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The bully boss Episode 44

For a week now Lucas has been ignoring my call, my text, everything! I went to see him at his office but they won’t let me in.
I didn’t tell anyone because I felt bad for myself. Maybe I was mistaking….I should have get a hold of myself.
With the way Lucas reacted I’m sure that uncle was really dear to him. But I won’t stop having nightmares of him raping me that night. The tattoo kept showing. I call it nightmares but I was traumatized. It won’t go away no matter how h@rd I try. So I just have to stay awake all day.
Felix decided to take Amanda with him to Las Veg@s. “Let’s just go there and free your mind” he said
“You having fight with your fiancé again?” Pate asked and I nodded
“They always fight. Don’t worry you’ll get use to Lucas and Amanda first honey….” Felix said.
Pate knew very well what was wrong with me. She was like a mind reader.
In the plane we sat together while Felix was sitting behind us.
“I can tell it didn’t go well” she said
“What?” I snap back
“That Lucas guy. I can tell you’re still having traumas….”
“How did you…..”
“It’s obvious Amanda look at the dark circles round your eyes and you look exhausted….”
“I’m fine….”
“You’re broken…..tell me what did he say to you?” She asked. I didn’t want to say anything but I just found myself telling her everything “THAT SON OF A BITCH!” She cursed
“I must be wrong….” I said sadly
“No Amanda you’re not wrong. What you saw was the real guy who hurt you. And that Lucas was a d!¢k not to trust you and hear you out. Oh thank God you’re coming to Las Veg@s with me. He dare not come back to get you! If he dares!!!!! I’ll pound him to pieces!!!!” He yelled and I was shocked “look Amanda give me your phone…..” she said and drag it from me.
Soon she handed the phone to me.
“What!!!!” I yelled. She has deleted Lucas number and his photos. She even changed my wallpaper!
“That guy doesn’t deserve you! Come back to reality Amanda! He called you a liar! A bitch! Someone who’s your fiancé!” She took my hand and drag the ring off my f!ng£r “He should have felt bad. She should have felt shame! He should have beg you! He’s family was the one who ruined you! So snap back from this stupid love life of yours. He chooses his uncle over you! So what now? You think he’s gonna come back to you? Even if he finds out the truth! HE WONT COME BACK TO YOU!” Pate words drive into my head and pierce my heart. I just sit back and covered my head with a blanket. My mind was blank. I didn’t even know what to think about.
Lucas goes to work. Exercise. Eat his meals. That was his everyday routine. Sometimes he goes to see his precious uncle. Jo wondered if everything was okay. Lucas doesn’t say anything apart from work issues. He was too plain to be studied.
Today Lucas spent his weekend with his uncle. They were drinking as the soft music filled the room.
“You’ve grown child” he said and Lucas smiled and said
“I’m not a child anymore”
“To me you are……it’s been long and rough….for both you and me….”
“I agree. I never thought we’d get this far in life with grandfather still alive” Lucas said
“Me too…..”
“I can never thank you enough uncle…… if not you…..”
“It’s okay child” Herod said.
“No it’s not okay uncle…..” Lucas burst into tears. “Each time that devil gives me drugs you always take mine and yours together…..didn’t want me to become a drug Add!¢t… killed you slowly but you didn’t mind….”
“Lucas look I’m still alive till date”
“But you’re not health uncle because of excess drug you took you almost died for me….and many more….”
“Hahaha…..stop crying Lucas…. so I heard you have a fiancée? When am I meeting her?” He asked
“Soon….” Lucas faked a smile.
Every time Lucas think of Amanda he gets so angry at her. He didn’t even want to see her or hear anything about her. Soon she stopped calling and texting him. He saw that her WhatsApp was blank. He didn’t mind. He just threw his phone to the corner of the bed and lye down.
A month have p@ssed and I’m still in Las Veg@s. I didn’t want to stay lazy anymore do I decide to look for a job.
I asked Pate about the most popular company in Las Veg@s and she told me ******** company. It was the largest and well known company in Las Veg@s and other part of the world.
I liked the company and went to summit my applications. Luckily they were interviewing people for the post as a manager. Immediately I summit the file. I was half way to the exist when my phone rang.
“Hello?” I said
“Miss Amanda Nelson?” The voice was unknown. How stupid of me not to have look at the caller ID before answering the call
“Good you summited your files just now. I’m very sure you haven’t left the company yet. If you don’t mind we’ll like to interview you or you can come again tomorrow……”
“Really? You want to interview me?!”
“Yes your report seems fine…..”
“I’m on my way sir!” I said
I walked out of the company with my file in my hands.
I called Pate.
“Hello…..why are you so late?”
“Pate……” I cried
“What? They didn’t accept your application?”
“They did but…..”
“But what?”
“I did get the job as a worker” I said
“Oh it’s okay…..wait they interviewed you immediately? Who does that? Don’t worry come home there are many other good companies here okay? I’ll find another for you tomorrow…..don’t be sad” she said
“I’m not sad at all in fact I’m happy……as I was saying…..I didn’t get the job as a worker, I got the job of a Managing Director of Sells and Production unit!!!!!!!!” I yelled
“What!!!!!!!!! Really!!!!!!!!!! Come home come home!!!!!!!!”
“I’m on my way!!!!!……..”
“I’m going to call Felix!!!!! This calls for celebration!!!!!!!”
It was my first day of work. I really really really love my office. It was big and fancy. My name was printed in a gl@ss on my table Managing Director of Sells and Production Nelson Amanda.
I wanted to faint because of excitement.
“I can see you live your new office” I heard a voice from behind. I turn to see an elderly man.
“Oh yes….thank you. Good morning….” I said and he smiled.
He look at the gl@ss “Amanda?….lovely name”
“Thank you sir…..” I said
“And by the way I’m Mr Walls. I’m the acting COO…..” he said offering me a handshake which I received immediately.
“Pleasure to meet you sir……”
“Just so you know. I’m the acting COO. When the CEO arrives I’ll introduce you to him. But before them come let me show you to your team……”
I had about 20 persons in my unit. All under my control.
“You can use today to get to know each other properly. Tomorrow work begins for you. Tell her all she needs to know…..I hope you enjoy your day Miss Amanda…..”
My team were really funny people. We all get along really well.
“So you’re telling me the last manager got fired because he was dating his fellow worker?” I asked
“Yes……we can’t date each other. And even if we do….we can’t get caught showing affection in the company……”
“So Miss Amanda are you single?”
“Not really……I have a boyfriend way back home” I smiled
“Wow he must be so lucky to have you. You’re so beautiful……”
“Yes I agree”
“Thanks guys”
“Miss Amanda……”
“Just call me Amanda please”
“Ok….the CEO is a devil. He’s cruel!”
“Yes he comes every Wednesday of every week……guess you’ll see him next tomorrow… careful with him…..”
“Yes……if he doesn’t tell you to talk then don’t……don’t do anything he doesn’t permit”
The second day. I had to continue from were the previous manager stopped. The product were kids wear. It was so mature minded. The sells rate was low and the production rate was high.
“This doesn’t look good” I said
“Yes…..but the boss haven’t told us to change anything yet……if not…..”
“It’s okay I’m here now….. first off call everyone to my office. We’re having a meeting and here” I handed her some money “go get coffee and some biscuits for the meeting….we’ll need it”
“I have a plan. As you can see this product belongs to kids not adults. We need to change the color first. But not just that. The plan I have is killing three birds with one stone” I said
“I noticed that the team who produce online games for kids are having low rates too. So we’ll invite them in today. We’ll be working on this together” I said.
Everyone thought she was crazy.
The two teams had their sit. I told them the plans and their eyes bright and others nodded in agreement.
“Wow you’re so talented I never thought of such plan” the Director said.
After the long long meeting. The file was summited to the COO for approval.
I was in my office reading the previous file when I received a call to come to the COO office.
Immediately I walked it he gave me a round of applause.
“When I employed you I knew you’d be great. This is big! The CEO would be please to see this plan” he said.
As a Managing Director, the company gave me a house and a car. So I moved out of Felix house. Well he told me it wasn’t right to say no to the company’s offer. So I took his advice.
I was working now and I’m kind of happy but not fully happy. The traumas stopped at least for now. I can’t wait for tomorrow…….
“You’ll do great Mandy!…..” I said to myself but then I suddenly remembered Lucas. I went to a box and opened the ring he gave me. I wore it on my f!ng£rs but took it off immediately
“I guess it’s really over for you Lucas…..”
The next day I woke up with eye bags. I didn’t had enough sleep last night. I cried a lot and missed Lucas a lot.
I got to work and everyone was worried if I was okay. But I @ssured them I was fine.
We all sat for almost 30 minutes waiting for the boss. This was rude. My @ss ache me. I was tired.
“He’s here…..” someone said.
I adjusted my dress. Everyone stood up and I followed lead. But what was I seeing.
The boss was actually ………………………..
T bc



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