The blue sea Episode 21 & 22

💙The Blue Sea💙
Episode 21😋😋
“You..are…pregnant”She said slowly and myl-ips curved into a smile
I am carrying Ken baby
“I am pregnant”I said to myself and sank into the be-d
“I can see you are so happy” Pansy said
“I am so happy.. I would have someone to love again, My own child
The seed of Ken and I”I replied
“I would have to inform Grandma because you would nee-d a doctor”..
“Pansy the truth is that.. This baby is about to change my life” I said
Pansy smiled sheepishly before leaving the room
My hand was placed on my tommy and I imagine how my baby would look like
Oh my Child… I can’t wait for Ken to hear about this.
Grandma walked in with a female doctor
Happiness was written over her
“Belinda are you really carrying my great grand child” She rushed towards me
“Doctor do a proper check on her” She added
The doctor confirmed it that I am carrying a baby
“She is doctor Jane and she will be staying here ybtul your delivery to take proper care of you and the baby” Grandma said
“Thanks a lot Granny”..
“Pansy take the doctor to her room”..
Pansy and the Doctor walked out
“I am so happy Belinda” Grandma said taking a sit beside me
“Granny How is Ken doing??” I asked
“He has not been doing fine ever since you left.. He is now more business and more money oriented
Always punishing himself”..
“Granny I can’t wait to tell him about our baby, I really want to go back to him”..
“You can’t go back now Belinda… You can’t tell him that he is about to be a father
I really wish we can share this joy with him”..
“Why can’t we tell him Granny??”..
“You are the only one who know Sarah as a bad person.. Ken and everyone believes she is good and trustworthy
If we tell Ken about the baby then he will tell Sarah and then Sarah will plot against you and the baby because she is desperate for Ken
We can only tell about the baby when Ken finds out the real truth behind Sarah and Debby”Grandma explained
“When will he find out Granny??,I badly miss him
I really want him.. My baby nee-ds him”..
“Soon dear.. You really don’t nee-d to worry”Grandma said and sooth Belinda hair
Grandma stayed with Belinda all throu-gh the day..
“Belinda I forgot to say something, You are growing fat and my son is losing weight” Grandma said and they both laughed
“Its 9pm alre-ady Sweetheart.. Everyone will be badly worried
I have to leave”Grandma said and Belinda hvgged her
Hewe-tts Home
Everyone was waiting for Granny..
Ken was pacing around the living room and Sarah look like someone trying to picture out something
“Only Heavens knows where Grandma have been going to this days”Debby said looking worried
The door creaked open and Grandma walked in
“Where have you been” Ken asked
“I have been seeing my b©yfri£nd” Grandma replied with a laugh
“Grandma it is not funny, I have been worried sick”.. Granny hvgged Ken
“I forgot to tell you Ken.. You would be a father soon and I will be a great grandma”Sarah eyes wi-de-ned and Debby watched looking confused
Ken dis£ngaged from the hvg
“Grandma what do you mean”..
Grandma sank into the chair looking sober
“It seems my old age is affecting my br@in but you wont blame me Ken, All my life I have always dreamt of having a great grand child from you but I guess the dream will never come to pas-s.. Belinda is gone and you no longer love Debby
After Sasha wedding, I was expecting a baby but she is not pregnant.. What on Earth did you want me to do??” Grandma said
“Dont worry Granny.. You would have a great grand child” Debby replied as Ken went speechless
“I have come up.with my conclusion
Ken I want you to get me Baby clothes from the Boutique tomorrow and Baby materials.. I mean everything a baby will nee-d so if I can’t see a baby before my death,I will see Baby clothes and materials”..
“Granny are you drun!k??”..
“I am baby drun!k.. Sweetheart” Grandma replied ma-king her way upstairs
The Old woman seem to be happy
What is her secret??
This minute, She addressed Ken as a father to be.. The Next minute, She said she is affected by her old age..
What’s wrong with that woman??
No one knows about her moves this days
I nee-d to keep a eye on her..
It is so possible she knows about Belinda whereabouts and it is also possible that there is a baby
I can’t let anyone win me in this game.. If there is Belinda and there is a baby and Granny is not telling anyone
Does it mean she knows about my evil ways??..
Oh God!!.. I nee-d to keep an eye on the Old Woman..
Episode 22
General pov
Grandma noticed her mistake and she knew of the fact that Sarah is very smart
She st©pped going to the mansion and relaxed for a while
Doctor Jane took good care of Pregnant Belinda while Debby is trying her best to get close to Kenneth
Months Later
Right there in Belinda room.. You can hear cries of pain
“Ahhhhhh” She screamed and tears poured out of her face
Doctor Jane asked her to take a de-ep breath in them ask her to relax a bit
“You dont have to shout lady because your Cervix is not fully opened.. It remain just some minute miss” The doctor said.. Two nurses were also around to as-sist Jane..
Belinda continued sobbing because she was asked not to make noise
Few minutes after, The contraction increa-sed without a st©p
“Miss Belinda.. Its time, When you feel like pushing.. You push because your cervix is fully opened”
Suddenly water bur-st out.. It splashed on the doctor hands
“Sorry Doctor Jane” Belinda said still in tears
“Dont worry Miss Belinda,It is my duty.. Focus yourself for now because your baby is on its way”…
“Doctor I want to defecate… I really nee-d to go to the toilet”..
“Dont worry Miss Hewe-tts.. If you want to defecate, You can do it right here, when you feel like pushing.. push it out”…
Belinda pushed
“ha-rder.. ha-rder.. More”The doctor urged her
The baby head popped out
“Push ha-rder Miss” One of the Nurses said
Slowly Slowly the baby was fully out with the help of the doctor
“Its a baby girl”The doctor said with a smile and Belinda felt relieve in her
“Doctor can i see the face of my baby” Belinda said more like a whisper
Doctor Jane gave the baby to her.. It rested on her shoulder
Hewe-tts Home
Granny pov😘
I saw a call from the Nurse
I hope everything is fine with Belinda..
📞Hello Nurse.. Is everything fine??
📞Granny Congratulations .. It is a Baby girl
📞Yayy.. I will be there shortly
I hang up the call
Thank Goodness…Sarah went out to get somethings.
Debby and Ken are at the company
When I asked Ken to get baby things.. Everything he got was pink and all the clothes was for a baby girl
I told the driver to pack all the baby stuff into the car and I zoom off to the Mansion
Anna welcomed me with smiles on her face😊😊.. I walked upstairs to meet Belinda and the baby..
The baby was so small and cute.. I could see Ken face in her
She looked exactly like Sasha when Sasha was small
“Granny” Belinda called.. She was looking weak.. We are all in the spare room as the maids were cleaning up her room
“Yes dear”I faced her and sooth her hair
“I brou-ght the baby things.. You wont believe Ken bought everything”..
“Did he know about my baby”She asked
“No he doesn’t.. I only asked him to get baby stuff” I replied
“I will name my baby Scarlett.. Scarlett Hewe-tts”.
General pov
Grandmother bath and took good care of the baby
Belinda was so tired that she had to sleep
Back in the Hewe-tts home💖
Grandma and Sarah are not home
Debby went to her room to freshen up
I miss Belinda.. I remember the first day she confessed her love to me❤…
She promised never to leave me and be the mother of my unborn children.. Now she is gone and she is not even looking back
“Ken why are you standing here??.. Go and freshen up” I heard Debby voice
“It is late.. Grandma and Sarah are not home”..
“Go freshen up dear.. They will be back soon”..Debby said with a smile
I have been hurting Debby maybe I should give her a chance since Belinda is not coming back
Alre-ady late in the night when I drove in
I opened the door to meet the household waiting for me.. (Debby,Sarah and Ken)
“Where are you coming from by 10pm Granny??”..
I guess it is High time Sarah gets expo-sed and should be caught red handed
To spark the devil in Sarah, I would have to announce Debby and Ken engagement p@rty and then I will monitor Sarah every step
“Granny where have you been??” I heard Debby voice
“I went out to plan Debby and Ken engagement p@rty”.I blurted out and Sarah eyes wi-de-ned..
“Are you serious??”..Debby said and I can see happiness
“What the Hell” Ken shouted
“You dont raise your voice at your Granny.. You would marry her if you like it or not..”