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The bully boss Episode 23 & 24

Lucas rushed into the hospital.
“Amanda Arlington, what ward is she?” He asked
“Ward 320”
Lucas was running as fast as he could. He almost p@ssed the ward if not Jo who called him back.
Mr White and Nora were sitting beside her bed. Lucas rushed to her side and hold her hands.
“She’s fine…..the doctor said it was just high fever and stress. She needs rest. She was given a drug to make her sleep” Dad said.
Lucas sigh “it was all my fault”
“Before she fell asleep she said if you come we shouldn’t let you in so leave” Nora said
“Dad he hurt her!”
“Let’s go home. The only person she needs right now is that fella over there…” he look at Lucas and said “men cheats a lot…..but wisdom is always applied…..”
“Thank you sir…..” Lucas said.
Lucas sat down beside Amanda.
“Leave us….I’ll take care of her” Lucas said to Jo and his family.
He klzzed her hand and sigh again…….”please…..just give me one more chance….am so sorry…..I promise I won’t mess up again…..”
Lucas didn’t sleep a pinch. He was awake all through the night. The next morning a nurse came to remove her drip and insert another
“How’s she?”
“She’ll be awake soon….her fever has gone down…..”
The nurse rushed out blushing. Now every nurse wants to come into the room and speak to Lucas…..he got everyone’s attention. His handsome face and built body, even his height.
I opened my eyes and frown. “God……” I gr0@n as I tried to raise myself up.
“Amanda you’re awake…..” I heard Lucas immediately I felt angry.
“What are you doing here?” I wanted to shout but my voice failed me.
“How are you feeling?”
“Get out!”
“Mandy……. this was all my fault” he said and I laughed
“Your fault? You don’t think I felt sick because of you right? Do I love you that much? I made it clear to you…it was over between us….”
“I want to make it right…..please give me another chance…..Am sorry….”
“Go get your chance in hell……”
“Amanda…..I truly love you…..I’ve come to genuinely love yo with all my heart… serious with you…..”
“I was serious too Lucas… it’s all a joke…. so please…… leave…..” I said and he sigh.
“Ok….I’ll be outside….if you need anything…”
“Telling you would be the last time I’ll do!!” I said and we still went outside.
Dad and Nora came over and saw Lucas outside.
“She drove you away didn’t she?”
“Just go home….for now…..forcing her would only make things worse…..just give her space”
“What if she doesn’t forgive me….?”
“Then come back…..if she refuse….give her space again and come back……”
“Ok….I’ll do as you say…..I’ll come tomorrow….as early as possible…..” Lucas said and left with a down face.
“He left?” I asked
“Yes….but he said he’ll be back as early as possible tomorrow morning……”
“I want to be discharged” I said
“Am fine dad…..I know why I was like that….am fine now”
“It’s true dad……just let her get discharged…..”
“Ok…..I’ll go see your doctor……”
Lucas got home and took a shower. He brought his laptops and browse how to make your girlfriend forgive you after cheating.
He saw many options. Must involved flowers and teddy bears.
“This is crazy!!” He said to himself.
Lucas ordered the most expensive flowers and bought a really big teddy.
The next morning he took his bath and dress up.
It was 5am, he thought it was too early but he couldn’t wait to see Amanda. He got in his car and drove off to the hospital.
He grab the big teddy and the flowers.
All eyes where on him. He was extremely handsome and romantic as he walk towards the wards.
Hearing how the woman compliments him, he was over confidence that he’ll win Amanda back. But when he got to the room there was another patient. He frown and asked the nurse but she said Amanda was discharged.
“Discharged?” He asked again and the nurse nodded. Lucas went back to his car and drove to her house.
He sigh and his palms became sweaty and he was nervous. He rang the door bell and Nora opened the door. When she saw the roses and the big teddy bear, she covered her mouth with her hands……”wow……!!!!!!”
“Is Amanda in?” Lucas asked and Nora could only nod and allow Lucas in.
“I’ll go tell her you’re here…..” Nora ran upstairs.
“Sis….sis Your boyfriend is here” she said
“Lucas? It’s just 6 am….why is he here?”
“He’s here with flowers and a big Teddy bear…”
“Tell him to leave. I don’t want to see him” I said
“What!!!! It’s obvious….he like you….ok even if you don’t want him anymore can you at least collect the teddy bear? I’ll keep it….”
“Nora tell him to leave with his trash”
“You’re mean!”
Nora ran back down and caress the teddy bear.
“What did she say?” Lucas asked
“She said you should leave with your trash….awww what a cute teddy…..”
Lucas heart sunk. “You can have the gift” he said and Nora’s eyes brighten. “Only if you can make a deal with me…..”
“What what??????”
“You’ll take pictures and Videos of her and s£nd it to me…..everyday…..”
“Just that???? Easy job….Done!!”
“Good……” Lucas handed her the teddy….it was so fluffy and white….it was bigger than Nora. She hugged it too tight…..”put these flowers in her room for me will you?”
“Yes yes…..I will….don’t worry….”
School resumed. I had to go back to the Harrison’s company to collect my internship complimentary files. I dressed up plainly with a roughed jean and a Harley Quinn T-shirt. My hair was parked in a messy ponytail. I wore sneakers to match my outfit.
I took a taxi to the company and walked in boldly. All eyes were on me and I could hear whispers. I walk straight to the receptionist and they let me into the company.
I went to Jo’s office but was told he was in a meeting. I waited outside.
After what took like forever Jo came and was surprised.
“Hi jo…..” I smiled
“Why are you waiting outside….why didn’t you go inside the office?”
“I don’t have that right anymore……”
“Hmm….” he sigh….”let’s go inside…..” he said.
I took a sit and he handed me the files
“I’ve signed my part….you’ll have to go meet Lucas. Only him can sign the others” he said and I nodded
“Thank you Jo….”
“You’ll be okay right?” He asked
“Yes…..I have to go now…..”
“Do you want me to go with you?”
“No……it’s fine…..thanks for everything….” I said again and left his office.
Now I have to go to Lucas office for him to sign my files. I walked closer to the door and just then Betty was coming out of his office. She look angry . I don’t care.
I entered the office and Lucas face was buried in his laptop
“I thought I told you to leave and not come back till I call you?” His voice sounded harsh.
“Excuse me?”
Lucas paused and quickly look up. He haven’t seen her in person for a week now. Only pictures and videos just as he had asked Nora to do.
He missed her. He wanted to run and hugged her but he didn’t want it to be an awkward moment for her. He knows why she was here.
“I brought the files for you to sign” I said. I was expecting he’ll do his stuffs again begging and apologizing or asking for a klzz before he’ll agree to sign.
Surprisingly he nodded and said
“Hand me the files will you?” His deep voice was calm but heavy. I walked and drop the files on his table.
He immediately said “have a sit….they’ll be done soon”
I nodded and sat at his sofa. He focus on the files and read his part before signing. I steal glance at him. He looked stress and tired.
“Here….all done” he said and pushed the files over to me. He took his laptop and continued with what he was doing.
“Thank you…..” I said and heard towards the door. Just as I was about to open I heard him say a word that hold my legs down….I couldn’t moved “I missed you….” he said. After like a minute I opened the door and left.
Katie, Jeremy and I were reunited.
“I miss us three together….” Jeremy said.
“Me too….” Katie added
“We’ll be having math cl@ss today….am so lazy to attend” I gr0@n.
“Don’t be Anda….”
“That new lecturer is not my mentor….ever since he started teaching last semester I’ve been having poor grades” I said
“Hi…..” we heard someone say. I didn’t bother to look up I close my eyes.
“Quinn…..what….why are you here?” Jeremy said. Hmmm look like Jeremy knows her…..
“Amanda…..hi…..” she called my name. I was forced to open my eyes.
Her face seem familiar.
“She’s my cousin….” Jeremy said
I stood up and smiled “Hi….” she hugged me.
“Aaahhhh I’ve always wanted to know you….from now on you’re my BFF” she said
“Excuse me? She’s my BFF” Jeremy said.
Katie felt jealous….why does everyone like her? What’s so special about her!!!!!
“Quinn why are you here?” Jeremy asked
“I Now school here….I forward my studies here….Amanda….come show me around” she drag my hands along.
We stoped to take a rest at a coffee shop.
“So you’re the girl who made Lucas fall in love and broke up with him! Without even sleeping with him!!!” She yelled
“Yes….I guess…..”
“You’re my bestie and am yours…..let’s hang out everyday….cool?”
“Cool….!” I said.
Quinn and I were so similar so it wasn’t h@rd for us to know each other. She went home with me that day. I’ve never seen someone who have like my character. Our love for chocolate was same level.
“So….what’s your favorite color?” She asked me
“I don’t have one….”
“Me too I love all colors!!”
“Same here!!”
“Hahahaahah…..” we laughed.
Nora walked into my room
“In case you two don’t know it’s 2 am in the morning and am trying to sleep can you please keep it down!!!” Her eyes were red.
Then dad came in “I bare it with Amanda now she brought in someone like her… would I survive?!!!!”
“Please…..Keep it low” Nora said.
Quinn and I didn’t even know it was this late.
The next day at school we sat together. It was normally Katie and I then Jeremy behind….
This time it was different.
“I got a date tonight…..for me and you” she said and I burst into laughter. “Don’t tell me you’re not going!”
“Who said anything about not going……!!! I’ll go…. I like double dating….” I said.
Jeremy heard and told Lucas the news.
After cl@ss ended we went home and got dressed.
The clothes we wore were very exposing and with my shape it was a killer!.
“Wow Amanda….am w€t with looking at you” Quinn said
“Hahaha…..let’s go…..” I said and we hold each other.
We got there and saw the boys. They both look at me. Quinn smiled.
“So you choose…..”
“Her…..” they both pointed at me.
“So sad…..guess you’ll have those two while I go find myself another…..”
I sat in between the boys. I know what I was doing wasn’t right but I felt I was being myself…..I was free.
“Don’t touch me without my permission….” I said and they nodded.
In no time Quinn came with two boys.
It was play time. We started drinking and talking. It was fun. We laughed played truth and dare. I got a dare to French klzz the four boys which I did.
I put my hands on both of their shoulders.
Lucas barge into the bar and saw Amanda…..what she was wearing almost tempted him but the boys holding her made him angry.
Without thinking Lucas rushed and drag Amanda away….he landed a punch on one of the boys who collapsed immediately….the other quickly ran away.
Lucas glared at Quinn.
“Get in the car right now!” He yelled at her.
He look back at Amanda who was drunk and wasted. “What ar….u ….din…..yehhh….” she couldn’t even speak well.
Lucas was so angry “What are you doing to yourself Amanda!!!!” He yelled
“Wor… you care……..s£× bastard!!!” She said.
Lucas carried her into the car and lye her down at the back sit while Quinn sat in front with Lucas.
“Don’t ever in your life hang out with guys again….!! What if those guys rape you!!!” He yelled
“I knew you’ll come….there….drop me off at my house….you can take Amanda to your house….” she smiled.
Lucas carried Amanda inside, she was too drunk to walk. When they got to the living room she started to vomit.
“Aahhhh my head hurts…..” she gr0@n.
“I’ll bath you…..” he said but the figure has long lye lifeless on the floor.
Lucas carried her to the bathroom and took her clothes off. He put her in an empty tub and went to clear the floor.
The next day I couldn’t open my eyes. I had to stay for a long while before my eyes could open. My head hurts like hell.
I scan my environment.
“Lucas room?….. how did I……..” ok I suddenly remembered everything.
I look at myself and I was clean, with Lucas clothes on.
Suddenly the door open and he has dry cleaned my clothes.
“You’re awake….here’s some pills…they’ll help with your headache…..I’ve prepared a bath for you….after that you can change and come eat downstairs…..” he said without waiting for me to respond and left.
After dressing up I came downstairs.
“I have to go now….”
“I didn’t ask for more….just eat. The drugs you took are quiet strong” he added and I nodded.
His good taste so good.
Lucas watch her. His heart was pounding for her……he doesn’t know what to do to make her forgive him.
“Am done….thank you” I said
“I can drop you…..”
“No….it’s fine….thank you….”
I opened the door and left.
Lucas ran after her and stopped in front of her.
“I’ll do everything to get you back…..I will….just don’t do such thing again….” he said
“Wait…..!” He grab my wrist “Amanda…..”
“Yes?” I answered plainly, he just stare at me and let go of my hand. I saw his eyes and saw he was being honest.
“Thank you again…..” I said
“Wait what!!! You were raped at the age of 10!” Quinn yelled
“How was it?” She teased me.
“Stop it!” I laughed “it was horrible…..”
“Haaaa……this world is cruel!” She said
“Sure is……”
Her phone beeped.
“Uh oh……yes yes yes!!!!” She yelled
“What what!!!!”
“My fiancée is coming form Dubai for Desmond birthday party….”
“Wait you’re engaged?”
“yes…. since when I was like, dunno very young”
“You two like each other?”
“Well at first it was war. I didn’t like him and he was just simple though.
I just didn’t like him. He was too quiet too calm too. Until blah blah blah…..I found out his personality matches with mine. We fell in love and here we are” she said
“He’s Lucas best friend….. well they are actually four rich @ss boys but Lucas and Gideon. Lucas Gideon Xavier Charles”
“That’s nice”
“Everyone wants you back with Lucas…… you too want to be with him” she said
“You May be right but……”
“It’s okay…. take your time…..I don’t trust him too but I can swear he loves you” she said.
Lucas traveled back to Paris with Jo.
They went to De Marco’s company.
“Lucas… think you’ll get away with this?”
“You asked for this Marco!”
“I swear to you!!!!…..”
“Stop pouting out empty threats…. you want to do something to me? Am here in your town….DO IT!!!!” Lucas said. De Marco was provoked and drag out his gun. But his secretary stopped him.
“I will kill you slowly…..painfully……I give you my word!” He saw and sign the contract.
“Actions speaks louder than words…..” Lucas smirked and took the files. “Take care man!”
“You got him this time” Jo said
“Hahaha…..stupid man! Am done hiding in my shells…..if he dares come after me I’ll deal with him…..”
“Half of his company now belongs to you…..I remembered when your father gave you that company….it was the smallest and lowest profit company in all of the Harrison’s. But now it’s the highest and the biggest”
“Father plans in giving it to Desmond to handle…”
“So what are you doing about it”
“Nothing……I’ll just sit back and watch. It’s Desmond’s birthday day next week. A joint enterprise will be made. So annoying!”
“I plan on giving half of the company to Jeremy when he graduates…..”
“What? If there is a joint enterprise you’ll only have half of the company….giving Jeremy half, leaves you with nothing……”
“I know…..If I Don’t they’ll neglect him…..I love Jeremy….him and my mother are all I got….the others…..” he paused “I knew this was coming that’s why I joint with De Marco….if they want to joint, they’ll be jointing with De Marco… not me”
“that’s risky…….”
“What do I got to lose?”
“Amanda……” Jo said. Lucas smiled
“We all know she won’t come back to me”
“You’re giving up?”
“Hmmm…..No… just scared…..”
“What are you afraid of?” Jo asked
The cl@ss just ended and the lecture asked me to wait behind. While everyone walk out I sat down.
After everyone left I went walked to him. He was a new lecturer….he was young.
“What’s the problem sir?” I asked
“Mmmm… me carry these files to my office….” he said. I saw the way he was looking at me. I knew that look.
“Ok…” I carried the files and as we opened the door Quinn was waiting for me. She tag along.
When I got to the office Quinn stood watch outside. I dropped the files and was about to leave when his hands grab my butt. In retaliation I threw a slap at him but he moved backwards.
“Hey hey calm down….I like you….” he said
“You like me? Are you crazy!!!!” I yelled
Quinn heard Amanda and quickly opened the door.
“You stupid man what do you think you’re doing?” She asked
“How dare you barge into my office!!!!”
“Quinn did you record it?” I asked and she nodded.
“You what!!!” He tried to grab Wuinn but I pulled his down and pinned his hands.
“Tsk tsk you molested a girl in your office…..imagine if this video go viral?”
“Please……please delete it……..your friend sleep around with lectures so I thought you were like that too” he said
“My friend?…..what do you mean?” I asked
“Katie of course….the one with scholarship……”
Quinn and I was surprised with the news. He told us that Katie was sleeping with lectures.
“Are you going to ask her, cause if you don’t I will tell Jere…..”
“Give me time Quinn…..” all these is too much.
Lucas was eating when his door beg rang.
“Alexa who is it?”
“Hmm…..” Lucas stood up and opened the door. He frown when he saw a young girl. “Can I help you?”
“Hi Mr Lucas….you don’t remember me?”
“Am Katie…..Amanda’s friend…..remember me? I was here once….”
Lucas quickly recalled “oh….am sorry….come in” She was a friend of Amanda…..
“What do I own this visit?” Lucas asked
“Well…..I came on behalf of Amanda….”
Lucas quick sat down and paid attention. “What about Amanda?” He asked
“Well…..I don’t think she loves you anymore…..she told me to come tell you that she was only using you. I even end up fighting with her. You’re a nice person and…..if she doesn’t want you someone else does”
Lucas looked at her “Amanda told me you were her best friend”
“Yes…..we were….not anymore…..”
Lucas smiled and stood up “I guess I know Amanda more than you……the Amanda I know won’t say anything like that….which means you’re lying……”
Seeing she was caught she quickly stood up and took off her jacket….she was only on lingerie. “So what if am lying…..I want you…..I swear am good in bed…..if you date me I promise to always satisfy you”
“Satisfy me?……you’re the most disgusting girl I’ve ever seen in my life….get out!”
But she ran and forced herself with Lucas…….
Jeremy and I were shocked.
“Lucas what!!!!!” He yelled
“He raped me!!!” Katie cried. There was bruises on her neck, her wrist and her face was red like someone slapped her.
“I’ll kill him I swear!”Jeremy said and stood up.
I look at Katie. I was so angry. How could Lucas rape her.
“Why did you go over to Lucas place?” I asked
“He called me and said ask to see him. He said he wanted to make things right with you….so I should help him….so I…..I went…..” she sob.
“I have to go after Jeremy before he does something stupid!”
Jeremy large into Lucas house.
“Jeremy……” Lucas said but he landed a punch on Lucas face. The punch was heavy but it didn’t bring Lucas down. Lucas look back at Jeremy….”what have gotten into……” Jeremy threw another punch and bounced on Lucas.
Lucas didn’t fight back…he only turned Jeremy over and pinned his hands.
“Are you crazy!!!!!” He yelled.
I entered the house with the cops and met Lucas on top of Jeremy.
“Jeremy!!!!” I yelled and pulled Lucas away. “Are you okay?” I asked as I saw his bloody knuckles. Jeremy wasn’t saying anything…..he just glared at Lucas. I turned to look at Lucas but his face was filled with blood.
“Amanda what’s all this about what’s going on?” Lucas asked
“That’s the man…..arrest him…..!!” I said to the cops. But they hesitated… was Lucas Harrison. “What are you waiting for?” I yelled
“What’s going on?”Quinn walked in with a towel round her chest?.
“Quinn?” Jeremy and I said.
We watched the video cl!ps. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Katie forced herself on Lucas but Lucas pushed her away…..she kept coming but Lucas pulled her back. He was only gentle because she was Amanda’s friend…that was when Quinn came in and saw the scene. She had never liked Katie so she used the medium to beat her up merciless.
“So it was me who beat her up not Lucas….” Quinn said. Jeremy and I were calm. I didn’t even know what to say.
“I’ve made things clear now….. you can leave!” Lucas stood up and want upstairs. He had ice on his face. Seems like he was in pain.
“Am disappointed in the both of you really” Quinn said. “Amanda….this is the perfect chance to make things up with him. That’ll be the only thing to calm him down…. I’ll go get dressed and you Jeremy….am coming for you”
I walked to Lucas room. My hands got sweaty when I was about to open the door. I stood there for minutes as my hands went back and front.
“Are you going in or not?” Lucas voice sounded from behind and it made me shock.
“Uhmmm….I……….” I didn’t know what to say. “I want to help you attend to your wounds”
“I don’t need your help….” he said and walk p@ss me into the room. He shut the door in my face.
I was nervous as I stood by the door and I felt so much fault. I opened the door and saw him sitting on his bed with an ice pack in his head.
“Let me treat your wounds for you please….” I said and he kept quiet. I didn’t know if he agreed or not. I just stood there watching him. I decided to walked to him and help him apply medicate to the wound. I sat beside him and he didn’t react or say anything….. I collected the ice pack from him and treated the wound.
“Does it hurts?” I asked but he didn’t say anything. I b!0w on the wound as I apply the medicine so it doesn’t hurt much.
After everything I said “Am sorry……” he still didn’t say anything. He just went to bed and close his eyes. I stood up and left the room.
I met Jeremy and Quinn.
“He didn’t talk to me…..” I said
“Ah messes up! I should have beaten her more! She’s such a bitch!” Quinn said.
“I have to go home….”
“I’ll stay….” Jeremy said.
“Me too…..I plan on spending my week end here…..I’ll see you around Mandy…” she said and I nodded.
Before I knew it I was few miles away from home. I lost my mind and p@ssed my bus stop. I quickly ran to tell the driver but he said he can’t go back because there were other customers in the bus. I could only drop at the next bus station.
The room was empty…..few cars were seen zooming off. I started walking home.
The air was fresh…..the sky look heavy and it’ll rain soon. Immediately the ran started to drop. People began to run away from the cold rain but…..I was happy as I walk back home in the rain. I was happy because I was crying and the rain was there to wash it away and with its own tears.
The breeze was a little heavy and I remembered back then in Paris when Lucas and I were stock in a villa by a storm.
I got home w€t and cold. I rushed inside and took my clothes off. I went to the bathroom and took a warm bath before going to bed.
The next morning I felt weak and kept sneezing and coughing.
“You caught a cold again?” Dad asked
“Maybe….I walked home last night in the rain” I said
“Make sure you take your drugs okay?”
“Yes sure…” I lied. Since I came back from the hospital the drugs have been were they are…I don’t even know where the are.
“Oh Felix will be coming home tomorrow….”
“Big brother is coming!!!! I can’t wait” Nora said
“I don’t know how it feels to have a big brother”
“Don’t worry Felix is a loving person….you’ll come to love him and he’ll love you”.
The next day Lucas walk out of his room and saw Jeremy.
“What? You wanna punch me again?”
“No… sorry am really sorry I never knew she was that kind of a person…..”
“It’s alright……am not mad….”
“Yes… I know the fact that you don’t trust me”
“No Lucas I trust you with my life….Am sorry….I let my emotions control me….”
“Same here Jeremy….”
“Lucas…..give forget everything…..” Quinn added
“Fine. Am hungry….let’s eat”
As they were eating Lucas eyes kept moving around, he couldn’t ask were Amanda is. Quinn noticed and said “she went home last night”
“I didn’t ask”
“Yes you did…..”
“Am mostly mad at her for not even believing me or trusting me…..”
“Wait fo Jeremy is not the issue? Amanda’s is?” Quinn asked
“Forget it! I’ve lost my appetite” Lucas said and left the table.
Jeremy went to see Katie. She had claimed to be in the hospital.
“Jeremy….” she said with a low voice and Jeremy smiled.
“How are you feeling?”
“Am fine….hope you didn’t do anything crazy last night?” She asked as Jeremy sat beside her.
“As a matter of fact I did…. I didn’t something I really regret…”
“Am sorry it was all my fault” she tried to act sweet.
“Thank God I know the truth…I’d be falling foolishly for you”
“Jeremy….what are you talking about?”
“My brother didn’t want to press charges against you…..”
“He was the one who s£×ually har@ssed me and still want to press charges? I didn’t press charges because of you….did he lie to you? Or was it Quinn? We both know she doesn’t like me! JER……”
“Shut up Katie you’re talking too much!”
“No Jeremy! I am calling the cops…..I want to arrest Lucas for har@ssing me I don’t care anymore……” she took her phone and called 911. Jeremy watch her fooled herself…. he brought his phone and played the video for her.
The phone fell off Katie’s hands as she watched the cl!p.
“T….that was was fabricated….I…..I…..”
“You’re such a slot! I’d advise you stay away from me…..” Jeremy was about to leave but Katie ran down the bed and grab his legs.
“Forgive me….am sorry….I regret everything I did….I love you Jeremy I really do…I was only jealous of Amanda….I…..” Jeremy pushed her off and left without looking back.
I woke up the next morning well so I thought but it was afternoon. I saw a tall figure standing in my room. He was so tall…..who is he?
“Manda…’re awake?” He day by my side and put his hands on my head. “Your temperature is calm now….that’s good”
“Who are you?” I asked
He smiled “your new boyfriend ….” he said with a wide smile. I never thought anyone would be more handsome than Lucas.
“Stop teasing her already!” I heard Dad.
“Who is the?” I asked
“That’s my son Felix….your brother….”
“Oh….sorry…..I didn’t know” I said
“It’s fine….how are you?” He asked and I nodded “awww you’re so pretty….I’ll be attending a friends birthday party this week end….you’ll be going with me. I want to show off my pretty sister and lie to them you’re my girlfriend” he said and I smiled
“Am in….but…..”
“Forget the But….trust me I’ll pay you in full”
“You two match each other….here I am worrying how both of you will cope”
Mr Arlington glared at his wife.
“Who did you say was here?”
“She said she was Amanda’s biological mother…..”
“Where is she now? Did she drop any message?”
“Yes….she dropped her phone number……she said you should…..” she didn’t finish her word as he drag the number from her hands and began to dial it.
After a few ring she picked up.
“Merit….it’s me…’s…..”
“I know who you are” she said
“After so many years…..”
“I want to meet up with you concerning my daughter….I want to see her….”
“Yes sure….Nora….I mean Amanda is fine….she miss you so much she’ll be so happy to see you”
“Am glad she still remember me”
“Why not? She loves you so much” he lied
“I’ll arrange a place for us to meet up tomorrow….if it’s fine by you?”
“Yes yes…..”
“Good…..if possible can you bring my daughter along?” She asked
“Uhmm…..yes yes…..I promise to bring her along”
“Good…..tomorrow then…..”
“Yes good bye”
“What was that all about?” Nora’s mother asked
“That’s Merit my first wife…”
“Ehammm point of correction!!! It’s ex wife….”
“Oh yes…..she wants to meet Amanda tomorrow…….”
“And you told her it’s possible?”
“Yes why not?”
“How are you going to find Amanda and even if you do how can you face her, are you not ashame of the damages you cost her? And do you think she’ll ever want to see you talkless of going with you?”
“Shut up woman! What do you know? She’s my daughter!”
“Ok….I wish you well…..”
Felix, Nora and I were helping dad serve the customers. There were so many girls in our shop. So many. The funniest thing was that any table I went demanded Felix to attend to them. I finally know why! They are all after Felix…..I didn’t waste any more time. I went to seat down. Soon after Nora came to join me.
We enjoyed the view together when sudden she said “do you even miss them?”
“Dad, my mom, your mom?”
“I don’t…..”
“Me too…..I wish I could just wipe them off my memory….”
“Want some ice cream?” I asked changing the subject and she nodded.
I went to get Ice cream when I saw Jeremy so I took extra.
“How you doing?” I asked and he waved his hands to the air devouring his ice cream.
“Amanda told me about Katie….she’s a snake! I never liked her!” Nora said “Here cheers to us singles…..”
Nora and Jeremy cheers and drop their ice cream before I could join them
“What were you about to do?” Jeremy asked
“Cheers with you guys…”
“Are you single?” Nora asked
“Of course I am!” I said
“No you’re not…..Lucas is your boyfriend….”
“Agreed!” Nora added
“No he’s not! I broke up with him!” I said
“But he didn’t accept the breakups did he?”
I took my ice cream cup and left them. I went inside to study.
Felix went to a table.
“What should I get you?” He asked
“Do you have your flavor?” The girl flirt and Felix smiled and lick his l!ps. All the girls began to scream.
“We have chocolate, Vanilla……”
“Aaahhh just give me anyone….”
“Which one is your favorite?” Another gurl cute in and all the girls payed attention to him.
“Well….you…” he said to the girl and all the girl aww holding their chest.
“Well Come here everyday if you’ll promise to be here”
“Well I can’t promise to be here everyday….”
“Awwwww………” they all yelled
“So come everyday…if you’re lucky you’ll see me”
“That’s not fair…..!!!!”
“I know… have fun……!!!” Felix said.
“Felix you’re good for business look how full my shop this ahh this is great” Mr white said
“All thanks to my handsome face daddy…. where is Amanda?”
“She went to her study….” Felix smiled and pulled his apron. He rushed to meet Amanda.
He met her sleeping on her books. He smiled. He sat opposite her and saw what she was solving a maths problem wrongly.
He took her maths textbook.
I woke up and met a jacket on my shoulders. I frown ‘it must be Felix….’
“Aarrgghhhh I can’t believe I fell asleep! I still much to learn!” I grab my textbook and saw everything was solved from beginning to the end, with much easier examples….. My eyes almost fell off the socket.
I ran out of the study.
“Dad were is Felix?” I asked
“He went to see his friend not too long ago…..”
“Dad look….!!!! Is Felix a maths professor or what?!”
“Oh Felix is a genius! I didn’t tell you? He took after his mother…there is nothing he doesn’t know” he said and my jaw almost drop.
Desmond saw Felix and smiled. They both hugged each other.
“Wow!!! You’re looking good Des…”
“Look who is talking….” Desmond replied “let’s take a sit…..”
They both sat down drinking and talking. It was fun. Two old friends.
“So How’s Australia?”
“It’s good…..I’ve been good too….where’s Ronald and Lucas?”
“Ronald is running a night shift at the company….. Lucas….he’s still suffering from a heartbreak….”
“Heartbreak? What? Lucas has changed? I can’t believe I girl would ever be able to break his heart!”
“Me too….the girl was beautiful though….her name was Amanda Arlington….she worked at an intern in his company…..things got complimented….it’s a long story…”
“Wait what? Amanda Arlington?”
“You know her?”
“Yes kind of…..”
“Here let me show you the news……”
Felix wasn’t pleased about Lucas wanting to get Amanda. He knows who Lucas is and he knows how Lucas takes everything as a game…….
Felix got home and went straight to Amanda’s room. He met her asleep but woke her up.
“Felix…what’s wrong?” I asked
“It’s about Lucas…..”
“Lucas? What about him?”
“Tell me the truth Amanda…do you still love him?”
“….” I wanted to say no….I thought I have moved on but why is my l!p seal…I really want to say no…but my heart kept beating fast. “I don’t know….”
“You do don’t you?” He asked
“He’s not a good person Amanda I know him….”
“Felix he changed…..I changed him and….”
“Have you slept with him yet?”
“Good! Don’t go back to him…..”
“I want to……”
“You can’t….”
“Felix He makes me happy…..I feel like myself when am with him…….”
I took time to tell him all that happen he look shocked
“You mean Lucas did all that for you?” He asked and I nodded. “Amanda am still having thoughts…..”
“Am willing to sacrifice my heart for him….. even if he ends up breaking up with me…. I just want to risk it”
“Amanda…..that’s not right”
“I owe him too much. And I love him…”
“You’re still young! What do you know about love? You’re just 21!” He scolded like an elder brother….
“I swear I won’t regret my decision…..” I said
“Why are you so stubborn?” He yelled
“Fe….l….ix……” I whined
“Alright alright fine…..tomorrow remember the birthday party we are attending as a couple”
“Yes sir!!!!!” I said and he pat my head.
Felix has a plan. He didn’t let Amanda know it was Lucas elder brother’s birthday party.
The next day Mr Arlington went to Mr White shop. When Mr White saw him he frown.
Pretending not to know who he is, he said “can I help you?”
“Oh yes….you must be Mr White” he offered a handshake but Mr white said
“I’ll be going back to the cold room so I don’t want to get my hands dirty”
“Oh sorry……I….I am here to see my daughters….ehmm especially Amanda….please” he said
“Excuse me? Are you okay? Amanda and Nora are my daughters not yours…..”
“What are you say?” Arlington yelled “just because you gave them shelter doesn’t mean you are their father”
“Dad!!!!” Nora yelled. Hearing this Mr Arlington smiled but Nora ran to Mr White.
“Why are you raising your voice again…’s not good for your health” she said
Nora turned around and frown “Dad who is he? Why is her making you raise your voice?”
“This man claims to be your father…..”
“Hahahahaha……is he drunk? Look Mr…..don’t you see the family resemblance? I am not your daughter! Dad let’s go inside” Nora drag Mr White along.
Mr Arlington stood still. He couldn’t move. If Nora could do this to him what would Amanda do?.
He love his first wife. He still love her. She left him back then but he still love her and he can only get to her through Amanda even if it’s to see her once more.
He called her “Merit…..”
“Hi Arlington” she said plainly
“Uhmm…..I just found out Amanda has plans today…..I couldn’t even tell her….”
“Oh it’s okay….I have plans today too…. I was about to call you. Maybe next time”
“Yes yes that will be lovely….. she miss you so much”
“Am so happy…..ok I have to go bye…..”
Lucas heard Jeremy asking Amanda to come to the party. He smile. Even though he was happy Amanda will be there he still doesn’t know how to win her back. This is a great opportunity.
Lucas rushed back to his wardrobe
“Blue with white?…..No no it’s too common…..”
“Red and black?….. aahhh it’s too s£×y….”
“Black and black?….. urghh it’ll look am going on a funeral!”
“White and white?……gosh what am I? An angel?!!!!”
Lucas didn’t know what to wear…..he was confused! Lucas decided to ask Jeremy with style what color Amanda likes.
He went to Jeremy’s room.
“Uhmm…..I….I wanted to ask. What color do you like?”
“Me?….well I like …..Gold…..yes Gold and silver….”
“What are you? Pharaoh? Or an Egyptian god? Gold and Silver?…..well among your friends do they like that color too?”
“Yes….Katie normally like silver but Amanda….? Amanda……like…..Ash…..”
“I didn’t ask about Amanda why are you bringing her up?!!!” Lucas yelled and walk out. Jeremy was puzzled he look blankly.
Lucas rushed into his closet. He doesn’t have any ash suit. He called Jo.
“Jo…..I want to wear ash suit today to my brother’s birthday…..”
“Sir….it’s Sunday….how do I get….”
“Just get it will you!!!!!” He yelled.
Lucas got dressed and walk towards the car. Jeremy say him and was confused even more. Why was Lucas wearing ash suit?.
Jeremy wanted to say something but Lucas cut him shut “Don’t you even dare talk about my clothes….” Jeremy could only nod.
“What’s about your clothes they look nice I like them” Quinn said
“Thank you Quinn…..”
Half way to the party Jeremy sigh.
“You’ve been sighing Jeremy…..are you okay?” Quinn asked
“No….am not okay….I called Anda….she said she can’t make it….she said she has a party to attend with her boyfriend…..”


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