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The bully boss Episode 21 & 22

De Marco smiled “Lucas….you thought you’re smart”
“Boss what do we do now?” Alex asked
“Good Job Alex…..go register our companies name on the Runway…..the book an invent center….I’ll call Modelladys to bring in their best models…. we have to act fast” he said.
I couldn’t believe my ears when Lucas said the files were fake. I looked at Jo but it’s like he doesn’t have any idea.
“Am sorry Amanda..” he added
“Jo you knew too?” I asked and he nodded
“Yes…I did warn you not to get too close to De Marco…he’s not a good person….”
“Wait a minute….so you used me as a bait?” I asked
“Am sorry Amanda… was the only way….De Marco knew how well you’re close to me and…..”
“You’re unbelievable Lucas…..and you too Jo….Aahhhh!!!” I yelled and walk out.
Lucas tag along.
“Let’s just say we are even…..” he said
“Even as how? You got me arrested!”
“You klzzed another guy”
“I never klzzed him he klzzed me”
“And you allow him….do you know how much beating you give me whenever I try to klzz you?” He said
“That was then…not now”
“So what!”
We got in the car Jo was to drive.
“Wait where you jealous?” I asked
“No….I was just angry….you did that in my company “
“Ok….if that’s the case I won’t allow a guy to klzz me in your company anymore I’ll just go out….”
“Don’t you dare!”
“You’re so annoying Lucas!!”
“I like annoying you just as you like annoying me” he said and he was right.
“So what’s the plan now?” I asked
“De Marco must have registered the show with his company name, he’ll have to give me 100 percent share stock in his company or I’ll expose him”
“How?” Jo cut in
“That’s because I have already registered the original file a month ago…..him registering it again shows he’s a thief and his company would be destroyed if I link the news…he’ll have to choice but to cooperate… tell me, is this boyfriend of yours not smart?” He smiled and poke his face at me
“No! You’re the dumbest human on earth” I said and his face turn sour
“Thank you” He said
“Don’t thank me for using me!” I said
“Mandy…..” he whine like a child. His l!ps cane close to my ears and said “I want to klzz you” and b!0w warm air into my ears. It s£nt shiver to my body, he was trying to seduce me, why don’t I return the favor.
I push him away and slide my hands into his shirt. I rub his n!pp!e gently and he was stiff.
Seeing this I chuckled and shock my head. He drag my hands away.
“You’re a Devil!” He said his breath was heavy.
“You’re a Devil too” I said
Jeremy went to see Katie.
“Hi love…” he said and hugged her
“Go away….am mad at you!” She said
“Am sorry…..what did I do this time?”
“You don’t know what you did yet you’re saying sorry? Hahaha” she laughed “have you seen the news?”
“What news?”
“From school, check your email” she said
“Just tell me….am too lazy to check” Jeremy hugged her.
“Ok…..we’re to return to school 1th of next month. The internship was shortened to three months…” she said
“WHAT!!!!! N…..O….. WAY!!!!!!” He yelled
“I miss school…”
“Do I don’t!!!! Aaaahhhhh no……. I hate school!!!!” Jeremy cried
“I know Hahaha I know you’ll cry…..I miss you me and Amanda together…..aaahhh I can’t wait” she said
“Well at least Amanda and my brother are dating now…..”
“What?!!!!! They are what!!!!” Katie yelled
“Didn’t you know? They are together…..”
“But I thought your brother don’t date…..?”
“Oh…..not for someone like Amanda….he really likes her”
“Ooh…..” Katie has a crush on Lucas….she became Jeremy friend to get close to his brother, even had to agree to date Jeremy but now Amanda got him!!!!!
“Are you okay love?” Jeremy asked and Katie nodded
“I came to invite you to the Runway show”
“Will Lucas be there?” She asked but quickly added “and Amanda?”
“Yes of course…..Lucas have a special package for Amanda….it’s a surprise but let me tell you! He plans on introducing her to everyone at the Runway show that she’s…..”
“HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!!!” Katie yelled
“Yes…..Hahaha….am so happy!!” Jeremy felt something was off with Katie “you’re happy right?”
“Yes….yes why not? Am surprised too” she said
“Yeah it’s surprising”
Two days later I got home early that day.
“Dad….” I called Mr White
“Am still getting use to all this….” he laughed
“How’s the shop?”
“Good….Nora is helping out too…. am lucky to have two daughters aghhh” he smiled. My phone rang and it was Lucas. “Your boyfriend?” He asked
“Yes….I’ll just ignore him….”
“Don’t do that….pick the call, I’ll give you too privacy” he stood up and left. I picked the called
“Yes???” I said
“For once say hello or hi baby when you pick me call. It’s not like you didn’t save my contact” he said
“I didn’t…”
“What?!!! You didn’t save my contact!”
“Stop panicking it’s still saved as Bully Boss…what do you want?” I asked
“I miss you come over to my house” he said
“Lucas you just say me few hours ago…..” I said
“Pleas come over….come spend a night….” he said.
“No way!!!”
“I already called your dad and ask him and he agreed….” he said and Dad walked in.
“Go to him….”
“Lucas you’re unbelievable!!!!” I yelled.
“Take some clothes….stay with him for some days…..” he said.
I entered his door pin without ringing the door bell and went into the house.
I drop my bag and tiptoed upstairs. I plan on surprising him.
His room door way opened. He was humming a song and was only on towels. I admire his back view with my bottom l!ps in between my teeth. He was so hot. I walked to him
“You like what you see?” He said and I was shocked
“You know I was here?” I said
He turned around to face me and his built muscled body attracted me eyes first.
“Yes….I was about to go take a shower when Alexa notified me that you’re here”
“Alexa…who is she?” He asked and a robotic female voice sounded
“She’s Amanda Arlington. Your girlfriend….”
“Wow….cool….” I said. “I really wanted to see your shock face”
“Let’s take a shower together…” he said
“No way….am….” he suddenly raised me up and carried me to the bathroom. “Lucas put me down!!!” I yelled.
He put me into the tub with me clothes. “Aaahhhh!!!!”
Lucas took his towel off right in front of me… eyes met his crotch…..he joined me in the tub…..I wanted to jump out but his hands grab me and pulled me to himself.
“Came down Amanda it’s just a bath I won’t do anything to you…” he said but I kept struggling in the warm water.
“Let me go…..” I said
“The more you struggle the more you’re making things worse….I said calm down…!!!!” He said and I stopped. He brought his l!ps close to me ears and said “just relax” his mouth moved to my neck and b!0w warm air on it. I like it when he doesn’t that…I don’t know why. His hands went down and pulled my dress up…..I wanted to resist again……but he said “Alexa turn off the light” he said and the bathroom became completely dark. “I won’t see….just let me….okay….it’ll be a lovely bath” he said with a husky.
“O…..okay….” my voice was shaking already.
I could only let him take my dress off.
He sat behind me and my back rested on his broad chest. I was sit in between his tigh so i could feel his crotch on my butt.
He push me to himself so I could relax…”I said relax and trust me okay?” He said
His hands moved in my stomach…in a tinkling way. My breath went up and down on its own.
While his hands rub my belle, he moved his mouth to my ear and s√¢ked it.
“Uhhmmm…….” I bite my l!ps.
One of his hands moved to my bra and unhook it. He was a professional in taking a girls cloth out…..the idea that he has done this to other girls turn my mood off.
“Don’t!!! I swear I haven’t done this to any girl….”
“You know what I was thinking?” I asked
“Yes…..” he answered. “Can I?…” He asked for my permission to continue I could only nodded. I like the s£nsation he was giving me.
Instead of the normal touch, he stood up and I felt disappointed. He said “Alexa light” and the lights were on.
I felt shy I moved into the water only my head could be seen. He smiled and said “I want to see you….”
He took his sponge and drag me up.
“Oh no….” I murmured
“Don’t be shy…..” he smiled.
“This is embarr@ssing….” I said I couldn’t even look at his eyes.
Lucas like her shyness….. she looks so innocent and cute.
He scrub my neck down to my shoulders.
“When last did someone bath you?” He asked trying to take the awkwardness away.
“Hehehe….when I was 10…..” I said
“Your skin is really smooth….” he said
“Is it?….yours is smoother” I said and he smiled
It was quiet again.
“Lucas…how old are you?” I asked
“Am 27…..” He said
“What!!!! Though you were 25!”
“I used 25 in most cases but my real age is 27….so am 6 years older than you” He said boldly
“Yes yes……I’ve heard….”
He paused am moved back he’s eyes move round my body. I just let him, I don’t know why but am finally felt relax with him.
“You’re so beautiful Mandy……” he said.
“I’ll continue myself….hand the sponge over” I said
“Nope… not done with you….” he said walk back to me. He klzzed me…..I klzzed him back and I was used to his rough klzz already. He pressed his body on mine and lift me up to his height. It was like my body was on fire….he was burning me up.
Lucas turned the shower on and the cold shower couldn’t turn me off. The more the klzz grew deeper the more I was drown to him.
He stopped and we catch our breath. He moved back with a smile. He grab his towel and wrap it on me.
“Go wipe yourself….don’t want you to catch a cold” he said and I smiled. “I’ll take a quick shower” he added.
I shyly walk out of the bathroom.
After wiping my body I sat down and dry my hair. I kept smiling at the mirror. My phone started ringing and I walked to my phone it was Katie.
“Kate what’s up!” I said
“Anda… have you been? I’ve been good”
“Am fine Kate”
“Where are you? Am at your house but Nora said you’re not home” she said
“Oh yes am at Lucas….anything?”
“With Lucas? Ooh…. uhmm….I wanted to see you can I came over?” She asked. He voice sound disturbed
“Sure….if it’s urgent” I said. Seems like she doesn’t want to talk it at the phone.
I dropped the call. All Lucas body appliances were for men. I frown. My skin was so dry. I decided to apply them anyway. Just then Lucas came out. He walked to me and hugged my back.
“You know those cream are for men right?” He said
“So? You’re my man” I said. Lucas seems to like the way she say he’s her man.
“I like it….” he sniff my neck “the fact that you have my scent”
I walked to my box but Lucas said “Wear my cloth too….please” he said
“Sure….were is it?” Lucas thought she’ll disagree but she agree.
Lucas gave her a shirt. It was white.
“Nice….” I said and wore it.
Lucas was tall and big his shirt looks like a gown on me.
“Hahaha you’re so small….look how cute you are” He said and I turn around.
“Oh….my friend Katie wanted to see me urgently so I invited her over Hope that’s fine?” I asked
“Yeah sure….come let’s go cook together…..” he said
“No…you go cook I’ll watch TV” I said
“You know it should be the other way round” he said
“What??? You know I can’t cook…go on your food are yummy” I said
“Let’s go together….you need to learn how to cook in the future….don’t starve me” he said
“Let’s go cook am hungry” He cut the topic off.
I stood still looking at Lucas for sometime. He didn’t know when I sneak back to the living room.
“So you allow the water to boil
First before you add the ingredients and then….” blah blah blah. Lucas turned around and met he was alone in the kitchen. He couldn’t help but laugh at himself.
“Amanda!!!!!” He yelled
“She’s not here!” I answered and I heard him laughing already. He came into the living room and I stood up.
“Come here!” He said
“No way!!!” I replied and he ran after me. I was a fast runner but he cut up with me in no time.
He grab my waist and carried me back to the kitchen.
We heard the door bell ring.
“That must be Katie…..”
Katie and I sat at the living room while Lucas was still at the kitchen. She looked at me up and down and frown.
“So….what’s up?” I asked
“What’s up?! Anda we haven’t talked for long now” she said
“It’s not that long….” I smiled
“Really?” She asked and I nodded
“Do you even care about me?” She asked
“Of course I do….so what is it you wanted to tell me?” I asked
“…” The door opened and it was Jo.
“Amanda? You’re here?” He looked surprised. But what caught my attention most was Katie….she immediately lowered her face when she saw Jo.
“Meet my friend Katie….she’s the shy type…sorry” I said
“Her face look familiar…have we met?” Jo asked
“I don’t think so sir….”
“Ok….where’s your lover boy?” Jo asked
“In the kitchen making dishes” I said and Jo smiled
“I was just in time” he loos£n his tie and sat down.
I turned to Katie “so what’s it you wanted to tell me in person?” I asked Lucas walked to the living room and started talking to Jo.
Katie made sure she dressed with tight clothes, showing off her perfect shapes. Seeing Lucas was around she straightened up and said “School resumes next week, our Internship was shortened…..”
“What!!!” I yelled
“You didn’t get the news?” She asked
“Aaaahhhh finally!!!!! Yes yes yes!!!!!!” I yelled. I was so happy.
“Me too am happy…” Katie looked over at Lucas who wasn’t even paying attention to her. She immediately look away not to be suspicious.
“Mandy….food is ready…..I have things to settle up with Jo….go eat first” His husky voice could make a girl w€t already and Katie was burning up.
“Sure….come on Katie….” I drag Katie along.
Soon Jo and Lucas joined us. Immediately Lucas sat down Katie choked with her food.
I thought she was scared of Lucas that’s why.
“Are you okay?” I asked
“Yes… sorry…..” she said “Am sorry Mr Lucas…..” she added but Lucas only nodded without looking at her. Anger filled her head. She started eating again. Jo observed for some time. Something was off.
“Lucas can I talk to you for a minute?” I asked and he immediately smiled at me.
“Sure love” he said and stood up before me.
We walked over to the corner.
“We are stopping here? I thought you’re horny and wants to go to the bedroom so we can finish what we started at the bathroom……”
He was back with his naughtiness “Shut up….can you please to nice to my friend?” I asked
“I am….”
“No you’re cold….she’s the scared type…”
“Just talk to her nicely okay?” I asked and he nodded
We went back to the dining table and met Katie have already finished her food. Just then the door bell ring. “I’ll go see who it is” I said
I rushed to the door and it was Betty.
“Amanda…you’re….you’re here?” He asked
“No am there……” I said in disgust. I already know what she’s here for. She was dressed exposing her body with too much makeup…. “come in…” I said
Just when I was about to lock the door two more lady’s walked to me and asked if the could call me…..these ones where barely on clothes they were wearing net clothes.
“Lucas you’re dead!!!!!” I said to myself and let them in with a smile. “Make yourself comfortable I’ll go get Lucas…” I said
“Ohh….it’s like Lucas is having four of us tonight…” one of the whore said the other laughed heartily.
I walked to the dining room and glared at Lucas “you have guests” I said
“Guests?” He frown “I wasn’t expecting anyone” he added
“Oh really? But you have guests at the sitting room waiting for you….”
then Lucas remembered! Today is Friday….he’s having double s£× date with the so called JJ sisters….. he invited them over last week….he totally forgot……
“Tell them to leave….I…..I don’t know them….” His voice was shaking
“If you don’t go see them am bringing them over” I said.
Jo wished the earth could open up and swallow him. He avoided Lucas gaze and that if Amanda.
“Umm….Miss Katie come with me please…” he said and drag Katie’s hands into the inner room.
Lucas walked slowly towards the sitting room and prayed continuously that it’s not JJ sisters……. but his prayers didn’t get to heaven this time as the girls jump up to him as they saw him. On immediately started klzzing him while the other place her hands inside his boxers.
There was Betty who ran out in embarr@ssment.
“Stop both of you!!!!” Lucas said
“We’re here to make you feel good….hummm. baby……”
Right in front of me the other girl drag his boxers down and took his crotch into her mouth!!! I was done!!!!
“Amanda….!!!!” Lucas yelled and push the girls away “get lost before you lose your lives!!!!” He yelled at them. He quickly put his boxers on and ran upstairs to Amanda…..she was already packing her stuffs.
“Don’t you dare touch me with those FILTHY HANDS!!!!” I yelled. Lucas immediately paused and moved back.
“Am sorry…..I swear I stopped it….they…..they just showed up…..” he said. I look down at his pointing boxers, he was already h@rd. “Damn!!!!” He yelled and tried to press it down with his hands.
“Go watch those stinking girl off you…..” I said calmly.
“No….you’ll leave……” he said
I climb the bed and lye down.
“It’s late Lucas….where do I go from here? Just go take a shower….I want to rest” I said.
“Promise not to leave!!!” He said and lock the door with a key and took the keys with him to the bathroom.
While he takes his shower he’ll come to check if am still in bed. After about four or five times I saw him, I fell asleep.
Lucas rushed back and met she was asleep. He sigh.
I wasn’t in a deep sleep but I felt him standing looking at me.
“Done with your shower?” I asked
“Yes….I even brushed my teeth till I taste blood….I scratched my skin look it’s all red” I said “Am sorry Amanda…..”
“Come here… cold!….your body is warm” I said. Lucas couldn’t believe his ears. He quickly rush to to bed and she nestled on him like a small creature.
I have a plan. Of course I do. Am not going to let this slide. Am just acting because the Runway show is just at the corner.
It was finally today. The halls were decorated and put in order. I was with Jo as he was addressing her man.
“Jo?…..” a voice sounded from behind. We both turned and it was Valencia. I saw her photo at various magazines. She was a famous model. She was skinny and tall….beautiful of course.
“I can’t see Lucas around…” she said
“Oh….he has something to settle he’ll be here soon” Jo smiled
“Who is she? Is she a model?” She pointed at me and I felt like biting her f!ng£rs off.
“No…she’s my secretary….Miss…..”
“I don’t care to know her name….when Lucas come tell him to see me…..he knows where” she said
“Sorry about that” he said and I nodded.
“We are done here right?” I asked
“Yes… should go get ready”
“Am fine like this…..”
“No you’re not…..oh here they are….” he said
“She’s the one Lucas told you about….”
“Please come with us ma….” they drag me along.
“What’s going on?……”
Lucas walked into the set. Someone drag him into hands into the rest room.
“Hehehe….it’s Valencia…you always forget” she said. She locked the door and immediately tear a ¢0nd0m. “I want you…..” she said and unhook Lucas belts.
“Its….Valencia……” she corrected again and immediately started klzzing him.
Lucas of course fell for it and didn’t wait time as he pulled her p@nts off. He fastened the ¢0nd0m on and thrust into her…….
He went deeper and faster. Valencia covered her mouth so she doesn’t scream with his paste. Lucas did same……, he lift her butt and thrust even deeper.
The door knot moved and then a knock followed
“Who’s in there?”
Lucas didn’t care…..he thrust even faster until finally he ¢vm and Valencia reached her org@sm.
Both rested on each other trying to catch there breaths.
“Open the door…..anyone in there?”
“Call the security…..”
Lucas disposed the ¢0nd0m and smirked at Valencia
“That was fun….”
He dressed up and opened the door. Immediately they saw Lucas and Valencia they all understood what happened at the rest room just now. Valencia quickly moved ahead.
Lucas glared at the security man and workers
“You didn’t see anything…” he said
“Yes sir…..” they answered.
Lucas changed and Jo walked in.
“What was that!!!!!” He yelled
“Gosh Jo I know you’ll find out….”
“What has gotten into you!!!! s£× in the bathroom!!!!!!!”
“Look Jo I’ve not have s£× for weeks now….am changing okay”
“What if Amanda finds out?” Jo asked and Lucas eyes where in shock
“Make sure she doesn’t……!!!” He said “please…….it won’t happen again…” he added.
“She’s at the fitting room…..” Jo was so angry at Lucas…..
Before you knew it everywhere was filled up.
“Mr Lucas instructed us to make sure you look pretty tonight…….”
“Thank you……”
“Did you hear the news? He had s£× with her in the bathroom…..”
“No way!!!!”
I heard at the other room. Without being told I knew it was Lucas and that model girl but I wanted to confirm.
“Who?” Someone asked thankful…
“Shhhhh…..” I said to the girl
“Valencia and Lucas…..aaaawwwww am so jealous!!!! I wish I could be the one!!!!!” She said.
I clutch my nails on my dressed.
“Stop!” I said
“Ma…..” the girl heard too…..she had a sad face.
“Wipe everything away from my face……”
“NOW!!!!!” I yelled. She did as she was told.
Jo was informed and quickly rushed to Amanda and met her makeup was wiped off. She was on her old clothes.
“Amanda…..” he called and I frown.
“Jo…..” I said
“Listen to me….he didn’t mean to…..he’s trying…..he……”
“My internship ends this month… can you sing my papers so I can leave?” I asked. Music began to play and the show have started. I could hear people cheering. A man ran in.
“Lucas asked if she’s ready?”
“Go tell him soon” Jo said. “Listen Amanda….Lucas wants to show you to the world that you’re his official girlfriend…..please don’t let what he did spoil this special moment” he said
“Special moments?” I felt my face w€t! I can’t believe I was crying. I mean I know what he’s made off, I wasn’t surprised nor was I hurt….I just felt disappointed. “Jo just sign it….let me leave please…..” I said
Jo went down on his kneels and I was shocked. “Jo what are you doing…….?”
“Just one last time…..please Amanda…..”
“No….no….please stand up Jo…..please….fine fine I’ll do it…..I promise” I said and he stood up.
“Thank you…..” he said with his head lowered and walk out.
The makeup was done again and I was all dressed up.
“Please smile Ma…..” the girl said
“I really wish I could…”
I looked at the mirror and I was so beautiful….I got to admit. The flex gown made me look like a Disney Princess. I wear my heels and was ready to go. Jo walked back in and opened a small box. There was a necklace on it. It was all sparkling and shining.
“It’s beautiful……” I said and he wore it on me.
“Excellent….let’s go….” he gave me his arm and I hooked my hands on them. We walked out.
“What was that necklace just now?!!!”
“Fairy Tears!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe my eyes!!!!!”
“The necklace is beautiful but what’s so great about it?”
“Shut up!!! That necklace is the only one in the world!!!! It cost zillions of dollars…….I can’t even imagine!!!!! How did he get it!!!! It was said to have been kept secret Centuries ago!!! How……..”
The girls gossiped
“Wait here…..Lucas will come get you…” he said and I nodded “please Amanda…….” He added and left.
Lucas saw Amanda and froze. He blinked several times before he walked over to her.
“You look beautiful….” he said and I stare at him but quickly look away….I just found him disgusting. With her reaction Lucas s£nse that she knew.
“You look handsome….thank you for the dress….” I said
“It suits you well…..” he added. “Let’s go….” I nodded.
Everyone watch the beauty in the hands on Lucas. She was eye catching. Many industries began to search which modeling industries she was from if the could buy her. Her beautiful was flawless down to her curves and shapes.
A dress should make a woman pretty but she makes everything beautiful.
Lucas took the mic and said.
“This is the VS main Fashion tonight….” he pointed at me. I was shocked. I was wearing the main dress today! I look at Lucas and he smiled. Everyone began to take photos and I just stood still.
“Oh My God!!!!!…… that’s the Fairy Tear!!!!!!!!”
“Good lords!!!!!”
Everyone freak out, I looked at Lucas and he was all smiling.
“Is it real?”
“Of course it’s real…..I want to use this medium to introduced my girlfriend, Arlington Amanda to the world. From today she’s the rightful owner of the Fairy Tear….and the owner of my heart…..” he said. None of his sweet words entered my ears. My eyes search for that bitch in the crowd and I saw her smiling at me. I swear am breaking her pointed noise and I can’t wait to get out of here.
Lucas walked up to me, hold me waist and pulled me in for a klzz. The anger in me was burning up. Lucas saw She wasn’t responding to the klzz so he quickly broke the klzz and lead me off the stage.
Everyone was in awe.
We got to Lucas dress room. Immediately I pulled the necklace off my neck and put it back in the boss. I want inside and changed to my regular clothes. I washed the makeup off my face. Lucas watch me move here and there.
I place everything on his bed and turned to the door. I tired to open it but it was locked.
“Were are you going?” He asked
“Open the door Lucas…..please….” I said calmly.
“You know……” he said “why ain’t you saying anything to me?. Come yell at me, come beat me up……don’t keep me silent please” he said
“Open the door Lucas…..” I said calmly again without looking at him.
“I know I messed up….am sorry…..but please don’t do this…..I have no excuses for my actions…..Amanda…..”
“If I let you out of this room am going to regret it…..please Amanda……okay….at least take your necklace and dress with you……or let me drop you off” he said
“I swear Amanda….I was tempted… wasn’t what I planned for tonight…… I know I ruined everything……after I introduced you I plan on taking you somewhere beautiful….just you and me……”
“Lucas!!!! I don’t care anymore……” I said with tearing eyes!! “I can’t do this anymore…..let’s end this….” I said
“No Amanda……please”
“You think I’ll love someone like you?, you disgust me….” I yelled. He wanted to walk closer to me “Are you dear I said you disgust me!!!”
“Mandy…..I deserve every word you say…..Please…… I…..I love you….” he said and walked slowly to me.
“Don’t come close to me” I said and he brought the keys out….. I drag it from his hands and open the door.
“If you really walk out of that door, it’s over between us” he said and without looking back I ran out of the room.
The next morning Nora showed me the news of me and Lucas everywhere and the necklace.
“Forget about it….I broke up with him” I said
“He cheated on me. He fv¢ked another girl in the bathroom yesterday”
“Forget about it Nora….am fine” I said.
“Amanda you don’t look fine at all…..stop holding everything in…..please let it out. You’re killing yourself” Nora said and I forced a smile
“There are reports outside……this will give me more customers today” Dad said.
“I’ll go back inside and get some sleep” I said and sluggishly walk upstairs to my room.
I felt nothing…..just empty.
I’ve switched my phone off since last night.
Mr White addressed the Reporters that Amanda was still inside because she was tired yesterday…..they all still decided to wait.
Lucas look too plain. But anger was all over his eyes.
“Amanda gave me her log book to sign on…..she’ll be stopping her internship today….but I haven’t been able to reach her since….where is she?” Jo asked
“I don’t know…..she broke up with me last night……”
“SHE WHAT!!!! What did you do?!!!”
“What did you just say???!!!!” Mrs Harrison yelled as she entered the office with Quinn.
Quinn was Lucas cousin sister. She flew in when she saw the news. She wanted to confirm if it was real and wanted to hang around Amanda. They were same age.
“I saw we broke up……I messed you…..” Lucas swallowed h@rd and sigh.
“Then what are you waiting for? Fix it!” Quinn yelled
“How?!!! The night I made her my official girlfriend I fv¢ked a girl in the bathroom……am messed up!!!! I hate myself!!!!” Lucas yelled everyone was silent. “Go out……now!!!”
Lucas knew he had to do something. He went live.
“Hi everyone……I am Lucas Harrison. Last night you’ll witness how I officially announce my girlfriend to the world. Well, same last night…” he paused and swallowed h@rd “she broke up with me because she found out I messed up. She left the necklace and the dress and left empty handed.
It was all my fault……I sleep with another girl….” he said openly. “That’s why I want to apologize to you Amanda….I love you and I can’t live without you. I want us back together…..I’ll make things right this time. I promise you. Please……I beg with with my life…..I can’t afford to lose you”……….
The news went viral. The reporters at Amanda’s house began to talk and yelled.
Nora saw the news and went to tell Amanda.
“Anda….Anda look Lucas apologize publicly……ahhhh!!!” She yelled when she touched Amanda’s skin. She was burning up and she wasn’t moving or answering “Amanda??” She shook her hands but it fell off. Nora panicked and ran outside calling Mr white. She ran p@ss the reporters “Amanda… Amanda……” she said. mr White and some of his workers ran inside. Only to meet Amanda burning up on the bed and she was unconscious.
Mr White carried her and ran outside. The reporters were busy recording everything. Mr White drove straight to the hospital.
Lucas turn on his TV and watched himself as he apologized to Amanda and sigh. Hoping it’ll work. Then suddenly the news changed. He did pay the to only show his apology till Amanda forgive him…..he frown.
“Earlier today Reporters planted at Amanda’s house who was claimed to be Mr Lucas Harrison’s girlfriend collapsed and was rushed to the hospital……”
“Amanda……Help Amanda…..” the news showed Nora crying and Mr White running inside.
Lucas almost fade when he saw Amanda Ben carries into the car. He stood up and grab his car keys. Just then Jo and Mr Harrison with Quinn ran to his office.
“What hospital?” Lucas asked


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