone, he sl!pped two f!ng£rs inside her. Amanda moved into his hands until he stopped suddenly, removing his f!ng£rs as if he’d thought better of the whole thing. He stroked her with skillful f!ng£rs and then with his skillful tongue he klzzed between her legs, rubbing, nudging, poking, in a rhythm like a giant pulse.
He klzzed my l!ps with so much force. He klzzed to my neck so hungrily. I closed her eyes, feeling his l!ps on the back of my neck, feeling his f!ng£rs tracing the length of my spine. There came the pressure of l!ps against mine l!ps again. His f!ng£rs pinched my n!pp!es hurtfully and deliciously …….
Lucas was already h@rd so he insert the ¢0nd0m.
“Sure about this Amanda?” He asked again and I could only nod. Lucas thrust into her slowly. After he was inside her he made sure she was comfortable before he started to move. He was gentle he didn’t let his pleasure control him too much to hurt her. He loved her and would never hurt her.
Lucas look into her eyes and she was so beautiful…..he saw the pleasure she was feeling and it excite him more that he was the one making her feel this way.
“I love you so much…..” Lucas said
“I love you too…..”
The next morning I woke up and Lucas was gone. I touch the other side of the bed and it was cold that means it’s been long he left. Fear grip my chest and I felt weak. With the bedsheets wrap round my chest I rush out of the room thinking he was outside but he was nowhere to be found.
“Lucas??….. Lucas??…..” I called but only my voice echo back to me.
Thinking he was at the lake I ran outside and towards the lake but he wasn’t there.
The car was gone too.
He left me……..


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