The boy next door season two episode 1 & 2

💥 The Boy Next Door 2💥
📘 Chapter one 📘
😁 Author’s P.o.v😁
Time went so slowly for Gianna,she had never felt so much pain in her life.
The day Xander left her was the day every bit of love she felt for him turned to extreme hatred.
She burnt everything that reminded her of Xander.
Gianna’s mother decided that they move out of their house,to Gianna,it was the best thing to do.
She wouldn’t be able to see that window directly in front of her window.
She learnt to forget,she learnt to move on,She cursed every single minute she spent with him and hoped to never see him again.
“Push,Ma’am,you have to push” The doctor said.
The patient was in serious pain,the doctor and the two nurses were trying to deliver her baby.
“If you don’t push right now,we might lose the baby”
With little strength,she pushed and the beautiful baby boy c@m£ right out.
The doctor handed the baby to the mother while the nurses were cleaning the mother up.
“He’s so beautiful”The doctor said to the mother who was full of smiles.
“I will leave you to the nurses to clean the baby up”
“Thank you, doctor”
“It’s my job”
The doctor walked out of the room to give the goodnews to the family of the woman.
The doctor re-moved her hair net and gloves, Gianna Flores was the best gynaecologist in that hospital.
“Another safe delivery” Another doctor whose name is Anna said.
“You know it” Gianna said ma-king Anna laugh.
“You are really good at your work,no wonder all the male doctors over here drool over you”
“Don’t start now,Anna”
“Speaking of male doctor, Angelo is walking this way,bye” Anna said and walked away.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Hey beautiful” Angelo said as sbe approached me.
“I told you to not call me that,my name is Gianna”
“I call you that because you are truly very beautiful”He said smiling at me.
“I was wondering if i can take you out for dinner”
“Angelo,i really had a stressful time today,am not in the mood for a dinner at a restaurant”
“It’s.. it’s okay, Goodnight then”
“Yeah, Goodnight” i said and he walked away.
I don’t know when he will realize that i don’t want a ro-mantic relationsh!pwith him.
I got my things and walked out of the hospital,i hopped into my black range over and drove straight home.
On my way home, there was a little traffic so i had to wait.
“There’s always traffic” i said to myself.
There was a billboard showing advertisement of many products.
Then his picture c@m£ up, the picture of the person that took all my happiness away from me.
He is alre-ady the most famous musician in America and the riche-st too, everywhere he goes,he is treated like a god.
I hate him so much,more than the devil himself.
The traffic cleared out,i zoomed off immediately.
“WELCOME” Someone screamed and jumped on me.
“Ashley? You are back?”
Ashley has been going back and forth from Paris and America, She’s one of the t©p model.
There is no clothing line that doesn’t have Ashley picture on it.
“Yeah and for good this time”
“For good?”
“Yes,my contract with Fashion Nova ended yesterday”
“Really? So what now?”
“I got another contract with Black Angel”
“OMG, the one with Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner?”
“Yeahhhhh” Ashley screamed.
“Congrats,Babe” I said and hvgged her ti-ght.
“Oh,but i really miss Jamal,we ha-rd ly have time for each other” She said sadly.
Jamal is the best NBA pla-yer and he is always very busy.
“I know,even i ha-rd ly see him, it’s either he is in chicago or Cleveland”
“The goodnews is that the basketball season is almost over this year so he is definitely going to be back in no time”
She looked around the house.
“Your house is hvge,my Goodness”
“You live alone?”
“Yeah,my mom said she prepared to stay in Oklahoma, since that’s where she and my dad spent their teenage years”
“Can i move in here?”
“Did you have to ask,of course” i said excitedly.
“It will be so fun,just like when we were in college,i will move in as soon as i finish the job at a clothing line here in America”
“What is the name of the clothing line?” I asked and Ashley suddenly bec@m£ nervous.
“Um..just forget it”
“Ashley,just tell me”
“Okay,fine, it’s the Revenge Clothing line”
That’s Xander’s clothing line,not only is he the biggest musician in so many countries,he has one of the most successful clothing line.
“Don’t get angry,my manager just booked me without my notice,i swear if i knew i wouldn’t get take it”
“It doesn’t matter, it’s your job and honestly Revenge Clothing line is a really big endorsement for you,so don’t worry”
As long as i don’t see him, everything is okay.
“You are so strong,Sister”
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
I woke up with a terrible hangover,i looked over at my side and my headache increa-sed.
She was still slee-ping like a log of wood, seeing her right now makes me regret having se-x with her.
I got up from my mas-sive be-d and went over to the window side, it was a hvge window and i could see the whole city.
I looked over at my phone and i saw so many missed calls from my manager,i tossed the phone away.
I was about to turn around when i felt a hand wra-p around my w@!st.
“Good morning” She said happily
“Good morning” i replied coldly.
“Last night was super amazing,you took me to the moon”
I re-moved her hands from my b©dy,went over to my drawer and brou-ght out a pill and a cu-p of water.
“Take this”
“What’s that?”
“It’s a morning after pill,i was drun!kyesterday so that means we didn’t use protec-tion,so take it”
“But Xander, isn’t it time we had a baby?”
“No,a baby is too much of a responsibility,you and i are not re-ady,have the pills”
She collected it and took it with the water.
“So what are we doing today?”
“I am going over to the studio,yiu should get going”
“But babe,we ha-rd ly spend time together”
“Skylar,am super busy,i have so many things to do and so do you, don’t you have a new movie you are working on?”
“Yes but…
“But nothing,Am alre-ady running late” I said and walked away.
📘 Chapter Two📘
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
After taking a shower and dressing up,i went downstairs to have breakfast.
The dinning table was alre-ady set,i sat down trying to call my manager.
“Hey,you come here” i said to one of the maids who was pas-sed.
“Has Skylar gone alre-ady?”
“Okay,you may leave” i said and she walked away.
I dialed my manager’s number,it rang twice before she picked up.
“Gosh, Xander,i called you all night yesterday”
“Sorry,i had a few drinks”
“A few? Xander,you really nee-d to st©p drinking”
“I didn’t call you to lecture me,why were you calling yesterday?”
“To remind you that there are some models coming to pose for your new collection,so you have to be there”
“Yeah,i almost forgot about that,i will be there”
“Okay and plea-se st©p drinking” She said and i rolled my eyes even though she can’t see me.
“Goodbye” i said and hanged up.
I opened up my food and took a bite out of it, then i spat it out immediately.
“Where’s the damn chef?” I asked angrily,she c@m£ out in a hurry.
“How many times do i have to tell you that i don’t like too much pepper in my food,huh?”
“ sorry”
“Are you br@in dead or what? Do i have to repeat myself all the time so that your dumb br@in can accept”
“Sir,am really sorry” She said almost in tears.
“Bro,Relax” A voice said,it was Bryan,he walked over to the dinning area.
“She made a mistake and she’s sorry”
“I don’t know why i have to repeat myself all the time”
“Am sorry,sir”
“Get your trashy self out of here” I said and she left in a hurry.
“Xander,you nee-d to be nicer to your workers”
“I will be if they just do what i want”
“I c@m£ to check up on you”
“Am actually leaving to my clothing company,when did you get back from Australia?”
“A week ago,i was called to be the judge of a dance competition”
“Star dance competition?”
“Yeah, it’s really hvge and they are alot of h0t babes there” Bryan said while i shook my head.
“You will never st©p being a pla-yer?”
“At least am not stuck with a nagging bit-ch”
“Don’t remind me of Skylar,she makes me sick” i said ma-king us laugh.
“Good morning,Sir” One of my employees said as I walked into the company.
I had to use a mask to cover my face to avoid paparazzi and the crazy fans.
I got to my office,then took the mask off.
“You are here” My manager, Kimberly said.
“Yeah,so where are the models?”
“About to do a ph0to shoot,you can come and see them to take out the ones you don’t like”
“Let’s go”
We went over to where the models were having the ph0to shoot, immediately i walked in, the girls started screaming.
“plea-se be quiet if you really want to do this ph0to shoot” Kimberly said.
I looked around at the models,most of them were trying to flir-t with me with their eyes.
My eyes caught someone who didn’t spare me a glance.
It’s Ashley, She’s here?
“So are they good to go?” Kimberly asked.
“Okay,you all should go to your respective dressing room”
They walked away.
❤️ Ashley’s P.o.v❤️
I was putting my make up in place for the ph0to shoot.
I just want to do this and get out of here,am sure he saw me.
A knock sounded at the door,i exhaled de-eply knowing who it was.
Nonetheless,i opened the door and i was right.
“How can i help you,Mr Alexander?”
“Ashley, plea-se,we nee-d to talk”
“Am not sure about that,your bit-chy girlfriend might come any minute’
“Ashley, plea-se” He said and i sighed.
“Come in”
He walked in and started staring at me.
“Wow,you have really changed,i mean you are now one of the biggest Models”
“Alexander,tell me why you are here”
“To talk like back when we were in college,like old times”
“Like old times? The old times you threw away like garbage, you ins-en-sitive bastard”
“I know what I did waa wrong but you have no idea how…
“plea-se,save me the explanation, there is nothing that can justify what you did, especially to Gianna”
“How is she?”
“Am not telling you anything about her,so plea-se leave”
“Get out,Xander, now,before i do something tragic and you know me alre-ady” i said angrily.
He sighed and walked away,after ruining Gianna’s life,he thinks he can just walk back in.
I got back to Gianna’s house so tired and stressed out.
I opened the front door and Gianna was watching a movie.
“Hey,you are back” She said and got up to meet me.
“Yeah,am so tired”
“You can go shower then you can come and eat”
“Wait..i thought you always stay at the hospital all night”
“Am on a little break,so how was it? Dud you see that bastard?”
I can’t tell her i saw him or she will feel sad again.
“No,he didn’t even show up”
“He’s such a sick bastard”
“Let’s just forget about him”
“Yeah but before you go take a shower,i have a hvge surprise for you”
“What’s the surprise?”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“What’s the surprise?” She asked,while i sm-irked at her.
“You can come out now” i said and immediately she saw the person,she started screaming.
She ran to him and jumped on him ma-king the both of them fall down.
“Easy,you are going to kill me” Jamal said and i giggled
“Oh, Babe,i have missed you so much” Ashley said k!ss!nghis cheeks repeatedly.
“I have missed you too,Hunnie”Jamal said and k!$$£d her cheeks
“Okay,before you two start k!ssing,am going out for a walk and plea-se keep the m0@n s down,will you”
I took my jacket and walked out of the house.
I got out to the street, the moon was so bright and the street lights made the night beautiful.
Ashley and Jamal are so lucky, sometimes i envy them.
They have been together for so long,even with their busy schedules, they still love each other.
They fight sometimes and it might seem they would break up but some how they end up reconciling.
I thought that i would end up like that, with the love of my life by my side.
It just turned out that the person i thought was the love of my life is just an ambitious bastard.
I saw a poster of him again,i hissed slightly, then walked away.
I was still walking along the road when i saw people screaming and taking pictures of someone.
I walked a little closer, then our eyes met for a spilt second, when i saw him,i quic-kly hid myself.
I can’t let him see me.
Who did our Gianna saw?🥰
So Xander is d@t!ngSkylar?