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February 25, 2021


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The billionaire’s p.a Episode 5

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I wasn’t kidding when I said the building was huge. No matter how many tours I take, I’ll never be able to survey the whole place. Good thing I wasn’t staying for long them.

Damon’s office was close to mine. Infact our offices were separated by a mere door. My job wasn’t at all difficult, file papers, remind him of his meetings and inform him of any visitors. I typed away in my computer checking if he had any appointments for the day.

As easy as the job was, it felt a little boring.

I got out my phone, playing video games to pass time away. The landline on the table connecting us starting ringing. I got startled and dropped my phone.

“Damn it….” I cursed picking my phone off before answering the landline.

📞 When I call you, answer immediately. Not a second late Miss Salvatore. He yells into the receiver. I dropped it slightly muttering curses under my breath.

📞 Sorry Sir. I say clenching my teeth.

📞 My office. Now. He thunders.

“Does he have to be so arrogant.” I roll my eyes standing up. It’s taking everything in me not to answer me. Everything. He’s pushing me to edge and I might just have to say something. I pick up the pace and open the door not wanting to be tempted ant longer.

He buried his head in paper work, I cleared my throat announcing my presence.

“I need you to set an appointment with the cosmetic company tomorrow at 9am.”

“But Sir couldn’t you have said that over the phone?”

I regret my sarcastic question wishing I had kept my mouth shut. He glances at me for a second, I wished the ground would open up and swallow me.

“Miss Salvatore” He calls out, I shut my eyes tightly.

“Why can’t you ever shut up.” I mumbled to myself.

“Miss Salvatore.” He startled me and I realised I’ve been talking to myself without responding.

“Yes Sir.” I mouth in fear.

“Set that appointment and come back immediately, we’re leaving. I need you to take notes for a meeting I have.”

“Okay Sir.” I exhaled, turn around and walked away.

“I need to learn to shut up.”

“Oh and don’t hit your head on the way out.” He mocks, I look ahead and my head almost made an impact with the door. I move away quickly, slapping myself as I go back to my office to set the appointment.

He walks out through the main door minutes later and I follow subtly behind.

“I have a meeting, you don’t have to do much. Stand there and take notes. When I get back, I expect a report on it.” I nodded my head bowing my head.

“I expect an oral answer when I speak to you.” Since he wasn’t watching, I rolled my eyes.

“Yes Sir.” I respond.

“Good, the driver would be here soon. We’re heading off to Mickelson industries.” He says, I freeze. My feet glued to the ground unable to move. I finally raised my head to look at him.

“Umm, I can’t go there.” I say in a firm tone.

“What did you say?”

He asks and I smack my lips.


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