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      • The Boy Next Door 2


📘 Chapter Five📘




😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍

I was asked to perform at the party of the daughter of the medical director.

It’s a really popular hospital, Jayden Kennedy was on stage and the crowd went wild.

I was next so i decided to go back stage but i suddenly bumped into someone.

I was so angry at first but when our eyes met,all my anger was washed away.

“Gianna?” I called out still in shock.

She’s standing right here in front of me.

Gosh, She looks a whole lot beautiful than before.

She immediately turned to walk away,i held her wrist but she yanked my hand off.

“Don’t you dare lay your flithy hands on me,you digusting bastard” She said so angrily.

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“Gianna,let me just…

She walked away before i could even finish talking,i wanted to go after her.

“Xander” The voice of my manager stopped me.

“What, Kimberly?” I asked

“The daughter of the medical director is a huge fan of you so it will be nice if you say her name during your performance”

“Okay, whatever”

Few minutes later,i was called out on stage, everyone waa screaming and cheering.

I searched the crowd but i couldn’t find her,i gave up and started performing.


The next day.

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I left the party after seeing him,i couldn’t tell Jayden i was leaving.

I felt like slapping him so hard, I just respected the fact that am at the party of my boss.

He even tried to touch him,I won’t let him get to me.

“So you saw him?”Ashley asked again.

“Yes,we bumped into each other and honestly Xander has become so rude,he wanted to lash at me but he realized it was me,he stopped”

“What were you expecting? Fame and Money has changed him, he’s like a spoilt brat, when i was doing the photoshoot,he kept yelling at people”

“Wait..i thought you said you didn’t see him”

“Um..i.. Okay, fine,i lied, I lied because i didn’t want to remind you of him”

“He has already seen me,i really don’t care anymore,am just not going to let him get to me”


😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“Bryan,she was remarkably beautiful,she was like a goddess”

“Did she slap you?”

“No,i know she wanted to but she called me a digusting bastard” i said and Bryan chuckled

“I don’t blame her, Bro,you completely broke her heart,then started dating the person that tried to kill her”

“I had no choice,i wish she could just listen to me for once”

“I doubt that”

“I need to speak to her”

“How? The press are everywhere,if they find out, Skylar will know and you knoe how that crazy sl*t is”

“I will just have to be careful and you have to help me”


“Okay,Gigi came to the party yesterday meaning she works there aa one of the doctors”

“Okay,so where do I come in?”

“You have to help me find out when she’s at her office,if i try to find out, Skylar will notice”

“Okay,Fine, I will help you”


💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“That’s not how to cut an onion,Jay” i said laughing so hard.

It was the weekend and i was at Jayden’s house,i was making lunch and he wanted to help.

“It’s so hard”

“You really know nothing about cooking”

“I have maids that do it for me and besides no one was around to teach me”

“What about your mom?”

“She died when i was 15 from an accident” he said sadly.

“Am so sorry”

“My dad remarried and his new wife treated me like a slave,so i left the house to live with my uncle,while i was there,My dad also died”

“My dad died when i was 12, leaving i,my twin brother and my mom,i miss him everyday”

“Let’s forget all about that..is your twin brother Jamal Flores?”


“Woah,you two look alike, he’s my favorite basketball player,am like his biggest fan”

“Really? Maybe one day,i can introduce you to him”

“That would be nice, you know you nevee gave me a valid reason for leaving that party so early”

“Um..i became bored, I just wanted to leave, you were really busy so i couldn’t come to you”

“It’s okay”

“Come on, let’s finish cooking because am so hungry” i said making him chuckle.


2 weeks later.

😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“Bro,she really doesn’t have a free schedule,she has so many patients to attend to” Bryan said

“So there’s no way i can see her?”

“Yeah,but I do know where she lives”

“You do?”


“Well,tell me”

“Tell you what?” Skylar asked as she walked in on us

Bryan and i looked at each other.

“Um.. it’s something about a concert,right Bryan?”

“Yeah,we were both discussing the venue”

“So why did i hear something like she has so many patients?”

Urrgh,this Skylar is unbelievable.

“We were talking about my manager, Kimberly”

“Okay,fine,i came to tell you that i will be moving to England for two months for a movie”

“Okay, that’s nice,have fun”

“Aren’t you even going to miss me?”

Trust me,you leaving is a big blessing.

“Of course,i will,have a nice trip” i said and she rolled her eyes.

“Goodbye kiss?”

I kissed her slightly on the lips,then hugged her.

“Okay, bye” She said and walked away,Bryan and i gave a sigh of relief.

“Thank goodness,she will gone for sometime, making me able to talk to Gianna”

“Okay, She lives in Paradise way estate, it’s a really quiet estate,no press and paparazzi can enter” Bryan said while i just smirked.

“So what’s your plan?” He asked.

“I am moving to new house”


📘 Chapter Six📘


A week later.

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞

“Jamal,Jayden is downstairs” I yelled.

I brought Jayden to my house because he seriously wanted to see Jamal.

“Am here already” Jamal said as he got downstairs.

“Woah,I can’t believe am talking to Jamal Flores,am such a big fan”

“Am also a big fan of you,Gigi won’t stop talking about you”

“Yeah,Gigi is quite a talkative” Jayden said and i slapped his arm playfully.

“Okay,am leaving you two alone to get to know each other” i said and walked away.

I went upstairs and Ashley was in my room watching a movie.

“Jamal and Jayden seem to be getting along” i said as i sat on the bed.

“Yeah,i heard everything and Jayden seems to really like you”

“Yeah, because we are friends”

“Stop pretending,Gigi, You and i know there’s a connection between you and Jayden, he’s so handsome and charming”

“Jayden’s life is full of the press, crazy fans and the paparazzi,i don’t think i can handle that”

“Your twin brother is an NBA player, they already know you”

“Yeah but they don’t know my private life,all they know is that Jamal and I are twins and that I come to see him play sometimes but for Jayden, it’s going to be different”

“Gianna,If Jayden makes you happy, then go for it, he’s really nice”


😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“Okay, the house is set for you to move in to but it’s not close to Gianna’s house” Bryan said

“How far is it?”

“Like 5 houses away”

“Fair enough,i just need to talk to her and I pray she listens to me because she is one stubborn girl”

“Well,you have to try and thank goodness,that witch isn’t here to stop you”


💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞

“Your brother is really fun to be with”Jayden said.

We were at the basketball court outside the house.

“Yeah, you didn’t tell me you knew how to play basketball”

“Only a little”

“You know i used to play basketball with Jamal”


“Yeah,you wanna play with me?”


We played for a few minutes,our score was equal.

I tried to collect the ball from him but i tripped over and almost fell down but Jayden caught me on time.

Our faces were so close to each other,his hair covered a part of his eye.

I have to admit, Jayden is so handsome,we finally stood up properly.

“Thanks” i said nervously.

“It’s not a problem”

“Gianna,You are extremely gorgeous,you know that?”

“Hmm, no,i always thought i looked like a goblin” i saif jokingly.

“Yeah,you look like a goblin a little” Jayden said and I gasped in shock making him chuckle.

“Oh,you are so dead”i said and started chasing him around the place.

“You run like a girl”

“Am a girl,you bonehead, slow down so that i can kill you” i said.

We ended up running around till we were tired.


Few hours later.

😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“The house is really nice and the estate is quiet” i said as i and Bryan walked in

“Yeah, it’s really good for celebrities”

“Now,i can be closer to Gianna”

“What is your plan?”

“I need to tell Gianna why i left,i need to get her to listen to me”

“And if she does, what’s going to happen next?

Are you going to get back together with her?”

“I..i don’t know about that”

“You know it’s been six years,how sure are you that she hasn’t moved on to another person”

“That’s what is getting me so worried”

“Xander,if she knows the real truth behind your disappearance, you two still can’t be together”

“And why’s that?”

“She’s a doctor, a popular one and you are a famous musician dating Skylar Johnson, Hollywood’s sweetheart,if Giann comes into the picture,they call her a sl*t for trying to break you and Skylar up and that will ruin her relationship”

“I will figure all this along the way,i just need for her to listen to me”

Bryan turned the TV on and the news came up.

“Hey, everyone is talking about the the mystery girl that Jayden Kennedy is with”

“Yeah,i heard about that,she always covers her face”



3 days later.

💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I was heading out to the hospital,i was so late.

I rushed out to my car, suddenly a black Lamborghini stopped in front of me.

“Gigi” A voice said in the car,It was Xander.

How the hell did she find out that I was living here?

He came out of the car, I tried to quickly enter my car but he held my wrist.

I released myself from his grip.


Before he could finish,i slapped him really hard.

“Don’t f*cking call my name,you idiot,what do you want from me,what?”

“To talk to you,we really need to talk”


“About what? About how you left me? How i stupidly fell in love with you?”


I slapped him again, this time he held his cheek.

“Don’t you ever call me Gigi,you lost that right six years ago”

“If you would just let me explain”

“I don’t want to hear your stupid explanation, nothing can justify what you did,You ambitious bastard, nothing”

“Gianna, please don’t say this to me,let me explain”

“NO,just leave me alone,for the love of God,i don’t want to see you anymore,go back to that idiotic b*tch you have as a girlfriend,you two can live happily”




That was Jayden,he came out of his car looking confused.

“Jayden, what are you doing here?” I asked.

“Well,i have a busy schedule today so i decided to drop you at work so that we can spend a little time together.

I didn’t know you were close to Alexander McQueen”

“No,we just met, Right,Mr Alex?” I asked giving Xander a glare.

“Um.. yeah,yeah,I just moved into this estate”

He moved here,to this same estate.

“Nice”Jayden said and there was an awkward slience.

“So it’s nice meeting you,Alex,but i have to go,Jay, let’s go”

We walked over to Jayden’s car,he opened the door for me,he got in and we took off.

Xander,i won’t let you get the better of me.




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