The boy next door Episode 13

💥The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Thirteen📘
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
After s£nding a text to Xander on where to meet.
He s£nt a text saying we should by the pool side.
I dressed up and got to the pool side all smiles.
“He is always late” i said to myself,i was about to call me when someone hit me with something ha-rd on my head.
I was about to pas-s out,i t©uçhed my head weakly and i felt blood coming out of my head.
I felt someone push me into the de-epest p@rt of the pool.
I couldn’t see the person clearly,i pas-sed out.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
It was Gianna faced down in the swimming pool in her own blood.
I quic-kly jump into the swimming pool and gr@bb£d her.
I carried her out of the pool,my shi-t was alre-ady stained with blood.
“Gigi, Answer me plea-se” I said trying to wake her up, then i saw blood Oozing out of her head.
“Oh God” i said and carried her out.
“WHERE’S MY SISTER?” Jamal yelled as he and Ashley ran towards the ambulance.
Gianna was placed on a stretcher,I,Jamal and Ashley rushed into the ambulance
“My goodness,what happened to my sister, Xander?” Jamal asked, I could see he was worried.
“I don’t know,i just saw her in the swimming pool”
“How did this happen?” Ashley asked almost in tears.
“We have to get the patient to the hospital fast or she will bleed to death” One of the paramedics said to the driver.
Oh, plea-se,God, don’t let Gigi die.
“Oh,i failed my dad,i promised i will take care of Gigi and i failed,firt it was the r@p£ and drugs issue,now this,am such a bad twin brother”
“No, Jammy, don’t say that,you are the best twin brother,you take care of Gianna so well” Ashley said trying to calm him down.
We finally got to the hospital and Gianna was wheeled into the E.R.
We had to wait outside,i am so scared right now.
“I have a feeling that this isn’t an accident, someone tried to kill Gigi” Ashley said after a long slience.
“I think so too and i swear on my dad’s grave that if i get that person,i will definitely skin them alive” Jamal said with so much anger.
My phone was ringing,i checked and it was Skylar,i ignored the call,only thing on my mind was Gianna.
😊 Jamal’s P.o.v😊
After a few hours, the doctor finally arrived,my mom was around too,she took the next flight to Miami.
“How’s my daughter?” My mom asked immediately she saw the doctor.
“Well,it was a ha-rd hit on her head which led to serious bleeding,if she wasn’t brou-ght on time,she would have died”
“But is she okay now, right?” I asked.
“Yes,we st©pped the bleeding,so she’s out of danger but there’s one small problem”
“What problem?” Xander asked.
“Right now, she’s still unconscious and there is no telling when she will wake up and she wakes up, there is a big possibility that she might not remember anything”
“So you are saying there is a big chance that my daughter won’t remember anything?” My mom asked.
“Yes,Ma’am, right now,we just have to wait,i will be in my office if you nee-d me”
“But how did this happen?” My mom asked.
“I don’t know, Xander said he saw her in the pool”
“Mrs Clarrissa” The principal of our school and some students walked in.
“Am the Principal of the college,am really sorry for what happened to Gianna, she’s one of our best student and we are getting to the bo-ttomof this,we checked the CCTV c@m£ra but it was swiped off meaning someone tried to kill her”
“But who could it be?”
“Someone that doesn’t like Gigi,she recently went back to her old self”
“She did?” My mom asked surprised.
“Yes,Aunt and maybe someone got jealous” Xander said.
“Then that person nee-ds to be arrested immediately” My mom said.
“We are getting to the bo-ttomof it”
A week later.
😍 Alexander P.o.v😍
It’s been a week now and Gigi hasn’t woken up yet.
The police were still investigating the case and so many people have been brou-ght it for questioning.
I was with Jamal, Ashley and Gianna’s mom in the hospital.
There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Gianna.
I was staring at her and holding her hands, her eyes were closed but she still looked beautiful.
“Xander, thanks for always being there for my daughter”
“It’s not a problem,Gigi is someone special to me”
We were still talking when I felt Gianna’s hand move.
“Her eyes are opening” Ashley said and we rushed to her be-d.
“Gianna,oh thank goodness,you are finally awake” Jamal said.
“Gigi,how are you feeling?”
All this time,she kept staring at us weirdly.
“Who are you people and who is Gianna?” She asked and we bec@m£ slient.
She doesn’t remember anything.