The boy next door Episode 1

💥The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter one 📘
😁 Author’s P.o.v😁
“plea-se, let me go, plea-se, don’t do it” Gianna said in her sleep.
She kept tossing around the be-d,beads of sweat trailed on her forehead.
She was having a nightmare again just like every night.
“plea-sE!!!” She screamed catching the attention of her brother and her mom.
Her brother went closer and hvgged her so ti-ght,she was still asleep but scared.
“Don’t do this to me” She said amd started crying while slee-ping.
Her mom sat beside her trying to calm her down.
“Gianna, plea-se calm down, it’s just a dream”Her brother said.
“Gigi,no one will hurt you” Her mother said.
Gianna finally calmed down and fell asleep peacefully.
“She’s having those nightmares again” her brother said while c@r£ss!ngGianna’s cheek.
“I know and am getting so worried”
They both left her room for her to sleep but hoping she doesn’t wake up screaming again.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
My alarm sounded so loud ma-king me almost fall out of the be-d.
I turned it off and headed straight to the bathroom to freshen up.
After i was done putting on my clothes,i wore a face cap and inser-ted my contact lens.
I took my bag and started heading downstairs,i st©pped when I saw Jamal,my twin brother sneaking a girl out of the house throu-gh the back door.
He turned and looked at me giving me the ‘Keep your mouth shut’ sign,i chuckled and went to the kitchen to gr-ab breakfast.
I sat down and gr@bb£d my own plate of pancakes and started eating.
Jamal walked in and sat down in front of me brushing his hair.
“You don’t brush your hair in the kitchen,dummy”i said and he chuckled.
“I wanna look good for the ladies”
Jamal is like the h0ttest boy in college,girls are always drooling over him which is so annoying.
He’s like the bad boy who also pla-ys basketball ball so everyone adores him.
“You know you should really think about getting rid of those contact lens,your natural grey eyes is so pretty, i don’t know why you hide it” He said and started eating.
“I like it this way,i don’t really want attention to myself, the one i get for being your twin sister is alre-ady enough”
“You had those nightmares last night” he said and i sighed.
“I know and am sorry if i woke you and mom up”
“Gigi,you know i care about you alot and i really want you to get over the past”
“Thanks, little bro”i said and he rolled his blue eyes.
Jamal has blue eyes like our mom and i have grey eyes like our dad but i hide it because I prefer it that way only my family and Ashley,my best friend have seen my eyes.
“Gigi, plea-se don’t tell mom about that girl you saw this morning”
“Hmmm..i don’t know,i havea problem with keeping secrets unless”i said and started sm-irking.
“Okay,fine,what do you want?”
“You see i saw this really cool jacket at the mall downtown and i want it” i said smiling slyly.
“Okay, fine, just don’t tell mom”
“Tell mom what?” My mom asked as she walked in.
She was dressed up for work, she’s the C.E.O of the company our dad left when he died.
“Um..tell mom that we love her so much,right,Gigi?”
“Yes, that’s what we were talking about”
Our mom looked at us suspiciously then laughed it off.
“Am going to the office, there is more than enough money in the living room for you two today..and Jamal,what were those noises i heard in your room last night,did you bring a girl to our house?”
“,mom, I would never do that,you know me alre-ady”
“I know you, that’s why am asking,so did you?”
“No,mom, ask Gigi,she c@m£ into my room and didn’t see any girl”
“Is that true,Gigi?”
I looked over at Jamal,he was giving me the “Help me’ look.
“Yes,mom,i didn’t see anyone”
“Okay,bye,my cute twins” she said and k!$$£d our cheeks, then left.
“Thanks,sis,you are a life saver”
“I also want to be the owner of that jacket at the mall”
“Okay,i will get it today” he said and i smiled.
“Hey,i noticed that Mrs Smith and her daughters have moved out of the house next door” i said and i washed i and Jamal’s plate.
“Yeah, I wonder why?”
“I know why, it’s because you sle-pt with her 4 daughters”
“I didn’t sleep with 4 of her daughters,i sle-pt with only three,the last one was a l£sb!anbut she was S-xy” he said and i rolled my eyes.
“Whatever, let’s head to college,i really don’t want to be late”
We locked the front door, then we hopped on Jamal’s power bike and zoomed off.
“See you later,twinny” Jamal said as he walked over to his basketball friends.
I walked over to my locker to get my books.
“Bestie” Ashley,my best friend said and she hvgged me.
“Hey,Ash” i said and giggled.
“Where’s your incredibly handsome twin brother?” She asked and i rolled my eyes.
“With his friends”
“He’s so cute and so S-xy”
“It’s my brother you are talking about and it’s way disgusting the way girls gush over him”
“You know guys would also be gushing over you if you open up to the world, re-move those contact lenses and start to dress like a girl,you have am amazing shape,babe”
“I really don’t want attention, Ashley,i want to be alone”
“Did you have those nightmares again?”
“Yes and i think it gets terrible each day,i can’t seem to erase what happened that night out of my head”
“Everything will be over in due time”
We were walking down the hall way, Ashley was going throu-gh her phone.
“Madison just posted on the school’s website that she saw a new student registering to start in this college, she said that he’s extremely handsome, even more than your brother”
“Is that something we should be happy about? Madison is nothing but a desperate bit-ch” i said and we both laughed.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
Moving to another neighborhood is so stressful, i had to leave my close friends and Skylar.
Skylar is my closet friend, she’s the only friend that hasn’t thrown herself at me.
My parents just decide on anything without asking about my opinion.
They are always traveling and they don’t care about my well being,all they do is give me hvge some money,then that’s it.
We finally got to our new house,when i say ‘we’, I mean my driver and i,mom and dad were too busy to move in today.
The neighborhood was nice,i looked around and saw two girls alre-ady giving me s£dûçt!vefaces,i looked away and walked into the house.
I picked my own room, then placed my suitcase on the be-d.
I brou-ght out my guitar and placed it on the be-d.
I really want to be a singer but my dad doesn’t agree to it,he excepts me to take over his company which i have no interest in.
My mom supports everything he says even the bad things he says, it’s so annoying,i feel like nob©dy un-derstands me.
I looked throu-gh my room window and i saw a girl with really long black hair.
She was removing something from her eyes like contact lenses.
I couldn’t see her face properly because she backed me,then she opened her room door and left her room.
Maybe this place wouldn’t be that bad after all.