💥The Boy Next Door 💥

📘 Chapter Twenty -Five📘

Written By: Tamara Blair




😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
After the dinner at my house,i walked with Gianna to her house.

We were standing in front of her door.

“Thanks for defending me infront of Jackson” i said and she giggled.

“No problem,i couldn’t stand there and let me say trash about your amazing talent,you deserve to be heard”

“Oh,i love you so much”

I hugged her so tight and kissed her forehead.

“Xander, it’s getting cold and i want to go inside”

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“Okay,fine but i need a kiss first” i said and she pulled me closer from the collar and kissed me.

I pulled her closer by the waist,her hands were in my hair.

The kiss was getting intense,my hands went under her dress,i caressed her thighs,she moaned in between kisses.

She pulled away,we were trying to catch our breaths.

“Xander,i have to go”

“Okay, okay,fine”

I gave her one last hug before she walked in.

I went back to my house, Jackson was sitting on the couch with a bottle of whiskey in his hand.

I tried to ignore him but he said something that made me stop.

“Gianna is one sexy girl”

“I told you to respect her”

“I know that,i mean who wouldn’t give respect to a girl with the body of a goddess”

I was trying so hard to control my anger.

“She seemed to love you, that’s nice to see, finally something loves a loser like you”

“If your plan is to make me angry, it won’t work” I said and walked away.

It was the next morning,i tried calling Gigi but she wasn’t answering.

I also noticed that Jackson wasn’t around,well, that’s none of my business.

I walked over to Gigi’s house,i could hear giggles.

I moved closer and i saw Jackson caressing Gianna’s cheek.

Anger rushed through my vein and i rushed towards them and punched Jackson to the ground.

“Xander!!” Gianna called out as she tried to hold me down.

“No,let me teach this idiot a lesson”

“But he didn’t do anything,we were just talking”

“He was caressing your cheeks and you let him”

“He was just being nice”

“No,he wasn’t,he was trying to get you to himself and it was already working”

“What are you saying, Xander?”

“You enjoyed the way he touched you”

“Are you crazy, Xander,how could possibly think that about me?”

“Jackson has always suceeded in getting any girl he wants,so am not surprised”

“You have definitely gone crazy,Xander,take your cousin and leave my house.

I can’t deal with a boyfriend who is always jealous about silly things”

She walked into her house angrily and slammed the door.

I ran my hands through my hair, ruffling it,i looked at Jackson who was trying to recover from the punch, then I walked away.



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