The boy next door season two Episode 7 & 8

💥The Boy Next Door 2 💥
📘 Chapter Seven📘
Written by: Tamara Blair
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
The ride to the hospital for was so quiet and awkward.
I can’t believe that Xander is moving into the same estate that i live in,For what?
He’s a big idiot if he thinks i will listen to anything he says.
“Gigi,are you alright?” Jayden said breaking the awkward slience.
“Yeah..yeah,am fine,why are you asking?”
“Well, because you have been unusually quiet,is something wrong?”
“For a minute back there,i thought you and Alex were fighting”
“No,we were not,we ha-rd ly know each other”
“The way he looked at you said differently”
“What would i and Alexander McQueen be talking about?”
“Jay,do you talk to him,since you two are celebrities”
“Just random greetings,we are not close”
“We are here”Jayden said as he st©pped the car.
“Thanks,see you later”
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“How sure are you that she’s the mystery girl that is hanging out with Jayden?” Bryan asked.
“She’s definitely the one,he c@m£ to pick her up”
“So? That’s doesn’t mean anything”
“It does,i saw the way he looked at Gianna, the guy is totally in love with her”
“How do you know that?”
“Because, Bryan,i have been so in love before and i know when a guy is in love”
“You can’t do anything about that?”
“I know i can’t,all i want is for Gigi to hear me out”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“He moved into this estate?” Jamal and Ashley asked at the same time.
“Yeah and he c@m£ to me to explain himself”
“Did you let him?”
“No,i sl@pped him twice then Jayden c@m£ to pick me up”
“I swear that if i l@ymy eyes on him,i will rip him ap@rt”Jamal said angrily.
“Gigi,what are you going to do? You two will be seeing each other more often”
“Xander’s a celebrity,he can’t stay at home all day and i will always be at the hospital”
“Honestly, there’s absolutely nothing that justifies what Xander did”
2 weeks later.
For the past week,i have been throwing away letters,flowers and chocolates that Xander have been s£nding.
I really don’t know what is wrong with him.
As for i and Jayden,we have become super close.
Despite his ti-ght schedule,he never goes a day without talking to me and i always enjoy his company.
I was home alone about to watch a movie when the doorbell rang.
“Jayden told me he won’t be around today” i said to myself.
I went to open the door.
“What are you doing here?”
“I c@m£..
“Xander,if you are here to give me more flowers,you can put it where the rest are,in the trash”
“Would you just let me talk?”
“Why would i let you talk or explain yourself, whatever you want to say,i really don’t care and don’t want to listen”
“But you rather listen to Jayden’s instead,huh?”
“Xander,leave my house,if you are gonna start your jealousy fit,do it somewhere else”
“What’s your relationsh!pwith Jayden?”
“You are the mystery girl, aren’t you?”
“I don’t nee-d to give you any explanation”
“Gianna,we nee-d to talk”
“No,you nee-d to leave like right now”
“Why? Are you expecting Jayden?”
“Maybe,i am”
“Tell me something, Gianna,Are you in love with Jayden?”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Tell me something,Are in love with Jayden?” He asked while i bur-sted into laughter.
“He makes me super happy, he’s always there for me,i enjoy having him around him and he’s extremely handsome so it’s not that ha-rd to fall in love with Jayden”
“So what about those times we spent together?”
“Xander,are you stupid or what? You were the one who threw those times we spent together like it was trash,if you haven’t noticed,am completely over you”
“Are you sure?”
“Is that even a question?”
He moved closer to me,while i moved backward,i tried to walk away but he held me by the wrist and pu-ll-ed me closer.
“Let me go, Xander” I said struggling with him.
“What’s this bastard doing here?”
That was Jamal,he was coming back from practice,Xander immediately let go of my hand.
Xander got punched in the face before he could finish talking.
Jamal wanted to punch him but i st©pped him.
“Jammy, plea-se don’t punch,let him go”
“You still have the nerve to show your face to my sister,you idiot”
“Xander,get out of here” I said to him,hisl-ips was alre-ady bur-sted.
Xander walked away, Jamal re-leased himself from my grip.
“Seriously,Gigi,you let him in,for what? So that he can sweet talk you”
“He c@m£ here uninvited and plus,i would never let him deceive him again”
“I don’t want to see him around you anymore or else, Gianna,i will punch him so many times that his fans won’t recognize him”
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“What happened to you,Bro?” Bryan asked as I walked in.
My l!pwas bleeding, I went over to the bar area of my house,i took a bottle of whiskey.
I drank straight from the bottle.
“I got punched”
“I can see that but by who?”
“Gianna’s twin brother”
“Jamal Flores,the NBA pla-yer”
“Yeah,i waa arguing with Gianna, then je c@m£ and punched me”
“I really don’t blame him,you hurt his sister”
“Am trying to explain to her but she doesn’t want to listen”
“She will eventually”
“Am not so sure,Jayden has all her attention”
“Yeah, that’s true,the medis is talking about the mystery girl with Jayden,they hang out all the time”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Then Jamal punched him” I said to Ashley.
I told her everything that happened between i and Xander.
“No wonder Jamal is angry at you”
“Jamal is just being protective of me, that’s all”
“Did you two almost k!ss?”
“Of course,not,i won’t let him get to me”
“So you are completely over Xander?”
“…Yes, Yes,i am”
“Okay,if you say so”
2 days later.
I was at work and the stress was too much,i have been going from one patient to another.
I sat down in my office so tired and worn out, there was a knock on the door.
“Come in” I said tiredly,the door opened and Jayden walked in.
“Woah,you look tired”
“Yeah,i have been so stressed out today”
“Let me help with that”
Jayden c@m£ over to my back, then started mas-saging my shoulders.
“Ohh,that feels good,your hands are like magic” I said,he chuckled.
“Gigi, would you like to take a break from work for a little bit?”
“Yes, but I can’t”
“What if i say you can?”
“How? I have so many people to attend to”
“Well,i talked to the medical director”
“Yeah and he agreed to let you go for sometime, someone will replace you during that time”
“You and i can go on like a little vacation together”
“You and i?”
“To where?”
“Gigi, anywhere of your choice”
“Okay,am in”
“Then it’s settled,You and i are going on a vacation”