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May 15, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The bride’s maid Finale

4 min read

( Dangerous Romance )

Final Episode

By: Summer Gold.



” Is that not a sin?? How could you do that Olivia, I raised you up very well ” Mrs Taylor, Olivia’s mom said as they both work in the kitchen

Olivia scoffed and rolled her eyes,that’s her mom,a devoted worshiper

” Mom,,,his fiancée cheated on him ” Olivia said

” Blood of the most high,,she did that?? ”

” Yes mom ”

” But is it not the same thing?? You stole him from her ”

” No mom,,,he love me,and I also love him. His parents are aware of his presence here,,they agree to our relationship, you and dad should approve it too. I love him so much ” Olivia said

” Since you said you didn’t steal him,,then you have my blessings and besides, he look cool ” Mrs Taylor said

” Thank you mom,,but how about dad??” Olivia asked

” He traveled,,he will be back next month. Things are getting better Olivia,, I have a lot of things to tell you while you’re here ”

” I know mom,,I missed you a lot ” Olivia said

📞 Hey Maxwell!!!!

Justin screamed over the phone and Max immediately removed the earphone before his ear get destroyed

📞 Dude,how can you scream that way. Do you want me to become deaf??

📞 Am sorry,, am just happy. Finally,,,,,

📞 Finally what

📞 She accept my proposal Max

📞 You mean,Betty??

📞 Yeah who else

📞 Wow,,that’s

amazing. Am happy for you

📞 Do you hear the new?? Diana is in coma right now

📞 What?? Coma?? What happened to her!

📞 Nobody knows,,but I think the doctor discovered that she was injected with poison,,right in the hospital. Well good for her

Justin said with a scoff

📞 I feel bad about that,, seriously

📞 She got what she deserved,that girl is a real bitch. A real one,,

📞 Well,,,

📞 When are you coming back? This office is boring without you

📞 I will be back soon,,,I have to make sure Olivia get some good time with her mom.

📞 That’s good,,lover boy

📞 Am hanging up.

Diana’s mom buried her face in Diana’s hand, her eyes look so red from the non stop tears. Who could have done this to her daughter??

What if she end up dying?? What will happen to her?? Diana is the only one she’s got,,now she’s leaving??

” Diana,you have to be fine. Am not angry with you anymore,,daughter please don’t leave me,,,I promise to do anything for you,,just don’t leave me ” She said in tears.

But there was no movement from her, just the sound of the life machine peeping at each Oxygen level,,

” God,,please. Help her,,please ” She continue crying


” Mom,,we will be leaving tomorrow ” Max said to Mrs Taylor

” I wish my husband was here,,he’s going to love you. Am glad my daughter finally find someone,, you’re amazing son in-law ” She said and Olivia scoffed

” Son in-law?? He’s still my boyfriend ” Olivia said

” Are you planning

to leave me ??” Max asked with a smirk

” What?? No ,,just saying,, Gosh,you’re annoying ” Olivia said with a smile

” Mom,,don’t miss me too much. I will always come to visit you,,” Olivia said

” After our wedding, you can’t ” Max whispered into her ear

” Move ” She pushed him jokingly

” You guys are so sweet ” Mrs Taylor smiled

” Mom stop!! Max,,let’s take a walk together ” Olivia said and pulled him up

The past few days have being the best for the both of them, they spent more time together, do a lot of things together and find out more about each other.

Olivia wonder if it will all remain like this,,

” Baby,,,promise to spend time with me if we go back,,,I really love it here” she said

” I know what you’re thinking Olivia,, I have to work. But I promise to make it up to you,,,okay?” Max replied

” I love you so much Max ” She said

” I love you too my bride’s maid ” Max teased

” What the f**k!!” Olivia laughed hitting him hardly on the chest

” Am just joking,,, you’re my new bride. You should know that ” He said

” Yeah,,but have you heard from Diana ??”

” Justin once told me she’s in coma,,”

” What?? What happened to her?”

” Poison,,but I don’t know if she’s okay now ” Max said

” Wow, I feel sorry for her. ” Olivia said sadly

” Me too,,but let’s cheer up,,,,we should think about our life,not hers ” Max said

” I think you’re the best thing that will ever happen to me ” Olivia said

” You’re still thinking?? Ive concluded mine ” Max said and she laughed

” I love you,,can’t stop saying the word ”

” I will love you forever ” he said and they both engaged into a deep kiss.

” Here is the letter ” A nurse handed over the letter to Diana. It’s from Beatrice,,, she left for the state already. Can’t believe she poisoned her and injected her with the antidote,,,

” I lost a good friend,,,, I lost everything. ” Diana said in tears

” Am here for you daughter ” Her mom entered

“Mom,, you forgive me??”

” Because I love you,, and I know you’ve learnt your lesson ”

” Yes mom,,I promise to turn a new leaf. I promise ” She said and hugged her mom

” That’s good ”




Nobody should beat me ooo,,I don’t know what to write again😔😔

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