The billionaire’s girlfriend Episode 7 & 8

🌷The Billionaire’s
Girlfriend 🙈
Episode 7
💞 Khalid 💞
I saw the look on her face when I took off my jacket and chuckled.”What are you thinking of dear June, don’t worry we have all the time for that”
She flu-shed cutely. .hump I finally have her with me,my mind is at peace now. I’m not going to let go of her till I’m satisfied or get tired of her.
I just nee-d to pl@ymy cards properly and she’s mine.
“Why Was I kidnapped Khalid?!” she raised her head stubbornly -glaring at me.
I raised my brows surprised that she address me by my name. No one dares to do that.. It’s Master K for everyone but I like the way my name rolled off in her ton-gue so I’ll let it go.
I sat on the couch and crossed my legs in an intimid@t!ngmanner “You were not kidnapped June, from what I heard… You bec@m£ violent in the car so he had no choice but to drug you”
“Violent? Oh this is unbelievable. Look here, I nee-d to go so say what you have to say”
I was surprised again by this, did she really know who she’s talking to?
Her boldness is intriguing and refreshing.
I gazed at her pretty face and realized she’s even more beautiful than the picture. Her white pale skin was so soft, I felt like gr-abbing her and having my way with her but not now. I cleared my throat and went straight to the point, there’s no point of delaying it.
I brou-ght out a file from my briefcase and handed it to her. I nee-d to do this before mother kills me.
💛💛 Mrs Black 💛💛
I tried my son’s number for the fifth time and he still wouldn’t pick up.
I growled and threw the phone away”Aghh!!”
My husband, Jerry walked in just then.
“What is it dear? Who made my darling wife angry this evening ?’ he asked k!ss!ngmy n£¢k
“It’s your son!! He wouldn’t pick up and I nee-d to remind him about the introduction. The Kiran family will be here in two days and he nee-ds to come home. I can’t afford anything to go wrong”
The Kiran family is one of the most respected family here in New Orleans. They agreed to give their beautiful daughter Mellissa to Khalid as his wife.
We’ve alre-ady set the d@t£ of the introduction which is in two days time. Khalid knows about this, he didn’t take the news well when we told him, he claimed he had a girlfriend which we all know it’s a lie.
The problem now is how to get him home before then.
“My darling Marianne,you know your son… He will come, he’s just too busy at the moment that’s why he isn’t picking up. St©p worrying too much before wrinkles appear on your fine face”
I smiled at that then sigh”I just want everything to go well Jerry”
He k!$$£d my n£¢k”It will, don’t stress yourself over this okay?”
I la-id my head on his che-st and nodded”Okay”
My eyes kept wi-dening as I re-ad the do¢v-ments. “You want me to sign this? I still don’t un-derstand what this is all about ”
He raised his eyebrows”Dont you know how to re-ad? It says Be My Girlfriend for six months”.
I laughed”Yes I saw that, with a bunch of cra-p you wrote here… I’m asking why you think I’ll agree to it”
You’ve got to see the list of things he wants me to agree to.
*Make sure you behave like you’re in love with me..
*We will have s3x when the time calls for it..
Hold on… Did I tell him I want to sleep with him?
*Always do as I ask.
*Do NOT get pregnant or it will be ab-orted.
I had to st©p there cause I’ll get a migraine if I continue re-ading this.
Who the hell does he think he is? Just because he’s rich he thinks he could do anything he likes.
He had a frown on his face as if trying to comprehend what’s going on in my head.
“Are you not going to answer me? I asked you a question!”
I was surprised when he smiled”You will accept it”
He said it as a matter of fact, I gazed at him with pity and wondered if this is how he usually is. It’s so sad, a very sad life.
I shook my head and got up”If that’s all you have to say… Then excuse me, I don’t have time for this ” I said and started walking to the door.
I was about turning the knobs when he spoke up.
“I believe you love your friend..what’s her name Kayla I think”
I froze”W..what are you talking about?”
He threw a picture on the floor, I went to pick it up.
The person I saw made a sob escape from my mouth. Oh no..
Episode 8
🕷Kayla 🕷
After work that day, I decided to walk home since it isn’t far .
I guess it’s p@rt of exercise since I can’t jog in the mornings.
I thought about what June said and bur-st out laughing. People around me turned to look at me like I’ve gone crazy, maybe I have.
How could she say she’s been kidnapped by Khalid Black himself? Then ask me to call the cops ha!! 😂
They will arrest me instead for accusing the guy wrongly. He’s that powerful.
If I were the one, I’ll secretly take a picture of us and upload it online that way, I’ll become popular in a day.
I was busy musing on my way that I didn’t know when a car st©pped beside me till it was too late.
Guys in a mask c@m£ out and st©pped in my front. I turned to see another guy… Gee I was surrounded!
There’s no way I could fight them all by myself. I gulped”Who are you? And what do you want?”
They didn’t speak, I suddenly felt one gr-ab me from behind, placed something on my nose that paralyzed me immediately.
I went lax and felt my b©dy falling, someone caught me before I could hit the ground.
They put me in the back seat before everything went black.
The person I saw made a sob escape from my mouth. Oh no.. Kayla?
I gaze unblinking at her pictures,she was tired up and looked unconscious. My heart raced fas-ter.
I glanced back at Khalid”W-what did you do to her?”I ran to him and shouted”Where is she!!”
He had a smile on his face as he got up”Its up to you June, it’s either you agree to those terms or she dies”
Tears ran down my face “How could you? Why. Are you blackmailing me?”
He shrugged”Call it whatever you like doll but those are my terms”
He st©pped in front of me”Awwn don’t cry darling, I hate to see you cry”he cooed softly trying to wipe my tears.
I sl@pped his hand away”Dont t©uçh me!!!”
He straightened up”Ok..I’ll give till tomorrow morning to decide. Your friends life is online here”he walked to the door and paused”Make sure you re-ad the do¢v-ment again” he said coldly then he’s gone.
I fell down to the floor crying… Oh God
How did things go wrong?
I should have stayed home just like uncle Ryder has said (sniff) this is all my fault!
Now Kayla’s life is in danger just because of me.
What do I do now?
I have to do something, I can’t let her die no!
I gaze at the files lying on the be-d and picked it up. I opened it and started re-ading it -carefully this time.
I blearily opened my eyes and saw that was in an unfamiliar place. I tried to move but couldn’t that was when I remembered I was kidnapped.
Just like June!
Isnt it ironic that we both got kidnapped on the same day?
“Hello? Anyb©dy here!!” I shouted
At the back of my head,i registered that I shouldn’t be yelling but who cares? If they wanted to kill me, they’d have done it long ago.
The door open,i g@sp when a cute guy walked in. “Well fu-ck me!! I guess I can die happily now that God granted my wish. He showed me a cute guy ha!! That wish will be completed if I get a k!ss, what do you say Boo?”
The guys face was expressionless ,Just stared.
I li-cked myl-ips se-ductively”Oh come on darling, don’t you think we should go down and dirty? No one is here, I’ll svçkyour di-ck so ha-rd you wouldn’t want me to st©p”
I finally got a reaction from him. He glared at me”Shut up”
He went to sit across the room and started operating on his phone.
“Hey!! Are you going to keep ignoring me?! No one dares to do that or.. ”
“Or else what?”he got up and walked to me, then squ-atted in my front.”You’re tired up and can’t do a thing about it so why don’t you just shut the fv¢k up!”
I lean towards him and sniff”Hmm I really do like your cologne”
He shook his head and got up.
Hmph guess he’s tired of me alre-ady.
“Hey what’s your name? I’m Kayla, you can call me Kay.. I won’t object to that but if it’s someone else I’d beat him bloody”
Surprisingly, he bur-sted out laughing.
“What? It’s the truth, now tell me what I do that made you guys kidnap me”
“It’s not what you did, don’t worry we’ll get you out soon, hopefully”
“Hopefully? That’s like saying I might come out of here alive and gee I hate the sound of that”
🍀 Khalid 🍀
The next day, I sat down in the dinning taking coffee.
A light footstep drew my attention, I glanced up to see June walking in.
I bec@m£ ha-rd looking at her, her hair was disheveled giving her just fv¢ked look.
Her face was stained with tears, her eyes puffy.. I know she was crying all night. Hmm you wouldn’t blame me for ma-king her cry, it’s life.
I had to do that cause she’s the only woman who captured my attention in years, secondly, I nee-d to use her so mom’s plans will fail.
“Good morning sugar plum, how was your night?”
She ignored me and sat down. The maids served her breakfast and she started eating.
I watched her chew with a smile on myl-ips”So June, have you decided on what you want to do?”
She was quiet at first then”Yes… But you’ll have to agree to my own terms too”