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The bully boss episode 19 & 20

Lucas was been treated while I waited outside. Soon Jo and Lucas family arrived. Jeremy rushed to me and hugged me
“Are you okay?” He asked I could only nod.
“Nora?” I asked
“She’s with Mr White…Katie is with her don’t worry” he said and I was relief
I looked over at Mrs Harrison of course she was the only one I know “Am sorry it was all my fault…”
“Ssshhhh it wasn’t your fault……” she said
“She’s the one?” A man said
“Yes this is Amanda Arlington….” Mrs Harrison said
“Hmmm….no wonder….” he said and the doctor came out.
“How’s he?” I was the first to ask as I grab the doctors sleeves
“Even though he was on bulletproof the bullet still penetrated him….Luckily we have removed the bullet….he’s asleep now….. I’ll like to speak more with his family….” he said
“Can…..can I go see him?” I asked
“Yes….” he nodded
Seeing she have left the doctor said to the parents “Am sorry but Mr Lucas told me to tell her that….he’s perfectly fine and thanks to the bulletproof he wasn’t hurt, he only have few bruises with will heal soon. I told him he can be discharged but he insisted on staying in the hospital….. I think it’s because of her….” the doctor smiled and walk away.
They couldn’t believe his ears.
“He’s acting childish….” Mr Harrison said
“I told you he likes that girl” she said
“I hope so….hmmm”
“Amanda is a really nice girl she suit Lucas dad am sure” Jeremy said
“Let’s go home….I don’t think Lucas need us here” he said
I rushed into the run and found Lucas lying on the bed. His right hand was bandaged. I walked to him and sat beside him.
I hold his left hands trying h@rd not to cry. I do owe him too much.
Lucas knew it was Amanda that was holding him…..he actually faked his sleep. He opened his eyes slowly and called “Mandy…..?” His voice was low and husky
“Lucas… here…..” I said in a hurry
‘Yes…’s working’ Lucas thought. He tried to stand up
“No….stay still you’re still hurt….” I said and swallow h@rd to stop my tears
“I just want to see your face…..are….are you okay? Hope you’re not hurt?” He asked and the tears rolled down on its own
“No….am… fine….you saved me again….” I said
“See why you should have agreed to date me since, this boyfriend of yours is so capable….” he said and I giggled
“Stop joking around…..this situation is not funny” I scolded
“You’re going to take special care me right?” He asked and I nodded
“Don’t cry too much it’ll make my pains wors£n…..” he added
“I won’t….” I said as I wipe my face
“Am just gonna take a quick nap….don’t go anywhere okay?” He said
“I won’t leave your side……I promise…..” I said and he smiled
Mariam held the new and she jump off her bed….
“What did you say again?” She asked
“Lucas was hurt he’s at the hospital….”
“Oh Jesus Christ…… I’ll go see him…” she said
“No you can’t leave the house….you dad….”
“I don’t care… fiancé is hurt and I deserve to be by his side….” she yelled…..
Lucas didn’t sleep for long….he woke up whining like a child that he’s hungry.
I bought him food.
“Feed me!” He ordered…he was being so bossy. I would glare at him if it was before, now it’s my duty to take care of him. He saved my life. I took the spoon and he smiled and open his mouth….. he frown his face when the food entered his mouth
“It taste sour…” he said I tasted the food and it taste just fine
“No it’s not!” I said
“Maybe it’s because am on medication it taste so sour in my mouth….go get me something else to eat…” he said. I didn’t have a choice. I wrap the food and walk towards the door “be fast am starving…..” he added and I ran.
Seeing she was gone Lucas burst into laughter. “Aaahhh this is funnier than I imagined……”
I came back with rice this time. He was quiet while I set the food. After setting the food, he opened his mouth for me to feed him.
“Aaahhh why is the food so cold!!!” He yelled and I was pissed
“What’s so cold about the food!!!!” I yelled. I was pissed
“You’re scolding me…..?” He asked with a low voice as he pouted his l!ps. He lowered his head and was so cute.
“Am sorry….you’re just being so bossy…..” I said
“Forget….it’s because am picky with food….” he said about to stand up
“No….am sorry it’s my fault….am sorry….” I said but he was already on his feet he looks angry. “Lucas You shouldn’t stand up….” I rush to his side
“What do you care,….if you’re tired of me you can just leave!” His voice was hash and he gr0@n in pains after yelling. Of course Lucas was a good actor.
“Am sorry….please sweetheart…..” I said
“Sweetheart?….you don’t even like me…..after all I’ve done for….”
“I do…… I like you…..” I cut in.
“I know you’re saying all this to make me feel better….” he sat back on the bed. I sat close to him and peck his cheeks maybe that would make him believe me. He looked at me “You think that will make me bel………” I klzzed his l!ps…..
Lucas paused he was surprised……she just klzzed him….and said she likes him……before he could respond to the klzz she draw back.
“I’ll go get you some fruits than…” I said and ran outside.
I came back with multiple fruits not knowing which one he’ll like or dislike. He asked me to cut the fruits and join them together…..he was still bossing me around.
The smile won’t leave his face as I feed him.
“I wand watermelon….” he said I took a piece with a fork and gave it to him. “Feed me with your hands…” he said
“Am I using my legs?” I asked
“You know what I mean…..” he said. I didn’t want us to have an argument again. “Pineapple….” he ordered. I took it with my bare hands and put it on his mouth. He purposely licked my f!ng£rs in every bite. He was smirking at this and I wanted to slap his stupid smirk but I didn’t have a sail.
The door barge opened as a girl walked into the room.
Mariam saw a girl putting food on her fiancé’s mouth. The first thought that came into her mind was one of his slots.
Lucas seems shocked I look back and saw a girl….yeah I was prettier than her I could proudly say.
“Who is she?” I asked Lucas but the girl drag me off the bed. She landed a hot slap on my face…..she opened her purse drag some cash out and throw them at me.
“Get lost you slot!” She yelled.
“Mariam….what do you think you’re doing!!!!!” Lucas yelled.
This was why I don’t want to date him…..people would think am his slot or his fv¢k buddy……
“I thought if I gave you time you’ll change Lucas…..but no…..even at the hospital you still brought a prostitute in!!!!” She yelled
“For Christ sake she’s not a prostitute……!!!!!”
I watch them yelled at each other……I couldn’t take the swaying insults anymore…… I bend down and picked the cash she threw at me.
Lucas was surprised to see what Amanda did but Mariam smiled “I said it!!!! You can never lie to me Lucas……!!!! She’s a slot!!!…..”
“She’s not a sl…….”
“Thanks for the cash………but it’s not enough to leave him…..” I said and threw it back at her. “Look I don’t know who the fv¢k you are….but no one dare to hit me……” I said
“Ohhh…’s like you don’t know me…..”
“I’ll give you five seconds to get out of my face or I’ll make you…” I cut in
“Are you crazy!!!!” She yelled
“You must be out of your mind…..Lucas here is my fiancé……”
“4…..!!!!…..5…..” I drag her and landed a slap on her face…..immediately I grab her hair and pulled her out of the ward…..I push her out and shut the door with the lock.
“I’ll go wash my hands….” I said to Lucas. As I wash my hands I look at myself in the mirror. Two months left till my internship ends when it does I hold this nightmare ends.
I came back and met Lucas standing by the door.
“Why are you standing here?” I asked
“Are you okay?” He asked and I smiled.
Lucas was surprised to see her smile. Her face was red.
“Why? Thought I’ll start crying and blame you?” I asked and he nodded. “Go lye down….I’ll go outside to get some juice….am tasty” I said
Mariam drove to the Harrison’s. She was so angry. A cheap slot humiliated her.
She slam the door and ring the door bell.
Once the maid opened the door she barge in.
“Excuse me…….” the maid paused when she saw it was Mariam.
Mariam knows the house quiet well. She made her way to Mr Harrison. She knows well Mrs Harrison don’t like her that much.
“Father-in-law…..” she yelled and whine as she ran to him with tears in her eyes.
“Mariam…..why are you crying?” He asked….Mrs Harrison and Jeremy walked in.
“One of Lucas slots slap me!!!!” She yelled
“I was nice enough to try to pay her off but she slapped me and drag my hair….”
“Sounds more like Anda….” Jeremy whispered to his stepmother
“Amanda Amanda…….”
“What!!!!! Does she knows who you are? Where is she…? Where did you meet her?!” He yelled
“I heard the news and rushed to be with my fiancé at the hospital…..take care of him like a wife should do but then I saw her…..feeding him…..” she said with a disgusted face.
“What slot?….you mean the guy she’s quiet very very pretty?” He asked
“Yes…” she whine
“She’s not a slot….as a matter of fact she’s Lucas girlfriend….” Mrs Harrison cut in
“What!!!!! Am Lucas fiancée….” Mariam yelled
“Yes you still are” Mr Harrison added
“No she’s not!”
“You really think Lucas like that girl….am telling you he’s just using her and when he’s done he’s going to marry Mariam as I say!!!!” He yelled
“What if he wish to spend the rest of his life with her?” She said
“Fine….am good with it but if he break up with her whether he likes it or not he’s marrying Mariam….”
Lucas was worried if Mariam would ruin his plans with Amanda.
“Ain’t you angry?” He asked
“Yes am very angry… angry with the fact that you’ve slept with so many girls and the fact that am dating you… you know how it feels…..!” I yelled “now that god forsaken bitch came here and slapped me….she did throw good cash at me and then what?! She called me your slot….” I added
“The things I’ve done to you I’ve never done to any girl in my life….I took a bullet for you….saved you twice… trying to change for you….and you’re scolding me?” He said quietly
“You were the one who asked me if I was angry….. what? Should I have lied to you?” I asked
“Am hungry….” he suddenly talked outside the topic “I want good food am tired of these hospital food” he said.
“Lucas it’s already 11 pm….where do you expect me to get food from?” I asked
“Well….you can either go get me food or I’ll eat you…” he said….his naughty words are beginning to come out of his mouth.
“What!!!!” I yelled
I was sitting at the side of his bed, he drag me to lay down and immediately he was on top of me.
I struggle and hit his chest……
“Aaaahhhhh that hurts….don’t hit me….!!!” He whine
“Get off me then….!” I said
“You do know I have a gunshot injury….I shouldn’t be moving too much or the wound will deepen….so stay still…..” he said
“You’re good at taking advantage on every little opportunity you have” I said
“Am a businessman…… and a boyfriend….oh I heard a joke earlier and wanted to tell you” he said
“A joke?”
“I’ve never said a joke before so make sure you laugh even though it’s not funny” he ordered and I giggled “ok….look at my shirt, guess what material it’s made of?” He said
“You’re wearing hospital clothes….but you’ll say boyfriend material, right?” I answered
“Damn Mandy you’re no fun!” He rolled away from me. I started laughing….. I hold my stomach, he calls that a joke? I saw him looking at me smiling…. “what???….hahaha” I laughed h@rder
“Am just happy to see you laugh and Am the reason behind it…” he said.
“It’s late Lucas…..let’s get some sleep…” I said and moved closer to him.
“You’re sleeping with me?” He asked
“Am not sleeping with you, Am just lying beside you” I said and he chuckled
“Anyhow…… I love it”
The next morning I woke up first. Lucas was still fast asleep. Something was off… the days we’ve spent at the hospital no nurse or doctor have come to check on him or give him treatments. So I went down to ask.
“Mr Harrison Lucas?” The nurse asked
“Yes please….”
“He’s been due for discharge for four days now” she said
“What? Please check again….he has a gunshot injury….” I said
“Gunshot? He only has bruises on his body nothing more….we did told him to leave the hospital but he refused saying he doesn’t feel fine. Maybe you should talk to him….this is a hospital not a hotel room” she said
“So you’re saying Lucas doesn’t have a gunshot injury?” I asked
“No…..look at his scan and healthy records” she show it to me “he’s perfectly fine”
I came back to the room, Lucas pouted when he saw me.
“Mandy….you left me alone on the bed” he said “Am hungry what did you get today?” He added
“What you ordered for” I said coldly
“Come feed me….”
“Wow…..aaahhhh now my chest hurts….don’t yell at me didn’t I tell you before……..”
“To what? If you can’t feed yourself then starve!” I said
“Cold blooded girlfriend…” He cursed
“Am proud” I replied. I was boiling already I couldn’t hold it back anymore I walked to him, drag his shirt off and drag the bandage off him……Lo and Behold!!!!! His smooth chest revealed no injury.
“Mandy….I…..I can explain…..” he said
“Yes…..go on explain…..” I said
“I can explain….” he said again “I……”
“Explain…..!!!” I yelled
“Am sorry I lied…..I just wanted more time with you…..Mandy……I…’s…..” he wasn’t making s£nse but I gave him time “I wanted to be with you….if you had known nothing was wrong with me you wouldn’t have stay with me” he said
“So you lied? Do you know how worried I was? How much I blamed myself?!” I yelled
“Yes so what? It’s all your fault in the first place if only you didn’t fight with me that night, you won’t have been adopted!” He yelled back
“Yes it’s my fault I accept but at least am not a liar like you!” I yelled
“Liar???!!!! Call me liar one more time?!!” He yelled
“Lucas you’re a Big!! Fat!!! Liar!!!!!” I yelled
“I’ve had it with you!!!! Get out!!!!” He yelled
“I’ll happily do!!!” I grab my bag and walk out of the room
It’s been a week Lucas and I haven’t talked. The Runway show was just at the corner. Jo and I have been really busy.
Nora and I now live with Mr White after he adopted us.
Nora has resumed school, I haven’t heard from dad nor Nora’s mom.
“Amanda let’s go” Jo said.
Today was the final meeting of the VS fashion show in cooperation with our company.
I followed Jo behind and entered the hall. I was to pres£nt the preparations to the shareholders and stockholders.
My eyes met Lucas and he frown at me, I too returned the frown.
Jo observe these two. They were so alike.
After everything Jo handed me the do¢vments and told me to go ahead of him.
I was at the office when my telephone rang.
“Yes…this is Amanda….”
“Miss Amanda someone is here to see you, Said his name was Alexander” I heard
“Alexander? I don’t know anyone with that name….” I said
“Show I have him leave….?”
“No no no I’ll be there… on my way” I said.
Jo watch Lucas
“Why are you staring at me?” Lucas asked
“You two haven’t settled things yet? You’re been childish!” Jo said
“She insulted me….she should apologize first…”
“Lucas….you two wronged each other and am very such you wronged her first, you grab her butt, lied to her…..she has every right to call you a liar!” Jo said
“So what?! I saved her life and I’ve done so many things for her….she should be worshipping me” Lucas said
“That’s where you are wrong Lucas….Amanda is not that kind of girl…she got pride and dignity which she use well….even if you give her the whole world she’ll never let you owe her” Jo said and left Lucas baffled.
I got to the lobby and met a tall figure. He turned to look at me with a bright smile on his face.
“Anda…..!!!!” He called indicating that he knows me well enough to call me Anda.
He walked closer to hug me but I moved back “You don’t remember me? It’s Alex….Alexander….” he said
“From where please?” I asked
“Aaahhh this brain of yours….am nurse brother….remember the nurse that treated you back then?….. am her brother….you used to call me your husband when we were little….”
“Wait…..Alex????……Oh My God!!!!!! Alex it’s really you!!!!!” I yelled and hugged him.
“Yes…..I missed you Anda….I can’t believe it…” he broke the hug and look at me “see how beautiful you’ve become….”
I turned around “of course……” we laughed
“Let’s go have a sit….” I said and lead him into the cafeteria.
“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” I asked
“I wanted it to be a surprise….I’ve been in town for over a week now….the first thing I did was to look for you….it was h@rd until I got information that you work here….it’s amazing Anda….you work at one of the most biggest companies”
“Stop flirting me… just an intern here….you know am still in school….by the way am really busy. I can’t spend time with you …. I’ll have to go back in” I said and he smiled
“I understand….so when will you be less busy?”
“Maybe two weeks from now….”
“Ok…when do you close from the office….I want to come pick you up everyday”
“Am currently don’t have a specific closing time this period….but as from two weeks time I close by five” I said
“Ok see you then….” he said and klzzed my forehead…before I could react he walked away.
I got back to the office and meet Jo.
“Amanda where’s the do¢vments and file I asked you to drop in my tables?” He asked
“They are there…..I dropped them at the table already “
“Are you sure? I can’t find them” he said
“Am sure……I dropped them here” but the table was empty. “They were here when I left…..” I panicked.
“What do you mean by that? Where are the files Amanda??”
“I….. they were here…..”
“Do you know what that files contain? How could you carelessly leave it here!!!! Now were is it??!!!” Jo yelled.
The news got to Lucas. Immediately he went to the CCTV room to view the footage
When he saw me the look on his face made me scared. I wasn’t scared of him but I was scared of what will happen if the files are not found.
The footage showed I let the office and everything about Alex……. Lucas saw him klzzed Amanda on her forehead. It provoked him more.
“You left you post and my files just to meet your stupid boyfriend!!!!!” He yelled
“…..” I couldn’t say anything.
“The Runway show is just around the corner!!!! Where is the file!!!!” He yelled at me
“I…..I don’t know….I left it at the desk…..when…when I left….” I said.
“Sir….this guys name is Alexander…..he works for De Marco…..” one of the security men said.
“I think whoever stole the files deleted the footage….we have a mole in this company….”
“Call the police….” Lucas said and turned to me “and arrest her….” he added and I was shocked, So was everyone
“Lucas…..” Jo tried to say something
“Make sure she doesn’t get bailed, until she tell me where my files are!!!!” He said and walk outside.
Jo followed Lucas
“What do you think you’re doing…..Amanda has nothing to do with this!”
“Know your place Jo….am your boss and I do whatever I want!!!!” He yelled.
I was handcuffed out of the building…..everything happened so fast. I couldn’t even think. I did put the files on the table…..
They took me to the interrogating room.
“We should take things easy…don’t you think?” A man came out of the dark and sat in front of me.
“I didn’t do anything!” I said
“I never said you did, well…..” he paused and smiled “Who ordered you to steal the files?”
“What!!!!! I already explained…..”
“Shut the fv¢k up and answer my questions directly!!!!” He yelled
“Ok…am sorry but I didn’t take the files” I said
“I never said you did but you must have s£nt someone to help you right?” He said
“No I didn’t”
“Ok well….who is this little boyfriend of yours?” He showed me Alex picture
“He’s not my boyfriend…..”I said and he smiled
“Then Who is he? Here he’s klzzing you!” He showed me another picture
“He’s my childhood friend….he suddenly showed up at the company to see me….wait are you suspecting Alex too?! He has nothing to do with this!!!” I said
“You’re taking his back, how impressive…now tell me where your boyfriend is” he said
“I don’t know….he just showed up and he’s not my boyfriend…..”
“Then Who is your Boyfriend?” He asked.
Lucas was watching all along……so was Jo.
“I can’t tell you…..”
“You could go to jail for this… messed with the Harrison’s family…..the company…… wait wait….. who is your boyfriend?” He asked
“I can’t tell you….”
“Is it De Marco?” He asked
“THEN TELL ME YOU BITCH!!!!” He yelled
“Lucas this is too much…why are you doings this? You know it’s not Amanda!” Jo said
“I know it’s not her but the fact that she let the suspect use her makes me angry!!!!” He yelled
“You’re just jealous…..” Jo said.
The inspector went out and approached Lucas
“Sir that girl won’t admit the truth, she won’t even tell who her boyfriend is” he said
“Don’t worry we already know her boyfriend and we know it’s not her!” Jo got angry and went to Amanda.
“You already know her boyfriend? Good we should go arrest him too” he said and Lucas glared at him
“Stupid!!! AM HER BOYFRIEND!” He yelled and the man jumped back in fear. Lucas matched into the room to see Amanda only to see Her hugging Jo….he just get angry seeing her with another man.
I saw Lucas by the door. I quickly let go of Jo and ran to him.
“Lucas I….I can explain…..” I said “I swear I have nothing to do with this….I know it was my fault….”
“The guy who dared to klzz you who is he?” He asked
“Alexander…..just a childhood friend…” I said
“How often do you meet up with him?” His voice was heavy
“I haven’t seen him for years now…the last time I saw him was when I was 10…..” I said
“He used you to get my files!!” He said his voice was calm now
“Am sorry…..if you give me time I can…..”
“Do what?” He moved closer to me “fix it?…. you don’t have to…..that’s the fake file they stole…” he said and smiled


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