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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The blue sea Episode 15 & 16

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💙The Blue Sea💙

Episode 15😋




General pov

“Debby..Debby..Debby” Kenneth called repeatedly and slump down to the floor


“Ken” Belinda rushed to him

Along with maids, Belinda carried Ken upstairs and called the doctor

She left Ken with the doctor and walked back downstairs

“What are you here again for Debby??.. My Grandson is fine and okay

Why did you want to ruffle his life again”..Grandmother said


“I came here to stay..I have no shelther”..


“You have no Shame Debby.. I want you out of this house instantly” Grandma shouted in anger


“You must be so dumb Granny.. I have no shelter and you want to send me out of the house I own

Ken signed everything into my name..I have the rights to stay here legally”..


“How dare you talk to Grandmother in that manner??” Belinda fired


“It is none of your business Miss.. It is our Business”Debby shouted back


“It is a sad thing my son made many mistakes when he was in love with you😣” Grandma said


“I really dont have time for any of your drama Old Woman.. I have to rest”Debby said and walked upstairs.. Her personal maid followed with her luggage

Grandma sank into the Sofa and Belinda went up to Ken


“Debby what are you doing??.. Are you in your right senses??”


“All I know is that I hate you.. I hate your lies, cheats

and betrayals”She shouted


“I never lied to you and..


“Shut up”She screamed

I heard the sound of shattered glasses and slaps landed on my face


“Debby Debby”I called softly

(Back to Reality)

I felt Belinda hand on my cheeks


“Sweetheart are you okay??” She asked

I opened my eyes and can see how worried she is


“Ken are you Okay??” She said again


“Tell me that Debby was never here”..


“I dont know the Lady but on seeing her, You lose your mind… Grandma also got really mad”..


“I am so hungry Belinda,Please bake some pastries.. I will be downstairs soon”..


“Okay I will get that done” Belinda left the room

I took my bath and wore white vest and black trousers

If Debby is here then I would have to face it

Belinda should be done by now, I was on my way downstairs when Debby walked up to me


“Ken I would like to apologize for everything that happened in the past..It was a misunderstanding created by someone who wants to separate us

I am so very sorry Ken”She apologized


“I hold no grudge against you” I replied frankly


“Trust me I am not here to cause any harm..

I have no shelter that is why I am here” She said and drops of water fell from her eyes

I stared at her intensely


“I clearly remember the first day you saw me cry,You wiped it off and vow never to let any more drop.

You pulled me into a deep hug and..


“Why bringing back the Old Memories” I cut in


“Because I just can’t forget it and it would not be nice

of you forget about your first love❤”She replied and O went speechless

The Debby I knew years ago


“I know things may never be the same but I dont mind being a perfect friend” She added


“You should get going.. Belinda will be done soon”..

Belinda served my food but I was not just able to eat..


“What is wrong Ken??.. You are not even taking a bite” Belinda complained


“I need to get out” I said and left the house hurriedly.. She tried to stop me but all was to no avail



Ken left the house and Sarah walked up to me


“Belinda dear.. Watch how Ken is going to drift away from you

I brought Debby here just few minutes ago and Ken is changing”


“Shut up Sarah.. Shut up

If you make me mad, I will throw you and Debby out”


“You can’t throw us out.. Debby is the real owner”..

I brought out my phone with the hope of recording something and we sighted Grandma walking down the stairs

She patted my shoulder softly


“Belinda dear..Everything will be fine, Debby is leaving soon

You need not to worry”

I waited for hours and it is getting dark, Ken is not home

Grandma and I are badly worried


“Call Sasha she may have an Idea of her brother whereabouts”Grandma gave me Sasha contact


📞Hello Sasha


📞Hii Belinda.. dont be worried, I heard about Debby arrival


📞That is not my problem.. The problem here is that after Ken regained consciousness, he just left home

I have no idea of where he went to and it is getting late.. His number is not going through


📞 Anytime Ken is out of his mind.. He drinks a lot

Check for him at Oriental Hotel.. The Bar to be precise”..


📞Okay Sasha.. Thanks a lot


“Grandma I need to leave” I said and pick up my car keys

I got to the Hotel after Hours and went straight to the Bar

Just as Sasha told me,I sighted Ken with empty bottles of liquor in front of him

The bar was a little bit crowded but I managed to get to him


“Ken why doing this??”I asked


“You know I love you Belinda and you know Debby was my first love.. She is back to ruin me Blelinda knowing so well I can’t resist her”He said out of drunkenness


“Ken no one will ruin you.. I am with you”


“Promise you will always stay with me Bel..


“I promise but now we need to leave”

It is really late and I dont think I can go through the long drive

I helped him up as he staggered

I booked a room and lay him on the bed.. He kept talking to himself


“Belinda trust me I am not drunk and…He kept ranting


“Did you love me💖”He blurted out suddenly


“I love you so much💖”He pulled me closer and our lips crashed



Episode 16


General pov

Moans of pleasure filled the air with clothes flying around

It was the first time the lovers consummated their love

They collapsed on each other after numbers of rounds

Kenneth nibble slowly on Belinda lips😘

“I love you so much”He whispered and felt asleep



I opened my eyes to meet Ken face

I was under the duvet

“I brought breakfast” He said

I sat up and the duvet fell to my waist

I noticed his eyes lingering on my chest..

I looked down and discover the fact that I am Naked

I drew the duvet back up

“And what were you looking at??”I asked


“Nothing at all.. Just some beautiful roses”


“You are so Naughty” I threw a pillow at him


“Belinda I am sorry for what transpired yesterday night.. It wasn’t my intentions

I wasn’t in my right senses and…


“Its okay.. Its no big deal,You are my to be husband”..


“We have tons of missed call from Grandma.. I guess she is so worried”..



I munched on the breakfast… Wrapped myself with the Duvet

I went to the bathroom to have a body wash



General pov

Grandma sat in the living room waiting for Belinda and Ken.. She was badly worried

Debby and Sarah were in the dining room

Belinda and Ken walked in shortly and Belinda hugged Granny


“I am so sorry for leaving you worried but I had to go for Ken”..She said and Grandma patted her back

Ken and Belinda were on their way upstairs when Debby walked up to them




“Good morning Belinda”Debby said with a beaming smile and Belinda fumed in anger.. brought to you by Victoria


“Good morning Ken.. A tea in the morning with a Kiss on my lips💋”Debby said and faced me



“Good morning Ken,A tea in the morning with a Kiss on my lips💋”Debby said and I opened my eyes slowly to meet Sunrays.. Its Indeed morning

Just as usual,I took a sip and kissed her lips💋


“Your tender lips wont reject a morning kiss💋”..I replied


“Do have a nice day at work today”..

~~End of Flashback~~

“Your tender lips wont reject a morning Kiss💋”I said that out

Gosh! I said that out



“Good morning Ken.. A tea in the morning with a kiss on my lips” Debby said to Ken


“Your tender lips wont reject a morning Kiss” Ken replied after a long silence and my eyes widened

I dragged him upstairs in anger


“What the hell is wrong with you Ken??” I shouted


“Belinda I am sorry.. It was a slip of tongue”..


“What Kind of slip of tongue say such a disgusting word’..


“Belinda I..


“Just shut up” I shouted then he kissed me


“I said I am sorry” He said and I sighed.. I am tired of Debby and Sarah presence in our home



I laughed in happiness

I can hear noises of argument in Ken room

This is what I have always wanted.

Belinda, Your time in this house is almost over..

I have been staying in this house ever since Debby came here

Belinda would be here today


I sent him a message and I smiled


“Granny Granny dear” I kept calling till i got to her room


“Yes Sarah.. Any problem”…


“Granny you sent me to do some shopping but here is the problem.. Mum sent me on an Errand so I am thinking it is better if you send Belinda”I said


“She is my daughter in law..She would surely go” ..

I dropped the shopping list, The Complex name and the money on the table

Grandma called foe Belinda and I left the room


“Sweetheart please get me everything on this list.. The complex is not far from here”..


“But Granny.. You can always send the maids”..


“Are you also going to reject me the way Sarah did” She asked


“Ohh.. No Grandmother.. I will get them for you”

I picked up the list and dropped the money



It was so late in the Night.. Ken and Belinda lay beside each other sleeping peacefully

Ken phone beeped and he opened up his eyes, It was a message from an unknown number.. The messages contained Images

Ken mouth dropped on seeing the pictures


“Belinda How dare you??” He shouted and Belinda rubbed her sleepy eyes


“Ken are you Okay??”.


“Who is this??” Ken showed her a picture of she hugging a guy and she sat up


“A Highschool friend”..


“And is that why you kissed him” Belinda eyes widened and she stammered




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