The boy next door season two episode 19 & 20

💥 The Boy Next Door 2 💥
📘 Chapter Nineteen 📘
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“ are telling me that am getting married to Skylar because am trying to un-derstand things here” I said, looking at my parents like they were crazy.
“Yes and st©p looking at us like we are insane”My dad said amd i stood up.
“Because you both are insane”I said angrily and my mom g@sps in shock.
“Don’t talk to us like that,we are your parents”
“You know,am beginning to have doubts that you are my parents, because if you were,you would want to see me happy”
“But this is for your happiness,you and Skylar would make a good couple”
I took the vase on the table and threw it against the wall ma-king it break into pieces.
My mom and Skylar flin-ch back in fear.
“NO, you are doing this for your own benefit,am nothing to you two but some object you can gain from”
“Now, Alexander McQueen,this was p@rt of our deal”
“No,dad,our deal was that i d@t£ Skylar not marry her, She’s a spoilt br@t that smokes weed and i would never let her be the mother of my child”
“You are like this because she’s back”Skylar said.
She stood up and walked closer to me.
“Xander, What’s Skylar talking about?”
“How did you know that?”I asked ignoring my mom’s question.
“I followed you, didn’t she tell you?”
“Skylar,what are you talking about?”
“Aunt,Uncle, Xander has been seeing Gianna”Skylar said and my mom g@sps.
“ALEXANDER MCQUEEN,IS THIS TRUE?”My dad asked angrily.
I kept quiet for a while,my dad was so brutal when i don’t obey him.
I don’t care,am no longer a little boy.
“Yes,Dad,i have been seeing her,i love her”
My dad sl@pped me ha-rd ma-king me fall to the ground.
“Alex”My mom called out and held me.
“You have always been a disappointment,i told you not to go to that cheap…
“Dad, don’t you dare insult Gianna or I will forget that you are my father”
“You are marrying Skylar and that’s Final”
“Then you would have to kill me first, because am not leaving Gianna and my child alone”
There was total slience,they were all trying to comprehend what i said.
“What.. what child?”
“Mom, Gianna’s pregnant, she’s carrying my baby”i said.
I could see the glint of happiness in my mom’s eyes but she quic-kly wiped it off.
“That’s a lie”My dad said.
I looked over at my mom who was alre-ady crying.
“Mom, you liked Gianna,i know you did, what changed?Why are you always supporting dad?”i asked but she looked away.
“He’s my husband”
“And am your son,Mom, plea-se”
“Am sorry,Xander but what your dad says goes”
“Then i guess we will have to do it the ha-rd way because am not leaving Giann,i did it once and am not doing it again”
My dad kept yelling some stuffs but i ignored him and walked away.
👿 Skylar’s P.o.v👿
“Peter,I think he’s telling the truth, Gianna’s pregnant for him”Xander’s mom said.
I know she has always been stupid, Pathetic.
“Are you stupid of what?Martha, can’t you see that he is lying,he is just ma-king up excuses to not marry Skylar”Xander’s dad said angrily.
Come to think of it, when i went to Gianna’s house,she looked different,she added weight.
I thought it waa because i haven’t seen her for six years but now that Xander says she’s pregnant,it might be true.
No,i can’t let her keep him, I have to do something.
“He’s our son,we were never there for him,we neglected him but Gianna stood by him,she listened to him when we didn’t have the time.
Peter,i think we should just let him have who he wants, I don’t want my son to hate me”
I rolled my eyes at how stupidly emotional Xander’s mom is.
She walked away with tears in her eyes.
Xander’s dad is so stubborn and greedy,he could sell his child for money.
“Um.. Uncle,i think i hve a plan to separate Gianna from Xander”
“What’s the plan?”
Very late at night the same day.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
Xander called me to come meet me outside my house.
I wore something comfortable and went out.
I saw leaning on his car.
“Hey”I said but be didn’t answer, then i noticed a cut on hisl-ips.
“Xander,what happened to yourl-ips?”
“Get in the car, let’s talk”
He opened the door for me and i got in, he turned around and he also got in.
“My parents want to f0rç£ me to marry Skylar
“What?But why?”
“For their own benefit,i tried to convince them nicely but it didn’t work,this cut on myl-ips was because my dad sl@pped me.
Why didn’t you tell me Skylar c@m£ here?”
“I forgot,she said she followed you, this pregnancy stuff had me so worked up”
“Well,she told my parents and they weren’t happy, they also know you are carrying my child,my dad chose to not believe but my mom..i don’t know about her”
“Xander, what are we going to do?My mom won’t accept you,she hates you so much”
“If they don’t want us to be together, then we will run away”
“Run away?”
“Yes,babe,i have a lot of money in different accounts and a mansion that it’s so untraceable,we will stay there till you deliver”
“What of your music career?”
“I would give it up in a heartbeat just for you”
I hvgged him so ti-ght,he chuckled.
“Easy there,we don’t want to hurt my child”
He placed his hand on my tummy, then looked at me.
“I promise you that I will be the best father and future husband to yiu a d my child, you both won’t lack anything in this world”
“I know you will,am so happy that am the one carrying your child”
The next day.
“Gianna, wake up, Gianna”Ashley kept yelling my name.
She was shaking me to wake up.
“What’s the problem?”i asked as i stood up reluctantly.
“Watch this”
Ashley took the remote and turned on the TV.
My image was on the tv.
“This is so so bad”Ashley said anxiously.
I ran my hand throu-gh my hair nervously.
I checked my phone and saw tons of missed calls from Jayden,My mom and Jamal.
This is so bad.
📘 Chapter Twenty📘
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
The reporter went saying so many things about me and Xander.
How we went to the same college,our past relationsh!ps.
“Gosh, they even talked about the fact that Xander’s cousin R@p£d you,they know everything”
“Am sure it’s that bit-ch that told them”
“What are we going to do,Gigi?”
“I don’t know, I don’t know”
Ashley was about to say something when my phone rang.
I checked it and it was Anna.
“Gianna,how are you?”
“Am not good,Anna,am sure you saw the news”
“I did, Gianna,but you nee-d to come to the hospital”
“Why?i don’t have a shift today”
“I know but the medical director wants to see you”
“Okay,i will be there” i said and ended the call.
“Gigi,your mom and Jamal will come here,am sure if it”
“Then i will have to tell them the truth”
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“Xander, you nee-d to…
“MOM,GIVE ME MY DAMN PHONE” I yelled cutting her off.
I woke up to the world saying so much trash about Gianna.
I tried to call Gianna,then i discovered my phone was taken.
“Xander, you nee-d to calm down”
“Mom,i don’t want…
I st©pped talking immediately Skylar walked in.
I rushed towards her and gr@bb£d her n£¢k,i strangled her.
She was g@sping for breath but i didn’t care.
“Xander,leave her alone”My mom begged.
I felt a strong ha-rd pushed me away,i fell to the ground.
Skylar was holding her n£¢k and coughing.
“Do you want to kill her?”
That’s was when i realized that my dad walked in.
“Yes, I want to kill her because she is a bit-ch and i hate her”
“The only bit-ch i know is that Gianna”My dad said.
I angrily rushed to him but my mom held me down.
“So you want to punch your own Father?”
“Yes,i will, don’t you dare call Gianna a bit-ch”
“Forget about that Gianna,you are getting married to Skylar”
“Then you will have to kill me,Dad,kill me because i won’t spend the rest of my life with a sl-utty bit-ch”
“Gianna’s life is alre-ady ruined”My dad said sm-irking.
“What do you mean?”
“You will find out soon, Alexander McQueen”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I got to the hospital and everyone kept staring at me.
Every eyes were on me,it felt like i should enter the ground.
I entered the director’s office with a heavy heart.
I c@m£ out dejected and almost in tears.
“What did he say?”Anna asked as she rushed towards me.
“He..he..he fired me,Anna,i lost my job”
“What? But you are the best doctor here”
“I guess i messed up badly”
“Do you love him..i mean Alexander?”
“So much,Anna, he’s the love of my life”I said and she nodded.
“Giann,you are pregnant?”
“Yes,Anna,am carrying his child”
“I wish you the best, Gigi,fight for what’s yours”
We hvgged ti-ghtly.
I drove back home, wondering my Xander’s phone was not going.
I got home and when i entered,my mom and Jamal were waiting for me.
“Mom? Jamal?” I asked shocked.
“Come here!!”Jamal said angrily and gr@bb£d my wrist, dragging me towards my mom.
“What the hell happened?”He asked
“I love him,i…
I was cut off by my mom sl@pping me ha-rd .
“You love him?!!Are you stupid or what?”My mom asked angrily.
“You love him?He left you,he abandoned you for that sl-ut,how could you let him deceive you?”Jamal asked shaking my arm vigorously.
“He explained to me,he didn’t mean to leave”
“He’s lying,he broke your heart,he promised you the world, then left you,now your name is all over the news, people are calling you a sl-ut”
“Are you coming from the hospital?”Jamal asked and i nodded.
“What happened?”
“I got fired”I said in tears.
Jamal ran his hand throu-gh his hair in frustration.
“You lost your job,the job you always dreamed about,all because of that idiot”
“Gianna,you will have to stay away from him”
“It’s too late for that,mom”
“And why’s that?”
“Because am pregnant,am carrying Xander’s child”
The whole was in slience.
“What?”Jamal asked with so much anger.
“ pregnant for him”
“Gianna,i have never been disappointment in you as i am now”My mom said angrily.
“What are we going to do?”
“I know what to do”
“Gianna will have to ab-ort that child”My mom said and my eyes wi-den in shock.
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