The billionaire’s girlfriend final Episodes

The Billionaire’s
By:Kebby NG
Episode 25
❤️ Kayla ❤️
I puffed out my breath once I c@m£ out of the trunk and gazed at my surroundings. Wow!
Like seriously wow!
This place is damn beautiful, I could only stare in awe with my mouth hanging.
I almost forgot what I c@m£ here for.. almost. The scenery screams money.
This place is only for rich people, I mean who comes here to eat just breakfast? I wish I had my phone with me so I can take pictures. *Sigh*
“Hey!! What are you doing here? This is a restricted area!” I heard someone say and turned to the direction.
A fat officer was running towards me with a serious face, oh $h!t!
I frantically looked around wondering where to go damnit!! Where the hell is Charles?
I took off on a run, not knowing where I’m going. All I know is that I’m not going to get caught, I must find Charles.
“Hey!! Don’t go there” the officer cried out as I entered the building.
I got a glimpse of myself on the mirror and pause. What the fu-ck!! Is this me?
I look like a mad woman,I was in a hurry that I forgot to check myself in the mirror before coming out.
“Hey st©p right there!” The officer said again. He was breathing ha-rd and can’t even lift his feet from the ground.
I waited till he got closer before running off again. I didn’t even have time to take in the interior cause I was busy looking for their Charles.
Suddenly,I saw them…not Charles exactly but his fellow guards.
Without thinking,I ran towards them.
I stepped out of the plane with my guards behind me.
Hello to Orleans..
I had actually taken the next flight here the moment I heard she’s here without thinking,but now that I’m here…
I don’t know how to find her..
I turned to my guard “Where did you say she is again?”
He gulped”Um. I don’t know..I mean, I know she’s in New Orleans but my resources didn’t tell me her actual location”
I remained silent looking at him for a minute before asking”What?You let me come all the way without knowing the actual location?!!”
He gulped”I’m sorry boss,I wanted to tell you”
I was about pu-lling out my gun and b!owing off his head when I remembered I’m at the airport.
I glared at him”Thank your heavens that I’m not going to kill you, go make research on his whereabouts now before I loose it!!”
“Yes sir!”he answered and scurried away.
I sighed and got into the car, What should I do now? there’s no way I’ll give up now never!
I nee-d to find my darling… she’s the only family I have.
“Where to boss?”
I sighed”A h0tel, I nee-d to lounge here for sometime”
He nodded and hit the accelerator. Don’t worry June, uncle is coming for you.
💝 June 💝
“Wow, this mansion is beautiful” I exclaimed gazing around as we stepped out of the room.
It was dark last night so I didn’t get a clear view of the house last night.
Khalid, who was walking behind me, suddenly gr@bb£d my w@!st and pushed me to the wall.
Without giving me time to think, he took my mouth in his, k!ss!ngme r0ûghly. My mind went blank for a minute before I pushed him away.
“St©p doing that! I included it in my terms.. no tou-ching!”
He sm-irked”But you t©uçhed me yesterday and I didn’t object to it, have you forgotten alre-ady? Yourl-ips wra-pped around me was a very s3xy sight.. infact I’m ha-rd alre-ady thinking about it, do you want to see it?”
My face felt h0t.
I quic-kly walked past him pretending I didn’t hear him.”Where do you say we’re going? I’m starving”
He chuckled and took my hand”Come on, let’s go for breakfast”
I glanced down at our joined hands then back at me and felt a strange feeling In my heart.
Minutes Later!
We arrived at K Stone Restaurant and went into the building.
I could only stare open mouthed, looking at the building. “Do you own this place too?” I asked.
My voice c@m£ out low, I thought he wasn’t going to hear me but surprisingly, he answered.
Wow! How rich is this guy?
“But why did you name it K Stone? Why not Black?”
His dark eyes fell on me”No one has ever asked me that”
“Really? Well it’s kinda weird that you didn’t use your last name”
“Stone is my grandfather’s middle name” he drew a chair for me. I sat and he pushed it in like a gentleman before going to sit.
A waiter c@m£ to us”Good morning sir, ma’am”
I blu-shed again flvstered.
Khalid shook his head”Morning”
“Can I take your orders plea-se”
I picked up their order list and gazed at all their delicacies. I bec@m£ confused cause I don’t know which dish I’ll go for.
Just as I was about to pick one, I heard a commotion from the door.
I glanced up only to see Khalid’s guards holding a lady. At first look, you’ll think she’s a mad woman but I gazed at her again and realized I was staring at someone familiar.
Hold on..
Is that.. Kayla?
Episode 26
🌷 June 🌷
Hold on..Kayla?
Am I seeing things? Why is she here? I saw that the guards were about to take her away and got up.
Without thinking, I got up and started running towards her. “Kayla!!”
Unexpectedly, someone caught my hand, I immediately knew it was Khalid”Hey, what are you doing?”
I shrug off his hands”Let go of me! I nee-d to go to Kay”
“She’s not here, you must be mistaken, come on, let’s eat breakfast” he wanted to take my hand again but I was quic-k to step out of reach.
“No!! I know who I just saw, trust me. She’s the one” with that said, I turned towards the entrance but couldn’t see her again.
Oh no.. I can’t loose her, I can’t.
I ran out of the building and frantically searched everywhere for her.
“No! Let go of me!” I heard faintly and followed the voice.
Finally, I saw her.
The guards were trying to restrain her, with tears streaming down my face, I yelled her name.
❤️ Kayla ❤️
Oh gosh, I was so close to seeing him when this morons caught me.
I even tried to tell them I’m Kayla but the won’t believe me. They think I’m some mad woman looking for something to eat.
Yeeesh! I guess I caused this for myself.
Charles suddenly walked towards us, my heart lightened. “Charles! I’ve been looking for you!”
He paused– surprised that I knew his name. “Kayla?”
I breathed out relieved”Phww, thank goodness you recognized me. I was beginning to think this morons wouldn’t let me go” I casually say with a smile on myl-ips.
The smile slowly faded when I saw the look on his face. He didn’t say anything.
He only turned to his fellow guards”Take her away”
I blinked”What? Take me away? I c@m£ all the way to see you and you’re asking them to what?”
Gosh, I’ve never seen this side of him, so cold and unlike Charles..
The guards took ahold of me and started dragging me away. “Charles! Charles? Don’t let them do this!”
“Charles!” I cried out but he only stared coldly at me.
I st©pped struggling and decided to go with them, I felt defeated by his behavior and for the first time ever since coming here, I regretted coming with here with him.
The guards were dragging me away when I suddenly heard”Kayla!!!”
That voice…
Why does the voice sounds like June’s own?
“Kayla!!” I heard again and st©pped. I turned only to see June. I blinked again to check correctly, am I seeing things?
“June?!!” I screamed, shrugged off the guards hands and ran towards her.
She also ran towards me and then we collide with each other. I hvgged her ti-ghtly with tears in my eyes.
“Oh God! I missed you so much!”
“Me too, very much” I answered.
We were just like two lost sisters, separated by an evil king and haven’t seen each other in years.
I took in her familiar citrus scent and sigh, I didn’t even realize how much I missed her until now.
I gazed towards Charles and saw him looking at us with a strange look on his face.
🌻 Melissa 🌻
“Take a look at this ma’am”
The guy I asked to follow Khalid muttered. I must admit that I’m surprised by this. I never expected him to get this work done quic-kly.
I took the pictures from him and gazed at them with a smile on my face. “Perfect! This will do”
Khalid was holding her hand in one of the pictures, the other one looks like he was hvgging her from behind.
“This would do” o dropped some cash on the table for him, he took it and brou-ght out another file from his bag.
“I also found some interesting informations about her, it wasn’t ha-rd but it’ll do”
My smile wi-de-ned as I went throu-gh it.Oh my gosh!! I’ve finally gotten what to use against Khalid. He will be more than embarras-sed when he sees this.
🖤Charles 🖤
I was so furious when I saw the commotion at the entrance. Do they want Khalid to get angry?
I marched towards them re-ady to scold them when I saw the same Arab woman from this morning.
“What’s going on here?” I asked coldly. Imagine my surprise when I heard Kayla’s voice. I bec@m£ furious at her that she tricked us, does she knows that she has jeopardize our job by coming here?
Without thinking, I s£nt her away ignoring the look on her face. I clearly asked her not to come and yet she did.
Someone called her name, I turned to see June. fu-ck!!!
I could only watch in a daze as they hvg theirself. Oh damnit!! This is bad, really bad.
I turned towards the restaurant so I could explain to boss but froze when I saw him watching the scene. His eyes met mine and…
🌻 June 🌻
We pu-ll-ed back and looked at ourselves then we bur-sted out laughing. “Jeez what are you wearing Kay?”
She glanced at herself and laughed more”Oh I’ll tell you all about it, how are you doing? I thought you said you were kidnapped? How did you end up here?”
I growled at the thought and sma-cked her hand”I asked for your help you nitwitted bit-ch! And you hanged up on me, I was really furious you know”
“Ohh sorry, but you were with Khalid.. anyways I was kidnapped too so no worries okay? ”
My heart clenched as she mentioned this, I looked away guilty. She was kidnapped because of me.
I was about to speak up when my phone beeped. I brou-ght out the new phone Khalid bought me and saw a news article.
I cli-cked on it and froze..
I was on news, my picture and Khalid’s were all over the net.
I scrolled down frantically and tensed up more when something caught my attention.
*It seems like our Khalid now has a girlfriend*
*Our Billionaire’s girlfriend’s uncle is a drug dealer*
Oh my God!
“June? Are you okay? June?!”
My phone fell down from my hand, uncle Ryder is a what?
My head spun, it felt like my world was crashing down. I didn’t even know I was falling down till I hit the ground and I blacked out.?
The end of #season_1 (one)
WHO IS re-adY FOR #SEASON_2 ( two)?? 😋