The boy next door final episode

💥 The Boy Next Door💥
📘 Chapter Fourty-One📘
A month Later.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
It’s been a month of losing faith in myself, second guessing my own talent, it’s been really heartbreaking.
“Are you still over thinking things?” Gianna asked as she walked into my room.
She has been my strength, she has been the one supporting me.
She recently just got a job in one of the biggest hospital in America as a gynaecologist,which has been her biggest dream.
“Babe, You will definitely get throu-gh this,i promise you” She said putting her hands over my shoulders.
“I know that but i wish everything can be fas-ter”
“Very soon, Sweetie,very very soon”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“So what is the goodnews you just couldn’t tell me tommorow, it’s past 11” I said to Ashley who rushed into my house.
“I GOT IT!!!!” She screamed and jumped on me.
“Got what?”
“The Modelling Job, Fashion Nova organisers called me this morning to tell me the news.
Am going to be a model for fashion nova”
We hvgged each other ti-ghtly and were screaming.
Fashion Nova is a big modelling company.
“Am so happy for you,Sis,so happy”
“Gigi,we are finally achieving our dreams,you are working for a really big hospital and am a Model”
“Yeah and Jamal is almost on the verge of being an NBA pla-yer”
“You are worried about Xander?”
“Yeah,he seems to be losing hope and i really don’t want that”
“He will pu-ll throu-gh this,Very soon we will have free VVIP tickets to his concerts” Ashley said ma-king me giggle.
A week later.
I was with Xander,he was seriously lost in thoughts.
“Xander!” I called him jo-lting him to reality.
“What?” He answered like he was annoyed.
“You were lost in thought again, I told you not to worry about anything” I said and he sighed sadly.
“It’s not about that”
“So why are you like this?”
“It’s.. it’s nothing,I love you so much, don’t you ever forget that”
“I love you too,I love you Alexander”
“Even if somethings change, will you still love me?” He asked ma-king me confused.
“Xander,you are ma-king me scared, what’s going on?”
“It’s nothing,forget it”
I looked at him one more time, then hvgged him.
We ended up dozing off in each other’s arms.
I woke up and Xander wasn’t by my side anymore.
“I guess he went home” i said to myself.
I did my morning routine, then headed downstairs to see my mom ma-king breakfast.
“Morning,mom” I said as i sat in front of her.
“Morning, Sweetie” She said smiling.
“”Where’s Jamal?”
“He left early for practice”
“Wow,we ba-rely see each other,he goes out so early, then back home so late”
“Yeah, he’s a man now,When are you resuming at the hospital?”
“On the 24th of next month”
“Am so happy for you”
“Thanks mom,am going over to Xander’s place” i said as i cleared the dishes.
I walked over to Xander’s place,i knocked a few times but no one answered.
Then i noticed the windows were closed.
“That’s weird,did he go out?” I asked myself.
I brou-ght out my phone to call him.
“Gianna Flores” A voice called out,it was a man.
“Yes, that’s me,how do you know my name?”
“You are Alexander’s girlfriend?”
“Yeah,do you know where he is?”
“Alexander and his family moved out early this morning”
“WHAT?!!!, That can’t be possible, it’s not possible,why would they move out?”
“It’s true,they moved out but i don’t know why”
I called Xander’s number but it was switched off,i tried a couple of times but it was the same.
Xander, Don’t do this to me.
“He told me to give you this”
He handed me a letter,i collected it and opened it.
“Gigi,Am sorry i had to do this to you,am really sorry,You are better off without me.
I can’t really tell you why i left but am sorry.
I wish you the best of luck in everything you do,again,am really sorry”
I finished re-ading the letter and i was in tears.
How could he leave me?
How could he think i was better off without him?
He left me without a tangible reason
He promised me that we would be together forever.
He threw our plans away,our dreams.
He crushed everything.
My heart is broken without amendment.
This is a wra-p on Season one.
More drama coming in Season Two.
Secrets will be revealed.