The boy next door Episode 2

💥The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Two 📘
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Hey,it seems some new people have moved in next door” Jamal said as he looked throu-gh the window.
I joined him to look,i saw two people, I think they are husband and wife.
They were with their luggages,while the maids were helping them with somethings.
“I pray they have daughters” Jamal said and i sma-cked his head.
“Jammy,you are such man-who-re” i said and he chuckled.
“Am going to my room,i have homework and am sure you do too so st©p staring and go do your homework” i said and turned to leave when I heard him mutter ‘Nerd’ un-der his breath.
“I heard that” i said and went up to my room.
I got to my re-ading table,i looked out my room window.
I could see the next room,it looks like a guy’s room,there was a guitar.
I love it when someone pla-ys the guitar.
I quic-kly ignored it and focused on my homework.
“Hey” i heard someone say, I looked up and it was a guy with brown hair and hazel eyes.
The guy had a look of shock,i was confused on why he was looking so shocked.
“Your eyes are amazingly beautiful” he said, then i quic-kly remembered that i wasn’t putting on my contact lenses.
“Oh,fv¢k” I said and quic-kly closed my window.
Oh,am so stupid,i have never let anyone ap@rt from my family to see my eyes.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
My parents finally arrived and as usual,they were on the phone talking to some business p@rtners.
“Hey,my little prince” My mom said and k!$$£d my cheeks.
My dad just walked away Leaving i and my mom in the living room.
“I see my dad is so happy to see me” i said sarcastically.
“Don’t mind him,he is just tired from the ride here,has my little prince eaten?”
“Yes,i have and st©p calling me little prince”
“But you are, aren’t you just 17?”
“Mom,am 19 and you would have known that if you were actually around during my birthdays” i said and walked away before she could say anything.
I entered my room and slammed the door,they only care about themselves.
My own mother doesn’t know my age,so pathetic.
I wanted to pick up my guitar when i saw the girl next door.
I think she was doing her homework because she seemed so focused.
“Hey” i said,she looked up at me and i swear i literally froze when i saw her face,she was so beautiful and her eyes are grey in colour.
With her black hair,she looked like an angel.
“Your eyes are amazingly beautiful” i managed to say.
Before i knew it,she looked surprised and she quic-kly closed the window.
Why did she run away?
I only wanted to talk.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“So you are saying a guy saw your real eye color and your hair?” Jamal asked.
I was in his room, I watched him put on his jacket.
“Yeah,i didn’t notice that i wasn’t with my face cap and my contact lenses”
“Gigi,but it isn’t bad,your eye and hair are natural and it supposed to be seen”
“No, Jamal,you know it is what caused me so much pain,it was because i was too open to everyone,that horrible night that still haunts me”
Jamal c@m£ closer to me and hvgged me.
“Sis,you know i don’t like seeing you like this,i wish i could find that bastard that hurt you,but i swear to you that if i find him,i will kill him”
“You are such a caring twin brother” i said and he chuckled.
“So what are you gonna do to the guy next door, it’s not like you can erase his memory”
“I will just try to avoid him, it’s alre-ady bad that his room is so close to mine”
“Sis,i gotta to go”
“Where are you going?”
“On a d@t£ with Madison”
“Madison? Seriously?”
“Yeah, what’s wrong?”
“You like her?”
“No,i can’t d@t£ someone who throws herself at any guy just to get what she wants” He said and i giggled.
“Just be careful”
“I will, love you” he said,k!$$£d my forehead and he walked away.
I was walking throu-gh the hallway trying to find Ashley.
I was carrying some books when someone bu-mped Into me ma-king the books fall.
“Oh,am sorry”
“Seriously,are you that blind?” I asked harshly,we both bent down to pick it ma-king us bu-mp our heads.
“Ouch” we said at the same time,we finally looked up at each other.
Oh, no, it’s the guy next door, he’s attending this college?
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
I looked up at the person i bu-mped and it was my neighbor but she had a different color of eyes.
“Why are you starring at me like that?” She asked as she packed her books.
I tried to help her but she sma-cked my hand off.
“Am just trying to help you”
“I don’t nee-d your help, it’s bad enough that you are blind” She said and stood up.
“Am not blind,am just looking for the music dep@rtment”
“Well, that’s your problem” She tried to leave but i held her wrist.
“Don’t t©uçh me” She said and yanked her hand away, she’s so aggressive.
“Can you give me directions to the music dep@rtment?”
“Ask someone else,leave me the hell alone”She walked away.
I watched her st©p, then turn around,she walked back to me.
“Listen carefully,Hazel eyes,i know you are my next door neighbor and you saw something,i don’t you telling anyone”
“And if i do,what will you do?”
“I will shave your hair off and make you eat them all”She said with all seriousness.
“Am Alexander by name but you Call me Xander” i said and she rolled her eyes.
“The music dep@rtment is by the left next to the engineering dep@rtment” She said and turned to leave.
“I didn’t get your name”
“It’s not important”
What a weird person.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Am telling you,Gigi, it’s just this guy’s first day here and he is alre-ady ma-king news, he’s alre-ady p@rt of the basketball team,they say he is really good”
Ashley was ranting about that guy called Xander, she’s not the only one, girls are practically drool over him, it’s so annoying.
First it was my brother,now this guy,am sure Madison will be ont©p of the world.
“Xander’s singing in the hallway” someone said and everyone except me rushed out to see him.
“Come on,Gigi,you will miss it” Ashley said.
“No, i think am fine here”
Ashley rolled her eyes amd dragged me to the hallway.
🎶And if you feel you are sinking,i will jump right over into cold,cold watee for you.
🎶 And although time may take us into different places,i will still be patient with you.
🎶I hope you know i won’t let go, I’ll be your lifeline tonight.
🎶I won’t let go.
Everyone surrounded him as he pla-yed the guitar and sang,Maddison was in front of him smiling like an idiot.
They all cheered for him as he finished.
“Thanks, everyone” he said,our eyes met but i quic-kly looked away.
“He’s a really good basketball pla-yer” Jamal said as we got home.
“I really nee-d my ear to rest from Xander this,Xander that, it’s so annoying”
“You gotta admit, the guy can sing”
“Yeah whatever”
“Gigi,you told me you liked it when guys pla-yed the guitar”
“I was really little back them,Xander is annoying”
I went up to my room,i freshen up so i decided to re-ad a novel.
I opened my room window and i could see Xander sitting by his window.
“Finally,i was waiting for you to open your window” He said and smiled.
“So you mean to tell me that you don’t have anything useful to do?”
“Well,i was about to pl@ymy electric guitar but i thought of talking to you, Gianna”
Who told him my name?
“Surprised how i know your name, your friend, Ashley is a really nice person,she even showed me around”
Oh, Ashley and her big mouth.
“Look,dummy, don’t think am like those dumb girls in school,if you t©uçh me,i will kick you in the ba-lls” i said and he chuckled.
“I know you are not like other girls, that’s what makes you interesting,i want to discover you, Gianna Flores”
“Just because we are neighbors, doesn’t mean you and i are friends”
“We are not?”
“No,we are not,now if you excuse me, I would like to re-ad a novel”
I brou-ght out the novel and started re-ading.
There was slience and i thought he had finally gone inside.
“So why do you wear contact lenses when your natural grey eyes is amazing?” He asked and i sighed in frustration.
This guy is a pain in the n£¢k.
“Goodbye” i said and closed the window.
Finally some piece of mind.
I was just about enjoying the peace and quiet when i started hearing electric guitar noise,that idiot was pla-ying too loud.
I tried to ignore but it was too loud,i couldn’t even hear myself think.
I went to my window and opened it angrily.
“Oh,hey,you c@m£ back” he said and sm-irked.
“What’s your problem?”
“I don’t know,you tell me”
This guy is getting on my nerves.
“As much i really want to put a knife down your throat,i also don’t want to go to jail,so am asking nicely, plea-se pl@yyour guitar quietly”
“Okay,am sorry,i will pl@yquietly”
“Thank you” i said and closed my window back.
I haven’t even sat down when he started pla-ying again.
I opened the window again and angrily threw my book at him,it hit his head and he fell down.
“Are you dead? plea-se tell me you are dead” i said.
“No,am not,am indestructible,now that i have novel, you are not getting it back”
“St©p being childish, give me my book”
“re-move your contact lenses first”
What kind of person is this?
I don’t think i can survive if this guy’s room is close to mine.