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September 25, 2021


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The bully boss Episode 11 & 12

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Jo walked into Lucas office and was shocked when he saw him with swollen injured lips, bruised face and a bandaged thumb.
“Sir what happened? Who did this to you?” Jo panicked
“It was Amanda” he said softly
“Amanda!!!!” Jo yelled
“That girl is crazy….all I did was kiss her and then she….”
“You kissed her?!” Jo yelled
“I disciplined her….she was being rude to me” Lucas said
“Okay…..” jo could only say. “I just came to remind you about the Fashion show in Paris….you’ll have to be there”
“Excellent!!!!! Am taking Amanda with me” Lucas said
“She’s not a professional, you should take Katy with you…..”
“Nope….I want to take Amanda don’t worry…’ll be fun” Lucas smirk.
“Then I’ll have to go with you too, I’ll book a flight for three….”
“Amanda and I will use first class…you should give us distance….”
“Why do you want to take Amanda with you? Am not sure she’ll every agree to have sex with you….or is it not about sex you’re after her?” Jo asked, I was by the door listening
“What else if not sex….after I devour her she’ll be like trash to me….” I heard him reply and I entered the office.
“It’s closing hours sir….I’ll be on my way” I said.
“Ok Amanda…”Jo said. I grab my bag and left.
“Aahhh she’s hot” I heard Lucas said as I left the office. He’s a mad man.

I went to the hospital to see Nora. She was happy to see and and whine that I don’t come to visit her frequently.
“Am just busy that’s why” I said and she smiled
“The doctor said ill be discharged next week….you’ll come pick me up right?” She asked
“I don’t know….I’ll check if I can take a day leave at work”
“Ok sister…..” she smiled. My stepmother was there. She was quiet and didn’t dare look at me.

I spend two hours with Nora and left the hospital by 8.
I went to the house Jeremy lens to me. It was really comfortable. It really nice to leave alone in a small luxurious house.
My mind flash back to the kiss, on its own. Suddenly I felt disgusting and quickly stuck some candies in my mouth so I don’t throw up.
“Aaaaahhh why am I thinking about it… so disgusted….I should have punch him more!” I groan to myself. I needed to clear my mind so I went to bed earlier than I thought.


Mrs Harrison was so mad at her husband.
“Why would you go to Lucas????”
Woman….what’s your stress? I remembered him about Mariam” he answered
“We all know Lucas doesn’t like that girl! Why are you forcing her on him…you’re only making matters worse!” She yelled
“At least am trying to fix him…what have you done!!!” He yelled back at her.
“Am trying too…I found a girl who could change him….she’s the only girl that have refused to have sex with Lucas and even beat him up when he tries nonsense with her…..”
“So what? She’s just playing hard to get” mr Harrison took a sip from his wine. He was calm down but the woman in front of him was still burning up.
“No….Jo said he noticed a change in him….he thinks Lucas is in love with her….”
“That was how he played Mariam and slept with her!” He said
“No husband….am sure She’s the one” she persuade him
“Even if she can change him…I don’t want Lucas to marry a low class girl…..”
“Oh please Harrison!!!! If she changed him and wants to marry him then am in full support!” She said
“We’ll see….And this girl….what’s her name?” He asked
“Amanda Arlington, She’s 21. Still in the university. She works at Lucas secretary but still as an intern….” Mr Harrison burst into laughter.
“Ok….let’s just watch and see” he said. Mrs Harrison knew her husband was up to no good but she wasn’t sure.


Lucas lowered his body on mine. I hook my hands round his neck. I was smiling gracefully at him. I felt so happy and the sensation filled my chest and stomach.
“I love Mandy” he said
“I love you too Lucas…” I replied. He began to kiss. I responded to his kiss and it was pleasurable……. I felt the urge for more…..
‘God forbid!!!!!’ I yelled and woke up from the beautiful nightmare. I slapped my checks so hard “What are you doing Amanda!!!!! Aaaahhhhh you’re insane, possessed by Lucas!!!!” I looked at the time and it was passed 3. It was still so early and this stupid dream woke me up.
There is no way am going back to sleep. He even now appear in my dreams. Next time he comes Am going to beat him up.

I got dressed and went to work. I got there by 4 or so.
I meant Katy and other female workers talking. So I joined them.
“So you’re the new girl…” one said
“Yes…am new” I smiled forcefully.
“So How is it? You’re the first he has taken more than once aghhh you’re so lucky” she said
“What d you mean?” I frown.
“Aaahhh….she’s pretending….” another said
“No…I swear I don’t get you” I said
“Look young lady we all know…we all here has already slept with the boss so it’s nothing new…” she said
“What!!!!!” I yelled. There were about up to 20 or so lady’s there and they said they’ve all slept with Lucas….I looked up at Katy…she lowered her head. “You too?” I asked
“It’s nothing new” she said.
“What! He has never slept with any girl twice…because he’s sleeping with you….” I landed a hot slap on her cheeks.
“How dare you!!! You think am a whore like you? I don’t sleep around and am not sleeping with the boss!!!” I yelled. She suddenly slapped me back.
We started fighting. They tried to separate us. She was very hefty so she did give me a good beating but I made sure I injured her face. My fingers where long and sharp.

Luckily the security men came to tore us apart.
“Are you two crazy!!!!” He yelled.
“Lock them up!” The chief yelled
They locked up up at the chiefs office.
“Are you out of your mind! Do you know who you dare fight with? She’s the head of department…..!!!” He yelled
“She insulted me first!” I yelled
“How rude!!!!! You don’t have fear to shut up!” He yelled
“Am sorry sir but she….”
“Shut up…is She your mate!!!!! She’s older than you, and holds more ground in this company than you! Just because you’re the boss new whore doesn’t give you the right to misbehave!” He yelled
“Am not sleeping with the boss, please stop saying it!!!” I was angry.
“Sir…the boss is here!” A young security man walked in.
“Both of you come with me” the chief security said.
“You just lost your job girl!!!!” The woman said. I was a bit scared. What if Lucas really fire me….and I still owe him.

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We walked into the office. Lucas angry face was glaring at me.
“Sir…..” I wanted to speak and his eyes darkened more.
“Mrs Diana…?” Lucas called
“Yes sir?” She answered
“What do you think I should do to her?” He asked and my eyes almost pop out looking at him in shock.
“Fire her sir…she’s a bad image to the company” she said and he smiled
“Am sorry sir….I…..she provoked me….”
“SHUT UP AMANDA!!!!!” He yelled
“Miss Diana Please return to your office” he said and she nodded and left. “You can go” he said to his security and they left. Leaving only me and him.
“Am sorry…..”
“Be sorry for yourself!!!!!” He yelled “did you know what you just done!!! Did we employ you to be beating everyone up. Are you sick in the brains!!!!”
“I said shut up!!!!” He yelled. He was too angry. “You’re fired”
“No…why? You can’t do that….even if I love the idea of you firing me…I still owe you…” I said
“Go find a way to pay me back…get lost” he said
“You….!!!!! Fine….I’ll go….they kept accusing me for being for fuck bunny…..I hated the world….am grateful for all you did for me….I’ll find away to pay you back. I promise…..” I grab my bags and walk out of the office without looking back.

Jo saw me leaving and ran after me.
“Amanda….I heard what happened…what did he do?” He asked
“He fired me….put told me to make sure I clear my debt” I said “I should go now…..I need to calm myself down” I said and he pat my shoulder
“Don’t worry too much, I promise he’ll calm down soon” he said
“I hope he doesn’t calm down” I smiled and left.

Jo went into Lucas office.
“Are you dumb!!! Why would you fire her!!!!?” He yelled
“What else should I have done? She hit a departmental head!” Lucas said
“You’re just looking for a distraction to kill your feelings for her!” Jo said
“I don’t have feelings for her” Lucas fired back
“Keep lying to yourself Lucas….you may have fired her as your secretary that doesn’t mean she can’t be my secretary….it was never you who employed her it was your mother” Jo said
“Don’t dare me Jo!” Lucas yelled “don’t bring her back”
“Watch me!” Jo said and walk out.


When I got home I was so tired and stressed. I started hearing noises from the kitchen.
“Jeremy!!!?” I called
“Amanda you’re home!!!!” He yelled from the kitchen.
“Yeah…..” I took off my shoes and lay on the bed.
Jeremy came to the room.
“Ahhh you ruined my surprise… you shouldn’t be home by this time” he said
“Yes….that’s because I no longer work at the company” I was sleepy.
“What!!!! Don’t tell me you resigned!” He yelled
“Nope your brother fired me” I said and yawned.
“HE DID WHAT!!!!! Why…..?”
“Because I fought with one of his fuck mate whose a departmental head!” I said and he suddenly pulled me up. “Jeremy!!!! Let me be am too tired…..”
“No Anda….my brother can’t fire you….He’s in love with you” Jeremy said and I burst into laughter
“Hahaha……love who? Your brother is a sex addict….they don’t believe in love….” I said
“No Amanda….it’s not what you think….Lucas….he’s …..” Jeremy saw Amanda going back to sleep “AMANDA LISTEN!!!!!” He yelled
“Jere….what’s smelling?” I asked
“What??? Nothing is…..”
“Smoke…..Jeremy….there is smoke coming out from the kitchen!!!” I yelled.
Jeremy took haste to grab the Extinguisher, I ran into the kitchen pouring water on the fire. Suddenly the pot splashed and the hot soup poured on my hands. Luckily I was able to move backwards so it only poured on my wrist.
Jeremy extinguish the fire. While I wet my hands with cold water.

Meanwhile Lucas has gotten home and he saw the smoke leaving Jeremy’s apartment.
“Hmm…did Jeremy moves back in? Why is there smoke coming out of the house?” He murmured.
He took his phone and called Jeremy’s number it rang twice but he wasn’t picking up. Lucas was worried so he had to rush out of his house. The house was opposite each other with just a little road and fence separating them.
“JEREMY!!” He yelled as he knock the door. “Stupid boy!” He cursed and entered the door pin. The door opened and he rushed in.

I whine in pains as I lean on Jeremy yo the sitting room.
“Amanda??!!!” I heard my name but I was in too much pain to look up.
Lucas rushed to them he saw how red her wrist was he panicked “what happened?”
“She…..She……” Jeremy not himself.
“Give her to me…. go get a first aid kit now!!!” Lucas said am Jeremy ran back inside. “Mandy…it’s okay….” he said
“Lucas???…..” I called as I whine in pains ‘why was he here?’ I wanted to ask but pains sealed my lips.
Jeremy ran back with the kit.
Lucas carefully cleared the spot and added ointment to it.
“Here…that this it….you’ll be fine” he said.
“Thank you” I replied.
“You should say that more often to me…cause I deserve it” Lucas said. I frown. ‘But why was he here?”
“You should get going….it’s late” I said and he smiled
“I’ll go drop you off” he replied
“Drop me off? I live here” I replied
“What???!!!” He yelled he looked at Jeremy
“What’s going on?” I asked the way they both stare it each other is quite suspicious.
“I….I’ll go wipe the kitchen….” Jeremy ran off.

It was quite again. Lucas sat beside me but he wasn’t close.
My phone started ringing. It was Jo.
I used my left hand to carry the phone and answered the call.
“Jo…?” Hearing the name Jo Lucas eyes darkened “oh am fine….I don’t know….” I looked over at Lucas “he fired me….” then I looked back to my wrist. “You want me to be your secretary???!!!! Really!!!!! Wow….yes….yes….” I was happy…..but the guy next to me was burning up.
“I’ll come over tomorrow…..thank you Jo” I said and ended the call.
“What’s that about?” Lucas asked
“Nothing….” I replied
“What’s nothing….jo just called you and I heard you ask him….”
“Why do you care?!” I cut him shut
“I can’t allow you be his secretary!” He yelled
“Why So???….”
“Because you owe me too much and you do as I say” he said
“Am only trying to work to pay you pay!” I fired back. Meanwhile Jeremy hide by the door enjoy the show as his brother and best friend argue…it was so enjoyable to see someone who could challenge Lucas.
“Who said I want you to pay me back?” He yelled
“Then what do you want?” I yelled back
“YOU!!!!” The words just slipped out of his mouth…. I was speechless
“I can never sell myself out!”
“Yes but you were willing to sell it out to Bernardo!” He yelled.
“I…..I….didn’t have a choice back then!!…..”
“Oh now you do?!” He looks so angry
“Why are you bullying me?!” I yelled
“The fact that you’re acting like a Virgin Mary disgust me!!! I paid your debt….you should give me what I paid for! I don’t do good for nothing!” He said. I was so disappointed.
“Am not a virgin and I never said I was acting like one….”
“Oohhhh Hahaha….” he mocked me “so you’ve already slept around ri……” I slapped the words off his mouth before he could finish it. Jeremy was shocked when he saw what Amanda did.
“How dare you!!!…..”
“You fool!!!! You shouldn’t judge someone when you know nothing!!!” I yelled, how dare him remind me of my past
“Look who’s talking….you judge me too….don’t you!!!!” He yelled
“I’ll find a way to pay you back….”
“I told you before I don’t need the money back…..”
“Then I told you you can’t have me….” Jeremy decided to talk in the argument
“Please you two…calm do…..”
“SHUT UP JEREMY!!!!” They both yelled together.
“Ok…..birds of the same” Jeremy rolled his eyes.
“Please Lucas….you should go….” I said.
“Don’t become Jo secretary….” he said
“Just go…” I added
He stood up glared at Jeremy and left.






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