The boy next door season two episode 9 & 10

💥 The Boy Next Door 2 💥
📘 Chapter Nine 📘
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Okay,what about this one?” I asked Ashley as i stepped out of the bathroom.
“Woah,when Jayden sees you in this,he is going to drool on himself” She said and i giggled.
I was twirling infront of the mirror,while Ashley was busy sm-irking at me.
“Why are you staring at me like that?”i asked.
“It’s been so long since i last saw you this happy”
“Come on,i have always been happy”
“No,like see you giggle so much,smile so wi-de”
“I think it’s because of this vacation”
“Tell me something,Do you have feelings for Jayden?”
Do i really have feelings for Jayden?
He makes me so happy and i always want to spend time with him.
“I..i don’t know”
“Well,i can tell that he has feelings for you, it’s so clear”
“I have also noticed,i.. I just don’t want to ruin this beautiful relationsh!pwe have”
“Then if you have finally decided on your feelings,i think you should tell him”
“Tell him what?”
“Tell him if you love him or if you don’t,so that he doesn’t get his hopes high”
“You are right, thanks”
The next day.
“Am so excited” I said as i and Jayden went into his pri-vate jet.
We were going to a resort in the Bahamas.
“Me too, it’s going to be so much fun”Jayden said as he wore a head warmer that had his name on it.
He put his head on my shoulder.
“Wake me up when we get there” He said, I rolled my eyes.
“Yes,my lord” i said tea-singly ma-king him chuckle.
The jet started moving,before i knew it,i also sle-pt off.
“Hey,Gigi, wake up” Jamal said as he shaked me.
“Five more minutes” i whined.
“Am going to carry you over my shoulders if you don’t wake up”
I stood up quic-kly and looked around.
“Come on,our ride is waiting” He said as he dragged my hand.
“Wait..our luggages?”
“Don’t worry, it’s alre-ady in the car”
We entered the car and the driver took us to the resort.
“Woah!!”i said in amazement as we arrived at the resort.
“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”
“So beautiful”
We got down from the car and i noticed Jayden wasn’t covering his face.
“Jayden,why aren’t you covering your face,there are people here?”
“Relax,this place is paparazzi proof, they have t©p security so no one will know am here”
“Okay, that’s good,at least we won’t be running away from crazy fans”
“Let’s get checked into our rooms”
We arrived at a nearby h0tel and booked two rooms.
“Okay,get re-ady because we will going out later to have fun”Jayden said while i nodded.
I entered my room, it was amazing and beautiful.
The be-d was hvge, everywhere was neat.
I quic-kly took a shower in the magnificent bathroom.
I got dressed,then started fixing my hair.
There was a knock on the door.
“Come in” I said,the door opened and Jayden walked in.
“You re-ady?”He asked.
I stood up and twirled around in front of him.
“How do i look?” I asked,but he just kept staring at me.
“ something wrong with the dress?”
“No,you look absolutely beautiful,i just got lost for a minute” He said ma-king me giggle.
“Thanks,now let’s go” I said, dragging him along.
We walked over to a restaurant,it was decorated with so many flowers.
We got a table,we sat down and ordered our food.
“Ohh,am so excited” i said happily.
“To eat?”
“No, Silly,to be here,i can’t remember the last time I took a vacation,thanks,Jay”
“Anything to keep that beautiful smile on your gorgeous face” he said and i giggled.
“I nee-d to use the bathroom, be right back”
I stood up and walked over to the bathroom.
In no time,i was done,i was walking over to where Jayden was.
“Gianna?” A voice called out.
I turned to see who it was.
“Wait..are you stalking me now?”
“No, although i would love to do that”
“Xander,leave me alone, leave me the hell alone”
“For your information,i didn’t follow you here,i c@m£ here to do a video shoot,so st©p feeling good about yourself”
“If you are really doing a video shoot,why are you at this place?”
“To eat, obviously”
I was about to say something when a woman interrupted me.
“Alex, there is bad news” She said.
“The director fell ill, now he can’t shoot the video”
“So we c@m£ here for nothing?”
“Yeah,guess so”
“Wait..i know you, You are Gianna Flores, twin sister to that NBA pla-yer, Jamal”
“Yes,you are right”
“Nice to see you,Woah,you look more beautiful in person”
“Thanks,am just going to leave…
“Gigi,where have you been?”Jayden asked as he approached me.
He looked around,he and Xander glared at each other.
“Alexander McQueen,You are here?”
“Yeah,to shoot a video”
“Nice and you must be his manager”
“Yeah and honestly,am a big fan of you” the woman beside Xander said.
“Well, I and Gianna are on vacation”
“Really?”Xander asked smiling at me.
I know how he thinks,he would also say he wants to stay.
“You know,my director fell ill so he can’t do anything,so i think it’s best i make use of my time here,i will also stay and have fun”
I knew it, He’s such an idiotic douchebag.
“Nice,Well,have fun,i and Jayden have to leave” i said and dragged Jayden along with me.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
I watched as Gianna and Jayden were having fun, talking,he even put his hand on her th!ghs.
He’s acting like they are a fv¢king couple.
“With the way,you are holding that cu-p,you are going to break it” Kimberly,my manager said
I dropped the cu-p on the table.
“You Know,if you are feeling jealous,you can leave” She said and i scoffed.
“Me? Feel jealous? Impossible,Am not jealous,why would i be jealous?”
“That’s true,i mean Gianna is not your girlfriend and you don’t know her from anywhere”
“Wait,Xander,did you and Gianna have a past?”
“Kim,i will tell you everything very soon”
“Okay but Xander, remember,if the press find out that you and Gianna hook up, they will thrash Gianna”
“I know that,so plea-se don’t remind me”
I saw Gianna get up and walk away.
“Um.. Kim,i will be right back” i said and walked away without waiting for her reply.
I sp©tted Gianna about to enter her room.
“Gianna, wait” i said as i approached her
“What do you want?”
“To tell you that I know what your game plan is”
“What game plan?”
“You are using Jayden to make me jealous” i said and she started laughing.
“Oh, Alexander McQueen,you have officially gone crazy,you are insane,i don’t have the time of the day to make you jealous”
“Don’t pretend to me, don’t forget we d@t£d for 2 years”
“The Gianna,you knew from way before is different from the Gianna you are looking at”
“What’s the difference?”
“Am completely over you,i don’t feel anything for you”
“You are lying to me”
“What makes you think that?”
“Because Gianna Flores,i never st©pped loving you” I said and claimed herl-ips.
📘 Chapter Ten 📘
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
Before i could even process what was happening, Xander k!$$£d me.
I was struggling with him but he held me down by holding my w@!st so ti-ght.
I bit hisl-ips, then he pu-ll-ed away immediately, then i sl@pped him.
“OUCH!!” He said as he t©uçhed his cheek.
“How dare you k!ssme, what’s your fv¢king problem?”
“I just wanted to show you that you haven’t gotten over me”
“Well,i think you got your answer, don’t t©uçh me or k!ssme ever in your life”i said and walked into my room.
“Are you okay?”Jayden asked as we took a walk around the resort.
“No.. nothing,am fine”
“Gigi, don’t lie to me,your face says it all,what did Xander do to you?”
I looked at him.
“What does Xander have to do with this?”
“Don’t pretend,Gigi, i know you and Xander had something in the past”
“How did you…
“I see the way he looks at you and you always avoid being with him”
“Okay,yes,we had something in the past”
” What happened?”
“Jayden,i really don’t…
“It’s okay if you don’t trust me,i un-derstand”he said and tried to walk away but i held his hands.
“Okay,i will tell you.
I and Xander started d@t!ngwhen we were still in college,even before he bec@m£ this famous,we loved each other or at least i loved him”
I told Jayden everything about him.
“So he just left you just like that?”
“Yes,he didn’t think i was worthy of being by his side when he bec@m£ famous”
“Then he’s a j£rk,you are an amazing, beautiful woman”He said and i smiled.
“You always know how to make me smile”
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“So she sl@pped you?”Bryan asked over the phone.
“Yeah, this is the third time she’s doing it”
“Why would even k!ssher?”
“I thought she would k!ssme back”
“Why would she do that?”
“Because she’s still in love with me”
“Xander, it’s been Six years,you broke her heart,do you think she would accept you with open arms and besides you are practically d@t!ngSkylar”
“I nee-d to tell Gianna the truth, then break up with that bit-ch”
“Xander,there will be war and you know it,your parents will not like it”
“I will figure it along the way”
We talked a little then i ended the call.
“Gianna,you will have to hear me out by f0r磔 I said to myself.
“And what makes you think that?”
A voice said,i turned around and it was Jayden.
“What are you doing here,Jayden Kennedy?”
“Xander,we nee-d to talk”
“About Gianna,i don’t know if you have noticed but she doesn’t want you around her”
“What makes you think that?”
“She told me everything that happened between you and her,how you left her”
“You don’t know anything about what really happened, it’s between Gianna and I”
“Gianna is an amazing woman and i intend on ma-king her mine”
“She doesn’t love you”
“She will, eventually,Xander,you have lost her because of your stupid ambition”
I was controlling my anger.
“Jayden,i really don’t want to start a fight so plea-se leave” i said and he chuckled.
“See you later”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
Jayden and i were at the park having dinner,it was a picnic.
There were candle lights and rose petals on the floor.
“All my favorite food are here” i said looking around.
“I asked the chef to prepare your favorites”
We were eating,Jayden kept staring at me.
“Why are you staring at me like that?”
“You are beautiful and i love staring at beautiful things”He said and i smiled.
He tucked my hair to the back of my ear, then ca-ressed my cheeks.
“Your hair is really nice” I said ma-king him smile.
“Thanks,you can t©uçh it if you want”
I ran my hands throu-gh his hair,he took my hand from his head then brou-ght it closer to hisl-ips,then k!$$£d it.
“I can see you are having a nice time”Someone said.
It was Xander with a girl with a really short dress.
“Yeah,you wanna join?”Jayden asked and i glared at him shocked.
Why would he ask Xander to Join us when he knows i can’t stand him.
“Sure,i would love to” He said and helped the girl sit on the gras-s.
Xander is so predictable,i know he wants to make me jealous.
Let’s see who gets jealous.
We are closer to the truth.😁