The boy next door Episode 24

💥The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Twenty-Four📘
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
I can’t believe this idiot called Jackson c@m£ to visit me,he has never for once in his life come to see me,i don’t know what changed.
I had to tell Gianna to go back home,i will come visit her later.
I didn’t like the way Jackson was staring at her.
For the first time in a long time,My Parents were around,am sure it’s because Jackson is around.
They always give him all the love, even more than me,their own son.
“Jackson,how is school?” My dad asked.
“It’s great,Uncle,i will be graduating from college in a little while”
“That’s good,Alex will also be graduating soon”
I tried not to pay attention to what they were saying.
“So,Xander,who was that babe out there?”
“That’s Gianna, she’s my girlfriend and plea-se don’t forget that if you don’t want to have problems with me”
“Alex has a girlfriend?” My dad asked,am not surprised,he is never around for anything,am not even sure he knows my real age.
“Yes,Uncle and she is so gorgeous with the perfect b©dy” Jackson said lvstfully.
“Show her some respect, she’s not like those flings and pr©st!tût£you bring home”
“Where did you meet this girl?” My dad asked.
“Oh,they attend the same college” My mom said.
“I have an idea,why don’t we invite Gianna for dinner tonight,so that we can get to know her”
“No,i don’t think…
“That’s not a bad idea,Alex” My dad said cutting me off.
“Yeah, invite her over” My mom said and i sighed.
“Okay, fine”
“You know i actually wanted you with Skylar”
“Mom,I can’t deal with Skylar”
“Well,she loves you”
They don’t even know that Skylar tried to kill Gianna.
“Well,too bad, the only person am in love with is Gianna”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“His cousin?” My mom asked,She was surprised i c@m£ back early so i told her what happened.
“So you are saying they don’t get along?” Jamal asked
“Yes, they were arguing when i walked in on them”
“Maybe, it’s just a minor fight”
“I also didn’t like the way he was staring at me,i felt he was using his eyes to undress me”
“Undress you?”
“Yes,mom,his eyes were never on my face,he kept looking at my b©dy, that’s why Xander asked me to go home”
“Well,he should know that if he tries something stupid,i will hurt him in so many ways” Jamal said.
The doorbell rang and i went to open the door.
“Xander” i said and hvgged him.
He walked in with me holding on to him.
“Alex, how are you?” My mom asked.
“Am fine, mom,i c@m£ to invite Gigi for a dinner at my house with my family”
“With your family?”
“Yes,babe,My cousin suggested it so my parents agreed”
“Bro, speaking of your cousin,i don’t want him tou-ching my sister because if he does,i will make sure he doesn’t t©uçh any girl again”
“Don’t worry,i can handle Jackson”
“Babe,do you think Jackson is better than me?” Xander asked.
We were cudd-ling up in my be-d.
“No, why would you ask that?”
“My parents seem to always be there for him, they listen to his every suggestions and for me, they didn’t know that i almost died”
“I wish i knew the reason but i also don’t un-derstand your parents”
“Jack’s has a thing of always taking what’s mine,he has been doing that since we were little”
“If you are worried that he might want to take me away from you, don’t be,am all yours”
“I know that and i trust you 100%” He said and k!$$£d my forehead.
“Am just so nervous about the dinner”
“Why would you be nervous?”
“Am not sure your parents will like me”
“They will have to and if they don’t,that doesn’t matter,their opinion st©p mattering to me ever since i was 16”
“I love you,Hazel eyes” i said ma-king him chuckle.
“I love you more,Grey eyes”.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
It was alre-ady dinner time,i went to bring Gigi to my house.
“So how do i look?” She asked as she twirled around.
“Amazingly beautiful as always” i said and she giggled.
“Let’s go”
With our hands laced,we walked over to my house.
My parents and Jackson were alre-ady sitting at the dinning area.
“Welcome, Gianna” My mom said smiling,i couldn’t tell if the smile was real or fake.
“Hey,Gigi,come sit” Jackson said and drew out a sit for her.
“Thanks” Gianna said and she sat down,i gave Jackson a deadly glare.
“You look even more beautiful than when i first saw you” He said.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“You look even more beautiful than when i first saw you” He said to me while i just smiled.
I could feel Jackson’s eyes staring at me,he was sitting so close that i felt so uncomfortable.
Xander held my hands.
“Do you want to switch seats?” Xander asked like he knew what i was thinking.
“Yes, plea-se”
He stood up and we switched seats, ma-king Jackson sit close to Xander.
“Stay the hell away from my girlfriend” i heard Xander whisper to Jackson.
Xander’s mom c@m£ back with plates of food.
“Welcome to our home, Gianna” Xander’s dad said.
“Thank you,sir”
“Xander told us you are his girlfriend”
“Yes, that’s true” i said smiling at Xander who win-ked at me.
We kept eating and talking at the same time,it was fun a little, Xander’s parents aren’t as scary as i as-sumed tgem to be,they just seem to be so focused on their work.
“So cousin, i heard you were in the engineering dep@rtment,i thought you wanted to do music,did you finally give up on that stupid dream of becoming a singer?” Jackson asked sm-irking.
I knew Xander was infuriated by the question because his grip on my hands bec@m£ ti-ghter, I placed my other hand on his hand.
He looked bat me and he knew that i was telling him to calm down,he sighed and turned back to Jackson.
“Yes, Jackson,am in the engineering dep@rtment, I have no plans of becoming a singer”
“Well, that’s good,You finally realized that was a stupid idea,when you have a hvge company to take care of, Musician,my foot,so pathetic”
“Well, Jackson, it’s not pathetic,If you ask me, there’s nothing wrong about being a musician and even though Xander is not chasing music,he sings so well,no one can resist his voice”
Xander smiled at me, then k!$$£d my hand.
I saw the anger in Jackson’s eyes but he quic-kly replaced it with a fake smile.