The blue sea Episode 13 & 14

💙The Blue Sea💙
Episode 13😋😋
I sat down beside Belinda.. She l@yon the hospital be-d with eyes closed and Bandage around her wrist..
Who could have done this??.. We should be engaged by now
Her family just left some minutes ago leaving only me with her
Someone must be behind this conspiracy..
Someone doesn’t want us to be engaged but who??
I stared at her slee-ping face and I remember when she followed me to the Company
We walked to the company, Some workers were talking randomly
“You should get to work.. You dont pl@yaround and gossip in the morning”She cut in fiercely
“Sorry Ma”The ladies echoed
“Welcome back Mr Hewe-tts.. We all miss you “My secretary rushed out to hvg me but she stood at my front
“Stay back.. He doesn’t nee-d hvgs”She said
Almost all the workers are now on the main floor..
“I am very happy to be back again” I announced and Belinda stood beside me holding my arms
“I would also like to introduce you to my Wife to be.. Belinda Slyvester”…
“It is so nice meeting you” They said and she replied with a smile
“I would be going to the office now… There would be a General meeting in 20 minutes”..
“Okay Sir” They said in Unison
I walked upstairs with Belinda
“Our Boss is a very nice man.. Only God knows how we will cope with his wife” I heard my accountant say
Fortunately for her.. Belinda didnt heard.
20 Minutes after,We were all sitting around the table talking things out
“Mrs Accountant.. Everyone are submitting their reports.. Bring up your files” Belinda said
“I will submit..submit it to the..the Boss later”She stammered
“I am not buying that”..Belinda replied and she walked up
“All these are not just clear”Belinda shouted going throu-gh the files
“But miss..
“Shut up.. I went to school and un-derstand everything about Accounting..
Everything here is not clear… nothing at all”…
“Mrs Hewe-tts I..
“Shut up… You are fired”Belinda said then face the secretary
“Prepare her sack letter”The secretary nodded
My accountant knelt in front of me pleading but I paid deaf ears.. I have always suspected her
“And where is our Mr Manager” Belinda said and Jude stood up to his feet
“You deserve to be fired.. You are actually of no use, I am giving you this last warning to sit ti-ght and pay more attention on your work”Belinda said strictly
“I will take caution Mistress”..
We did all the daily activities together before going back home at night
~End of Flashback~
“Sweet heart😘” Her voice brou-ght me back to reality
“Baby How are you feeling??” I asked
“My wrist still hurt a bit” She replied
“Sorry dear”I gave her a cu-p of water and she felt a bit relaxed
Sarah walked inside
“Ken dear.. How is she doing??”Sarah asked looking very concerned
“Fair”I replied with a smile
“Grandma wants to see you ken and you really nee-d to rest”Sarah said and I faced Belinda
“Grandma wants to see me,I will be back”..
“But Sarah I dont want to leave her”I looked at Sarah
“Dont worry she will be fine.. I am here”..
“I trust you Sarah” I placed my hand on her cheeks and she smiled
I went home to meet Grandmother
I sat up on the be-d.. Sarah was sitted on the chair beside the be-d
She held my wrist and squee-zed it
“Arrgh”I screamed in pains
“You are hurt right??.. Trust me Bel
You will feel a lot more pain than this
Those kind of pains you wont be able to bear.. Ken is mine and he will never be yours..
Both of you will never ever be together
Trust me..”..
“You are a traitor..Ken trusted you”..I replied
“I am sure you would want to tell Ken about everything..
Should I tell you a truth??.. Ken will never believe you. He trusts me a lot and will never hear a word against me..
I have been in his life your years and you are a total visitor that would leave our lives soon”…
“Shut up… Just Shut up”I screamed and Ken walked in.. Sarah bur-st out tears
“I am trying to care, I am trying to be Nice but she kept rebuking me” Sarah sobbe-d
I opened my mouth agape
Ken went to lift her up
“I am apologizing on her behalf.. She may have insulted you but I am so sorry”Ken said
Sarah hvgged him and sobbe-d
“Ken She is a Liar,A pretender and A traitor”I said
“Enough Belinda… I dont like hearing words against her
St©p feeling insecure,Sarah is just my best friend who have no evil intention”Ken replied and my eyes wi-de-ned
Sarah was right,Ken will never believe me.. He trusts her a lot and will not hear a word against her
The doctor called Ken to his office
Sarah wiped her tears and win-ked at me
“How did you love my drama Belinda”She laugh sarcastically
“You are a witch.. You are a bad person”I pointed at her
“I am not the bad person but you are..No one can separate Ken and I
Ken was my first k!ss.. You can ask him
Ken first love is Debby.. I separated them with my cunny ways
I turned Debby against him and Debby bec@m£ his worst enemy..
I will destroy this relationsh!p” She said
I lose my temper that I landed sl@ps on her cheeks.. She’ve said enough
I dont know how Ken walked in at that moment
Sarah fell down to the floor in tears
“Belinda how dare you??😡”I could see anger in Ken’s eyes
He raised up his hand to hit me but he st©pped on the track and held my palms
“Belinda plea-se..Dont tempt my anger…
Be kind to Sarah..
Episode 14
“Belinda plea-se dont tempt my anger.. Be kind to Sarah” Ken pleaded with tears folded in his eyes and I sank into the hospital be-d
How do I want to make him un-derstand that Sarah is not a good person..
“What did the doctor say??” I asked looking calm
“The doctor said that you are free to go home.. You should come back after three days” He replied and I nodded
“So shall we??.. I nee-d to see grandma”.. I said
We all walked into the car and Ken drove home
Sarah went to her house directly beside our home
I went to Grandma room and explained everything about Sarah
“Sarah can’t do this.. I won’t believe it but at the same time I can’t say my daughter in law is lying
Don’t worry dear, I will make my own moves and find out if she is really a bad person” Grandma replied and I nodded
“Baby” We heard Ken voice
“Your husband really nee-ds your attention” Grandma said with a wi-nk and I smiled
“Coming” I replied walking out Granny room
I can’t wait for the day when we will be truly married
“The maids will be here tomorrow” Ken said as I entered our room
“It is late, Lets have a shower and go to be-d” He added
I felt a little pain in my wrist and I glared at it..
Brou-ght to you by Victoria.. I know Sarah is the cause of all this and I am sure Ken wont hear a word against her
She is far too trusted by everyone
The Next Morning
Sarah is seen knocking on a brown painted duplex
A lady very light in complexion opened up the door
“And what brings the Devil here very early this morning??”The lady said with a sm-irk
“Its about Ken” Sarah replied
“You separated us and made me his enemy so what else do you want??”..
“Would you at least let me in??” Sarah pushed her to the side and went to sit on the couch
“Debby I really nee-d your help”..
“Go on…
“Ken is in a relationsh!pwith a Slyvester daughter”..
“So should I start crying??”.
“I want you to come to the Hewe-tts home and make that house your Abode”..
“Sarah you must be mad, No one wants me there.. Grandma and Sasha hates me so much for putting Ken in a trauma back then
They think I am the cause of everything not knowing it is your handiwork”..
“You have every rights to go back to that home Debby.. Ken sign that house into your name.. You are the legal owner”..
“I will go back to that house only on one condition..
“What Debby??”..
“Ken will be mine again” Debby said and water poured from her eyes
I smiled after she said Ken would be hers again
“If you want Ken to be yours then so be it.. I am supporting you this time not any politician daughter” I said and she stared at me
“You can trust me” I added
I really do have my own plans.. i will use Debby to separate Ken and Belinda and after all, I will kill Debby..
Ken would be mine..
It was on a Saturday morning, The maids were working to and fro
Grandma is replanning the engagement p@rty as Belinda wrist is healing fast
Several investigations was carried out as to who sh0t the bullet but the person left no trace at all.
Belinda was weaving Grandma hair.. Sarah was pla-ying video games and smiling happily
“You are really good when it comes to hair styling” Grandma said
“Thanks Grandmother”..
“Belinda I ordered some set of Jewelries for you.. I am sure you would love them”..
“I love you Grandma”..
“The deliverer would be here soon” Grandma smiled
“Granny so you totally forgot your son and replace her with your daughter in law”I pouted like a baby😘
“Ohhh.. Ken dear” Grandma said with a smile
“Hey you.. dont try to take my place in Granny heart💖” Belinda pointed her f!nger at me and I laughed
“And Granny.. You totally forgot your Sarah” Sarah complained
“Am I so perfect that everyone is just so Jealous of me” Belinda replied
“No one is Jealous of you Bel.. But you cant just snatch what belong to us”.Sarah sm-irked
“Sarah I can never forget you..You are like a daughter” Grandma said and someone barged in abruptly… I stood up to my feet on seeing someone I never expected to see
Ken stood up to his feet and staggered to the back
“Debby..Debby..Debby” He called repeatedly and slump down to the floor