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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The blue sea Episode 7 & 8

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💎The Blue Sea💎

Episode 7😍




💘Ken and Belinda first kiss together
General pov

It was so early in the morning and for the first time in forever,Belinda was the one to wake up first
She went to find breakfast for the first time.. Ken was so surprised to see her breaking nuts
He sat down Beside her unable to believe his eyes

“Did you know you deserve a Kiss for this” He said but Belinda was silent and paid total attention on the nuts

“I never asked you to do this and I never mention that I am tired of doing this so why are you stressing your self?” Ken added but she ignored him

After breaking the nuts, She went to the river to take a wash


“You look beautiful after shower” Ken said and she started eating without any response
Ken joined her in eating.

“I never knew you were such a good nut breaker..
Where have you hid those talents” Ken teased but she ignored him
After eating, She stood up and yawn
Ken stood up after her

“Why this silent treatment..It is killing”Ken poured like a baby but she was walking away
He held her arm and pull her towards himself

“So what was my Offence?” Ken asked but she was just staring at him
Ken gave

her a bone crushing hug
“I don’t know what I might have done but you are killing me by not saying a word😣”.. He said


His hands was around her waist and Her face buried in his chest .
Ken kissed her forehead and Nose
“I am so sorry Belinda” He whispered but she remained speechless
She freed herself from Ken arms and went to sit down
Ken sat beside her

“I will do whatever you ask me to.. Just Order me” Ken held her palm

“Did you want me to kiss you” Ken said facing her.. She kept staring at him
They kept eye contact for minutes with no-one breaking it.. Ken looked down at her lips and there was this Inresistable Urge..
He just had to Kiss her😘
He held the back of her neck and their lips met



He is kissing me💋💋, I felt butterflies in my stomach
I stood up to my feet and My knees weakened
All I wanted was attention, I wanted him to know how much he loves me and the fact that he can’t hide it from me..

He break out of the Kiss a bit..

“I wouldn’t stop if you don’t tell me what my Offence is”..
He took in my lips again.. His kisses are weakening and My Heart fluttered💘
He wrapped his hands around me and I could feel total warmth
He broke off again


“Are you ready to tell me??.. He asked but I was determined to be silent
He crashed his lips on

mine and stop after minutes

“Please tell me” He pleaded

“You said you can never love me😣.. You said you don’t trust me.
After all the moment we spent together,You still don’t trust me or do You?? “..
I blurted out

It was his turn to be silent..


I went speechless and turned my back on her

“I love you Belinda” I shouted

“It was so hard keeping that in” I added slowly

“Yes Belinda I don’t trust you and Yes I am scared
Every moment I always have this feeling that you can leave me alone
You will move on without remembering me.
I am not that Important to you Belinda”. .
She hugged me from Behind

“This is a promise Ken.. I will be wherever you are
Not even death would be able to separate us,We would live and die together
I will be the mother of your unborn children and the daughter in law of your family .. This is a promise Ken”..

I turned back to her. That was the first time I saw her cry
I wiped off the tears and kissed her lips
I never believe I could love her but I really did

Episode 8

General lov
Kenetth hugged Belinda and she sobbed on his shoulder

“I love you Belinda” Ken said

“I love you more Ken” She replied
At this same minute when they both expressed their feelings. The Helicopter arrived at the same Forest where Kenneth and Belinda stayed
The Team divided themselves into two
Some were on land and some were flying in the air
They kept searching and searching


Team on Land💘
They got to a River
“James this is a Shirt and this is a lady top..Someone is around” Mark shouted
They all rushed to the scene
That was the cloth Ken washed

“Yes there are some people living around”..
They kept searching

“Here are some footprint in the Mud”James said
The footprints they saw was the dancing foot print of Belinda and Kenneth
They kept searching around


Team in the Air💘
The Helicopter can clearly see a wooden house

“Shoot in the air..Lets see if anyone is around”The leader said and they started shooting

At the sound of gunshots.. Belinda flinched and I could see fear in her eyes
I gave her an assuring look
The Gunshots continued

“Let me check what is going on.. They may be here to save us” I said

“Ken I can’t loose you,I can’t let you go
There are gunshots outside and trust me you can’t leave here”She replied and held my Arms looking frightened


“Please Belinda.. You will have to let me go..
I promise You, I will be Fine” I pleaded

“I will go with you Ken” She replied and I nodded knowing the fact that she won’t let me go until I accept her conditions
We walked out with her clinging unto me
She was really scared and I could see that..
We walked out of the house only to see numbers of Helicopter

“I guess they came to help us” I said and I could see Happiness in her


Hours Later
The Team Leader,Belinda and Ken arrived in a hangar at USA

“Belinda I will take you to the Mansion.. he will find his way” The team leader said and slaps landed on his cheeks

“What did you mean by he will find his way.. Go and wait for me at the Mansion,We will find out way”.. Belinda shouted after slapping him



“No buts” She shunned him.. Ken was silent all through.. He doesn’t know what awaits him here
Belinda took him out and stopped a Cab

“Hewetts home” She said and the driver drove straight there..

“No one is home” Ken said

“But how possible.. Where are your grandma and sister? ” She asked


“I don’t have an Idea.. let’s enquire from our Neighbour”Ken replied and went to the Thettford house.. The house after their home
Ken knocked on the door

“Mrs Thettford.. Sarah Thettford.. Is anyone home”.

A lady opened the door and hugged him

“I missed you so much Ken.. Everyone thought you were dear but I knew it that you will survive for me” She said tightening the hug

“I miss you too Sarah” He replied disengaging from the hug


The scene in front of me is so disgusting
I am the only one with the right to hug him..
I tried to cage my temper

“You came here to ask about your granny and sister” I interrupted fiercelt


“Belinda mèet my childhood friend,we’ve been neighbours since Childhood.. Sarah Thettford”..

“No one Cares” I muttered knowing fully well.. It was only heard by Ken

“Sarah meet Belinda my..” He dropped for seconds

“His wife to be” I completed it

“Ohhh Nice meeting you. You must be Belinda Slyvester.. The politician daughter”She replied and I nodded
She faced Ken

“But Ken what is this coincidence?..
Where have you been and How come you already have a fiancee??
How come she is a Slyvester daughter??
What has..”

“We really have no time to waste here as it is getting dark”.. I cut her off

“We are here to ask about my Grandmother and Sasha”Ken added

“Your Grandmother is in Coma and in 7 days..Sasha will be getting married to a Slyvester son”..

“What!” We said in Unison


“You mean Logan” I said

“Yes.. Sasha is in the Slyvester Mansion and ..

“Enough we have to leave now” I said and Ken nodded
Sarah gave Ken the Hewetts home spare key
“Your sister is getting married to my brother”I said as we entered into the Hewetts home
The house have everything required in a home..
Everywhere was white and it look more like a palace

“My sister is a fool.. She is not concerned about Grandma,She is not concerned if I probably died
All she thinks about is her marriage and wedding at everyone absence”..

“Dont say that Ken. There are reasons for her actions” ..I tried to Calm him down

“I remember you told me your brother is a play boy. This wedding just can’t happen”..

“You don’t know if Logan actually loves her.. He said he will never marry someone he doesn’t love”..

“Just Forget it.. Today has been a long day and I would love to rest”..
He said heading to the washroom
I went to the Entrance and said

“Me first”..




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