The boy next door season two finale

💥The Boy Next Door 2 💥
📘 Chapter Semi-final📘
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Mom, what do you mean by ab-orting the baby?”Jamal asked,he was also surprised.
“You heard me, basically that is a bastard child because she isn’t married to Xander”
“But mom,i remember very clearly that you had i and Jamal when you weren’t married to dad,so it doesn’t make you any better”
My mom sl@pped me again,this time i turned the other cheek so that she could sl@p me.
“Go ahead and sl@p me again,you can even sl@p me to death because I would rather die than ab-ort my own child”
“Mom,Gigi can’t ab-ort the pregnancy,i agree that it is Xander’s child but it is also hers meaning the child is p@rt of us,we can’t get rid of it”Jamal said and my mom sighed.
“Then what do we do about this shameless act?”
“Gianna will travel out of the country to have her baby and start a new life”
“What about Xander,what about…
“He won’t know about it, Gianna you are leaving and that’s final”Jamal said interrupting me.
“But i love him,i love him so much”
“Your stupid love for him has caused you your reputation and your job,the Xander you claim to love isn’t here with you”
“He’s probably sorting out things with his parents”
“Enough of this nons-en-se”
My mom glared at me one more time then walked away.
I turned to walk away but Jamal pu-ll-ed me closer and hvgged me.
I bur-sted into tears while he ca-ressed my hair.
“You should have told me,Gigi,we are twins for Pete’s sake”
“I knew you didn’t like him so that’s why i kept it a secret,Jammy,i still love him,i really do”
“Gigi, everything is messed up,mom is super disappointed”
“I.. I just have to talk to Xander, I have to”
“Not today,you are so stressed out and that means your are stressing my niece or nephew”He said and i giggled.
No matter how angry Jamal can be at him,he always makes sure that am happy.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!!”I yelled ban-ging ha-rd on my room door.
My dad brou-ght some heavy thvgs to lock me in.
I really nee-d to see Gianna, She nee-ds me now more than ever.
I can’t bear being away from her at a time like this.
The door to my room opened and Skylar walked wearing a revea-ling dress.
“You are such an ugly bit-ch”
“And you are such a dumb bastard,look at me, am here for you,i have everything a woman possess what more could you want?”
“A woman with br@ins, character,good heart,self respect just like Gianna.
Don’t flatter yourself, Skylar, because you know when it comes to S-xiness,you don’t even compare to Gianna.
She is a goddess”
I saw the glint of anger in her eyes but she quic-kly waved it off.
She brou-ght out a rolled up paper full of weed,she lit it and started smoking.
“You want one?”She asked but I looked away.
“Skylar,you can never be a mother,you are just nothing but an add!çted weed smoker”
“At least am not being tied up against my will, unlike you”
“Trust me,i will get out of here and am going to clear the air about our relationsh!p,you sl-utty br@t”
“Good luck on that”
With that she walked away.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I was laying on my be-d trying to call Xander but his phone is switched off.
Every television channel is talking about us.
Am being called a who-re,a sl-ut,alot of horrible things.
I didn’t realize that i was crying until someone’s thumb wiped my tears.
“Oh,Gigi, plea-se be strong”Ashley said as she hvgged me.
“Am trying to but it’s ha-rd ,why does everyone hate the fact that I and Xander love each other so much”
“Your mom is just worried about you,She saw you cry every night when Xander left you.
We all even thought that you would go back to drugs but you didn’t,you stayed strong and you should still be strong.
Trust me,if you and Xander are meant to be then nothing and no one can separate”
“I want to go see him tomorrow”
“How?Your mom won’t let you”
“Well,i still have to and you have to help me,am not leaving Xander alone,if i have to elope with him,i would”
“How are you going to go out there unnoticed?”
“I have several wigs,i will change my looks,i just have to go see him”
The next day.
I and Ashley set out to Xander’s house,we were about to walk out the door.
“Where are you two going?”My mom asked.
“Mom,i and Gigi are going out for a walk,she said she felt suffocated in here”
“If she goes out,they will recognize her and maybe try to hurt her”
“Mom,this is an estate, they won’t hurt me,they are security every where”I said hoping she would believe.
“Okay but i want to tell you that i alre-ady got your plane ticket,you are leaving tonight”
Ashley and i walked out the door and into Ashley’s car.
“Put on your wig”
I put my wig on, then wore sunglas-ses so that no one will recognize me.
She drove over to Xander’s house, thank goodness they wasn’t any guard when we got there.
“Go talk to him but be careful”Ashley said and i nodded.
I got down from the car and went straight to the main door.
I was about to knock when i heard voices behind the door.
I put my ear closer to the door to hear clearly.
“Xander,are you doing it?”
A voice i think it’s Xander’s dad asked.
“Yes,Dad,I am not going to see Gianna,i have alre-ady forgotten about her,i will get married to Skylar”
That was Xander’s voice,my heart shattered.
Not again,not again, Xander.
I rushed back to Ashley’s car almost in tears.
“That was fast,what happened?”
“Nothing, Ashley, let’s just go,am leaving this country”
🔥Final Chapter 🔥
This chapter is dedicated to everyone who s£nt me sweet messages and especially to those you s£nt me recharge cards… Tamara Blair loves you all.

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I was back home, folding my clothes into my luggages,i couldn’t even st©p myself from crying.
The memories of I and Xander kept repla-ying in my head.
I felt someone hvg me from behind.
“Ohh,my sweet Sister,how many times are you going to keep enduring the pain?”
“Jamal,i just want to leave,start afresh, hopefully this stupid news will die down”
“But i thought you said you wanted to talk to Xander first”
“It doesn’t matter anymore,am still going to leave”
“Don’t worry, everything will be alright”
Late at night.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
While i was still locked in my room, the door opened and my mom walked in.
I didn’t bother looking at her.
“Son,i know you are angry at me and am sorry”
“Sorry won’t do anything,Mom, can’t you see it? I love Gianna so freaking much”
“I know that,i can see it in your eyes”
“Then why are you taking dad’s side,you have always supported him even when he is wrong.
When i was little, you loved the fact that i wanted to be a musician, then suddenly you changed just because dad said he didn’t like it.
When you saw Gianna,you told me you liked her, then all of a sudden, she’s no good.
Mom,tell me the truth what’s happening?”
My mom started crying, it’s been so long since I’ve seen her cry.
“Alexander, the truth is the man you consider your father is not your biological father”
I heard a loud ban-g in my head.
“Mom, what.. what do you mean?”
“When I and your father got married newly, there was a robbery attack at our house and i got R@p£d.
I was taken to the hospital but later on, I found out that i was pregnant.
Your father and i agreed to ab-ort it but it was later discovered that your father had low sp-erm count and couldn’t have children,so i kept the pregnancy”
So i was made out of r@p£,i don’t even know who my real father is.
“But mom,dad should be grateful to you,he has a son because of you”
“I let him make any decision because i was afraid that he will throw the both of us out of his life, that’s why i supported him”
“Mom,this has to end,you can’t keep bending to his rules,you have to stand up to him,even if it means divorcing him”
“I will, Son, because i love you so much and i want you to be happy with the woman you love”
“I just nee-d to get out of here”
“Your dad re-moved the heavy thvgs so you can leave,but i have an idea”
“Let’s do it”
I was standing before my dad,my mom was sitting beside him.
Am a little bit happy that he isn’t my dad but sad that i don’t even know who my dad is.
At least am grateful that he saw me throu-gh school.
“Speak up,your mom said you wanted to tell me something”
“Yes,dad, it’s about Skylar”
“Okay,am listening”
“I wanted to tell you that i have alre-ady forgotten about Gianna and i will marry Skylar”
“You have finally come to your s-en-ses, that’s good”
“The wedding preparations will begin”
“But dad,can i at least go out?”
I hope he agrees.
“Sure,but you have to ..
“No, Uncle,you can’t let him go”
That bit-ch said as she descended the stairs.
“And why’s that?”
“He is probably going to meet that who-re called Gianna”
“Skylar, Xander alre-ady agreed to get married to you”My mom said, Skylar laughed.
“Oh, don’t be stupid,AuAun
“Hey, respect my mom, Will you?”
“I know your plan,you will say you agree then before we know it, you are eloping with Gianna”
“Skylar,you are just so insecure about yourself,you know Gianna’s better than you”
“Xander,is what you are planning to do?”My dad asked me.
“Yes, dad,i just said those stuff so that you can let me go over to Gianna”
“You are such a stupid, stupid boy,i can’t believe you are my son”
“Well,i can,dad i alre-ady know the truth, I know that you are not my real father”
My dad looked at my mom with utter surprise.
“So you told him?You told him the truth”
“I had to,he is my son and am not going to let you make decisions for him”
“Do you know what you are saying, Martha?”
“Yes,i know,Peter,i don’t want anything to do with this marriage,am divorcing you”
I saw the look on my dad’s face,he wasn’t expecting you.
“You can hold your marital problems for a while,we are still talking about I and Xander”
“Shut up,you stupid bit-ch,my son won’t get married to a pr©st!tût£like you”My mom said angrily.
Skylar was surprised.
“You know i can destroy Xander’s career with just a single post from me”
“Go ahead and i will gladly show everyone the video of you smoking weed and sniffing Cocaine”
“You sniff cocaine too?”I asked surprisedly.
Skylar looked so embras-sed and defeated.
“You can have your stupid son to yourself, am tired of all of you”
She walked away and i never felt happier, she’s finally out of my life.
“Mom,are you okay?”
“Yes,i am but you nee-d to get Gianna, bring my grandchild and future daughter in-law”
I hvgged her so ti-ght, then left the house.
I raced to Gianna’s house,i knocked twice and the door opened revea-ling Gianna’s mom.
“What are you doing here, you shameless bastard?”
“Aunt,i really nee-d to see Gianna,she nee-ds me”
“She doesn’t nee-d you, she’s fine with her life.
Did you forget you left her to go after that br@t now you are back and you have ruined her life”
“Aunt,i can explain everything but plea-se let me see Gianna,i love her so so much”
“No,get out of here right now before i call the police,get out”
I tried toexplain but she didn’t want to listen.
“Mom, Xander really loves Gianna”Jamal said as she walked in with Ashley.
“Yes,mom, They love each other,Xander left Gianna in order to save her, She’s carrying his child”Ashley said and Gianna’s mom sighed.
“Yes,Aunt,i really love her,i can’t do without her, she’s my life”
There was slience for a minute.
“All i want is for my daughter to be happy”
“And i will giver her all the happiness she deserves and more, just plea-se let me see her”
“Even if you wanted to see her,you can’t”
“Gianna just left for the airport, she’s leaving the country”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I got to the airport,re-ady to board my flight.
Xander’s face kept appearing in my head,i tried to wave it off.
I t©uçhed my tummy and sighed.
“Don’t worry, mummy is going to take good care of you”
Hopefully,no one recognized me because i diguised myself.
I waited for an hour then it was time to board the plane.
With my luggage in my hand,i walked over to where i was supposed to board the flight.
Suddenly,a hand held me back.
“You are not leaving me”
A voice said,i turned and it was Xander,he wore a black hoodie and face cap.
“What are you doing here?”
“To st©p you from leaving me,i thought we talked about this”
“We did but i c@m£ to your house and overheard you telling your dad tgat you are willing to marry Skylar”
“I only said that so that he could let me out of the house,he literally locked me in.
I wanted to come meet you so that we can leave together”
“My mom knows everything alre-ady,the world hates me”
“Your mom told me you were here,she accepts our relationsh!p,just come with me plea-se”
“Why are we here?” I asked as Xander st©ppef right in front of his record label company.
“I told Kimberly to call for a press conference”
“So you mean reporters are in there?”
“And journalist, newspaper people, Everyone”
“But why?”
“It’s time i make things clear to them”
We got out of the car and walked in, Xander’s b©dyguards protected us from the screaming fans.
We got in and so many reporters were around,Xander held my hand ti-ght as we walked over to the podium.
“Good day everyone,am glad everyone could make it,i called for this press conference because i have something very important to say.
It’s about my relationsh!pwith Gianna Flores,yes, it’s true we d@t£d back in college.
We went throu-gh so many ha-rd times together,she was the only one who supported me when i wanted to do music,even my own parents wouldn’t listen to me,she stood by my side.
She encouraged me every step of the way and i love her for that.
She’s the love of my life,the woman of my dreams and i plan to spend the rest of life with her.
She’s also pregnant with my child and that’s the best news ever.
As for Skylar,she and i never had a relationsh!p,it was all a font just to make the audience happy.”
He looked at me and i had tears in my eyes,he k!$$£d my forehead.
“Am not going to let her go no matter what the world says,if you all don’t agree then i will st©p doing music because i can risk my life for this woman,thank you”
He took my hands as we walked out of the building.
This five years have been the best of my life,am a mother to a handsome boy,his name is Zachary McQueen.
I got married to Xander a month after the press conference.
He didn’t st©p music because everyone had to accept the gctbthat he loved me.
Ashley and Jamal got married and now have twins,a boy and a girl.
Surprisingly, Jayden and Anna also got married,i wasn’t seeing that coming.
Skylar was the still the biggest actress out there but we never crossed paths
Xander has been the best husband and father to i and my son depsite his busy schedule.
I got to own my very own hospital,i was the medical director of the biggest hospital in America.
“Let me bring in my beautiful wife and my amazing son to the stage”
Xander was on the verge of being the most successful musician in the world.
I took Zach’s hand as we climbe-d the stage,the screaming and cheers tripled.
Zach let go of my hand and ran to meet Xander,who happily carried him in his arms.
He gave a slight k!sson myl-ips.
“I don’t think I will ever st©p loving you, you have been the best mother and wife to me”He said throu-gh the microphone.
“I still can’t believe that the annoying boy next door is now the man am crazy about,you are my life,Xander and i will never st©p loving you.
Thanks for being a good father to our son and our future child”
“Future child?” He asked and i giggled.
“Am pregnant,Xander”
Immediately i said that the whole audience screamed with happiness.
“Mom,am i having a sister?”Zach asked.
“Yes, my sweetheart”
“I love you”Xander said,i moved closer to him.
“I love you too”
We shared a k!ssand the whole place erupted with cheers.
I turned from the antisocial girl to the woman with happiest family ever.
All thanks to the boy who lived next door.

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