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The bully boss 38 & 39

De Marco smiled at Xavier.
“Release Bernardo from jail….I’ll need him to threaten Lucas a bit…..” he said
“Well…..all I want is Lucas downfall……and you want his woman…..”
“Yes….I called her today and Lucas took the call are you sure they broke up?”
“Yes Lucas is fighting to win her back….so if you want her you must act quick” Xavier said
“She’s the minister’s missing daughter right?”
“Her father owe me one big favor…..I think I should go ask for it” De Marco smiled.
Xavier got home and was shocked to see his sister…….
“Why are you here? You didn’t tell me you’ll be coming”
“Jo called me!! What the hell are you doing!!!!!” She yelled
“What?!!! Soon I’ll be able to bring Lucas down….for what he did to you”
“What!!!! Xave…..I….there’s something I didn’t tell you…..back then I made the sex tape not lucas….”
“Yes…..I drugged him to have sex with him and made a sex tape. I….I thought if I did that then he won’t be able to leave me. I threatened him with the tape but he didn’t mind to I exposed the tape…..but it back fired on me….so I begged Lucas to take all the blame cause you’ll kill me if you knew…..”
“You’re joking right? Lucas told you to tell me this?…..right? TELL ME THIS IS A STUPID LIE!!!!!” Xavier yelled
“It’s not…..I’m sorry I lied to you before but it’s time you stop….”
“Stop!!!!!! It’s too late!!!! I’ve released Bernardo even……” Xavier was weak
“What?……you should stop brother. I was foolish back then…..”
Xavier felt weak he didn’t even know how to react or what to react to. He was just in daze.
I stood outside looking at the clouds.
“Hi….” I heard Merit. What’s with this hi hi everyone’s telling me. “Can I join you?” She asked
“Yes sure….” I said and she sat beside me.
“Wow it’s really pretty” she said and I nodded. I turn to see her looking at me. “I know I have no right to say this but I’m really proud of you Amanda…..” she blinked her tears away “I’m proud you grown into a fine lady on your own…..I’m proud….” she sniff her nose “I know I’m the worse mother on earth…..”
“You’re not!” I said and saw the surprise on her face.
“I forgive you mom……” I couldn’t hold my tears anymore. “I missed you so much! When you left I was scared……and I was worried and hope you leave a better life……I missed you so much…..I was just angry…..I hated myself for being the reason your life was ruined”
“No baby don’t say that….you’re the best thing that have ever happened to me and I love you…..” she said and I hugged her.
Erica and Dad watch from behind.
“Finally….” Nelson sigh
“I’m so happy…..” Erica added
Erica glared at me.
“Who are you going to call now?!”
“No one!” I said to Erica
“You’re going on the blind date?”
“Yep! I’m 22…..let me have fun and flirt a bit”
“Amanda Lucas won’t like that!” Erica warned
“Who cares what he likes… it’s all about what I like…….”
Jeremy came home. They were doing whatever they were doing until they left with a car.
Dad called me
To go get ready. “You date is waiting for you at ******* restaurant” he said and I rush upstairs.
“You think she knows?” Merit whispered to her husband
“No way……let’s just play along”
I got to the hotel few minutes earlier than the arranged time. I sat at sit no. 14.
My eyes scan the environment for a bit till I buried my face on my phone.
I looked up and saw flowers in front of me.
“Wow……” I smiled they were lilies. My smile wiped off when I saw Lucas. “I knew it!”
“You planned this with my parents didn’t you? Blind date my foot!!!!”
“Can we just pretend we don’t know each other? At least see were it goes!” Lucas yelled “I’m trying Amanda!!!! I am….can’t you see?!”
“Pranking me is part of your trying hard? I’m I a joke to you!!!!!” I yelled
“Excuse me but you need to keep things low!” The waiter said
“SHUT UP!” I yelled.
“I’m sorry….” Lucas apologized and drag me out.
“Let go!” I said when we got outside
“AMANDA!!!!!! So you were expecting another guy?!!!! Do I disappoint you so much?!” He said with hurt in his eyes
“This is not enough Lucas… you even know me?!” Was the last statement I made before walking away.
“Do you even know me?!!!!” He yelled back and I stop in track but didn’t turn back “at least I’m trying, unlike you whose pretending and always running away!” He yelled again
“I’m running away?!!!! No I’m just trying to fix you…’re too blind to see it!!!”
“Fix me!!!!! You’ve fixed me already…..can’t you see?!!! I even choose my family over you….”
“Yes Amanda…..I won’t marry any girl except you…..”
“What if I say no……”
“Then I’ll just chase after you forever if that’s what you want……!!” He said. I walk close to him, drew his height down to mine and kissed him. Lucas was baffled his mouth were slightly opened and she slide her tongue into his mouth. He didn’t know how to react. Should he kiss her back or just let her kiss him. He didn’t want to make any mistake he just stood still.
He wasn’t moving or holding me or even reacting to my kiss. I knew he was surprised. I stopped kissing him and his face was so funny I couldn’t help but laugh.
“You… just kissed me?” Was the only words he can say
“Does that mean you’re forgiven me and we can come back together?” He asked
“Well the kiss means one thing. So you choose….what do you think it means….” I asked and his lips moved but nothing came out of his mouth…… “I love you…..” I said and he blushed he was so cute.
“Yes…..I forgive……”
“We’re back together……?” He asked immediately
“We’ll you haven’t asked me yet to be your girlfriend again…..” I smiled
He blinked his tears away and swallowed hard.
“Amanda…..will you be my girlfriend?” He asked
I was silent and lowered my head. Her silence was killing him. “No….” I said and he was shocked
“Yes… dummy!!!!!” I laughed. Immediately he pulled me into a tight hug.
“Finally……I’m so happy Mandy…..I love you so much. I promise I won’t ever leave you….I swear I won’t…….you’re mine now and forever…..”
We hold hands and walk the street. My feet hurts but I didn’t want to stop walking I was enjoying it. Then I tripped and almost fell down but his hands pulled me back.
“Are you okay?” He asked as he saw her sour face.
“Yes I’m fine…..” I said. Lucas looked at her feet.
“Your feet….!! Why didn’t you tell me……wait here….” he said and ran off. Soon he return with an old news paper. “Let’s sit over there…” he suddenly pulled me up.
“I can walk…..”
“Shut up your feet hurts…..” he ordered. He sat me down on the old chair he had cover with newspapers. He kneel in front of me.
“You’re not going to ask me to marry you? Are you? Cause I’ll say no!” I joked and he laughed hard.
“You can’t joke in this situation…..” he took my legs and pulled my shoes off.
“I can do this myself…..” I said
“Just sit down will you?…..”
“You’re just doing this because we just get back together…..let me just enjoy it while it last…..”
“I’ll treat you like a queen for the rest of my life” he said
“Awwww you’re so sweet!” I said and he smiled. “Does it hurt?”
“Yes so much….” I pouted.
“I couldn’t find any place to buy you an easy wear… car is just at the corner…..”
“No…..I don’t want to go home yet…..let’s go to the lake…..”
“I………Mandy I’ve placed that house for sale. The buyer will be signing the contract tomorrow…..”
“No way!!!! Why would you do that! I loved that place……!!!!” I yelled and Lucas was surprised
“But you said you don’t like it anymore and that it’s your place of regret……” Lucas said
“You believe that?!!!! Aaaarrrggghhh……I won’t speak to you anymore…..” I said and walk away from him barefoot.
“Mandy the floor is dirty….” he rush after me and hold my hands “I said the contract will be signed tomorrow so… has not been signed yet…..that means I can still bridge the contract…..” he said and I smiled.
“I’d love that…..let’s go there tomorrow can we?” I asked and he nodded.
Lucas has already sold the house to get the house back he has to pay extra of what the buyer once paid.
“You can’t walk barefooted” he said and went on one kneel. “Get on my back…..”
“Aaahhh best date ever!!!” I yelled and jump on him.
She was as light as ever but instead he said “you’re so heavy…..”
“What!!!! No I’m not!”
“You’re getting fat too….”
“No I’m not….stop teasing me!!!”
The truth is that Lucas doesn’t need his family wealth to survive……..even though he works at his fathers company he still had some contract that has his name. So sure with just sitting at home he can get billions of money flooding in his account.
“So what now?” Felix asked Lucas.
“Nothing…..I’m happy…..” Lucas said
“You got Amanda back….don’t you plan on going back to your family?”
“Why should I?”
“If Amanda knows she won’t be happy” Felix said
“I told her…..I guess…..” Lucas said
“You guess?….. you need a better plan….you know better that if you lie to Amanda again she’ll be hurt….so tell her the truth…”
“I will……well…..I just don’t want her to worry”
“That’s what happened last time……if something happen again I won’t be involved…..” Felix said
De Marco called Felix.
“What’s this stupid news I’m hearing? Luca is back with my woman?!!!!!” He yelled
“YOU WHAT?!!!! This was not the deal Xavier!!! Now I’ll give you till dawn to get me what I want…..”
“Marco Listen… said Mr Nelson own you a big favor? Then ask him to give you Amanda’s hand in marriage…..better still…..”
“I was going to but I need you to get Lucas out of the way!!! I heard his family disowned him for the sake of my woman! Now listen carefully I’ve sent a message to Nelson. Now I’ll let Bernardo make an appearance……”
“Ok….I’m on it”
The call ended and Xavier didn’t know what to do. He had deep his leg into a hole and the hole is eating him up. If he pulls away he’ll die if he keeps going he might equally die.
We were at a private beach only essential people I think can get in.
It was fun. I was on a video call with Lucas.
“Let me see what you’re wearing…..” he said and I moved the camera back so he can see me. “Amanda!!!! What are you wearing?!!”
“Bikini…..” I smiled “what do you think? Sexy right?”
“No it’s so ugly go back inside and cover your body….”
“Nope! I’m about to take my bra off so I can apply sun cream” I said
“DON’T YOU DARE!” He yelled and I giggled
“Or what? You’ll come over?” I asked
“You want me to?” He look angry
“No you’ll ruin my plans..”
“What plans?”
“Getting more than one boyfriend is trading nowadays…..I heard only rich people can come to this beach so let me take my shoot” I said and his face grew angry.
“Mandy don’t!!!!!!”
“Beg me…..” I said as I put my hands backwards ready to tease him and unhook my bra.
“Ok ok please don’t!!!! I beg you…..don’t!!!!!!” He said holding both of his hands.
I burst into laughter “you’re so cute when you do that” I said
“You’re doing this on purpose right?” He asked
“Yes……I miss you”
“I miss you more…..”
“Where are you?…..ain’t you at work?” I asked and his face fell.
“I guess I’m bothering you….have fun and come back soon okay……I love you….” he said
“Wait but……” he has long ended the call.
It was my first time on a yacht and I loved it. The five of us sat on a round table. Dad cracked his joke which were not funny…..the fact that the jokes are not funny makes it even funnier.
“It’s nice to see you here Mr Nelson” we heard.
“Marco!!!!!” Dad yelled, stood up and hugged him. “Long time no see my friend…..”
“Yes… you’re here with your family…..I shouldn’t bother you….”
“No no no……you’re like my family too here join us…….”
I can’t believe De Marco was here and he knows dad. I tried to hide my face when I heard “Amanda? Is that you?” I crush my teeth together…..why!!!!!!! Why now!!!!!
“Hi…..” I forced a smile.
“Why are you here?” He played dumb. Of course he must have known I’m Nelson’s daughter.
“Oh…..Marco allow me to introduce to you. This is Amanda… daughter”
“She’s your daughter?”
“You two know each other?” Mom asked
“Yes…..” Marco said “No!!!” I said
“We’ve met on several occasions……she loves ice cream….” Marco added. “Hello Erica…” he greeted Erica. He moved a sit and sat close to me.
I was uncomfortable but he looked relax.
“I never knew she was your daughter…..I’ve always have eyes for her…..she’s so beautiful….” he said fixing his eyes at me, I quickly look away with a frown.
“Oh thank you Marco…..well how’s Paris?” Dad asked but Marco didn’t answer him he just kept looking at Amanda.
“Marco……” Nelson called again
“Well……Nelson I really like your daughter I want her as my wife” Marco doesn’t beat round the bush he like to go straight to the point.
I was shocked to hear that. I turned to look at him with anger, I didn’t say anything I wanted my parents to react first.
“Marco…..she’s still a little girl…..”
“You owe my a favor and I’ve told you what I want….” he said.
“Marco can we talk in private please……” dad said
“Sure…..” he stood up and took my hand but I kicked away. He smiled “You have no choice” he added before he left with dad.
“Mom What is going on?” I yelled
“Yes mom what all this?!!!” Erica added.
“Nora…..can you go over there and play….let me talk to your sisters” mom said and Nora nodded.
“We owe De Marco a lot….he has saved your fathers life countless times……invested for him… many things he have done….I can’t count……”
“So……he wants me….are you going to just hand me over to him?” I asked
“No way!!!!” Mom said.
“Mom…..” Erica called worriedly
“It’s okay…..don’t worry too much….why don’t you call Lucas Amanda…..” mom said. I took my phone and ran back to my room.
I dialed Lucas number, after it rang twice he picked the call.
“Hello Angel….” He said
“Lucas….” I called still deciding whether to tell him or not.
“Baby are you okay? Your voice doesn’t sound so good…..”
“I’m scared Lucas…..” I burst into tears.
“That’s it I’m coming over there!” He said and ended the call. He didn’t even want to know what happened the fact that I said I was scared and I was crying made him crazy and wants to kill whoever is making her feel that way.
I rolled on my bed all through the night.
“Anda it’s okay….I promise everything will be fine. Dad won’t allow it… told me that De Marco have lye threats on dad if he doesn’t agree……”
“De Marco is not a good person….what if he hurts dad…..I don’t want anyone to get hurt because of me…..” I said
“No one is getting hurt. If someone should get hurt it’ll be De Marco because you’re the daughter of a minister and a girlfriend to Lucas Harrison……”
Erica and I talked all through the night.
Nora Who was Lucas ally has already sent text to Lucas about a man called De Marco who wanted to marry Amanda.
Lucas was already on his way but when he saw the message he was about to kill someone. He went back home to get his gun but remembered it was at Felix house.
He drove down there. Felix saw his mood and knew something was up. He didn’t asked but immediately Lucas drove off felix took his car and followed behind.
The next morning Nelson still couldn’t bring Marco to stop his offer.
“She has someone she loves….she’s already in a relationship I can’t just force her over to you!” He yelled
“So you’re not going to grant me my favor?” Marco asked
“Fine then…..give me the little one…..I heard Nora was her name!”
“You’re crossing the line De Marco!” Nelson was vexed
“Are you trying to rebuke me? You know me well Nelson…….don’t let us start it!” De Marco said
“I’ll rather dig it to the end with you than hand any of my daughters to a monster like you….”
“WHAT!!!!! MON……MONSTER!!!!!!!! Hahaha Hahaha…… called me a monster! I’m your savior and you owe me your life and everything you owe!!!!”
“Fine then take everything and get the hell out of my life!!!!!!” Nelson yelled.
“And what if I say no?……we had a deal and it was written and recorded! And I’ll get what I want…..I always do!!!!…….” as he says this he moved towards Nelson and grab his tie….Nelson choked as Marco drag his tie and tighten it.
“GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF HIM!!” De Marco flinched as he heard Lucas voice he immediately let go of Nelson.
“Lucas……” Marco called as Lucas pointed a gun at him
“Why are you scared?” Lucas asked
“Scared?……tsk tsk over my dead body will I ever fear you Lucas….. you can’t kill me… don’t have the guts to pull the trigger!” De Marco said boldly
“I thought you know me but…..too bad you don’t…..” Lucas said.
“Lucas no!!!!!!” Felix yelled as he ran towards Lucas.
Lucas released the shot but Felix pushed him, making him lose target and the bullet landed on De Marcos knee.
Felix grab the gun from Lucas hand while De Marco whine in pains on the floor.
De Marco was rushed to the hospital.
Nelson Lucas and Felix were still in the room.
“Lucas what were you thinking? If you had killed him what do you think would happen?” Felix yelled
“Lucas thank you for what you did but you went too far….” Nelson added
“I don’t care if I kill him…..”
“Fine……let’s say you kill him and you went to jail for it, what about your family…..what about Amanda…..?” Felix asked. Immediately Lucas thought of it. His face fall flat
“Don’t…..don’t tell Amanda…..”
“I won’t….” Felix said
“Don’t worry son…..”
Suddenly the four ladies rush in.
“We heard there was a gunshot from here….”
Mom said.
Immediately Lucas saw Amanda he wanted to hide so she doesn’t see him but it was too late.
“Lucas?…..” I noticed him. He stood up and forced a smile
“Hi…..? You’re here…..” I said and walk to him
“Yeah…….how are you?” He was acting weird.
“You’re acting like you did something wrong….everything okay…..”
“Yeah what could possibly go wrong” he giggled
“Felix….you’re here too…..? Seriously what’s going on?” I asked
“ I called them over….” mr Nelson saved the day.
“Yes….” both of them agreed.
De Marco was in so much pain. He crush his teeth together
“It is you who have crossed the line Nelson…..and as for you Lucas….this is only the beginning………


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