The bully boss Episode 1 & 2

Amanda Arlington 21 year old whose supposed to be an intern at ******** company end up one unlucky morning becoming the boss personally secretary for Four months.
These four months was like 40years for her. The boss tormented and manipulated her mind. All she had for him was hatred and disgust ‘his handsome face was all a waste!!’ She’d curse in her mind.
He had sle-pt with almost all his female workers and still brings side cheeks to have S-x with him at his office!!!, on his desk!!!, in front of me!!!!!’.
When I mean torment my life, he went further and made me move my desk to his office….the distance between us was fine but he still had to do all these ru-bbish in my face, sometimes he refused me to come out.
I know you’d ask why didn’t I quit the job. At first I wanted to! But Jeremy my best friend who was also my boss’s younger brother gave me strength as I had to lie that Jeremy and I were d@t!ngjust to keep him away….but the lie didn’t last long. He was smart enough to find out it was a lie.
Then my family issues with br@ndo one of the most notorious being on earth. My father owns him money!!! On the night I was supposed to pay with my b©dy he showed up…..ever since then he paid the money and said he own me!!!!!!!
“You’re the only girl refusing me….don’t worry one day I’ll make you beg to want me!!” He said as he sm-irked
“I’d never have S-x with you….over my dead b©dy!!!” That’s me…never afraid to say what I want even to my boss.
“That’s why I kinda like you Anda……you’re br@ve…you know I don’t S-x a p@rticular girl twice…but you???…” he took his lowerl-ips into his mouth and bite them. “This b©dy of yours….I want it every night beneath me….I sometimes mastur-bate with you…” he said and I glared at him
“I would never….until I die sleep with you!!! Even if a gun is pointed at me….I’d rather die!!” She said
Lucas Harrison have heard insult worse than those coming out of her sharp mouth but why does every words she says s£nd pains to his che-st.
“We shall see Miss Amanda Arlington” he would say and sm-irk………
The lectures today was so stressful and the worse of it all we have to go work as an intern for 4 months while our mates enjoy their holidays. It was annoying I have alre-ady planned my four months tribe. This god forsaken lecturer just have to ruin it.
“Good luck students, hope you enjoy your four months….” blah blah blah, only God knows what he was saying next.
I buried my heavy head on my desk as Jeremy bounced on me.
Jeremy Harrison the illegitimate son of the Harrison family. He wasn’t that notice for he lived a simple life. Not that he wasn’t treated like a family he just like being free. To be frank people don’t actually know his identity except for me and Katie. He was spoilt too of course he’s a rich man son and the last child.
“Anda!!!” He yelled
“Oh shut up Jeremy!!!” I replied
“Katie….is she okay?” He asked
Katie was my friend too. Well we three are be-d of friends. Katie was from an average home. Though she was on scholarsh!p. She was the most intelligent in clas-s, well I was the third though. As for Jeremy? don’t even go there….he doesn’t even study at all….he’s stupid!
“Amanda? Are you okay?” She asked
“I was okay but now you two are getting on my nerves….!” I said
“Uh oh!!” They both said
“Ok….you Katie the school will provide a company where you’ll work as an intern for four good months and you Jeremy ahhhh your internsh!pis alre-ady complete….but me!!!! No hope!” I said
“It’s like you’re forgetting something Anda” Jeremy smiles proudly
“And that is?”
“I can help you get an intern job in my brothers company….remember my big brother that I told you you’re a perfect match for him?” He asked and I nodded “yes….I can talk to him….he’ll secure you a job” he said
“Good….aaahhhh I don’t have to worry too much…what would I do without you Jeremy….haaaaa…. come on guys let’s go” Amanda walk ahead.
Lucas rolled off the be-d and walk to take a shower. After a long bath he c@m£ back out with only a towel around his w@!st.
“Oh baby….you’re up alre-ady” the girl stood up from the be-d n-ked.
“I left your cash on the table….take it and get lost” he said
“Oh baby…you were so h0t last night….I was think we could….”
“Sorry but I don’t fv¢k a hoe twice…..when am out….I’m never going back in” he said and wear his clothes.
The girl felt offended as she walk angrily to the bathroom.
Lucas c@m£ out of the room. He melt his manager.
“What’s up?” He asked
“Your little brother has been calling you….”
“Ok…the last product we launched has become one of the highest…..”
“Today you’ll be having…..”
“Shut up if you don’t know what to say!!!…..arrange for a p@rty for me tonight….I want a club with lots of h0t girl” he smiled.
My family was an average family but we were far better that Katie’s family.
“You’re back” oh that’s my step mom….she has been so nice to me ever since my mom left me. Dad remarried her and she was caring.
“Yes….where is Nora?” Nora is my kid sister….she’s always sick nowadays it was becoming worse and worse. Her surgery will be in a few days.
“She’s in your room….she has been waiting for you” she said. Nora was 13. But because of her sickness she looks like 10 but she took her height from her mom…she was y’all but tiny.
“How was the last day of school?” She asked
“fv¢ked up….” I said and left to my room.
I don’t like talking my problems out too much….I don’t know why but I don’t feel so open. Well since my mom left I’ve been like that….holding things to myself.
“Amanda!!!!” Nora ran to hvg me
“Don’t run…” I said but she won’t listen. “Am re-ady for our trip I can’t wait!” She added
“Uhmmm about that Nora am sorry but we won’t be going anymore “ I said
“Why???” She looked sad
“My fv¢ked up lecture said we have to work as interns all throu-gh the four months….am sorry” I said and she smiled
“It’s okay….” she said
“Don’t worry I’ll make it up to you I promise” she smiled
“Can we got out to get ice cream?” She asked that’s one thing we’re are common for….ice cream it’s my favorite food in the world and so is Nora.
“I am stressed out and I have headaches but….I still have energy left to eat ice cream” I said and she laughed
“Nora let your sister rest” mom said
“Don’t worry….am fine…go get re-ady Nora” I said and she rushed to her room.
Jeremy went to Lucas since he wasn’t picking his calls.
He met him at his office.
“Brother….” he pouted acting cute.
“Get him out” Lucas said to his manager
“Okay sir….”
“Brother don’t do this to your baby brother…..all I want is to ask for a Favour….one tiny favor” Jeremy said
“Get lost!” Lucas waves his hands in the air
“If you don’t listen to me am going to tell mom you’re bullying me!!!” Jeremy threaten. Lucas love his mother dearly and if she should hear about that lie she’s go crazy and wi-de….which he does like. He finally put the papers down and glared at Jeremy
“What?” He asked. Not that he hates Jeremy….no…..he just hates that Jeremy is so clingy to him and not the other brothers…why him of all people
“A good friend of mine…she wants a job as an intern for four months…..after the four months plea-se sign her log so she can pas-s the business economy subject” Jeremy
“So……?” Lucas frown de-eply
“plea-se give her a job I alre-ady promised her….it’s just four months…..” Jeremy said
“Fine if I give her a job you must not cling unto me for the next four months?” Lucas asked and Jeremy agree
“One more thing….plea-se don’t….do that to her” Jeremy was referring to how he sleeps with girls
“Get lost….who wants to fv¢k your bunny friends…..University girls nowadays are not my type. She’s your age mate…..and am sure he’ll be as dumb as you. Manager Jo…..take care of her internsh!p…..Happy now?” He asked Jeremy
“Yes bro I love you!” He yelled and ran off.
“Sorry about that sir…”
“Forget it…..get my car re-ady….am going to the p@rty….I nee-d a good S-x to relief my stress” he said and the manager nodded
Nora and I were about leaving home when daddy walked in. His expression was not good and he was drun!k.
“Papa is drun!kagain isn’t he?” Nora whispered to me.
“Shhhh….” I said and dragged her along. I do love my father but I don’t care about him. I don’t talk to him…it’s as if to him am invisible or I disappeared like my mother. “Let’s go” I drag Nora along.
We c@m£ to our favorite ice cream shop.
“Here comes your VVIP customers Mr ice…..” Nora said. We call him Mr ice because his skin was so white.
“Hahaha…..Nora…Amanda…. todays ice cream treat is on me” He said.
“Yeeeepppeeeee!!!!” Nora yelled
“Thank you Mr Ice” I said
“Haaa Amanda don’t mention… too are my big big fan” he was a very funny and free man
“We are going to eat a lot of ice cream today….so can we come every other day to eat ice cycle free?” I asked
“No….you’ll run my shop shut!!!! I know you two are never satisfied no matter how many ice cream you eat….so today m only giving you five for free you can buy the others yourself” he said
“That’s cruel!!!!” I yelled
“Thank you Mr ice” Nora dragged me along.
We enjoyed our free ice cream.
“So sis….what’s your plan?” She asked
“Hmm….Jeremy said he’ll help me get a job at his brother’s company….guess I don’t have to worry too much” I replied
“Yes….my surgery d@t£ is getting closer…after my surgery sister let’s go on a d@t£” she said
“Well I don’t wanna d@t£ you…..!” I said
“Hhahaaa….you won’t d@t£ any boy either” she replied “what about Jeremy?” She asked
“Ewww……No way… a matter of fact Jeremy likes Katie….”
“Your ex b©yfri£ndremembered him?” She asked
“Which one of them?” I asked
“You have d@t£d so many boys all throu-gh the years…why stay single now?” She asked
“Nah…..I don’t know….st©p asking me questions okay!” I said
“Anda you’re always keeping things to yourself….” she said with a sad face.
“That’s me….” I replied “now shut up and let’s enjoy this ice cream”
Lucas was k!ss!nga girl fiercely. His hands de-ep into her back as it unZi-pped her dress.
His Manager saw this and turn his face away.
“Jo…relax….have fun….come on!!!” He said
“Am fine sir….” he replied
“Suit yourself…..” Lucas replied. A girl walked to him and sat on his legs…..she began to rock on him.
“Uhh…..that felt so good baby….aahhhh” he m0@n …. Someone drag Jo hands.
“How can I help you young girl?” Jon asked
“A want to sleep with your boss….am a vir-gin….if you pay me well enough…” she said
“What!!!! You’re too young…” Jo frown
“It doesn’t matter….”
“Sorry lady but my boss doesn’t like vir-gins…now get lost!0 jo angrily push her away.
“Ladies…..ladies….what do you think if we have S-x right here?” Lucas asked as the girls giggled. “Hummm let me take you right here….on this table….I’ll fv¢k your br@ins off” he said. Immediately her loos£n his belt and unZi-p his p@n-ts. Without taking any of his clothes off, he push the girl down on her kneels and smiled. “Have a taste of me will you?”
“Sure!!!!” The girl was so excited as she took him into her mouth. The other girl k!$$£d his b©dy and svçkhis n!ppl!.
“fv¢k….this is what I call rou-gh S-x Jo!!!!!”
Lucas did all his ru-bbish that night. After he was done with both girls he asked Jo to bring him fresh girls…he lodge a h0tel room to await them.
The next morning. Lucas felt a hand squee-zing him down there. He frown in his sleep. Immediately he opened his eyes and sl@p the girl’s hands away.
“What do you think you’re doing?” He asked
“What do you think baby….I don’t mind giving my b©dy to you again….do me whatever you want this morning” she said
“Get lost!!!” Lucas said. He gr-ab his jacket,de-ep his hands into the pockets and throw money at her…..
“But baby….!!!!!” Lucas long legs have long carried him away from the room.
He called Jo “where the hell did you bring that crazy girl from?” He asked
“When you were ban-ging her last night, she wasn’t crazy” Jo respond
“Ok… me another room right away….I nee-d to rest” Lucas said
“Ok sir”
“The lady….I mean Jeremy’s friend will be coming today….I’ve arrange her interview….”
“Whatever……give her the job…bye!” He cut the call.
“Ahhh……” he gr0@nas he rob his n£¢k.
The next day was a total bad luck for me. I have an interview today and I have a ruining stomach.
This is so bad. I took some drugs and still got re-ady.
“Are you sure you’ll be fine?” Mom asked
“I’ll be…..aaahhhhh……” I ran to the rest room again.
“Just stay back……”
“No…..!!!” I yelled from the bathroom. I look at my time and I was so late. I took a de-ep breath and adjust my Sk-irt. I rushed out of the house to gr-ab a taxi….. I was 2 hours late. I look at my Phone it was switch up.
“God……hahaha…..this joke is too funny…..Hahahaha!!!!” I was so frustrated.
“Lady!!!!!! Are you going or not???” A taxi driver asked.
“Ok….!!!” I jumped in. “****** company….plea-se sir go as fast as you can!” I said
“Late for an interview?” He asked
“Yes…..yes….” I hurriedly said.
Jo didn’t see her. She was 3hours late. “Guess she’s not coming…..” he said
“Sir….the interview for the Boss secretary is on going….Mr Lucas asked for you”
“Ok….let’s go”
The taxi dropped me in front of the company…”good luck miss” he said
I rushed into the company with my files…..the elevator was long gone and if I wait it’ll only waste more time. I pu-ll-ed my heels and used the stairs running as fast as I can.
I was sweating all over. My hair was messy….my we-t white T-shi-t was not transparent as my white br@ was a little visible.
“Excuse me sir…..where is the interview room?” I asked p@n-ting
“You’re here for an interview?” He asked
“Yes…yes…” I replied.
“It’s almost over quic-kly run to that room” he pointed
“THANK YOU!!!” I yelled and ran into the room.
Lucas was at the middle of his mother who decided to handle the interview by herself and his two elder brothers. When the door barge open.
“Sorry…..sorry am late…..” I said. I ran to the table to drop my file in front of the woman.
“Excuse me the interview is…..” she raised her hands and silence Jo.
“Let me hear you” she said to me
“My name is Amanda Arlington…..” Jo looked up….he has been waiting for her….so this was her……
On the other hand Lucas was stiff. Looking at her messy hair and sweating b©dy….he’s b©dy immediately felt want. He eyed her curves….she was so tin but even at her small b©dy her curves and h!pwere so S-xy.
“It says here you’re still in school….you’re looking for a work as an intern…how come you’re here for a secretary interview?” She asked
“Oh God….Am sorry it must be the wrong room” I said and wipe my forehead.
“Miss you’re late for your interview….you can leave” Jo said.
I hit my forehead…..”Am sorry….am so sorry” I wanted to collect my files but the woman withdraw it.
“I’ll employ you as my son secretary “ she said
“But ma….I….I don’t think I want to become a sec…..”
“Manager Jo….remember that other girl what’s her name again Betty?, yes employ both of them as his secretary….I like her” she said and stood up.
“But ma…..”
“Don’t worry dear it’s just four months and you’ll get good pay too” she added and left.
Lucas was still in his fantasy when Jo hit his hands.
“Sir…..? She’s Jeremy’s friend….good friend” Jo added before Lucas decided to look away.

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