💥The Boy Next Door 💥

📘 Chapter Ten 📘




💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞

“Oh,i had so much fun today” I said as i and Xander walked back to the hotel.

“I had fun too,you are really a good tour buddy” Xander said making me laugh.

“So what about Skylar?” I asked and he sighed.

“She says she’s in love with me”

“I knew that,she told me that”

“Really?”Xander asked raising one of his brows.

“Yeah and she told me to stay away from you so that you and her could hang out”

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“She’s so desperate,i already told her that i don’t love her”

“So if you don’t love her,who do you love?” I asked smirking at him.

“Um.. it’s a girl” he said and i laughed.

“Of course,i know it’s a girl,you are not gay” i said giggling.

“Yeah, that’s true,i don’t need to tell you more details,you will know eventually,now time to go to our rooms”

“Okay, hazel eyes”

I got to my room and walked in,i saw Ashley watching TV.


“You just disappeared, where did you go to?”

“I went out with Xander,he showed me around Miami”

“Really? Come and tell me everything, don’t leave out any detail” She said excitedly and dragged me to the bed.

I told her everything that happened between i and Xander.

“Is that all?” She asked

“Yes,what else are you expecting?”

“Um..like a kiss,you two confessing your love to each other”

“Ash, you just love to exaggerate, don’t you?”

“Am not exaggerating,am stating a fact, you two love each other but too shy to say it”

“Am going to take a shower,then go to bed,am so tired”

“You won’t run away from this topic for too long” She said and i rolled my eyes.

I was about to stand up when my phone rang,it was Jamal.

“Hey little bro” i said even though i couldn’t see him through the phone, I know he rolled his eyes.

“Hey,are you in your room?”


“I just wanted to be sure you are safe”

“Aww,my bro cares about me” i sais teasing him.

“Am doing this because mom asked me to,so don’t get ahead of yourself” he said which i know is a lie.

Jamal is so protective of me,he can fight the whole world for me and i love him for that.

“Did you go out with Xander?” He asked.

“Yes,did he tell you?”

“No but ever since he came into the room,he has been smiling like an idiot, he’s presently singing in the shower”JamL said and i started laughing.

“Am no love expert but i am certain that Xander loves you and you love him too”

“Okay,Jamal,am tired,so,bye” i said and hanged up.
3 days later.

This has been my best vacation ever,i never want to leave this place.

Xander has been an amazing tourist,i always enjoy my time with him.

The whole students were seated in a big hall awaiting the announcement.

Our geography teacher walked up to the podium.

“Good afternoon, studens”

“Good afternoon,sir”

“Well,i know that you all have been enjoying your stay here,while I have another interesting news..there will be a party for everyone,you all can have fun and relax.. it’s tomorrow night at the biggest hall in this hotel”

He finished his announcement and left.

“The party will be so amazing” Jamal said.

“Yeah,super amazing” Xander said.

“Too bad some of us won’t be going shopping for the party”

We all turned and Skylar was behind us.

“What’s this b*tch saying?” Ashley asked.

“Gigi knows exactly what am saying,i mean she’s just a tomboy”

“Sky,i have told you many times not to call Gianna a tomboy” Xander said and she rolled her eyes.

“At least, Everything one is real,i didn’t do surgery” i said.

“Keep telling yourself that,let me just let you know that Xander will never fall for a lesbian like you” She said,i tried to grab her hair but Jamal and Xander held me down.

“Am sure that hurt” She said and walked away.

“Just ignore her,sis” Jamal said.

“Yeah,just ignore her”

I took my phone amd walked away,i could hear Ashley running after me.

I got to my room, Ashley also followed.

“Gigi, this isn’t the time to sulk, it’s time to show who you really are”Ashley said as she sat beside me.

“Ashley,am not going to that party tonight”

“What?!!, That’s not possible, are you gonna let that b*tch win, seriously?”

“She’s right,i don’t even think am ready to loosen up yet”

“Gigi, it’s been 2 f*cking years,i think you have had enough time to be ready”

“Ash,you don’t understand,you weren’t the one that was raped so you don’t understand,just leave me alone”
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
The night of the party finally arrived, Gianna has refused to see me or pick up my calls.

Ashley said she isn’t coming to the party and just want to be alone.

I respect that but i only wish she knew what Skylar said isn’t true.

I arrived at the party with Ashley and Jamal.

“Well,well, well,i don’t see the third guy around” Skylar said as she came closer to us,she wore heavy make up and a really short gown.

” Am just going to walk away cause if i don’t,i will definitely commit murder” Ashley said glaring at Skylar,then walked away.

“Am walking away too” Jamal said and also walked away.

“Sky,no matter what you do,i will never fall for you, am only drifting further away from you”I said and she giggled.

“Xander,i love you and i will have you”

“You are completely crazy”

“We have known each other for years and no tomboy will take you away”


I waa cut off by people murmuring and gasping, there was a look of shock on everyone’s face, they were looking at the entrance even Skylar waa stunned.

I turned around to look and i got the shock of my life.


Guess what they saw.

Am so in love with the next chapter 😊😊❤️❤️

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