The boy next door Episode 37 & 38

💥The Boy Next Door💥
📘 Chapter Thirty -Seven📘
👿 Mabel’s P.o.v👿
“Mom,He’s such a cheater,i can’t believe I d@t£d him” Gianna cried out.
Her mom and Jamal were comforting her.
“It’s okay,honey, don’t waste your tears on him,he doesn’t deserve it” Gianna’s mom.
“I swear am going to kill him for ma-king my twin sister cry”Jamal said trying to walk away.
“Wait” i said and held his wrist.
“What?” Jamal asked removing his hand from my grip.
“Let me go talk to him”
“And why would you want to talk to him?” Gianna asked with teary face.
“Because if Jamal goes,they are gonna start punching each other and that’s not the best thing to do,so lete go talk to him,he won’t punch me” i said smiling wi-dely.
“Whatever” Jamal said and went back to sit beside Gianna.
“I’ll be back” i said and walked away.
I went over to his house and rang the bell,i fixed my hair.
Suddenly the door opened and the sight i saw was absolutely S-xy.
Xander was shi-tless and he had water dripping from his hair,he was so S-xy.
I really want to jump on him so bad but i composed myself.
“Why are you here?”
I can’t believe am stuttering because of a guy.
You can’t blame me, he’s so gorgeous.
“I c@m£ to talk to you” i managed to say.
“Okay,come in” he said and my eyes wi-den in shock.
“ want me to come in?” I asked
“Yeah, don’t you?”
“Of course”
I c@m£ in and we sat on the couch.
“So what do you want to talk about?”
“I c@m£ here to talk about Gianna” I said and he scoffed.
“plea-se,do not talk to me about that bit-ch” he said and i was shocked.
“You just called her a bit-ch?”
“Oh,sorry,i forgot to say jealous bit-ch”he said and i couldn’t help but laugh.
We started laughing together.
“Did you really love Gianna?”
“Hmm,I loved her b©dy, the se-x was good,so good”
“You d@t£d her because of se-x”
“Yeah but i got tired”
“You could always try someone new”
“Like who?” He said and moved closer to me.
“Like me” i said and he chuckled.
“Do you realize that am your friend’s ex b©yfri£nd?”
“So? It doesn’t matter,i like you,Xander, since the day you opened the door for me”
“So you won’t be scared?”
“Nope,if i can take my sister’s husband to be,i can take you too”
“ took your sister’s husband to be?”
“Well,i wanted to sleep with him but he loved my sister too much so i drugged him and took S-xy pictures of us and s£nt it to my sister and made it seem like he R@p£d me” She said and she laughed.
“That’s.. that’s..nice but i have a surprise for you” He said.
“Really,show me”
“Turn around” He said, then i turned around and the next thing I know,i was sl@pped in the face.
It was Gianna,she dragged me by the hair to stand up.
“You are such a prostitute”
“Let go of me,You and Xander are no longer together”
“You are such a dumbas-s”
“Xander,help me” i said to him but he only laughed.
“Everything was planned,you witch” Xander said.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
She looked so surprised at what Xander.
“You are just joking”
“You really think we are joking,watch” i said to her.
My mom, Mabel’s mom, Jamal, Ashley and Mabel’s sister walked in.
“You sl-ut”Mabel’s sister said before sl@pping mabel ha-rd .
“You are my little sister,i trusted you,when you told me Drake R@p£d you, I believed you”
“You are a flithy piece of trash” Lucia, Mabel’s mom said.
“Mom? But i thought you travelled”
“I didn’t,i planned with my best friend to make you stay here with her children”
“Yes,the plan was to make you confess to Gianna what you did to your sister but i found out you two aren’t close friends.
So we nee-ded to find another way to make you confess” My mom said.
“You took so much interest in my b©yfri£nd,so we planned everything, the fights,the break up, everything” I said glaring at her.
“Yeah, everything i said about Gigi wasn’t true,you fell for everything,you are a wicked person” Xander said.
“I pushed the love of my life for you,I loved Drake so much”
“Don’t worry,Carmen,we will talk to him” Lucia said.
“And for you,we are going home and uou are going to say the truth to everyone”
Mabel was dragged outside by her mom.
“Thanks Aunt,Gigi, everyone, thanks” Mabel’s sister said and walked away.
“The bit-ch is gone finally” Ashley said and hvgged me.
“Thanks,Xander” My mom said
“It’s no problem”
“Come on, let’s leave Gianna and Xander alone, they nee-d privacy” Jamal said and pushed my mom and Ashley outside.
I and Xander hvgged each other.
“Oh,i love you so much” he said and k!$$£d my hair.
“I love you too,i hope you didn’t k!ssher”
“I didn’t,i would never,myl-ips are only for you”
We shared a k!ss.
📘 Chapter Thirty- Eight📘
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“I can’t believe we will be graduating from college very soon” i said as i la-id my head on Xander’s che-st.
We were at the terrace of Xander’s house,it was night time and everywhere was warm and quiet.
“Yeah,it seems like yesterday when I first moved here”
“What was your reaction when your parents told you that you were relocating?”
“I was re-ady angry because they were never there for me and the only true friends i had were my former college friends,so moving meant starting again so i felt so angry”
“So what changed your reaction?”
“The day i moved in to this house,i chose my own room, then i looked throu-gh my window and i saw a girl, though i couldn’t see her face but i saw her long dark hair,i knew she was beautiful” He said and i giggled in his che-st.
“You know,when I first saw you,i actually admired you a little bit” I said and he chuckled.
“So why were you acting all rude to me?”
“Am a girl,you don’t expect me to surrender to you so easily and plus you were super annoying,you still are but not as annoying as before,but along the line,i found myself falling in love with you,i don’t even know how or when,i just never wanted you to leave me alone”
“You are really different from any girl i have ever met, you vare strong and really determined and so S-xy and ma-king love to you is like heaven” He said and i blu-shed heavily
“I love you so much, Dude” i said and he k!$$£d my forehead.
“I love you more,grey eyes”
He claimed myl-ips and i gave in immediately,we kept k!ss!ngand walking inside at the same time.
We got to the living room,i pu-ll-ed away from the k!ss.
“Let’s try something different” I said and win-ked at him.
I k!$$£d him back,my hands ca-ressed his che-st, down to the trou-sers.
We were still k!ssing,i was unfastening his belt.
I pu-ll-ed away from the k!ss, then started placing k!sses on his n£¢k.
“Am going to make you m0@n out my name” i whispered in his ears ma-king him chuckle.
I went on my knees then took his trou-sers and bo-xers off.
I took his alre-ady ha-rd di-ck in my mouth, then i started su-cking it, rolling my ton-gue on it.
“Hmm..oh, yeah..Giannaaa..hmmmm”
Those were the sounds of Xander’s m0@n ,he was m0@n ing so hopelessly.
He packed her hair to the back so that it won’t disturb me.
Before i knew it,he carried me up and placed him on the couch.
He pu-ll-ed off his shi-t in a hurry,then he proceeded to pu-ll of my clothes.
“Easy there” i said to him as he was being so impatient.
“I also want to try something new” he said sm-irking at me.
“On your fours”
I was kneeling on my fours, immediately he plunged into me from the back.
He started thrû-sting in and out so fast, the plea-sure was immensely amazing.
“Oh.. yeah..
“Don’t st©p, plea-seeee…
The fl@pping of our skins and m0@n s were the only things heard.
A week later.
I was at home doing my final project work, it’s something every graduating student from college must do.
I started hearing loud voices from outside buti ignored it.
Jamal immediately barged into my room.
“Haven’t you heard of…
“Xander and his parents are fighting” He said.
“Come quic-k” Jamal said and dragged me downstairs.
We got outside, Xander’s dad was yelling at him, while Xander was with a suitcase about to get on his powerbike.
“What’s going on?” I asked as i moved closer to Xander.
“You knew all along?” Xander’s mom asked.
“Knew what?”
“That Xander was never studying Engineering but he was studying music,my goodness”
“Yeah but…
“But nothing,i don’t want to see his face again in my house” Xander’s dad said angrily.
“And you little….
“Mom, don’t you dare insult my girlfriend, don’t you dare” Xander said angrily
“Xander,calm down” i said while holding his hands.
“Get out of here,you are such a disappointment”
“No, Dad,you are a disappointment,a disappointment to Parenthood,both you and mom because you never gave me the time of the day” Xander said and his father tried to charge at him but his mom held him down.
“Get out and never come back till you decide to become an engineer”
Xander’s parents walked back into their house.
“How did they find out?”
“They saw my project work on my re-ading table,i really don’t care if they know,they were bound to find out”
“So what are you going to do? You can stay at our house,it…
“No,i don’t want to,i want to be alone to arrange my thoughts”
“But where will you go?”
“Don’t worry,i will go to one of mu friend’s place”
“Xander but you can…
“No, Gianna, plea-se don’t insist,just let me be”
“Okay, okay,fine,when will you be back?”
“Can i at least get a hvg?” I asked and his expression softened.
“Of course,babe”
We hvgged for a few seconds, then he got on his powerbike.
“I love you” I said and he smiled.
“I love you more” he said and zoomed off in this bike.
The cat is out of the bag 😨