The boy next door Episode 23

💥The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Twenty-Three📘
Three months later.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
These past months have been the best of my life,Gigi has been so supportive of my music.
Her mother treats me like her son and it’s makes me happy that she’s replacing my real mom.
“Good morning,mom” i said as i walked into Gigi’s house.
“Morning, son,how are you?”
“Am good”
“Gigi is upstairs in her room”
I climbe-d the stairs to Gigi’s room,i knocked until i heard her say come in.
I entered and she was trying to put on her br@.
“Oh,Sh*t,am sorry i walked in” I said and tried to walk away but she st©pped me.
“Don’t leave, you are my b©yfri£ndafter all,and i said you could enter”
“I just don’t want you to feel uncomfortable”
“Xander,am not,so st©p being paranoid and help me with my br@ stra-ps” She said and turned around.
I helped her with it,she faced me and put her hands on my shoulder.
She was just in a br@ and shorts,she looked so alluring.
“Hey,my eyes are up here” i heard her say and she giggled.
“Sorry,i got distracted a little”
“How about i take you out to dinner?”
“That would be nice,i would really love to go”
“Okay,be re-ady by 7:30” i said and k!$$£d her slightly on thel-ips.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
It almost 7:30 and i was getting re-ady for my d@t£ with Xander.
I caught Jamal staring at me and smiling.
“Why are you staring at me like that? Have you fallen in love with your sister?”
I giggled while he rolled his eyes.
“Am just happy that you are happy,you are always smiling,you look even more beautiful than ever”
“Well, thanks to Xander, Jamal,i love him a whole lot and i don’t think i would ever st©p.
Jamal,you should consider Falling in love and st©p being man who-re,by the way,you ha-rd ly bring girls to the house”
“I just lost interest, that’s all”
“Or you have finally fallen in love with someone, who is she? Do i know her?”
“No,there is no one,am going to go have dinner” he said nervously and walked away.
“Gigi, Xander’s here” i heard my mom from downstairs.
“Alre-ady done”i said as i climbe-d down the stairs
Xander held my hand as i climbe-d down the last step.
“You look so gorgeous” Xander whispered in my ears and i giggled.
“Thanks, let’s go”
“Have fun and plea-se use protec-tion” Jamal said.
“Shut up, Jamal” My mom said ma-king us laugh.
“But he is right, plea-se use protec-tion” My mom said.
“Okay, thanks for the advice,now we have to go” I said and dragged Xander along.
“They are so annoying”
“And really funny,but they are right, we are definitely not re-ady to have little people”
“Yeah, Jamal is alre-ady a pain in the n£¢k for me” i said and we both laughed.
We were in Xander’s car,he started the engine and zoomed off.
“So where are we going?”
“It’s a surprise”
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
I kept driving for a long time and i could see the curious look on Gigi’s face.
“Don’t worry,am not trying to kidnap you”i said and she chuckled.
“I know that,am just curious about this surprise”
“We are almost there”
We finally got there and Gianna was so shocked.
“How did you know about this place?” She asked looking around.
“Jamal told me about it, he said this place held so many memories for you”
“Yeah,my dad would always take me here when i was very little,he would tell me stories of he and my mom when they were little” She said and sighed sadly.
“You miss him?”
“More than anything”
“At least your father loved you,my dad is still alive but feels dead to me”
Gianna c@m£ closer and held my cheek.
“Don’t say that, infact let’s not talk about anything sad, let’s enjoy our time here”
I held her hands and we walked into the small restaurant.
The table was alre-ady set and we were the only ones there.
Pictures of Gianna from when she was very little to her pres£nt picture were hung everywhere.
“Xander,this is..this is amazing” She said and hvgged me.
“It’s not over yet”
We sat down and a waiter c@m£ and took our order.
“You look really cute in that picture” i said pointing to a picture of her.
“I was still in middle school,i was made fun of because of my hair”
“I think the hair is nice”
“Only one person didn’t make fun of me,his name was Dylan,he was so nice to me,he would give me flowers everyday”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v 💞
“Only one person didn’t make fun of me,his name was Dylan,he was so nice to me,he would give me flowers everyday” i said and Xander scoffed.
“Oh,so nice of him” he said sarcastically ma-king me roll my eyes.
“Xander,are you getting jealous over something that happened like 10 years ago,i was little”
“No, am not,i just don’t like when you talk about other guys in front of me”
“You are so possessive”
“Anyone would be possessive over someone as precious as you”
He held my hands and k!$$£d my f!ngers.
The waiter arrived with our food,we started eating.
Time for another surprise”
“Okay,am re-ady” I said smiling wi-dely.
All the lights went off,a TV that am just noticing turned on.
I g@sped in shock when i saw the videos,i looked over at Xander and he smiled at me.
“Xan..Xander…how did you get this video?”
“Your twin brother”
It was an old video of I and my dad,i didn’t know when i started crying.
Xander used his thumb and wipe my tears.
“It’s okay, St©p crying,i did this so that you could feel the pres£nce of your dad once again”
I hvgged him so ti-ght,he k!$$£d my forehead.
“I love you so much”
“I love you so so much” i said.
We ended up sitting and watching all the videos.
“Today was amazing, thanks”
“You don’t have to thank me,you deserve this and more, i promise you that when i become so rich and famous, you won’t lack a thing”
“Yeah,when you become famous” i said sadly.
“What’s wrong, you don’t believe in me becoming famous?”
“No,i do, it’s so obvious that you would become so famous because you are talented”
“So what’s the problem?”
“The problem is that when you become famous,you won’t have time for me, you will be only focused on your sucess.
Then you will go out with girls more beautiful than me” i said and he started laughing.
“What’s funny?”
“All those things you said,why would leave you for another person,you really don’t know how much i love you”
“Am just scared of losing you to someone else”
“Well,you won’t,am all yours” He said and hvgged me.
“I won’t let you feel abandoned or ignored,you will be my number one priority”
“I got you something”
“What?” I asked staring at him, he brou-ght out a box and opened it.
It was a golden locket.
“It’s beautiful” i said as i took it from him.
“Open it” he said and i opened, there was a picture of i and xander.
“Thanks” i said as he helped me wear it on my n£¢k.
“This symbolizes that i should be in your heart forever”
“You will always be in my heart till the end” i said and claimed hisl-ips immediately.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
We got home, Gianna wanted to stay at my house for the night.
“You can change into one of my hoodies”
“I will go take a shower in the other room” i said and walked away.
After showering,i c@m£ downstairs to watch a movie.
“Hey, it’s my favorite movie” Gianna said as she walked down the stairs.
She was in my black hoodie,it st©pped just after her a*s,her th!ghs were showing.
Her hair was still we-t from the shower she took,she looked like a goddess.
“If you keep staring at me like that,you will miss the movie” She said as she sat beside me.
“I couldn’t help it,you look so S-xy”
I pu-ll-ed her closer so she l@yher head on my che-st
“You are beautiful,you know that?” I asked and she giggled.
“Yes,you tell me all the time”
“I say it because it’s true” I said and k!$$£d her forehead.
I was about to say something when the front door and my mom walked in.
“Mom?” I asked surprised,my mom is never back from all her travel this early.
I and Gigi stood up from the couch.
“Hey,son,i see you are enjoying yourself” She said looking at Gigi,who is so shy.
“And who is she?”
“Mom,this is Gigi, she’s lives next door, remember?”
“Ohhh,but she looks different”
“Well, that’s because i used to dress like a guy”
“It’s quite a transformation, i will be in my room” She said and walked away.
“Your mom doesn’t like me,am sure of it”
“Am sure she does and if she doesn’t,i really don’t care, let’s go back to the movie”
A week later.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I dressed up to go meet Xander at his house.
I walked over to his house and he was arguing with someone,it was a guy.
I got closer and i could hear clearly that Xander was angry.
“Babe” He called out immediately he saw me.
The other guy turned and faced me,he was handsome but not close to Xander,he had really dark hair.
“Did i come at the wrong time?” I asked and the other guy smiled at me.
“No, gorgeous,you can never come at the wrong time” he said and smiled at me.
Xander c@m£ closer to me and held my w@!st.
“She’s my girlfriend”
“Am Gianna,you are?”
“Jackson, Xander’s cousin” he said and win-ked at me.
Am getting a feeling that Jackson and Xander don’t get along.