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April 17, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The boy next door Episode 12

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💥The Boy Next Door 💥

📘 Chapter Twelve📘



💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
After that tiring pillow fight with Xander,i left for my room.

“Hey, gorgeous” it was Jake,one of the guys from college.


“Gosh, you look so sexy”

“Jake,i don’t have time to talk,am so tired and i have a hangover”

“How about i take away your hangover?” He asked and i rolled my eyes.

“Touch a hair on my sister and I swear i will cut your d**k and feed it to you” Jamal said,Jake put up his hands in surrender.

“Chill, man, I won’t touch her” He said and walked away but not before winking at me.

“Hey,sis, do you know what to take to remove this hangover,my head hurts” Jamal said.

“Yeah, a lemonade juice,am going to take one now”

“Okay just be careful around those idiotic guys” He said and i nodded.

I finally got to my room and entered, Ashley was on the floor sleeping.
“Ashley,wake the hell up” i said as I shaked her.

“Ohhh,my head,my head” She said as she got up

“It’s a hangover, I will get us some lemonade juice”

“Gigi,do you know your brother is an idiot?”She asked and I laughed.

“Yes,i have been living with him all my life”

“He got me so drunk,he suggested we do a drinking competition”

“You will be fine once you take the lemonade”

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Few hours later.
Apparently,we weren’t supposed to get drunk so for our punishment,each student have been banned from stepping out of their hotel room.

“I mean why throw a party if you don’t want anyone to get drunk?” Ashley asked and sighed.

We have been in our room all day.

“We got really drunk last night,i still have a little of the hangover” I said and rubbed my head.

“Yeah me too,i don’t even know how to the room”

“Oh,i really miss Xander so much” i said and Ashley giggled.

“She misses her love” Ashley said teasingly,i rolled my eyes.

“I just miss him, that’s all, let’s play a video game”

It was already late,I and Ashley were heading to bed,when there was a knock on the bed.

“Who could that be?” Ashley asked.

“I will check” i said and stood up.

I opened the door.

“Xander,what are you doing here?”

“Shh,let me in first” He said sliently, then i let him enter.

“Alexander McQueen is here?” Ashley asked surprised.

“How did you get pass the security guard outside?”

“He’s sleeping,it was so easy”

“Why are you here?” I asked and he smirked at me.

“To take you somewhere,come on, let’s go” he said and dragged me but i resisted.

“No,i don’t want to get into serious trouble”

“You won’t,the guards won’t notice a thing”

“Am not sure about this”

“Oh,stop being a scaredy cat and go” Ashley said.

“Come on, let’s go” Xander said and i sighed.

“Okay, fine, let’s go”

😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍

I took her to a park not far from the hotel.

It was late

at night and the stars were out.

“It’s so beautiful here”

“Just like you” i said and she smiled,her eyes sparkling in the night.

“Come on, let’s sit on the blanket here” i said.

We laid on the blanket staring at the stars,I moved closer to her and took mu time to admire her.

She looks so beautiful even without trying, sometimes,i wonder how someone can be so gorgeous.

“Xander!” She called out.


“I have calling your name for a while now, where’s your mind?”

“On you” i blurted out.

“On me? Why?”

“You are unimaginably beautiful, that’s why”

“Thanks,again..You took a big risj in coming to see me”

“I haven’t seen you all day and i really missed you”

“I missed you too,you can be so annoying but that’s what i like about you” She said making me chuckle.

“What else do you like about me?”

“Everything, even when i was still dressing like a guy,you still tood by me”

“You are an amazing person,Gigi,never forget that”

We talked all night till we were both tired.
It was the next day and we were allowed to come out,i was heading to meet Gianna.

“Xander” Skylar called.

“You are still here? I thought you have gone home already”

“Xander,you know i can’t go without you”

“So what do you want now?”

“To see you,to feel you” She said moving closer to me.

“Go and feel Someone else,am not interested,am leaving” i said and walked away.

I suddenly got a text from Gianna telling me to meet her at the pool area.

I walked over to the pool area but i didn’t see her,i wanted to call her name but i saw something that shocked me.

There was a pool of blood in the water with someone faced down.

“GIANNA!!!” I screamed out.




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