The boy next door Episode 19

💥The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Nineteen📘
Written by: Tamara Blair.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
After my argument with Gigi, I walked away because her words got to me so bad.
My dad always called me a disappointment anytime he saw me with a guitar but when Gigi said it, it hurt me so much.
I started remembering how my dad would throw every of my guitar away when i was little.
He would burn all my song books,he would call me a big disappointment.
My mom would always support him no matter what bad he did.
I was so engrossed in my thinking that i didn’t notice the truck coming with full speed.
Before i could get away,i waa alre-ady knocked down by it.
I fell down with a loud thud on the floor,i pas-sed out immediately.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
After mom told me what happened to Xander,she drove i and Jamal to the hospital.
I didn’t even wait for the car to st©p,i jump out and ran into the hospital ignoring the calls from my brother and mother.
I got to the receptionist, p@n-ting heavily.
“plea-se,i..i nee-d to know where Alexander McQueen is”
“And who are you?”
That’s when i realized that they wouldn’t let you in if you are not a close relative.
“ his girlfriend” i said hoping she she would believe.
“Okay,he is in the E.R right now, he’s in very bad condition”
She gave me directions to the E.R,i ran as fast as i could.
I got there but wasn’t allowed in, the window was so transparent so i could see inside.
Xander was connected to alot of machine,i started crying because I was so scared.
“Gigi,why did you run out like that?” My mom asked as she and Jamal got to where i was.
“Mom,look at Xander, he’s badly injured and it’s all my fault”
“No, it’s not, darling”
“Mom, it’s kinda her fault” Jamal said coldly.
“Jamal, don’t say that to her”
“It’s the truth,mom,if Gigi hadn’t said so many horrible things to Xander and just forgave him,this wouldn’t be happening,she was being so over dramatic and selfish.
Now because of her,my best friend is near death”
“That’s enough, Jamal, shut up”
“Mom,let him talk, it’s the truth, it’s all my fault”
We were still talking when we started hearing so much commotion in the E.R.
We looked throu-gh the window and Xander was hyperventilating, the doctor were trying to revive him.
He kept shaking vigorously, the doctors were trying to stablize him.
“Oh my goodness” My mom said.
Suddenly,he calmed down but the monitor behind him kept ma-king a loud beep.
The doctor tried to use a shock method on him but it wasn’t working.
They finally gave up and started using a cloth to cover his face.
“Mom, what’s going on?” I asked but my mom was alre-ady crying.
“Gigi, Xander is…” Jamal tried to say but he was also crying.
“Xander is what?”
I suddenly opened the door and entered the E.R
“Time of death is 3:24 PM” I heard the doctor say.
“Time of what? What do you mean?” I asked alre-ady in tears.
“We tried but the damages were too much,we lost him”
I fell to the ground crying profusely.
“No, it can’t be,no, plea-se tell me you are joking”
“Am sorry,miss”
“NO!!” I yelled.
My mom and Jamal walked in and hvgged me,they were also crying.
“Mom,tell me the doctor is lying”
“I wish i could, darling but it’s the truth, Xander is dead”
I started yelling and crying, Xander is gone and it’s all my fault.