The boy next door Episode 9

💥The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Nine 📘
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
After several hours on the plane,we finally got to Miami,it was so sunny and beautiful.
“Woah, this place is amazing” Ashley said.
We all got checked in a beautiful h0tel.
“The girls and boys will stay two in a room” Our geogra-phy teacher said.
Xander had to go back with Skylar but not without promising me that we would hang out.
The girls took the rooms upstairs while the boys were downstairs.
“WOAH!!” I and Ashley said at the same time as we entered our h0tel room.
It was spacious and beautiful.
“The bathroom is like heaven”, Ashley said.
I looked out the window,the h0tel was near the beach.
“This is truly beautiful” i said with admiration.
“You can say that again”
There was a knock on our door.
“Come in” Ashley said,the door opened and Skylar walked in.
What does she want?
“Hey, the teacher said we all come down for lunch in 30 minutes”
“Okay, thanks”
“Um.. Gianna,can i talk to you?” She said
“No,i want us to be alone” she said,i looked over at Ashley.
“Okay, fine,but Gigi,if you are in trouble,jusy scream,you can’t trust people” Ashley said and walked away.
“I don’t think she likes me very much” Skylar said.
“That’s how she is, so, what do you want to talk to me about?”
“First of,am really sorry about calling you a tomboy”
“Well, it’s okay,i get that alot”
“I also want to talk about Xander”
“Okay,what about him?”
“Xander and i have been friends since we were very little and i have been there for him at this darkest days and he has also been there for me”
“Why are you telling me this?” I asked and she sighed.
“What am trying to say is that i really like Xander,am in love with him and I have waited so long for him”
“Okay,i still don’t un-derstand why you are telling me this”
“I can see Xander really cares for you,so am asking you to stay away from him during this vacation”
“That’s going to be ha-rd because Xander and i alre-ady have plans for this vacation”
“Then cancel” she said and i couldn’t help but chuckle.
“Why are you so threatened by my pres£nce,am just Xander’s friend”
“You and i know that you have feelings for my Xander and i won’t let you have him,you tomboy” She said.
Ashley was right, Skylar’s a bit-ch.
“Look, Skylar,this isn’t your college,you don’t even belong here and you most definitely can’t tell me what to do.
If you are really sure you have a chance with Xander, then you shouldn’t be scared of my pres£nce”
“Am not scared of your pres£nce,you are not even as beautiful as me, Xander likes his girls S-xy”
“Xander also likes his girls smart and confident, things you don’t have,so get the hell out of my room” i said and she walked out angrily.
“Idiot” i said after she left.
“What did she say?” Ashley asked as she walked in.
” Something stupid”
“Come on, let’s take a shower and have lunch”
“Am re-ady”I said as i stepped out of the bathroom wearing a black hoodie that st©pped right above my knee,my hair was packed in a messy bun.
“You look good” Ashley said smiling.
“Thanks,now let’s go,am hungry”
We took the elevator to the dinning area and students were alre-ady seated.
I tried looking for Xander but i couldn’t, the food was served.
I was about to eat when a little girl walked up to me with a paper in her hand.
“Good afternoon,that guy over there told me to give you this” She said pointing to a p@rticular direction.
I looked and saw Xander with his basketball friends,he wi-nkee at me ma-king me smile.
The little girl ran off,while i opened the paper and it said “put your hair down,you will look even beautiful that way”
I smiled and re-leased the ribbon holding my hair,i looked back at him,he blew me a k!ssma-king me giggle.
“Your cheeks are as red as a tomato from blu-shing” Ashley whispered to me.
“Shut up” i said pla-yfully.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
After lunch,i was about to go meet Gianna when Skylar suddenly approached me.
“Alex,have you been avoiding me?”She asked sternly.
“No, I have just been busy, Skylar, I didn’t ask you to come with me,i alre-ady had plans so don’t be surprised if you don’t see me around you”
“What plans? it plans with that tomboy?”
“She’s not a tomboy,i told you that alre-ady”
“Then what is she? She dresses like a boy,acts like a boy, what do you call that, unless she’s a lesbian”
“My sister is not a l£sb!anfor your information” Jamal said as he approached us.
“You must be her twin brother, pathetic”
“No,you are pathetic,Xander,where did you get this psycho from?”
Jamal glared at her, then walked away.
“Skylar,i nee-d you to put this in your thick skull, Gianna’s a special person to me and I won’t tolerate it if you say anything against her”
I pushed her away slightly and tried to walk away but she held my wrist.
“What is it again, Skylar?”
“I want you to answer this question with all honesty…Are you in love with Gianna?”
I wonder what Xander’s response will be.