The bride’s maid Episode 1 & 2

( dangerous r0m@nç£)
Chapter 1
By summer Gold.
💍 Olivia 💍
I yawn standing up from the be-d as tired asfu-ck. I walked into the bathroom, I brush my teeth and then took my bath. After that I went back into my room.
I can’t believe I will be leaving for 2weeks for a wedding that’s not even mine??
Damn!!. I wish I find my mister right sooner. Am fed up of being single,,, Always being a bride’s maid is becoming unbearable for me, that’s what am going to do again this time.
Let me introduce myself,,, I am Olivia Taylor,, 25 years old. I don’t stay with my parents,, they live in another state. They’ve always told me,,,,
” You have to get married now before your beauty fade away,, ” their pressure is just too much
They should un-derstand that God time is the best.
I finally got dressed, I arranged my hair and put on a light make-up. I wore my heels and gr-ab my traveling bag,,, I took my phone and rushed out of the room.
I checked the time,,, 10:20am?? Am quite late,,, well don’t have a choice.
I bid the gateman goodbye,,, there are three building in the compound and I live in one of them.
I got a taxi which took me to the park where I will get a car going to Manila.
I got down from the car and breath in. I faced the mansion and wowed,, this is great. Just great!
I knocked the gate and it was opened,,
” Hello ma’am,, ” The man greeted
” Hi ” I smiled
” How may I help you?? ” he asked
” Am here to meet Ms Diana ” I said
” Oh,, am sorry. You can go in”
” Thank you,, but can you take me to her? ” I asked
” Of course ma’am ”
I nodded and followed him quietly admiring the mansion,,,, the dude must be really rich. Diana is so lucky,,, I smiled and sigh.
” Hello ” I greeted
” Oh,,, you’re Miss Olivia?? ” She asked
She’s a model popularly known all over,, am just a girl who walk in the wedding support company and I am here to make everything good the way they want,,, just a Bride’s maid. I just hope someday,, I will also be in her shoes.
” Yes ma’am,, am Olivia ” I replied with a bow.
” You are late ” she rolled her eyes
” Am so sorry ma’am ” I said
She’s rude,, arrgh!
She called someone.
” Take her to the guest room, she will stay here until the wedding is over ” she said
” Okay ma’am ” the lady replied
” You can have your rest and start fully tomorrow.mind you, I won’t be staying here. This is my husband to be mansion, I can’t stay here because that’s the culture. So you can also help him with somethings when nee-ded ” she said
” Okay ma’am ” I replied
I followed the woman who led me upstairs,, she opened one of the rooms
” You can stay here ” she smiled
” Thank you ma’am ”
” You look so beautiful ” she t©uçhed my cheek
” Thank you ma’am ” I smiled
” Get some rest now ” She said and walked out of the room
I dropped my bag and coll@pse on the be-d,,, I hope this go well. She doesn’t seem nice,,
I sigh and decided to sleep for some time,, I closed my eyes and sleep took over
I woke up and felt somehow hungry,, I don’t feel comfortable here and I don’t know why. I made sure I was putting on something which cover my wi-de h!ps and curvy brea-st. I opened the door and went out,, everywhere seems to be quiet, what’s happening??
I sigh and went downstairs,, nob©dy is there. I was about giving up when I saw someone in the wine bar drinking, I was able to see him well. He look handsome,, maybe he’s the groom.
” Who are you?? ” he faced me checking me from head to toe and I suddenly bec@m£ more uncomfortable.
” Am sorry,,, I should have introduced myself. Am Olivia,, the Bride’s Maid and as-sistant. Am gonna do my best ” I said and bowed my head a little
” You’re welcome ” he said and faced his wine again
” Sir,, where are the maids?? ‘ I asked
” They left,,, they always come here in the morning and leave by evening. What do you want?? ” He asked
” I am a little bit hungry,, but I guess,,,, ”
” They don’t cook ” he said
” What?? So who always do the cooking? ” I asked
” I don’t eat at home,, ”
” Wow,, that’s strange ” I said and he chuckle
” Have you taken something?? ” I asked
” Nope, but am fine ”
” No,, you can’t be fine ” I said
” Okay,, maybe we can go out and get something to eat? ”
” No,, just show me the kitchen and went will prepare something ” I said walking to somewhere I don’t know exactly
” That’s not the way ” he said standing up
” Come with me ” he said and You followed him.
We entered the large kitchen and I wowed.
” This more than amazing ” I said with a smile.
” Different ingredients are there,, and the foodstuffs, everything. Take the ones you nee-d ”
I nodded and raised my hand to open the food cu-pboard,, oops,, I am not tall.
” Bad thing you’re short ” he said and opened it
Wow. different cooking utensils. How come nob©dy cooks?? How about his Fiancee?
” What’s your favorite food?? ” I asked
” Not something ha-rd ,, plantains and egg with chicken ” he said.
I nodded and brou-ght out everything I nee-d,,
I got down from the chair I was standing on.
” Do you mind of I stay and watch how you cook?? ” he asked.
” I don’t mind ” I replied
He nodded and sat down. he took an apple from the fruit Stand and washed before he started eating slowly and at the same time watching me.
Chapter 2
💖 Olivia 💖
Minutes later, everything was done,,, I dished out everything and we both went into the dinning room.
We both sat down and I place his before him,, he smiled before taking his cutleries.
” Wow,, this is amazing ” he said with the food in his mouth
” Really?? ” I asked
” Yeah,, it just taste different from the ones I’ve always eat. You’re great ” he said and I find myself blu-shing.
” Thank you sir ” I said and then everything bec@m£ quiet as we both eat,, until he broke the silence.
” You don’t know my name right?? ” he asked and I looked up
” Am sorry,, I should have asked ” I said with a guilty face
” It’s fine,,, Am Maxwell ” He smiled out dimples
” Nice name, you still remember mine I think ” I said
” Of course, why will I forget such a beautiful name?? Olivia?? I can’t ” he said causing me to giggle.
” Am glad you enjoyed the little meal ” I said as I washed out the dish
” When last have I taste a meal made by someone close?? always the restaurant stuff which is actually not my taste but I don’t have any choice do I? ”
I only nodded with a light smile
” Am gonna help you with that ” he said taking the sponge from me
” What?? No you can’t,, Ma’am Diana will get mad at me ” I said taking the sponge back from him
” Of course not,, she won’t know until you tell her ” He said finally taking it from me.
” Are you sure you can do this?? ” I asked with my brow raising up
” Trust me ” he win-ked and I almost g@sped,,, why did he do that??
I watched as he washed everything perfectly.
” Wow,, you really did great ” I said cl@pping my hands.
” Thanks for the complement,,,,and thanks for the meal. I owe you one ” he said with a smile
” Am only doing my job,, and taking care of you is included ” I said as we entered the living room
” Wanna watch some movie?? ” He asked
I think for some seconds,,,
” That will be fun ” I smiled and sat down
He sat down beside me,,, not really close anyway and it calm my nervousness.
” what type will you like?? r0m@nç£, Horror,, Action?? ” he asked facing me
” Uhm,, anyone ” I smiled
” Nope,, am using this to pay back. So am at your service ” he said
” I think I’ve watched r0m@nç£movies all my life,, I watch Actions too. But never tried Horror,,,, am going with Horror ” I said almost regretting that I said that.
” I hope you won’t run off ” he chuckled.
” Am a strong girl if you don’t know ” I smiled
” We will see ” he replied
💖 Diana’s Pov💖
I sip from the beer and smiled sheepishly,,,
” Wow!!!!!!!! ” I screamed and joined my friends in dancing
” Shake those h!ps baby!!!! ”
I smiled and continue dancing, swaying my bu-tts,,.
” Am really gonna miss you when you get married ” Joanna said.
” Getting married doesn’t kill the fun in me, do you get?? ” I snapped
” But still,, you will have to be more careful or,,,,, ”
” I know what you mean,,, Maxwell love me a lot and he’s mine alone. Am sure he’s never gonna see any girl aside me ” I sm-irked
” I know,, but not seeing each other for two weeks. Isn’t that too much?? ” Talia asked.
” It’s nothing,, we will always talk on phone ” I replied.
” Guys, forget that. Let’s have fun!!!!!! ” Joanna shouted happily
I so much love them.
💖 Maxwell 💖
I watched as she freaked out,,, I was able to see her clearly. She look so damn h0t,,, even though she was putting on an oversized hood and a trou-ser. She’s still damn curvy,, she even look more h0t in that.
” Oh no!!!! ” She screamed and jumped on me at once while I bec@m£ shock,, I was not even watching the movie anymore.
She doesn’t notice she’s sitting and hvgging me right now,,,, I bet she will jump away when she notice.
She faced me and g@sped in shock,,, her small and redl-ips pat ways ma-king me li-ck my bottoml-ips. Damn,, how can someone be as h0t as this??
” Am so sorry ” she said and stood up.
” I am really sorry,, I just got too scared and lost control. Am so sorry plea-se forgive me ” she keep on bowing.
” It’s fine ” I smiled and stood up to switch the TV off.
I better leave before my mind lost control,, I am alre-ady having the urge to k!ssthose littlel-ips of hers.
” Good night sir ” she bowed and started walking upstairs
I nodded and followed her,, maybe she was nervous because she lost her balance. Thank God I was fast enough to catch her before falling,,,
She wi-den her eyes the moment I caught her,,,
💖 Olivia 💖
Damn,, why must he walk behind me. Am so nervous right now,, I don’t even know how to walk right now.
I suddenly lost my balance and fell,, but a warm hand caught me.
It was him,,, my eyes wi-den the moment his hands were wra-pped around me. That was because his hands were on my backside,,,,
He doesn’t seem to know,,, I only stood there waiting for him to take his hand, but it seem like it’s taking forever.
” Oh,, am sorry ” He said re-leasing me and I lost balance again,, this time. Our faces are just few inches from each other,,
I stared straight into his eyes but he wasn’t looking at me,, his eyes were on myl-ips
Before I could leave him,,, he even pu-ll-ed me closer and crashed hisl-ips on mine.
Whaaaatttt?????? 😱😱