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The bully boss Episode 13 & 14

The next morning my write was fine. I got dressed and head to company. I matched in boldly, all eyes were on me. ‘Who cares?’
I sat at Jo’s office waiting for him. Come to think of it I never thought Betty wound has stoop so low to sleep with Lucas.
‘I mean what’s so s£×y about him? Well he has nice body inside his suits but so what? His attitude is disgusting’ I thought. I felt a hand tap my shoulders. I flinch back and saw Jo.
“I wonder what you were thinking about” he smiled
“Sorry….Nothing much” I replied.
“So…..?” He asked
“I’ll accept your offer…..I want to work to fill my project book and for what I owe” I said and he nodded
“That’s good….p@ss me those files…” he pointed at the sofa. I grab the files and handed it to him. “Glaze through this sells and report back to me the growth of the products….” he added
“What about….interview?” I asked
“You’re always my secretary don’t worry about that” he said. “You can sit at the sofa….I’ll tell someone to fix your desk” he said and I nodded
I studied the file and met there was so much lack of Utility.
It didn’t take much time before I went back to him.
“So?” He asked
“This clothes are produced with too much Gucci and Versace sign….I think people are tired of it…..the fashion taste no longer satisfy them…so there is lack of utility “ I said and he nodded
“I never thought of that! We’ll be hosting the new Victoria’s Secret fashion soon. Our company will be lunching the fashion….so if we add some more VS taste to it….”
“It’ll sells great” I said
“Great Amanda….so great….”
“Thank you Jo”
“Oh tomorrow we’ll be getting on a trip to Paris….there we’ll be attending the first VS fashion runway.” He said
“We….?” I frown.
“What? You don’t want to go?” He asked
“It’s not that….Paris? Vs fashion runway? Who would want to miss that….but….”
“Don’t worry about your transportation and stuffs….you’re my secretary….so the company will provide it for you….so you want to come with me?” He asked and I nodded.”Good, just so you know the boss and Betty will be coming too” he added
“Don’t worry…..I wish to go” I said and he smiled.
“We’ll be heading first….Lucas and Betty would join us tomorrow….” he said
“Tomorrow???? That means we’ll be going today?” I asked
“Yes….as a matter of fact, right now!” Jo said.
Mr Harrison mocked his wife.
“He fired her….I thought you said he’s in love with her, tell me! Why would he fire the person he’s in love with?” I asked
“He’s just trying to push her away….am not giving up yet….that’s why I told Jo to employ her as his secretary” she said
“We all know Mr Jo hate having secretaries….?” He mocked again
“Well….not that girl….she’s too special….you’ll see” she said
“Stop playing dumb woman….Mariam will be back soon and immediately she comes Am announcing her engagement to Lucas” he said
“You have four sons! Why is it always Lucas?” She asked
“Can’t you see woman? He’s…..”
“He’s not what? We made him like that! Instead of looking for a way to fix him, you’re trying to push him away…. Your father is dead now so Lucas is free…so I’ll try to change him” she said
“It’s not my fault that my father loved him and spoilt him!…..”
“Then whose fault! We both know the kind of person your father is but we still let him go live with him…..”
“Father! Mom! Enough!” Desmond yelled.
Desmond is the eldest son and just arrived home for aboard to see his parents arguing about his brother Lucas. He told his wife to take the kids in.
“Desmond…’re back!” Mrs Harrison said
“Mother….” he went and hugged her
“Am sorry you had to….”
“No it’s fine….father how have you been?” He cut in
“Welcome home son….I’ve been good” he smiled.
“Ronald will be home by tomorrow” he said
Ronald was the second eldest son. He runs one of his fathers companies at Los Angelos.
“Wow that’s great….I’ve missed you all….” she said. “I’ll go say hi to my grand children” she added and left.
“Desmond… really happy to see you” Mr Harrison said.
“Me too father….I have a lot to tell you” he said.
Desmond was really close to his father.
Bernardo couldn’t get the image of that girl off his head. The fact that he let he sl!pped off his f!ng£rs before sleeping with her annoys him. So he had told some of his men to track Amanda’s where about.
Bernardo was playing naughty with some girls who was halfway n@k£d.
“Boss….we’ve found out her whereabout but….”
“But what!!! Tell me!!! You found my little birdie….” he said in excitement
“She’s living on the Harrison’s properties” he said
“What? So what?!!! Can’t you just kidnap her and bring her to me?” He yelled
“Sir….it won’t be that easy to get…..”
“Shut up you bastard before I b!0w your head off!” He yelled
“Yes sir….”
“Why are you quiet? Tell me how to get her!!!” Bernardo yelled
“But you told me to shut…” his eyes met with Bernardo and he quickly started talking “Yes….so I’ve planned a way to get her….she goes to work by 7 every morning and returns by 5. She doesn’t work on week end…she goes to see her family….so I plan on getting her on week end. It won’t be suspicious to the Harrison…he’ll think she’s with her family….then you can have her for two days Sir….” he smirk.
“That’s why I like you a lot … good ideas always comes from your brain. Here….I give you permission to fv¢k which ever girl you want tonight…..Hahaha….” he said and the boy was so excited. It was rare for Bernardo to share his women with any of his men.
We arrived in Paris late at night. I was so exhausted. We lodge at some hotel. I crashed on my bed and slept immediately.
The next day I freshen up quickly and look out the window “Paaaaarrrrriiiiiiissssssss am in Paris. It is so beautiful!!!” I enjoyed the scenery when my phone rang. It was Jo.
“Good afternoon Amanda….you just woke up?” He asked
“Nope….I’ve already freshen up” I said
“Good…come meet me at the lobby…we have work to do” He said
I went to the lobby, I met Jo. He was on casual wear. I thought I might have dressed up too much. I was wearing my normal work outfit.
“Loos£n up Amanda….why dress up like this?” He asked
“What….I thought you said….we….We’ll be working?” I asked
“That doesn’t mean you should dress up so tight like we’re in the office. Go change….dress casually and free….it’s like going on a vacation and working” he said and I laughed and ran back to the elevator.
I wore a simple gown and some bare of sl!ppers. I tied my hair to a ponytail. I hop hop hop down to the lobby.
“What do you think?” I asked
“Wow….good good….now let’s eat while working” he said
“This is fun” I replied
Lucas called Jo. It was normal for Jo to always travel ahead of him. He was used to it.
“Hello sir” Jo answered
“How’s it going over there?”
“We’ve just cross checked some do¢vments…some we’ll be going over to ****** Fashion Company for their suggestions” Jo said
“We? Did you say we? Who’s there with you?” Lucas asked
“My secretary of course” Jo replied
“Jo…am done with this file….” Lucas heard Amanda’s voice at the phone.
“You took her to Paris with you?” Lucas sound angry.
“She’s my secretary….”
“Your secretary? She my…..”
“You fired her Sir….so she doesn’t work for you anymore….am busy now…when you come over we’ll talk” Jo said and ended the call.
Lucas was so angry. Amanda was there alone with Jo. He trust Jo but his mind was not settled with the fact that Amanda was with another man in another country. Now Jo is just another man to him.
Without another thought Lucas called Betty. Asked her to gather all important files
“Sir I thought We’ll be leaving tonight…”
“No….we’re leaving now!!!” He yelled. He was angry.
Betty immediately gather all the files and followed Lucas.
Jo and I went to many companies. I was exhausted. It was my first time Jo complimented me well.
“We’ll be going to the last company, De Marco’s company” he smiled
“Wow….I’ve seen that company in magazines… it’s cool” I said
“Yes…but not as much as ours…they’re the most important of them all…but the CEO is not a good terms with Lucas…he may look nice but he’s a devil….so don’t get too used to his charms and niceness” Jo said and I nodded.
We went out inside the company. They welcome us well. The took us to the meeting room. It was beautiful.
“Mr De Marco will be joining you soon, and so is other shareholders… you want anything to freshen up?” The lady asked
“No…we are good…” Jo said
“I’ll like some water” I said and she nodded.
“So can you pres£nt the project?” Jo asked me and I was surprised
“What? Me? Pres£nt?” I asked
“Yes Amanda…it was all your idea…”
“What if I mess it up” I asked
“Then I’ll take full responsibility….don’t worry” he said
“You sure I can do this?” I asked
“Yes….you can” He said and patted my shoulders. I was bold and confidence that I can do it but then….when hefty men with strong faces started entering the room…all my boldness and confidence…..died!!!!!!!!
Jo seem to noticed.
“Amanda can I ask you something?” He said and I nodded “Are you afraid of Lucas?”
I frown “hell No!!” I almost yelled
“You see all these men here? They fear and worship Lucas….now if you can face Lucas am sure you can face them and kick their @ss out!” He said.
I smiled “ok…..”
“Mr De Marco is here” someone announced and the man walk in. He was young like Lucas….they were almost the same age, I guess.
He had a calm look. He was handsome. He look at me and gave me a warm smile with I returned. He went to Jo and shook hands with him.
“Sorry I kept you waiting….We’ll have to hurry….I have another appointment today….please” he said. He talk with so much respect. Why would Jo criticize him?.
“This is my secretary Miss Amanda Arlington” Jo introduced “she’ll be pres£nting today”
“Hello…Miss Amanda…” he offered his hands to me.
I shook his hands….they were so soft and smooth “Hi…” I could only say. He smiled
“Do well….” he whispered and went to sit down.
I look at the strong faces staring at me. I frown back to me and began to pres£nt. Soon their faces softened. Some even nodded but De Marco kept smiling.
I hurried and wrap up everything. Everyone gave me an applause.
“We agree to the terms….” De Marco said.
I went outside and Jo wrap up the contract signing with them.
“You did a great Job today….so am treating today. Jeremy told me you like ice cream….so I’ll be taking you to the most expensive ice cream shop in Paris” Jo said and I numb up excited.
“So you’re an ice cream lover?” We heard De Marco said from behind.
I look at Jo before I replied “Yes…”
“Well that’s good….if you don’t mind…my family owes the shop he’s telling you about….I’d like to treat you there” he said and I look surprised “hey….don’t think too much….we three can go…” he said
“Sure…..” I replied cause it was awkward to say no and Jo wasn’t saying anything.
“Let’s go” He hold my hands and drag me along.
Lucas saw the news that De Marco has signed the contract to work with the Harrison’s company.
Lucas smiled but then he saw another news.
‘De Marco treats Jo Secretary Amanda and Jo in an ice cream shop’ in the photo Amanda was smiling graceful. Lucas eyes were on her…she had never smiled for him like this before….how dare Jo allow her have ice cream treat with De Marco.
Lucas was more angry.
“Sir the….”
“SHUT UP BETTY!” Lucas yelled and put the anger at Betty. “ Go tell the pilot to hurry….I want to get to Paris as quick as possible!” He said.
Jo wasn’t happy.
“Don’t get to close to him he’s not a good person “ he said to me at our way back to the hotel.
“I know what am doing Jo don’t worry” I replied and he nodded.
Of course De Marco promise to treat me again.
“Lucas will be here this night maybe we’ll meet him by tomorrow morning” he said and I nodded.
That night Lucas jet landed in Paris. A car was already waiting to transport him to his hotel.
“What hotel did Jo lodge in?” He asked
“******* hotel” the driver said
“Good take me there” Lucas said.
Betty thought this trip will be another opportunity for her to sleep with Lucas again….she could seduce him like she did back then in his office.
They got to the hotel. Lucas waited in the car as Betty and the driver when to get the rooms.
“Am sorry Ma…all rooms are occupied” the receptionist said
“What? We really need a room at this hotel!” Betty said
“Am really sorry Ma, I’ll call our other branch to make reservations for you if you don’t mind?” She said
“I’ll go discuss it with my boss” Betty went back to the car.
“Why did you take so long to just book for two rooms?” Lucas was burning up
“Sir I couldn’t book any room they said the hotel was filled up, she said she’ll call the other branch to make reservations….”
“No…..” Lucas cut in and dialed Jo’s number. It was late in the night.
Jo picked the call, he wasn’t asleep yet.
“Am outside your hotel, I wanted to lodge at this hotel too but it’s filled up….mind if I share a room with you?” He asked
“Sir you could go to another hotel!, why this one?” of course Jo knows why.
“I like this hotel that’s all, so what do you say?” He asked
“Its okay by me, but what about your secretary?” Jo said. Betty most have been with him.
“Oh…she can…use the hotel near by!” He said and ended the call before Jo would protest.
“Sir what should we do?” Betty asked
“Am sharing the room with Jo….. there is a motel near by…you can use that….”
“Since you’re sharing a room with Jo why can’t I share with Amanda? I heard she now work with Jo” Betty said
“You’ve slept with me once…..and she knows I don’t think she’ll like that” he smiled and left the car.
Betty was so embarr@ssed.
“What’s so special about that Amanda!!!!” She yelled “take me to a motel!” She said to the driver
The next morning I noticed that I didn’t give Jo the files before I slept off. I quickly package them and ran to Jo room which was opposite to mine.
“Jo….Jo….” I knock at the door. He had told me to make sure u summit them before going to bed.”J….” the door opened and I was shocked. It was Lucas.
Lucas looked at the girl in front of him. She was still on her nightgown which was revealing. Even though her hair was messy and face were swollen due to stress, she was still beautiful.
“Good morning sir, is Jo in?” I asked.
“He’s in the shower” he replied. ‘Thank God he wasn’t acting stupid today..’ I thought
“P@ss this to him…” I said. While he collected the file his hands purposely touch mine. I walk back to my room and shut the door.
‘Lucas is here…..this is going to be tough!’ I said to myself
I came to the lobby. Jo and I were on casual wear but Lucas and Betty were heavily loaded🤣.
I swallowed my laughter and looked at Jo. He too noticed and nodded. He was holding his laughter too. I couldn’t hold it back anymore. I burst into laughter and Jo joined me.
Lucas frown as he saw Amanda laughing heartily with Jo.
“Am sorry…” I cleared my throat and so did Jo.
“De Marco have signed the contract….we’ve selected some of the models here in Paris and Asia….”
“Yes I saw that. The VS fashion show will be one of our biggest achievement in our company. I’ll meet De Marco personally today….Amanda will be coming with me” Lucas said
“She’s my secretary….you should take Betty” Jo protested
“Betty will share my information with you and Amanda will share yours with me….No further arguments….” he said. Jo looked at me, I was already angry. I know Lucas won’t leave me alone as far he’s here. He’s just trouble to me.
“Let’s go Betty….I’ll go change” Jo said
“You should go change too Mandy…” Lucas smirk
“I don’t have to change am fine like this!” I said rudely. I was on a mini gown which was handless.
“Ok let’s go…” He stuff his hands into his pocket and took large steps away with his long legs. I whine and frown after him with my do¢vments on my hands.
He told his driver to go away that he’ll be driving. I wanted to sit on the back seat, trying to avoid him by all means.
“What do you think you’re doing? Am I your driver or something? Come sit at the front with me” he said.
‘With me…..!!!!!’ I said irritatedly in my mind. I took the front seat. He rolled up the gl@ss and turned the AC on.
On the way it began to rain heavily. Like a storm was coming.
“I don’t think we can make it to De Marco…I’ll reverse” he said. He tried to reverse but suddenly the car sink. He hit the accelerator over and over again but it wasn’t working.
“fv¢k!!!!” He cursed.
“What’s happening?” I asked
“I’ll go check,….” he opened the door and went into the cold rain. He soon rushed back in, he was w€t “the car sink” he said
“WHAT!!!!” I yelled
“Ahh my clothes are w€t!…” he gr0@n
“Lucas we are in the middle of nowhere…no houses nearby…. just bushes and big tries…like a forest and all you could think of is your w€t clothes??!!!!” I lost it….he’s a bad luck to my life
“Stop panicking….”
“I am not panicking!!! Am stuck in here with you!!! You of all people!” I was angry, I wanted to even cry. I hate him so much.
“It’s not so bad after all….I have a little Villa near by…” he said.
“So….?” I asked
“A storm is coming Mandy..we can’t
stay here in the car…what if a tree fall down on us….” he tries to scare her “or the wind b!0w the car away into the sea with us inside of it….Well am a good swimmer, are you?” He asked
“Whatever am not leaving this car…” I said
“Aaahhhh am cold!!!….Suit yourself Mandy….am going” he opened the car and left.
I was inside all alone then the thought of a tree landing on the car scared me a lot….I don’t want to die….!
I quickly opened the door… the rain was too cold I almost went back in….the wind was too much.
“Wait for me!!!!” I yelled but my voice was nothing compared to the noise the rain was making. I ran after him and grab his arm.
He removed my hands from his arm, wrap them on my shoulders and drew me close.
“Stay close….”he said.
His body was warm despite the cold, but I could feel him shiver every time.
Soon I saw the little house….
We rushed in.
He dry his hands first and quickly turn the power on. The house brighten up.
“Go shower first…” he pointed at the bathroom. I ran in without haste.
I took my time to enjoy the warm bath but I look back at the door to ensure the naughty guy don’t Come sneaking on me. I took the big towel and wrap my body.
I came out and met a pair of boxers and a sleeve on the sofa.
“You’re done?” He walked in drying his w€t hair “the house have two bathroom….” he smiled. I took the clothes he was smiling at me
“Well???….” I said
“Well what?” He asked
“Look away….I want to dress up” I said but he refused. With my towel still on I wore the sleeve and the boxers before I took the towel off
“I can’t believe I still found that s£×y” he said and I glared at him “this is kinda a weather for two…if I was home I’d have bring in a hot girl to sleep with..” he added, I ignore him as lye down at the sofa. “Mandy…”
“Don’t call me that!!!” I said
“I can call you anything I want” he said but I didn’t say anything to him. He suddenly sneezed. “Ahh am cold” he said
“You should go use the bedroom ….to bad the house have only one bedroom….” he said
“Am fine here” I replied he sneezed again…”alright I’ll be inside….” his voice was a bit off when he said that. ‘Was He sick?’ I wondered ‘nah I don’t care’
Inside the room Lucas was so cold.
“fv¢k!!!” He cursed as lye on the bed.
I walked inside his room.
“Lucas are you okay?” I asked
“Mandy…..?” His voice was so low and weak. I rushed to him. “Mandy….why are you here?” He smiled weakly.
I touched his neck and he was burning up “you’re sick!” I said.
“You shouldn’t be in here with me….I might lose control…”
“Stop saying nons£nse….I’ll go get some water” I rushed out of the room.
I came back with a bowl of water and my towel.
“Aaahhhh Mandy don’t touch me with that….it’s too cold” he whine like a little child and cover his body with the heavy blanket
“It’s for your own good!” I said trying to drag the blanket off his face
“Aaaahhhh no no….am cold and you still want to touch me with cold water….I know you hate me but not to this extent” he whine
“Leave me alone Amanda….I don’t want to…” he gr0@n like a child.
I look over his shelves and found some cold pills….lucky day.
“Here take this pills first” I said
“Ewww no I hate pills” he said
“Lucas….stop!” I said
“If I take the pills you’ll cuddle me?” He asked, even in his state he was naughty. I couldn’t say no, it was my fault he fell sick.
“Fine…” I said and he looked at me with his weak eyes
“Sure?” He asked and pouted
“Yes yes….now take them quickly….” I said… I took a bottle of water….
Surprisingly he opened his mouth like a baby “aahhhh put it in….” I have no choice…I put the pills in his mouth and he frown and quick drank the water. “Aaahhhhhh wanna throw up…..” he said
“Lucas don’t you dare!!!! Here drink more water” I said and he quickly grab the bottle.
“Aaahhhh it’s so cold….” he said
“Here let me put this cold towel on you…”
“No way… way….” he yelled
“If you agree I’ll klzz you” I said playing his games with him.
“Really?” He asked
“Am a woman of my word” I said and he smirk. He lye still…..but when the cold towel touch him he flinch. His body temperature was too hot.
“This won’t do….take your shirt off” I said and he cried
“I know you’ve been dying to see my body” he said again and I couldn’t help but laugh.
“Stop Lucas….”
“Am glad I made you laugh….” his voice was fading. I unbutton his shirt and his body revealed. Yeah I know I shouldn’t say this but he was very hot….yeah he has fever but let me use the word s£×y. Each muscles were perfectly built.
“You like what you see?” His voice interrupted me and brought me back to reality.
“Shut up!” I blushed and clean his body.
He was quite for a long time he was asleep.
He look pale but peaceful not the naughty bully boss.
I wonder what tomorrow’s gonna hold….the storm doesn’t look like it’ll stop either and trap in here with Lucas………………


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