The boy next door Episode 35 & 36

💥 The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Thirty-Five📘
Written by: Tamara Blair
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
After much pleading and k!sses from Xander,i agreed to stay the night at his house.
“Good morning,mom” I said as I walked into my house.
“Good morning, why didn’t you and Jamal spend the night at your house?”
“Mom,i stayed at Xander’s house,we both know Jamal went over to Ashley’s house”
“But why did you leave Mabel all alone?” My mom asked and i sighed.
“Yes, Gigi,why did you leave me all alone last night?” Mabel asked as she descended the stairs.
She wore a really short dress,I don’t get how she’s comfortable wearing it.
“Oh, plea-se, Mabel,we all know you don’t nee-d me,am not a guy that can satisfy your nee-d,unless you finally decided to be a lesbian”
“St©p being rude, Gianna, st©p it”
“It’s okay,Aunt,i un-derstand her” Mabel said.
“I un-derstand that Xander lives next door to us but that doesn’t mean you can ditch Mabel like that” My mom saod and i rolled my eyes.
“Xander lives next door to us?” Mabel asked.
“Nothing,i just asked a question”
“Mom, am going to take a shower” I said and took the stairs to my room.
Few hours later.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
This holiday is so boring without Gigi,My parents are on another stupid business trip.
Gianna used to be the one that kept me company but now that Mabel is around so i can’t go to her house.
I was about to pick a Netflix movie to watch,when the doorbell rang.
I stood up to open the door.
“Hello,Alex” Mabel said smiling at me.
“What are you doing here?”
“To hang out with you”
“I don’t nee-d you to hang out with me,if Gigi sees you here,you are done for”
“Are you scared of your girlfriend?” She asked sm-irking at me.
“No,am scared of what will happen to you if Gianna sees you here,if you haven’t noticed,she doesn’t like you”
“You are so handsome,you know that? Gianna always gets the good stuff”
“Because she’s a good person unlike you,so she deserves the best things in life”
“You really love her?”
“More than my life,so if you plea-se excuse,i would like to be alone” I said and slammed the door.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“This movie is damn interesting” Ashley said.
We were watching a movie and eating popcorn, the front door opened and Mabel walked in angrily,she slammed the door ha-rd .
“Hey,be careful with the door”
“Leave me the hell alone” She said amd walked away
“What’s her problem?”
“I don’t know,maybe the guy she intended to sleep with didn’t give her the time of day” Ashley said ma-king me laugh.
👿Mabel’s P.o.v👿
“Urrgh,i can’t believe this,he just turned me down,no one turns me down” i said to myself angrily.
No guy has ever turned me down,they all melt when they see my b©dy.
That Xander had the nerve to slam the door in my face.
Am so going to ruin your relationsh!pwith Gianna.
A week later.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Jammy,have you been able to reach Xander’s phone?”
“Same,i really don’t know where he is”
Xander’s not at home and his phone is switched off,am so worried.
“Jamal,am getting scared,where could he be?”
“Don’t worry, he will turn up, let’s go ask around”
“Yeah, let’s do that”
We were about to go out the door, suddenly Mabel walked in with Xander.
“We are back”
📘 Chapter Thirty-Six📘
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“What do you mean by ‘we’? Where did you two go to,Xander?”
“I went to the grocery sto-re,Mabel is just stalking me”
“No,am not,we just happened to bu-mp into each other”
“Then if you were not stalking Xander,what did you buy from the grocery sto-re?”Jamal asked.
“Well,i..i…they didn’t have what I wanted”
“You are such a terrible liar”
“Am not lying,leave me the hell alone” Mabel said and walked away.
“She’s completely crazy” Jamal said and walked away.
It was only I and Xander in the room,he started walking closer to me,i intended to walk away but he held my wrist and pu-ll-ed me closer to his che-st.
“And where do you think you are going?”He whispered in my ears.
“Why was your phone switched off? I was worried about you,now i see you walk in with Mabel”
“My phone was switched off because i left it at my phone before leaving for the grocery sto-re,and i told you i saw Mabel at the mall.
Babe, nothing is going on between Mabel and I”
“I believe you but plea-se be careful around her”
“I will,now let’s st©p talking about her,Give daddy a k!ss” He said ma-king me laugh.
We were at the dinner table,Mabel was so quiet which is so unlike her.
“Okay,why is everyone quiet?” My mom asked looking around.
“No reason” Jamal said.
“No,there is a reason,you all are always talking about something during dinner time,Did you fight?”
“No,mom,we didn’t fight but i hope some people can keep their eyes off something that isn’t theirs” i said glaring at Mabel.
“What do you mean, Gigi?” My mom asked.
“And what if that person doesn’t keep their eyes off?” Mabel asked and i chuckled.
“Then i will just have to pu-ll out the person’s eye”
“Okay,what is going on here?”
“Mom,tell this ‘visitor’ you brou-ght here to stay away from Xander” Jamal said.
“Yeah,she won’t let my b©yfri£ndbe”
“Is that true,Mabel?”
“Aunt,i admit that Xander is extremely handsome but i can’t possibly steal him away”
“Oh, st©p behaving innocent,if you try anything i swear i will rip your head off your b©dy”
“Okay, enough argument” My mom said ma-king us keep quiet.
4 days later.
👿 Mabel’s P.o.v👿
I wanted to think of way to separate Xander and Gianna but i guess no plans are nee-ded.
Xander and Gianna have been arguing for some days now and with just a little push they will separate forever.
I was watching a movie when the front door swung open with Gianna and Xander walking in and arguing at the same time.
“It’s always your jealousy first” Xander said angrily.
“You are the one who can’t keep your eyes away from other girls,you are so digusting”
“Well,you are selfish and you are not even ma-king s-en-se right now”
“Do you know what else is not ma-king s-en-se,our relationsh!p”
“Fine, then let’s end it”
“That’s what you want so that you can keep seeing those sl-uts, then fine,we are over” Gianna said and went upstairs angrily.
Xander walked out the door.
This is so exciting and i didn’t have to do anything.
Who else thinks that there is something suspicious about Gianna’s and Xander break up?