The boy next door season two episode 3 & 4

💥 The Boy Next Door 2 💥
📘 Chapter Three
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
After my encounter with Ashley,i decided to take a walk around the city.
I wore my mask so i won’t be seen.
I looked around and every billboard had pictures of me,every wall had my face on it.
Alexander McQueen,the most popular and talented singer.
I had all i ever wanted but still felt so empty.
My pocket vibr@ted,it was my phone,i checked it and it was a text from Skylar telling me to come home.
I pushed the phone back in the pocket.
“OMG, IT’S ALEXANDER MCQUEEN” Someone screamed loudly.
It was a little girl,how did she recognize me with my mask on.
Then it hit me,my signature tattoo on my right arm, I forgot to cover it.
So many people started gathering around me, especially girls.
I started running away from them,i brou-ght out my phone and called my driver.
I was trying to hide when i saw her for a spilt second, then she disappeared.
I wanted to look for her but my driver arrived with my car.
“Sir,Get in, they are coming”
I looked around but she wasn’t there,was my eyes deceiving me?
I gave up and entered the car.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I saw him enter the car and drive off.
Thank goodness,he didn’t see me,if we did meet,i will be f0rç£d to sl@p him.
I turned around to go home when i suddenly bu-mped into someone with a hood over his head.
“Am so sorry” i said.
“It’s okay,i was also at fault”
He re-moved the hood and my eyes wi-den in shock.
“Jayden Kennedy!!” I said in shock.
“Shhh, don’t yell or they will find me”
“Sorry” i whispered.
Jayden Kennedy is one of the biggest musician and actor ever.
“What are you doing here?”
“Am hiding,same as you”
“Am not hiding” i said and he chuckled.
“Then why are you here?”
“Am not talking about myself,you are the celebrity here not me”
“Well,i wanted to gr-ab my favorite food at this local restaurant but i got caught by a fan of mine”
“Urrgh,the life of a celebrity,you can never have an alone time”
“That’s how it is,so where are you going? Let me drop you off”
“Am going home,you don’t nee-d to drop me off”
“Okay but can i get your name?”
“It’s Gianna”
“Nice name,okay i will leave you alone now,bye” He said and walked away.
The next day.
😍 Alexandrander’s P.o.v😍
“You saw who?” Bryan asked confusedly.
“I saw Gianna or at least i think i saw her”
“You think? Xander,where you drun!klast night?”
“No,i was going for a walk when a femal fan sp©tted me,i started running, that’s when i saw her for a split second”
“And you are sure you weren’t drun!k?” He asked again and i rolled my eyes.
“I wasn’t”
“Okay,if it’s really Gianna,what are you going to do? Go after her? You know that is so impossible”
“Yeah,she probably hates my existence”
“And you know that nagging bit-ch will start barking again”
“I know but first i have to find out if it was really her”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Guess what?” I said as i sat in front of Jamal and Ashley on the dinning table.
“Well,when you two were busy m0@n ing in your be-droom,i went out for a walk and i saw Jayden Kennedy”
“Really?” Ashley asked in shock.
“Yeah,he was also hiding”
“Wait..what do you mean by also hiding? Were you hiding too?” Jamal asked and i sighed.
“I saw Xander”
“That bastard, I swear if i ever see that idiotic douchebag,i will punch him to death”Jamal said angrily.
“Gigi, don’t even think about him for a minute, he’s so worthless” Ashley said
“You are right,i hate him so much”
“Don’t think about him and go to work”
I walked into the hospital and went straight to my office.
“Gigi,i have newssss” Anna said as she approached me
“What is it?”
“Actually i have two news, First,the medical director is having a p@rty for his daughter who just got engaged and he invited all of us”
“Second news is that there are several flowers in your office”
“Yeah,you might wanna check it out”She said and walked away.
Who would put flowers in my office?
I hope it’s not Angelo,i alre-ady told him that i don’t have feelings for him.
I got to my office and they were truly Flowers everywhere.
There was a card on my table,i picked it up and a note was written on it.
“To the woman with Grey eyes” i re-ad out loud.
“Hello, Gianna” A voice and I turned around.
📘 Chapter Four📘
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Jayden, what..what are you doing here? How did you know i work here?”
“Let’s just say i like your company so i did a little research about you”
“But why?”
“I really want to be your friend” he said smiling wi-dely.
“The very famous Jayden Kennedy wants to be my friend?”
“Yeah, it’s not strange,is it?”
“No but,you know your life is filled with so much paparazzi and the news,i don’t think i can handle that”
“You don’t have to”
“If you don’t want to be seen with me, I will make sure no one sees you”
“Jayden, it’s not that i don’t want to be seen with you, it’s just i won’t be able to handle all the news”
“It’s okay,i will handle that”
“The flowers? How did you get in here without being seen?”
“I spoke to the medical director and he made sure i c@m£ in without anyone seeing me and the flowers are just gifts from me”
“So are you going to be my friend?” He asked and pouted hisl-ips like a baby ma-king me laugh.
“Sure” I said and he beamed in happiness.
“Thanks,i will leave now so that you can do your work…wait,are you coming to the p@rty the medical director is throwing?”
“Okay,guess i will see you there”he win-ked at me and left.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
It was my day off from all the celebrity stuff, I was pla-ying video games with Bryan.
“You are so dead”Bryan said laughing like an idiot.
Suddenly,my phone started ringing.
“Pause the game” i said as i brou-ght out my phone.
I checked the caller ID and it was my mom.
What does she want to say now?
“Hello,mom” i said as i picked up the phone call.
“How are you doing,my son?”
“Good,how are you and dad doing?”
“Fine, Xander,i wanted to ask you something”
“Okay,go ahead”
“Skylar told me that you said you weren’t re-ady to have children”
I sighed in frustration.
“Yes,mom,am not,i have alot lf things to do,i can’t handle a child right now”
“You can always try”
“No,mom,when i have a child,i want to give him or her my utmost attention,i want to have time for them,i definitely don’t want to be like you and dad”
“St©p that, don’t bring your father and i into this, Skylar wants a child”
“Then she should go get someone else to give her a child because am not re-ady, Skylar herself can never be a good mother,she smokes cigarette”
“Fine but this t©pic isn’t over”
“Bye,mom” I said and hanged up.
“What’s this about having a child?”Bryan asked.
“It’s Skylar,she wants to have a baby with me”
“So the crazy bit-ch wants to have a baby, she’s going to be a bad mother”
“Yeah,i know that,am definitely not having a baby with her”
Few hours later.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Wow, you look amazingly beautiful”Ashley said to me as i walked down the stairs.
“Thank you, Where’s Jamal?”
“He went down to the grocery sto-re”
“Okay,tell him i took his Rolls Royce to the p@rty”
“Have fun with Jayden, he’s super h0t” Ashley said and i rolled my eyes.
“He’s not even going to have time for me”
“He will make time for you if he really cares”
“Ashley,we are just friends, remember?”
“Yeah but anything can happen,Gigi, it’s your time to be truly happy”
“Thanks,Sis” i said and hvgged her.
“Okay,enough of all these s£ntimental stuff,you nee-d to go”
I walked into the p@rty venue and the first person i saw was Anna.
“OMG,you look so gorgeous,babe” She said excitedly.
“Thanks,this place is beautiful”
“Wait till you see the guy the director’s daughter is engaged to, he’s so h0t” She said.
“You just love drooling over other guys”
“Only the ones that are handsome like Angelo, who is coming right this way”
“Wait, don’t.. Urrgh”
Before i could st©p her,she walked away.
“Woah, Gianna,you look extremely beautiful,my goodness”
“Thanks,you look good too”
“You have definitely stolen the show tonight”
I was about to say something when a tall guy in black approached us.
“Sorry to interrupt but Miss Gianna wants to see you”
“It’s J.K”
At first,i was confused, then i remembered it’s Jayden.
“Okay,where is he?”
“I will take you to him”
“Angelo,i have to go,talk to you later”
The man took me upstairs,it was the celebrities section,we arrived at a door and he knocked, then walked in.
“Gigi” i heard him say
We hvgged each other slightly.
“You look like a goddess” he said ma-king me giggle.
“Thank you and you look amazing”
“Thanks, I just wanted to see you before i go on stage and also ask you something”
“What is it?”
“Can you hang out with me this weekend,am always alone at my house”
“I don’t really know,am always busy but i will figure it out”
We talked for a while before it was time for him to get on stage.
“Good luck” I said
He went out with his b©dyguards,i turned to leave when i bu-mped into someone.
“Can’t you see where you are going?”
That voice,oh no, plea-se.
My head was lowered,i raised it and our eyes met.